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Invisible World

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Suzanne Weyn brings her trademark mix of history, romance, and the supernatural to the Salem Witch Trials. Elsabeth James has powers she doesn't fully understand. She is descended from midwives, mind readers, and a fortune-teller who was put to death because she foresaw the death of Mary, Queen of Scots. She can hear people's thoughts and sometimes see what they see. She h...more
ebook, 240 pages
Published August 1st 2012 by Scholastic Press
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Katherine Grace
Based on the description I thought this book had promise, but it fell very short of that promise. I won't bore you with a long description of the book as you can read it in the product description above, but here it is briefly. Background: Elsabeth comes from a line of women who have certain gifts and knowledge of magic. She is gifted with clairvoyance and through the encouragement of her father and her tutor Bronwyn her gifts grow and she learns more magic. Plot: Elsabeth travels to America wit...more
If you're going to market a book as "A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials", then shouldn't that be the focus of the book???

Not in this case. To get to the trials, we first visited the ability to mind read and astral travel, then a journey from England to America that was cut short by a ship wreck in the Bermudas. The main character Elsabeth survives for days in the ocean in a barrel only to wash ashore and be introduced to a slaving community where she contracts yellow fever. After recovering, Aunt...more
Kayla Fite

I personally think this is one of the best books I have ever read! The romance is so strong, the people are just so strong willed! I love it all! I was anxious to get to the end! I'm only a few pages away! I'm very very anxious! It's amazing!

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kay Mcgriff
Suzanne Weyn weaves together magic in history in this tale that travels back in time to the Salem Witch trials in 1692. Magic and supernatural powers can be good or evil, and soon everyone in Salem must decide which side they will stand on. I love that magic is real in Invisible World (Scholastic 2012), but that magic doesn't excuse people from their choices. Yes, there may be an evil spirit running loose in Salem, stirring up trouble, but some people are all too willing to invite it in and let...more
Got this book from a book fair and added it to the school library collection.

It's a bad sign when you can read the first chapter, skim the rest, read the last few lines, and understand the entire book.

It's an even worse sign when the writer gives her heroine psychic powers....and the book is still boring.

It's the worst sign of all when the writer doesn't seem to know what she wants to write--a tale of a heroine choosing good over evil, an alternate history book, or a sensitive and tragic tale...more
Elsabeth James, traveling with her father, governess Bronwyn, and sister Kate to America aboard the Golden Explorer encounters a deadly storm as the boat capsizes. Her father, Kate, and Bronwyn are lost to her, but she makes it safely to the shores of America in a barrel. She meets Aakif, an African slave who is kind and good. He oversees the plantation during the unbearable heat of the summer while his master is away. The two fall in love, as her supernatural powers of healing, reading minds, a...more
Straight up, witches are cool. And for real? Who did not sit right up and pay attention during the Salem witch trials in history class? This girl was on that like white on rice. When I saw Invisible World by Suzanne Weyn up for grabs at a book signing, I chose it because I thought it would be a cool read — also I LOVE historical fiction and feel like there isn’t enough of it in YA to sate my appetite. Unfortunately, Invisible World turned out to be a disappointing read where I was left unsatisfi...more
well... Certainly not the best thing I've ever read. The premise is interesting, but there are a lot of anachronisms - I doubt they were using terms like "astral plane" in old Salem Village. Also, her throwing every know religion including the kitchen sink got to be too much. The ending is completely out of the blue and not believable. But the whole thing is not too believable. This is one to pass by; read something else more worthwhile.
I thought this book was a bit odd really. It lacked so much in plot, skipped important details, and had a very boring protagonist. I found myself wishing I were reading about Mary Carmen, one of the side characters, which proves that some of the characters were well written. I would not recommend it. There was no real change in the character, and the villain was defeated by everyone but the main character. If she was involved, other than just being there to witness part of the defeat, it was not...more
Ms. Yingling
Elsabeth has the power to read other people's minds, and her grandmother was a healer and midwife. Her father is trying to scientifically study her abilities to prevent her from being persecuted as a witch, since these powers are not understood in England in the 1690s. When the family decides to relocate to America with their faithful nursemaid Bronwyn, Elsabeth is ready for the opportunity, but the ship goes down in a terrible storm and her father and sister are killed. Elsabeth washed up in So...more
Sharon Looby
When I finished this book - I was really torn between liking it and disliking it - not many books do that to me. Even as I write this review, I am still torn between the rating I gave it - 2 stars or 3 stars. I ended up going with the 2 stars due to the fact that I found myself somewhat a little bored with the book at first. It does get very interesting though if you stick with it. A lot is going on in this book, however, I have a feeling that people are going to get stuck on the "witch craft" o...more
I was both pleased and disappointed with this book. Suzanne Weyn is one of my favorite authors and I greatly admire and respect her ability to write in several genres and make them all sound authentic. That is perhaps why I was so disappointed with her newest work. Invisible World is a fast read that is has a focus on the Salem Witch Trials. Our main character is a strong girl of fifteen who has physic abilities (not a very good time or place to be having them). Both the synopsis and the start o...more
Marilyn's Book Blog
I read this book for my class. I work in a Catholic School, so since this story was about witches I thought I better check it out. It sounded interesting to me because it takes place during the Salem Witch trials. I was under the impression that was what it was going to be about. I was wrong...

This book is about a young girl named Elsabeth, who can read minds. She is very close to her governess, Bronwyn, who is in a sense a witch. Elsabeth and her father, her sister, and Bronwyn travel by ship t...more
Amy Diop
I thought this book was good. I thought the author could have made it a little longer and explain things better, but other than that the book was good.
The book "The Invisible World" is about, a girl (Elsabeth) who has powers that she doesn't understand. Her family takes a ship to America to test her to see what powers she has. On the way to America their ship crashes and she floats on a log until she finds land. She eventually finds land, and a slave from Cierra Lieon is willing to help her. H...more
Hmm. The cover said that this was a novel of the Salem Witch Trials, but it really wasn't. The trials do take place towards the end of the book, but it's really not the main focus at all. I can definitely understand all the negative reviews, since the summary was pretty misleading.

Nevertheless, I didn't think this book was bad. I enjoyed reading it, even though it was too short and somewhat juvenile. The parts with the demon actually freaked me out a bit, and seemed out of place with the rest o...more
The book was great, maybe not perfect but pretty close. I enjoyed how in the Salem witch trials Elsabeth decides nothing is wrong with witches and wants to be one. I thought it caused the right amount of drama to the adults in the novel, and the adults acted in a way that made sense with the time period. I enjoyed all the twists and turns the book had to offer. Though the one thing that I was not to thrilled about was her romance because it seemed very forced.

The book is hard to summarize as man...more
Katy Berg
I didn't enjoy this book to be completely honest. It had the potential to be something great but it fell flat. The writing was mediocre at best and the plot was forced and cliche. If you enjoy meaningful books pass on this one.
I was pleasantly surprise with this book, I did like it, I had only read the Bar code series by Wyen, and this is the first time that I actually read any of her historical fiction novels. I although I like a little bit more action on my books, I really find it fascinating the way Weyn portrays the girls who kept accusing people during the Salem trials, it is one time in history that I really enjoy reading, and I really like Weyn explanation that one religion cannot fix all, that we need to get t...more
Draco Malfoy
Finally! I finished this book. Almost a month after I started it, surprising, considering how thin it is. This book is about the Salem Witch Trials. Elsabeth's sister and father are killed in a shipwreck, but she and her governess survive, her governess barely making out of it alive. Elsabeth calls on spirits to make Bronwyn alive once more, but accidentally unleashes an evil spirit, thus creating the story. Because of this one event, she falls in love with Aikif, meets a very powerful healer, m...more
I like this book and the setting happens in the olden times. I would recommend this book to people who like to read historical fiction.
Probably on the crappiest book I've read. I like that she falls in love with an African guy, which makes it interracial & I like that. But the plot is stupid, I hate how is written. I hate the characters. I hate the fact that after the boat crash they never mention how her dad & sister did. I hate that it did not have so many sexy or romantic kisses. I hated almost everything. Specially how slow the beginning started & how pathetic the ending was. I usually like the books I read, but...more
This might be the book i enjoyed least and actually finished in my entire life. Way too many weirdnesses for my taste.
I'm torn between rating this book as two stars or three. The many plot twists of this book kept my interest, but the plot twists were also so crazy, twisting historical events, that I wasn't quite satisfied either. I guess it didn't help that the Scholastic book trailer I saw for this book misleadingly presents Invisible World as historical fiction, telling the story of one girl during the Salem Witch Trials. Instead, this book has supernatural, fantasy elements, and the protagonist doesn't even...more
Okay, so if I could, I would make this book three and a half stars, but I can't. I picked up this book thinking it would be chilling and a risky topic to write on. I wanted it to focus more on the actual events that occured, not Elsabeth's personal trials and romance. I felt like the story had barely started and there were only like, 50 pages left! The prologue made me nervous and excited for the interesting and creepy storyline ahead, but that part of the story isn't even mentioned later on!! I...more
Laurie Toews
Pretty good book. Read it for work..teen lit
I enjoyed this book. The end was very exciting and fast paced. The beginning and middle was okay. There wasn't anything wrong with it, it just didn't strike me as amazing. I really did like reading about the witchcraft and Salem Witch Trials, but I don't feel that the book revolved around them(which I would have liked more.) Even if it wasn't my absolute favorite book, it was a super quick read. Overall I liked this book. I would recommend this book to Devon, because it seems like a topic she wo...more
Marisa Whitaker
Super surprised this book was rated so low. I'm visiting Salem tomorrow, so I really wanted to read this to learn more about the history of the trials, and the insanity of the time. I was not disappointed. Although the main characters were fictional, the tale wove in all of the real characters that were central to the story, giving plausible reasons for such travesties to occur. This is a YA book, and I thought it was enjoyable and interesting (and educational!). I highly recommend it!
Invisible World is set during the Salem Witch Trials. The Crucible was one of my favorite books in school, so I have a soft spot for all things Salem. I enjoyed this book. It read quickly and was entirely appropriate for all ages in the young adult spectrum. It was an interesting supernatural take on what occured during those terrible times, and I do enjoy some creative history. I definitely recommend this one for those stepping up into YA as a transitional reader.
This book was a quick read not very long. I had bought it from my school book fair because the whole salem witch trial aspect had promise. Yes parts were suspenseful but, I felt that it fell short. It took a while to get into the book and really read it. I would read more by Suzanne Weyn because her plot was good just didn't come across as I had hoped. I do recommend this book because others may like it better. It wasn't the worst thing but it wasn't the best.
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Suzanne Weyn grew up in Williston Park, Long Island, New York. She has three sisters and a brother. As a girl she was very interested in theater and in reading. Louisa May Alcott was her favorite author, but she also read every Sherlock Holmes story. Suzanne lived pretty close to the ocean and going to Jones Beach was one of her favorite activities Even today, if she goes too long without seeing t...more
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