Doomed (Damned #2)
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Doomed (Damned #2)

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Madison Spencer, the liveliest, snarkiest dead girl in the universe, continues the adventures in the afterlife begun in Damned. Having somewhat reluctantly escaped from Hell, she now wanders the Purgatory that is Earth as a ghostly spirit, seeking her do-gooding celebrity parents, fighting the malign control of Satan, recounting the disgracefully funny (to us, anyway) enco...more
Hardcover, 329 pages
Published October 8th 2013 by Doubleday
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I was really excited to read this book, as I used to love Chuck Palahniuk - particular favs were Diary and Lullaby. However, something appears to have happened either to me or his writing. I just couldn't stand the voice of Maddison, the main character who is stuck in purgatory in this sequel to Damned. The blog post thing felt too fake, like he is just trying to write in a "hip" format and attract a younger readership. The text felt forced, the writing was trying too hard, trying too hard to be...more
Kelly (and the Book Boar)
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Madison Spencer did what all residents of Hell do on Halloween – she returned to Earth for an evening of candy gathering. Unfortunately, she also missed the midnight curfew and is now stuck in Purgatory (a/k/a Earth) as a ghost.

I realize Chuck Palahniuk is a polarizing figure. Nothing is off limits when it comes to what he writes. I’ve always been a fan of his over-the-top stories and have been a pretty zealous defender of his work. Un...more
Peter Derk
Ah, time for the annual Why Pete Still Loves Chuck Palahniuk Review.

To be honest, there were a lot of things I enjoyed about this book. I've read ALL of his books other than the Kindle single Phoenix. I have my personal favorites of course. Doomed isn't a favorite, but there were certain moments of heartbreak and humor that made me happy. For me, a non-favorite Chuck Palahniuk book will always do more for me than a lot of other authors, whether it be on a pure enjoyment rollercoaster level or be...more
Liz Van Pay
Doomed is written in the form of blog posts from the afterlife, or, rather, purgatory. Madison still walks amongst those she left, and they can't see or hear her. In each chapter (or 'post', as it were), she encounters something new, from seeing her dead grandmother's ghost on a trip to her parents' apartment to guiding the reader through the worst summer of her life - and quite possibly the reason she wound up in hell in the first place.

Later, we find out that in no uncertain terms, death was h...more
Vince Darcangelo

Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck, we love you. Please remember that. Lullaby is one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read, and I even found a way to work it into my master’s thesis. Choke is cutting social satire of the first order, Fight Club one of the greatest films ever made. Survivor is brilliant in plot, character and execution, and don’t get me started on the thrill-ride that is Haunted.

But I do have a few pet peeves that pop up in Doomed, the sequel to Damned.

First, I don’t have much patien...more
Zach Smith
Of the thirteen novels Palahniuk has penned I have read 8, more than half of them, I have read all but one of his novels since Haunted, and the one I missed as a revision of an earlier novel. So I can say that I am somewhat fluent in his work, and a fan, most of the novels are great, some of them are pretty good, this one however is by far his worst.

The language of a thirteen year old girl may be construed by some as clever but in practice it is just annoying. The “refrains” or repetitive lines...more
John Bruni
As disgusting as the first book in the series, DAMNED, was, DOOMED is somehow even more disgusting, even though it doesn't contain lakes of bodily fluids, land filled with nail clippings, and giant sexual organs. No, this is a different kind of disgusting. If you ever felt tempted to use a glory hole, this book will dissuade you. If you were ever reluctant to dispose of the body of your dead cat, this book will change your mind. And if you ever wanted to try on a dead person's body for size, thi...more
Dear Palahniuk,

This book was all style and no substance. I remember when you maintained a balance between the two.

Sincerely disapointed
Great story if you want to follow a fat, snarky 13 year old brat. Otherwise, a waste of time. 0 of 10 stars
Tag Kinnaman
Doomed expanded on Damned in a way I never expected. The story is so much more intricate than I ever could have thought, a staple of Palahniuk's work. Towards the end, there were more than a few "You have got to be sh*tting me" moments, which made me appreciate Chuck's work more than I reckoned possible. Just when I think he's hit his peak, he outdoes himself.
I just can't believe that now I have to anticipate whether or not the saga will continue...
Chuck is becoming more consistent after a decade of wild swings, and the first book in the hell (trilogy?) was a great return to the peak of his powers as a writer.

This, the second book, is not quite as exhilarating as the first, but it offers a number of the usual delights of reading Palahniuk--one of the worst punishments in hell is to be shown the English Patient over and over--and manages to slip in some interesting notions, such as his suggestion that what two people don't say to one anoth...more
Pointless, stupid and pretty awful.

And It's a shame because I really like Chuck's books. Some of them really get the gears turning, some of them are a fun little puzzle to work out in your head, and some are just goofy and fun. Damned is goofy and fun. Sarcastic, Snarkey Madison Spencer takes us on a tour through hell, showing it to be worse in some ways, but more banal than others.

This book, ugh.
Everything you knew about the first book is essentially rewritten. We learn at the end that Madison...more
Doomed is the 2nd book in the Damned trilogy which chronicles the exploitation and exploits of 13 year old Madison Spencer, a cynical smartass with an impressive vocabulary. When Madison misses hell’s curfew on Halloween night, she becomes trapped on earth. As one of the formerly alive, she must contend with a K addled ghost hunter, the accidental damning of the whole world, and Satan’s pedophilic advances.

It’s been so long since I’ve read Damned that I had to put Doomed down after the first cha...more
Guy Portman
Doomed is the sequel to Damned and part two of a proposed Dante inspired trilogy. It sees the return of Damned’s protagonist - the plucky, post-life, plump, periphrastic, pubescent progeny of celebrity parents, Madison Spencer. In Damned we followed Madison’s post-life trials and tribulations in hell: now the adventure continues with a trip to purgatory, or earth as we refer to it. Travelling around as a ghost Madison is invisible to mortals and can come and go as she pleases.

In her absence Mad...more
Jun 28, 2013 Drew rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: bea13
Madison Spencer, the sassy guide through Hell from Damned returns as a ghost on Earth - this is our Purgatory novel for the Palahniukian Divine Comedy. It feels like a major middle-novel, suffering from lots of open questions and confusing developments... but it also still shows that Chuck has got his groove back. He's writing more relaxedly, more assuredly, and without the need to get all gut-punch-furious. It's a remarkable thing and between this and the aforementioned Damned, I think we're se...more
Dustin Gaughran
Eh. I was entertained by the first of what I'm guessing is a trilogy? This one, not so much. My impression was that it was trying to be gross for the sake of being gross. The whole book felt forced, kind of like it was an obligation instead of a labor of love. Sort of like when your favorite band releases a shitty album to get out of a bad deal. That was my impression, anyway. I was amused by the not-at-all-subtle social satire underpinning the whole thing. But that's to be expected. The story i...more
Not my favorite Palahniuk book, but a solid read from the author who brought us semen ponds and the disgusting clitoris of a demon spawn in Doomed (the first of the series). I had a difficult time identifying with the protagonist (a 13 year old dead girl), but absolutely adored the way in which she tells us her tale through emails. Being Palahniuk is a literary author, I won't spank him for the lack of world building in the realm of the afterlife. This kind of thing really is the skill of genre...more
i read the ARC... and i was really really psyched in the beginning, because i had forgotten all about maddie and her snappy voice. which are pretty fun to read. this book gives us the back story to maddie's life before hell. i can't remember now why, but there were times if found it feeling just a little inconsistent, but no matter, it all makes sense. to a degree... maybe i am dim but i still can't figure out who is on the side of good and who is on the side of evil, and if "good" really is all...more
I am Chuck's lack of originality. I am Chuck's strained attempt to maintain a theme. I am Chuck's disappointing career.

I will damn this book with faint praise by saying that this is hardly the worst novel that Chuck has written (that would be Pygmy or maybe Snuff). It is a "sequel" to Damned, bringing us back to the very dead Madison Spencer. Instead of Hell, Madison is now a ghost, writing blog entries to narrate the tale of the battle for the souls of humanity on Earth. It doesn't quite work,...more
Paul Jensen
Goodbye, Chuck Palahniuk. We've had some great times together. Sadly, your ratio of good:bad books has tipped in the wrong direction. I'll always treasure the grotesque, vivid, and imaginative stories you've shared in books like "Choke", "Lullaby", "Invisible Monsters", and "Snuff". I've grown tired of the constant disappointments. This book was a waste of time, and left me puzzled - why does Palahniuk think this protagonist, or story, is so deserving of a 3-book trilogy? Even though the book's...more
Well, I did not read Dammed the precursor, and I won't. But I have to admit that I laughed out loud in several sections of this novel.

I loved the "Dear Tweeter" opening to each section by Madison. This is the tale of a dead, damned, and fat 11 year old.

Raised by extremely wealth parents, her mom's a movie star, this spoiled brat shares the story of how she got fat.
The trials and tribulations of living with her rural grandparents.
Her boarding school years and life in Manhattan.
Her parents use...more
Po Po
"Gentle Tweeter,"

Oh, I just don't know where to begin. This was absolutely agonizing. I looked back and saw that I gave Damned (book 1) only one star, so I should not have expected much from the sequel.

**Ctrl + Alt + Frustrated.**

**Ctrl + Alt + Headdesk.**

Admittedly, Chuck did a helluva job in perfecting the obnoxious voice of a 13-yr-old sassy dead girl.

But, I think I am **Ctrl + Alt + So Done** with CP.

I can't believe I went through 329 of 329 (yes, the entire book.. I am hopeless) pages of ex...more
In what many consider Palahniuk's prime (i.e. all books before Haunted or Rant, though even going that late is up for debate), we had an author who had a specific style and a specific thesis that stayed central to every story (including, and especially, Haunted). Frankly, the reason I like Rant so much ... it showed Mr. Palahniuk experimenting with a different story and leaving behind a few of his stylistic embellishments. Now, it's been a long time since I've read that book (I need to revisit i...more
I just finished reading the ARC, and I was not disappointed. Madison is snarky and obnoxious as ever, and I love her! Palahniuk's satire is on point. Any Palahniuk fan and/or anyone who enjoyed Damned, needs to pick up Doomed.
Jade McDonough
Alright, where to start. I wanted to like this book so much more than I did. I am a rabid Palahniuk fan to the point that I have a hard time finding flaws in his work, for better or worse.
I bought this with birthday money. Spent half of a $50 gift card on it. And at best I can say, eh. There were flashes of brilliance, but overwhelmingly it was just a let down. I loved Maddy in Damned. She was inherently narcissistic and cagy and it was fantastic. I loved her here as well. She's not the heroine...more
Jan 07, 2014 Liz rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2014
I used to love Chuck Palahniuk. I picked this up for Christmas thinking it'd be great to read him again. I didn't realize this was a sequel to Damned, which I didn't read. I was still able to get into it. In his usual style, it was over the top twisted and vulgar with some scenes so ridiculous, they were funny. I generally enjoyed that aspect of it as well as the supernatural theme of angels and demons and God and Satan. But some details made no sense to me. I get the swearing, but what is so te...more
This is yet another book by Chuck Palahniuk that makes me one of his rabid fans. Doomed is the second in a series about Madison Desert Flower Rosa Parks Coyote Trickster Spencer, who is a greasy, fat, spoiled little prepubescent rich girl. Oh yeah -- and she's dead. And don't think that just because she's the daughter of a heroine of the silver screen and an international playboy that she's stupid. Nope. She knows the definition of "tragic hero," and she plays it to a tee. Maddie Spencer is trap...more
Sequel to Damned, Doomed tells the continued stories of Madison, escapee from Hell. Though the first book covered a lot of backstory, this book somehow manages to as well. All still about Maddy as well as we learn just how destined she's been to... accomplish whatever the heck she may or may not eventually accomplish. Chuck Palaniuk does his thing here, writing from the point of view of Madison, giving her odd mix of cynical and naive take on the grotesque and bizarre, although I was not quite a...more
William Thomas
Do you remember the part in Fight Club where the narrator talks about his insomnia and says that "everything is a copy of a copy of a copy"? I can't help but think that Chuck Pahlaniuk has been writing in this same insomniac fog ever since he finished Lullaby. Everything seems to be a copy of a copy of a copy. He's already said everything about the human condition, fringe culture, mass media and the first world that he had to say and now it all just starts sounding the same. Only, more juvenile....more
Jason P
Come aboard and take a seat in the private jetliner. It's packed to the brim with everything you might want. There are bottles of Courvoisier chilling on the table, velvety seats made for a king, Cuban cigars - rolled by actual Cubans. We're flying through the clouds with our super rich friends the Spencers; Antonio, the self proclaimed know-it-all who's moans of passion filter through their daughter's walls at night, and Camille, our best dressed, best supporting, queen of the screen top notch...more
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