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Navy SEAL Dogs: My Tale of Training Canines for Combat
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Navy SEAL Dogs: My Tale of Training Canines for Combat

4.01  ·  Rating Details  ·  348 Ratings  ·  78 Reviews
Before there was Max, there was Mike. A true story much like the touching movie, Navy SEAL Dogs explores the incomparable relationship between trainer and military dog.

From the author of Team Dog, Trident K9 Warriors gave readers an inside look at the Navy SEAL teams' elite K9 warriors-who they are, how they are trained, and the extreme missions they undertake to save live
Hardcover, 208 pages
Published October 29th 2013 by St. Martin's Griffin
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Oct 28, 2014 Hunter added it
Hunter Conetta
English B
10/26/14 Outside Reading Review

1.Navy SEAL Dogs, Mike Ritland

2.Main characters, Mike Ritland, Brett and his dog chopper, Wayne and his dog Luke, Lloyd and his dog Cairo, Aaron and his dog Castor and Dave and his dog Samson

3.The book Navy SEAL Dogs starts with a prologue about a mission in Northern Afghanistan in an area that is heavily populated with Taliban insurgents. A Navy SEAL team was to take out or in other words kill a high ranked terrorist who creates bombs and ot
May 25, 2015 SheLove2Read rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: 2015
Navy SEAL Dogs for me was one of those hidden gems of a book. I freely admit I picked this one up based on the cover alone. I'm a huge dog lover and I have a great fondness for rescue dogs, especially MWD, or military working dogs. When I was in the Navy myself, I can vividly recall some of these truly majestic animals on patrol, or guarding the gates at the Naval bases I was stationed at.

The author takes you from his time as a scrawny kid, or in his words "a late bloomer" who loved dogs, to jo
Jacob Johnson
Sep 13, 2014 Jacob Johnson added it
Shelves: book
The summary of the novel is basically "Navy SEAL Dogs-My tale of training canines for combat" takes you step by step of how MWD (Military Working Dog) handlers do to create a military dog. The author, Mike Ritland, is taking you through the training process. He tells you about the connection you have to have with these dogs, detection training, apprehension work, and most important of all bite work. The setting of the book takes place in San Diego, California, where their training facility is lo ...more
Jan 29, 2015 Cole rated it it was amazing
This book tells about how important the K9's are in the role of helping our troops. It all starts at the training camp in Washington. The dogs are taught at four months old to sniff out explosives, weapons and enemies. They are taught to find hidden explosives and other weapons that can hurt people.The dogs are pushed pass their limits and do what no other dogs can do. The training process takes 9 months to get the dogs ready for combat. During some of the training the trainers soak rags in expl ...more
Dven Malekian
May 20, 2014 Dven Malekian rated it liked it
I chose this book for two main reasons which are it was a new book and it was in the Scholastic so i decided to get it from my school library.The main plot of this book is that a Marine name Mike Ritland trains K-9 to be part of the Navy Seal Team.The dogs are intelligent and can do anything from detecting bombs to eliminating the bad guys which they are constantly brought to missions.My favorite quote from this book is when Mike says "The dog lay in the shade of a palm tree,his head up and his ...more
Grant Harris
Jan 29, 2015 Grant Harris rated it it was amazing
I think other people should read this book because it is a really good book and it teaches you a lot about how they teach dogs to be in the Navy.
Nick Brennan
Feb 15, 2016 Nick Brennan rated it liked it
I thought that this was a very educational and factual book, but it wasn't very entertaining in my opinion. The author (former Navy SEAL) did a very good job explaining the rigorous training that the dogs go through, but because of the lack of story line I wouldn't recommend it for anyone looking for a good story or awesome characters. However, anyone looking for information or knowledge about the training process of Navy SEAL dogs should definately read this book. It has loads of information th ...more
Jan 13, 2016 TuckerT rated it it was amazing

This book is really good. Mike is a dog trainer who grew up infatuated with dogs. At the age of 18, he attended BUD/S, basic underwater demolition/seals, and after that served as a seal in Seal Team 3. One day when he was on guard duty, four marines and a k9 walked past him, went to a hut and stopped. There the handler let the leash go and the dog started sniffing by the door of the hut, then sat down and wagged his tail three times. One of the marines called for an EOD guy to check it out and s
Dec 02, 2014 Wesley added it
Shelves: form-2
Ever wonder what the training is like for a dog in the army? This book answers that question. There are multiple different perspectives, but the main author is Mike Ritland, who shows different traits needed by dogs to work in seal and other army divisions. The author includes a dictionary of military terms and other things the reader may not know about in the back of the book, so you can always understand what is going on. The authors main idea is brotherhood between a dog and his handler. I kn ...more
Nov 16, 2014 16georgea rated it really liked it
I read a nonfiction book called Navy Seal Dogs by Mike Ritland. A nonfiction book is a book based on a real life event. The book was about the life of a man in the Navy Seals who trained dogs to fight and taught them to protect the members in the Navy Seals. At first they talk about how someone gets in to the Navy Seals and why he wanted to be a Seal. Later on it talks about the training of the dogs and a few stories about dogs and their handler. In the dog program there are dogs and people. In ...more
Jun 19, 2014 Janice rated it it was amazing
As the daughter of a Marine vet and sister of a Marine vet, I regret not reviewing this book sooner. Mike Ritland has written a fascinating look at how he trains SOF (Special Operation Forces) canines. More specifically, THE Navy SEAL teams' elite K9 warriors,

You will "meet" the dogs and their handlers, learn how the dogs are chosen, how they are trained to sniff out explosives, how they are guided through detection training and apprehension training, You will travel with them into the field and
Matt Everman
Oct 18, 2015 Matt Everman rated it really liked it
I gave this book a four out of five stars because it is one of the better nonfiction books that I have read. I gave it a four because usually I would prefer fiction over nonfiction. This book is about the author, Mike Ritland, and his life being a SEAL and his life interest in Navy Seal Dogs. It talks about the early years of his life being in the Navy and going through the whole training process to get into it. It tells the story of how Mike Ritland wanted to and did start a nonprofit warrior d ...more
Luke Wood
Oct 04, 2015 Luke Wood rated it really liked it
The book Navy Seal Dogs by Mike Ritland is about his journey and career that he spent training MWD’s (military working dogs) for combat. The author’s purpose in this book is to entertain the readers with a story about his life with these dogs and what it is like to be a dog trainer for the military. I think the purpose is to entertain because he isn’t telling you how to train the dogs, he is telling you how he trained them them and about his experiences while training them.
The theme of this boo
Oct 04, 2015 Logan rated it really liked it
Mike Ritland joined the navy in 1996. When he got out of the navy, Mike wanted to train dogs for the seal team, so that's what he did and he wrote this book: Navy Seal Dogs My Tale Of Training Canines For Combat. The first part of the book Mike going is to visit Chopper and Bret, after that it just tells what Mike does in his journey to his love of dogs and why he wants to do what he does for a living. The conflict of the story is to train dogs. To train the dogs it takes time and effort. This b ...more
Dec 18, 2014 Dave rated it really liked it
The book goes into a lot of detail on how dogs are selected and trained. Periodically, there is accounts given from actual combat and training exercises; these appear in italics. These periodic jumps from information to ‘live fire’ really add to this books authenticity. This book is easy to read with intriguing, true stories. AWESOME cover!!! I walked away from this book with a ton of information about K-9 Seal training and deployment. The author is VERY compassionate about dogs; both in their c ...more
Sep 17, 2014 Rees added it
The main idea of this book is dogs that fight for the navy seals. In this book he talks about how he got into the seals. also how became into the BUD/S. he tells stories of dogs he's trained and their handlers. He also tells stories about the seals.
I think the authors purpose is to inform the reader. He probably wrote this book to inform the readers about the tasks the dogs and people do. Like when he went on his first mission that had a dog and saw the importance of them. The author probably
Corey Stofko
Mar 27, 2015 Corey Stofko rated it it was amazing
"Navy SEAL Dogs," by Mike Ritland is tremendous book on how dogs train to become Military Working Dogs, or Navy SEAL Dogs. It introduces characters like Chopper who is a dog, Brent who is a retired Navy SEAL, and other characters. It informs people how hard the dogs have to train, and how focused they have to be. In the novel, it also explains how after the dogs have served, their handlers want to adopt them and take care of them. Mike Ritland has a Warrior Dog Foundation to help former Military ...more
May 18, 2014 Laela rated it really liked it
There are about 600 military working dogs (MWDs). They get deployed worldwide. They are smart, strong, and aggressive. I don’t want to meet one, but I sure did enjoy reading about them.

For a dog-lover like me this is an intriguing read. I have a lazy, old; basset hound who I can hardly train to sit. I had no idea of all the work that goes into training a dog to sniff out explosives and attack on command. Mike Ritland’s training requirements for the Navy SEALS and their canine partners is laid o
Carolyn Farino
Mar 30, 2016 Carolyn Farino rated it it was amazing
This book goes into the service of many MWDs and their handlers. I really enjoyed this and thought it was a true dedication to those dogs and their handlers that serve our country in combat. The author does a fantastic job outlining the rigors of training the dogs & handlers go through. His former military service as a SEAL and current service as a civilian training MWDs is something to commend, he, along with all the dogs he's trained, is a true hero. Worth the read.

I had just finished read
Aaron Lindow
Feb 23, 2015 Aaron Lindow rated it it was ok
I think was a pretty good book about the navy seal dogs and how they were trained and how they did in action during the war when they sniffed out drugs, IEDs, guns, and ammo.
But the people that will like this book will be into the navy seals and the military. It needs some work on the way that it is written and the author needs some work on the way he writes the next book that makes. Cause it sounds like he just threw a bunch of story's on a bunch of papers and put them together and published th
Will Wilson
Sep 11, 2014 Will Wilson rated it it was amazing
This book took about a week to read for me but honestly every chapter kept me going back to it. This book is about a Navy Seal and basically his whole life and what he has done. When he was a child he had a love for dogs which turned out to be his career and something he did for the rest of his life. Mike Ritland the man this book talks about join the Navy in 1996 and graduated the BUD/S class 215. He has started a Warrior Dog Foundation and still helps retired operation dogs to live long and ha ...more
James Spear
This very detailed and meaningful book is very strong. The main character Mike Ritland shows how he grew up and how came to love dogs. His bond grew strong as he saw what they could do on the battle field. After going through BUD/S, one of the hardest training on earth, he becomes a Navy Seal. Ritland eventually trains the dogs to be ready for war. Later on he starts a foundation for Navy Seal dogs to find a forever home. This true story shows how a skinny Ritland grew up to train the most powe ...more
Elias Nader
Jan 09, 2015 Elias Nader rated it really liked it
i read navy seal dogs and i really enjoyed it. it took place in Iraq Afghanistan and California.the book is about a veteran who was in a k9 group. i learned a lot about dogs and what kind of animals and methods they use to train them. i really thought the story had a lot of fluff. there was a lot of uneeded parts of the story. the story was very bland also. there was almost no entertaing parts of the story. i would recomend the story to someone whos looking for a future well trained. protectived ...more
Oct 24, 2013 Suz rated it it was amazing
Michael Ritland's description of his work with military working dogs (MWDs) and the SEAL teams is fascinating. He tells about how he came to serve as a SEAL and then his transition to working as a canine handler and trainer. Many dogs and their handlers are profiled and examples of their missions are shared. The training required for the SEALS and their canine partners is laid out in impressive detail. Everything from the breeds best suited for this type of work, to early conditioning, to their ...more
Micah Brown
Dec 09, 2014 Micah Brown rated it it was amazing
This book should be read by people that like action packed novels. The writing in this book was very simple it went straight to the point and got right into action. It was a very easy book to read and had some good thrill rides in it as well. A strength about the book is that it pulls you in and makes you want to read to see what happens next. An obvious weakness is that the book is really easy and simple. This book is not a series and if it was i would not read them.
Katie Rybakova
May 04, 2015 Katie Rybakova rated it really liked it
I didn't expect to, but I really liked this novel. Very interesting to read about how these dogs are trained and what they do in combat. Very inspiring. I love dogs, so that definitely helps. The only reason I don't give it a 5 out of 5 is because a.) it's a big jargon-y and b.) there are moments where the author almost is condescending to the reader-- probably not intentionally, but uses a lot of "Let me clear that up for you" and "Let me explain this to you."
Shane Andrews
Aug 30, 2015 Shane Andrews rated it really liked it
I think that the novel Navy Seal Dogs written by Mike Ritland was a very interesting and well written book. Sometimes when I was tired while reading and thinking about taking a break, I would find my self continuing to read because I was just so interested in it and I wanted to find out was going to come next. If you are interested in reading this book I highly recommend it. All in all this was a very good book.
Mel Raschke
The book is easy reading. Mike Ritland tells how and why he trains dogs for Seals and other organizations. Also, he tells about the dog's and their handlers experience on a combat mission and how the dog saved the lives of the handler and the squad. These dogs are breed to be work dogs and for intelligence. After reading this book you will be thankful for these dogs that smells, hears and sees danger.
Koby S. 8 Rdg
May 05, 2014 Koby S. 8 Rdg rated it it was amazing
This book is about navy seal dogs and how they help us in the war. His actions inspired the writer, and the book’s most exciting passages are Ritland’s reports of dog feats in high tension situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.Ritland was a Navy SEAL who found his way into the military working dog (MWD) program when it was first made.I gave this book 5 stars because I thought this book was really informative about the dogs. It really give you an idea about what dogs can do.
Drew Krajeski
Oct 15, 2014 Drew Krajeski rated it it was amazing
Throughout Navy Seal Dogs By Mike Ritland, the author keeps the reader wanting to keep reading and not to put the book down. There was so much interesting. The book was very easy to read, but loaded with information. The author keeps the reader engaged in the book. Throughout the book the author lets the reader know a lot about how the dogs are trained and what they are used for. The dogs are used for finding bombs and apprehending people. The part I really liked about the book was that the auth ...more
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