The Wicked Wallflower (Bad Boys & Wallflowers, #1)
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The Wicked Wallflower (Bad Boys & Wallflowers #1)

3.8 of 5 stars 3.80  ·  rating details  ·  967 ratings  ·  153 reviews
Maya Rodale's captivating new series introduces London's Least Likely—three wallflowers who are about to become the toast of the ton

Lady Emma Avery has accidentally announced her engagement—to the most eligible man in England. As soon as it's discovered that Emma has never actually met the infamously attractive Duke of Ashbrooke, she'll no longer be a wallflower; she'll b...more
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published October 29th 2013 by Avon
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Laura the Highland Hussy

Review posted on Got Fiction? Books

I really liked this book. You do have to suspend belief for the Fortune Games, and the dialogue was very modern, but I still had a great time reading it.

Lady Emma and her friends are drinking one night, lamenting the fact that they are still unwed and beginning their fourth Season. Emma meanwhile, has a boy (Benedict) who’s been courting her these past three Seasons. He and she have discussed their future life in deta...more
I've given this a B- at AAR, so let's call it 3.5 stars.

This first book in a new series by Maya Rodale is fun, fluffy, and unashamedly pokes fun at a number of trends in current popular culture. Now, I love well-done romantic fluff. It’s hard to write convincingly, and Ms Rodale certainly displays a talent for writing sparkling dialogue that flows effortlessly. The story is well written, there’s plenty of wit, the chemistry between the hero and heroine is wonderful, the love scenes are steamy an...more
3.5 stars

Maya Rodale’s new series under the umbrella title of Bad Boys and Wallflowers consists of both Historical and Contemporary romances, in which I believe the contemporaries are modern re-workings of the historicals.

This first book in the series was a very enjoyable piece of well-written fluff, although if you like a little more actual history in your historical romances, this may not be the audiobook for you. Good fluff is hard to pull off, and there’s no doubt that Ms. Rodale has the tal...more
The Wicked Wallflower is the first in an intriguing-sounding new series that mixes historical and contemporary romance. It will consists of three historical romance novels that are "written" by the protagonist of a set of contemporary novellas. The "author" bases her novels on her own love life and the short stories show where the inspiration came from.

I have been reading Maya Rodale ever since her debut novel, The Heir and the Spare, and have enjoyed all of them. So I was definitely excited to...more
Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads
Blog rating: B+

After a sherry-filled tipsy night, three wallflowers, Emma, Olivia & Prudence decide that the best and only way to get one of them finally engaged to be married is to simply write the engagement letter and post it in The London Weekly. Emma has been counting the years now, up to 3, to when her love, Benedict, will finally propose. The only issue, he’s being forced by his father to marry a well off girl and Emma doesn’t have much in the...more
This book started out so good. However when I got to the part where Emma, our heroine goes to a house party unchaperoned, I really should have stopped reading.
However, I liked the Duke & Emma, so I preserved.

When Emma and her friends refer to her finance's presence as the Ashbrooke Effect I really should've stopped reading. Did I? No.

When I got to the point when Emma arrives at the house party unchaperoned and no one comments on it, I really should have stopped reading. Did I? Nope.

The party...more
Needs to be slashed with an editing pen; many redundant scenes and dialogue. Pretty much the run of the mill regency duke story, with a few cute pretty acts and colloquy. Read like the author's first book (it's not, but the first I've read by Ms. Rodale), there's something there but very infantile.

Oh, and you probably want to stuff any historical knowledge into a dark corner of your brain while you read this. I mean, I could be wrong but the terms "Lover Boy" and "God Awful" and an unmarried mi...more
I won't lie, I almost labeled this one as a DNF. I wasn't the biggest fan of the beginning. Both characters were kind of annoying and I wasn't really digging the way the scenes kept switching back and forth. But I kept reading because I usually love Maya Rodale's work and I am so glad that I did. Once I got to the halfway point I just couldn't put this book down. I loved the banter and humor between Blake and Emma and I found myself really falling for Blake. Once he became aware of his feelings...more
I love Wallflower stories. There was some funny, sweet dialoged moments in the book. Just didn't WOW me, but am intrigued enough to want to read the next book in the series.
More of a 3.5, really. It was a pretty fun read, but I had a couple of minor issues.

I'm one who can usually roll with some historical inaccuracies. Forthright, independent, sarcastic regency heroines? Sounds great! Rakish, womanizing heroes who are almost always the impossible combination of rich, titled, built, intelligent, and charming, and who never ever have the myriad sexually transmitted diseases to match their alley cat lives? Sign me up! Because here's the thing: a modern reader looking...more
Utterly romantic story of a wallflower, Lady Emma 'Least Likely to Misbehave' and how London's most notorious rogue, the Duke of Ashbrooke falls for her. I enjoyed how Emma refused to fall to the Ashbrooke Effect but finds herself unable to stop thinking about him...or kissing him. Her lack of confidence in herself was a bit frustrating but Ashbrooke strives to help her see who she truly is, how he sees her (some very romantic gestures happen). We also see more to Ashbrooke than the rogue...he i...more
3.5. We really need half stars at goodreads.

I am a bit split on this one. It started out charming and witty. I loved the heroine, loved the hero. I was intrigued by his invention of the "Difference Engine", for which he was trying to get investors.
It was nice to see him fall in love with the proclaimed Wallflower, one of "London's Least likely" as her and her friends were labelled by the ton. The games at the house party were fun and to see him "see" her and like her was nice.

But what I didn't...more
Please note that if there was ever a book to be named a 'mistorical' , this would be it. Any resemblance to 19th century England is purely coincidental. I'm generally not a stickler for accuracy, more important is story. This story, however, did not even come close to compensating for the many, many baffling inconsistencies in the world building (a newly betrothed couple traveling together for three days without a chaperone, nor anyone commenting on it, was the least of it) . Rote characters, in...more
Lady Wesley
"I like more H in my HR."

That was my one-line quickie review immediately upon finishing this book. I planned to write a more thorough review, but reconsidered. If you like fun, fluffy, not badly written but utterly ahistorical romance, then you'll enjoy this book. I do not and did not. The author plans to publish a contemporary version of the same plot, but really it won't require much rewriting to do so.
I chanced upon the Wicked Wallflower whilst browsing new ebooks at the public library website. I was very pleased to have taken chance with this book, even though it's written in an easygoing, somewhat anachronistic style which may bother some readers. I appreciated the entertainment value of reading Maya Rodale's new series, I found it quite funny. I am curious enough to seek out the contemporaneously written companion book, Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement just to see how she writes co...more
4.5/5 stars. Loved some of the humor in this one, like in the dining room -- and with the flute. My first by Maya Rodale, but I will definitely read more.
Gwen (The Gwendolyn Reading Method)
This was not well written. Which is sad because I love wallflower stories! :(
If you're in the mood for no angst, quick read, and if it's cheap (this is a must), then there are worse ways to spend a few hours.

If historical accuracy is your thing, this is not your book.
The 'movie-like' scene shifts. One minute I'm in a ballroom, the next I'm in the Duke's bedroom, then I'm back to the ballroom, then the morning pallor. I guess the idea was to create an idea or feeling of anticipation or immediacy or urgency. Mostly it just took me out of the book. This is more of a...more
Lady Emma and the Duke are engaged…at least on paper. As soon as Ashbrooke strolled in amongst the ladies, ready to claim the fiancé he had never met, I was hooked. Lady Emma isn’t sure how to fix the mess she has made, but she’s surprised to find herself risking everything to go along with the pretend engagement. While she might be saying “yes” in public, she keeps telling him “no” in private. And that’s when the fun begins.

Blake (aka Ashbrooke) expects a meek, docile woman. After all, she’s a...more
Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog)
I love it when a wallflower brings a rake to his knees. Which, is exactly what Lady Emma Avery did when she accidentally announced her engagement to the supposedly irresistible Blake, Duke of Ashbrooke. But it is Ashbrooke who is finding Emma's resistance to him irresistible, never has a woman ever withstood his charms and the more she rebuffs him, the more he wants her. But is it just desire that he feels for the former wallflower or something more?

As I said at the beginning, I love a wallflowe...more
A delicious romance with plenty of sass and spice! Actually rated 4.5. Taken from my review at

After four years at Lady Penelope’s Finishing School for Young Ladies, Lady Emma Avery was optimistic as she entered her first Season. But as a bluestocking, lacking any breathtaking beauty, charm, wit or fortune, she is labeled one of London’s Least Likely, along with her two fellow wallflowers, Ladies Olivia Archer and Prudence Payton. Now, with three Seasons behind her and startin...more
4 1/2 Shining Stars! A Wonderful Beginning for a New Series!

Emma and Blake come together to protect reputations, build new ones, and compete for a fortune so that each may have their own happily-ever-after. Neither expected to discover that the happily-ever-after that each sought was with each other. A few reviewers have complained about historical inaccuracies, yes, there are some but this is fiction. If you wish to read a historically accurate biography of a young woman too long on the shelf,...more
Uh yeah, 5 for 5!

One of the things I found out the hard way is that if you read almost 200 books from one genre, you will eventually be bored by repetitive plots. But then Maya Rodale, who describes herself in her website as an author of smart and sassy romance novels, comes along and restarts my hope that maybe there are still some original historical romance novels out there, waiting to be discovered, or written, and read.

The super cute love story between Lady Emma and Blake, the Duke of Ashb...more
I read this novel in a single, rainy day and it was a wonderful way to pass the time. The characters were varied and complex, full of wit and mischief.
The storyline was unique-what a way to start an engagement!-and I loved every minute of Emma's time at the Fortune Games. Blake was the perfect companion for her, as she was able to bring him down a peg or two and he was able to make her realize her true worth. Just like Elizabeth and Darcy, these two were meant to be.
It is somewhat rare in Regenc...more
The Wicked Wallflower is the first book in a new series called Bad Boys & Wallflowers by author Maya Rodale. This was such a fun, delicious story and a delightful beginning. You will love the Wallflowers, and the dashing young men who will be lucky enough to claim them. Mini review: warm, humorous, romantic, witty and scrumptious.

The tale begins when we meet three wallflowers. These three young women are close to being placed on the shelf. They are fast friends. One night too much sherry and...more
Sofia Lazaridou
The said wallflower wasn't so wicked after all. She was more of the I can't choose between two men girl. And that's the part I liked the least in the book. A triangle in a historical romance is a first for me. Emma is trying to choose one or the other but she has feelings for both of them and that sucked.

Aunt Agatha was the most pleasant surprise. The fortune games and its participants reminded me of the historical version of The hunger games.
Emma is the only character I did not like. I tried to...more
"The Wicked Wallflower" is Jane Austen meets The Hunger Games meets any 90s teen comedy, which is to say it's lots of fun.
Really 3.5 Stars

Blake, the Duke of Ashbrooke, is used to being in the gossip columns, but one brings him exactly what he needs. The column says that he is engaged to Lady Emma Avery. Blake needs investors in his new invention that he calls the Difference Machine. His rakehell reputation has made investors shy away from investing in his project. A betrothal to an above-reproach young lady is just what he needs to make him seem more stable. And it is his understanding that Lady Emma is just that,...more
- Audio version – the narrator wasn’t that good. We need more Rosalyn Landor kind of narrators. It was kind of hard to really get into the book because the narrator was bland in her speech, no real enthusiasm at all…not even when enthusiasm was needed. It was also hard to fall in love with the hero or really connect with his “romantic” side because for him to be 31 years old, the narrator made him sound like a young 19 year old straight out of the schoolroom. It was just difficult to get into…so...more
I bought this ebook because it was featured in one of the weekly Smart Bitches emails and I thought the premise sounded fun. While the heroine's constant internal monologue about how she's not like those ~other girls~ really rankled, I wound up sympathizing a lot with her anxiety that she would never keep Blake's interest for long because she felt too plain and uninteresting. Sometimes the dialogue sounded a lot more modern than in other parts of the book and it took me out of the story momentar...more
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Maya Rodale began reading romance novels in college at her mother’s insistence. She is now the author of numerous smart and sassy romance novels. A champion of the romance genre and its readers, she is also the author of the non-fiction book Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation Of Romance Novels, Explained and a co-founder of Lady Jane’s Salon, a national reading series devoted to romanti...more
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