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The Golden Road
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The Golden Road (The Story Girl #2)

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  3,104 ratings  ·  126 reviews
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As a child, Montgomery learned many stori
Published by Kiddy Monster Publication (first published 1913)
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I like the Story Girl, but the theme of The Golden Road is so great. Montgomery called childhood "the golden road", and in this, Bev the grown-up narrator was able to pinpoint the time when they were all just about to leave the golden road. The children only had a small hint at the time that something was about to change, but the adult, looking back, knows.

It's one of those Montgomery books that strikes you while you're reading it as a child, but really reaches you when you read it as an adult.
dapat buku ini di acara bookwar Festival Pembaca Indonesia 2011..
Ada kejadian lucu pas aku dapet buku ini, lucu bagi aku, tapi mungkin menyebalkan buat delisa ma palsay hehehehe *pukpuk* maaf yah hihihihi

Jadi pas aku menjauhi meja bookwar seudah dapet buku ini, tiba2 denger ada yang teriak, "Kak Mute curaaaaaaaaang!!!!"
Pas nengok ternyata delisa lagi mencak2.. aku pikir itu karena dia ngincer buku ini, reaksi aku *perasaan* cuma kasih senyuman manis aja tanpa rasa bersalah..
Seudah bookwar selesa
Saya tidak pernah mengira buku klasik bisa membuat saya tertawa. Menyentuh, mungkin. Indah, bisa jadi. Bertele-tele, kadang begitu. Tapi siapa sangka bab-bab awal buku ini saja sudah membuat saya tertawa, dan akhirnya tamat dalam satu hari. Berkat terjemahan yang apik, kisah anak-anak Carlisle ini jadi terasa hidup dan lucu dalam bahasa Indonesia-nya. Celetukan-celetukan mereka serta balas-membalas ejekan di antara mereka sungguh menghibur, walaupun saya jadi makin sebal sama Felicity yang sok p ...more
It was a delightful book, I thought it had a little more depth than the first one, though I couldn't say which one is best, it was maybe a little less cheerful, and I thought it so sad how it ended, just the last words. I really enjoyed reading about the love story of the Awkward Man. I really liked the theme of growing up, and how Beverly says that when we are young, we walk the Golden Road.
Elinor  Loredan
Oh, Maud, your characters live and breathe, beautiful and funny. They stay with me like no others.

Gorgeous descriptions as usual, and I really love all the little stories woven into the children's adventures, which are all both hilarious and poignant. The children bicker a lot, but it's obvious they are all fond of each other. I was touched by Felicity's sorrow at the Story Girl's departure.

I particularly like the love story of the Awkward Man, and the characters Peg Bowen and Uncle Blair. The
Ira Book Lover
Kembali bermain dengan keluarga King dan teman-teman. Menjadi terinspirasi untuk membuat Majalah Kita juga selama liburan. Ikut sedih ketika Gadis Pendongeng harus pergi. Perasaan sedih yang sama ketika melihat sepupu-sepupu saya sendiri juga harus pulang ke kota mereka sendiri saat liburan usai.

Bagian yang paling berkesan (nice ending):

….Tetapi kami masih terus berdiri di sana, sebab kami tahu akan melihat si Gadis Pendongeng sekali lagi. Di balik hutan cemara ada kelokan terbuka di jalan, dan
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The King cousins and Peter decide to publish a magazine. Beverly is the editor and everyone else writes a particular section. The magazine features an editorial, a work of fiction, personals, an etiquette and household department, and fashion notes. This endeavor helps them endure the dreary winter months. Other adventures beckon as well. One day, while Uncle Alec and Aunt Janet are away, a woman comes to visit. They assume that she is their Great-Aunt Eliza. Knowing that she is deaf, Dan makes ...more
The Golden Road is even more episodic than The Story Girl, perhaps, and maybe that's why I took a fairly long time reading it, returning to it every now and then when I felt like this kind of reading. I loved it, nevertheless, the stories that were at times heartwarming, at times wistful or even scary, but always have that combination of life and beauty which is characteristic of Montgomery. There's a bittersweet air of the end of childhood, with the narrator Beverley looking back to those years ...more
I'm so glad that I read this book. I loved the Story Girl however I was a little disappointed when it ended; I felt there was more to tell. So when I read this book I was much relieved. Of course there were more stories to tell! You can't read the Story Girl without reading this book and vice versa.

This book made me reflect on my own childhood and all the good times I had exploring the woods and building forts. It actually gave me more drive to create lasting memories with my children. It's such
Shandy Yeo
Judul: The Golden Road (The Story Girl #2)
Penulis: Lucy Maud Montgomery (Canada, 30 November 1874 - Canada, 24 April 1942)
Publikasi: Canada, 1913

Saya yakin siapa pun yang membaca novel ini akan merindukan masa kanak-kanaknya. Setiap manusia pasti akan melalui jalan keemasannya, tidak ada jalan untuk kembali, hanya hamparan jauh penuh perjuangan mencapai impian.

Saya sendiri meneteskan air mata saking terbawa suasana 'The Golden Road'. Memang tidak ada lagi jalan menuju masa lalu yang penuh makna
I did want to like this book, and overall it isn't bad. It certainly isn't a two star to the same level as some other books I have rated the same. But, at the end of the day, I was kinda bored throughout this. It's possible that reading all of the L M Montgomery books one after another might not be the best option so take this with a pinch of salt.

I am still confused as to why this book is included in an Anne of Green Gables collection - and I doubt I will ever make sense of that. Also, having n
Agostino Scafidi
What a truly delightful little story. I'm referring not only to The Golden Road but also its first part The Story Girl, which should be read first to truly appreciate this novel, not to mention to be able to make sense of it.

I find The Story Girl series to be light, fun and full of imagination. I've grown to love Lucy Maud Montgomery's writing style and The Golden Road offers you plenty of pleasant reading without forcing you to get into too much character history. It's kind of like diving into
As with all Montgomery's series, I liked the second book more than the first. The characters were a bit more adult, and we found out more about them and got deeper into them. Again, the Finnish translation felt a bit too modern for me and somewhat annoying ("Meidän Lehti" and the other missing possessive suffixes, argh!), but I'm starting to get used to it.
I was worried sick about poor, sweet Cecily. I skipped to the end because I couldn't stand it---I had to find out what happened to her!

I thought the Peg Bowen character was a nice and creepy touch. At the beginning, I thought it would turn she was really just a good and misunderstand old lady, but Montgomery really made her into a hag of sorts.
Zephyrus 123
Novel yang sudah sejak tiga tahun lalu saya beli, namun baru sekarang saya sempat membacanya sampai tamat. Awal baca, tiga tahun yang lalu, saya merasa novel ini sangat membosankan, namun setelah dibaca ulang, saya menghapus pikiran itu. Seperti ada daya magis yang membuat saya mampu menyelesaikan cerita ini.
Pembawaan karakter yang kuat merupakan kelebihan novel ini. Juga kisah romansa sederhana, polos, dan tulus Peter kepada Felicity membuat novel ini terasa manis--sangat, walaupun porsi merek
I love cats, but man did I get hella sick of the travails of Paddy. He's the most hypochondriac cat in the history of literature, not to mention being the only plot-driver. I also get irritated with these vague diagnoses plus premonitions of death in characters. You can't 'look consumptive'. Consumption is TB, and that doesn't just hang around for decades. It's a virulent infection that can kill you even in 2011, let alone 1911. If you caught it as a child or a baby you'd be dead and what's more ...more
March 2010 review:

The Golden Road is the sequel to The Story Girl, but not nearly as good. Most of it is boring and kind of sad. The Story girl and her cousins are all together for the last time on their Uncle Alec’s farm and they decide to edit their own newspaper (parts of this are really funny, and probably my favorite part about the book). At the end of the year, during which they have had many adventures, the Story girl returns to Europe with her artists father, and Beverly and Felix go ba
Ashley Moman
Few books capture the innocence of childhood as do the works of L.M. Montgomery. I loved her books as a little girl, and I love them still now. This one ends bittersweet - childhood innocence giving way to adulthood.
I grew up watching Sullivan Production's Road to Avonlea and because of this my understanding of the King family is messed up. However, if there is one constant it is that Felicity is as bossy and opinionated in both the book and the show. I feel like the book could have ended on a happier note. I also get that it was never intended for the Story Girl to remain an island girl. Unlike the show, the end is pretty sad.
As always LMM's descriptions of Avonlea/Carlisle are spot on: foggy mornings and
Another delightful story - too bad I didn't realize there was a #1 before I read this.
Allison Whelan
A lovely ending to a delightful coming of age story. I thought it was so fun to experience the adventures of the children as they traveled down the "golden road", and found myself laughing and crying along with the characters as their childhoods came to a bittersweet ending. This book had more depth than the first and the last few chapters, including the one where the Story Girl makes predictions, are absolutely thrilling and chilling. I do wish there was a third story so I could see where life ...more
Colette Hinton
None of L.M. Montgomery's other books will ever outdo the Anne series, but this was still a beautiful book to read. Her descriptions are so vivid, they are almost poetic in nature. Her characters are real, with realistic faults and strong points. Her description of the "Golden Road" being one you walk through childhood, made me sad for today's youngsters, because in many ways modern children never get to experience this golden road, as life is so completely different nowadays and children grow u ...more
Rachael Eyre
I first came across this book in the school library, many moons ago. I'd loved Anne of Green Gables, so I went through a phase of tracking down all of L M Montgomery's books. To this day this is my favourite- a comforting pick me up of a book.

That's not to say it doesn't have faults. Every now and then the prose is overheated, overscented. The Story Girl's father turns up towards the end, and you can't help wishing he'd just shut up. The Awkward Man's love story, framed as a great romance, is c
This book is perfectly fine. It's charming at times. The characters are likeable, but I don't know. It's not as good as The Story Girl. The characters aren't particularly well developped for the most part. Well, not all of them. I would say that neither Felix nor Sara Ray are strictly necessary. I just, I wanted more of the relationships between the children. I felt like some of that was lost in the second half of this book. It's again about the same group of eight children as the Story Girl.

Oh, I sooo enjoyed this sequel to "The Story Girl". Both of them together create the most delightful of books.

Now that I've finished reading it, I feel sad to leave my new friends behind. Beverley, Felix, Cecily, Peter, Felicity, Dan, Sara Ray, and, of course, Sara Stanley (better known as the Story Girl). Such charming friends that I won't soon be forgetting. Oh, and Patrick Grayfur too, for a good cat mustn't be forgotten either.

Their antics kept me laughing, and their paltry tragedies molded
I read this book primarily because I wondered whether the Awkward Man were going to court the Story Girl (view spoiler). Because, despite her being only 15, these things DO sometimes happen in this sort of book, and I wondered why Montgomery had had the Story Girl and the Awkward Man get acquainted in the previous book.

Anyway. I liked this one mostly better than The Story Girl, and I loved the chapter in which they spend the night with sup
Sekuel dari The Story Girl. Saya sangat menyukai buku pertamanya, dan tentu saja, buku kedua ini juga tidak mengecewakan bagi saya. Seperti di buku pertama, buku ini bercerita tentang kehidupan sehari-hari di rumah keluarga King, tentang Bev, Sara Stanley si Gadis Pendongeng, Felix, Felicity, Dan, Peter, Cecily, dan Sara Ray.

Semua tokoh disini memiliki kepribadiannya masing-masing. Walaupun karakter mereka berbeda-beda dan mereka seringkali bertengkar, toh persahabatan mereka tetap terasa indah
As always, beautiful depictions of Montgomery's Prince Edward Island. However, this is not my favorite of Maud's work. This sequel to The Story Girl picks up where its predecessor left off, and felt almost forced - like the author was pressured to do a sequel but ran out of ideas.

The stories themselves that The Story Girl tells are sparser and less dramatic. There was no introduction of the adults and so even though I'd read the first book in the series a few months ago, I couldn't remember who
Even lovelier than the first. And more sad. L.M.Montgomery is very good at making things sweet and sad.

The crazy witch in the woods cracked me up at every turn. All of her predictions came true.

I truly don't think Felicity deserves Peter but he loves her so if in the end he gets her, I guess I want him to have her. Poor sad Cecily. All of it was too much.

I felt like young child all over again reading these two books. I could read them over and over.
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Lucy Maud Montgomery was a Canadian author, best known for a series of novels beginning with Anne of Green Gables, published in 1908.

The author of the famous Canadian novel Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery, was born at Clifton, Prince Edward Island, Nov. 30, 1874. She came to live at Leaskdale, north of Uxbridge Ontario, in 1911 after her wedding with Rev. Ewen Macdonald on July 11, 1911
More about L.M. Montgomery...

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