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Fire Storm
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Fire Storm (Young Sherlock Holmes #4)

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  803 ratings  ·  81 reviews
Sherlock 14 finds the house empty, his tutor Crowe and daughter Ginny vanished. When a clue points to Scotland, he brings along pal Matty. Villain Bryce Scobel follows, hunts the hunters.
Hardcover, 352 pages
Published October 1st 2013 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) (first published 2011)
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Interesting tale. Surprisingly in keeping with original character.
I enjoyed audiobook (well done by James Langton) a second time. I'll will read author again.
Stevie Finegan (SableCaught)
Follow the link to watch my video review of Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm, or read the script below.

My life at the moment seems to have been somewhat subsumed by Sherlock Homes. Everywhere I look there's Holmes, Holmes, Holmes. (Flashing between images, Anthony Horrowitz Book, Movie Photo, BBC photo.)

On top of all this Pan Macmillan was kind enough to send me Fire Storm, A Young Sherlock Holmes story by Andrew Lane.

Now to be honest, I had seen this ser
Rhondda Powling
Exciting and fast paced with a a good blend of comedy, action and intense moments.
The story begins with fourteen-year-old Sherlock deciding to do something about the sinister housekeeper, Mrs. Eglantine, who seems to do exactly as she pleases and hold something over his , Uncle and Aunt. He finds out about the family secret and deals with it and Mrs Eglantine’s co-conspirator is a very satisfying way. In the market place he also overhears, in passing, about some men searching for his tutor and d
The fourth mystery in this series takes teen-aged Sherlock Holmes to Scotland to search for his tutor, Amyus Crowe, and Crowe’s daughter Virginia. At the same time, Sherlock must deal with Mrs. Eglantine, the unscrupulous housekeeper blackmailing Sherlock’s uncle. The fragmented story lines create a disjointed connection, and culminate in an anti-climatic resolution.

With his friend Matty’s help, Sherlock experiences a harrowing adventure in a charnel house, in order to destroy evidence that Har
Luke Schwieterman
Fire Storm was the fourth book in the Sherlock Holmes series by Andrew Lane. This book started out with Sherlock Holmes, the main character, trying to fire their house keeper by destroying what she was using to black mail the Holmes family. After he gets her fired he goes to find his tutor Amus Crowe at his house but Crowe was not there. So that is when Sherlock goes on an Adventure to try and find Amus Crowe and his daughter Virginia. He faces many challenges along the way and has many obstacle ...more
Lauren Stoolfire
I adore Sherlock Holmes and anything S.H. related, so of course I had to read at least one book from this series. After coming off of Mrs Hudson's Diaries: A View from the Landing at 221b, my expectations weren't all that high, but I did have some hope since this series has been endorsed by the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Estate. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the story.

Virginia and her father, fourteen-year-old Sherlock's tutor, have disappeared. Their house is empty and the neighbors clai
This was an entertaining read, but it wasn't nearly as good as the other books in the Young Sherlock Holmes series. When I read it, I felt like it could have been an incredible book, but that spark of awesomeness was just missing.

I never did see the connect between the Crowes being missing and Sherlock's uncle's study of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and at time I wondered if I was reading two parts of two different book manuscripts that had been accidentally combined and thr
I would have given this book a slightly higher review but the whole formatting of the story kind of annoyed me and that's why this book lost one extra star.

Do not get me wrong. Fire Storm was a fantastic book. It had a thrilling plot, exquisite characters, and even had a cliffhanger to support the next book. There were not many-to-none visible grammatical or spelling errors. The main plot developed very nicely as it changed locations, a common thing with Andrew Lane. Well done overall.

The one
Fans of the previous books will devour it; new readers to the series will have no problem diving in.
The teenage Sherlock solves mysteries about two different housekeepers and faces up to a vicious sociopath in this sequel to Black Ice (2013) Sherlock and his friend Matty go to Virginia's and her father's house, only to find the house empty. There is, however, a clue that sends Sherlock and Matty, accompanied by the violinist Rufus Stone, off to Edinburgh.
Historical Edinburgh and its looming ca
I love this series so much, and this installment was especially enthralling. The plot of this book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I am rather upset by the cliffhanger ending, though. I need the next book NOW, but I don't have access to it! One particular scene in this book where Sherlock was in a crazy amount of danger nearly had me in tears, simply because I couldn't comprehend how evil you had to be to bring so much pain to someone so young. Not only that, but Sherlock is undou ...more
I really enjoyed this but only as a the fourth in the series with the support of the first three books building character and back stories among the crazy plots. This was really just another chapter in young Sherlock's (insanely unbelievable and action packed) life.
Before the main plot line gets going, there's a long side story that wrapped up issues alluded to in the previous book. Some might consider the 2 stories awkward in one book, but I thought it was fine. Real people have lots of differe
Exciting, intelligent, and thoroughly engaging, this story for young adults (I would suggest 10+) well deserves its five stars. The vocabulary is generally easy but occasionally more difficult words are dropped in to challenge the reader (I even had to look up one myself: "badinage") my only disappointment in this book was that there were no strong positive female characters.

This book would introduce young readers to deductive reasoning, promotes the values of loyalty and intelligence, and teac
Adam B.
"Fire Storm" by Andrew Lane tells a story of young Sherlock Holmes. In this story the mystery takes Holmes to Scotland, trying to find his tutor Amyus Crowe. At the same time he ends to deal with his housekeeper, Mrs. Englantine, who's blackmailing his uncle. I thought that this book was interesting to read and was a real page-turner. Lastly it was a good book overall and I liked it.
If I had to recommend this book to other people, I would recommend it to people how love mysteries. Also if you
While the other Young Sherlock books are exciting and intriguer, Fire Storm takes the cake. The synopsis really stretches the truth (Sherlock's tutor, Amyus Crowe, and his daughter, Virginia, do disappear, but there is no hint to Sherlock "going insane" because neighbors claim never to have never known them), as well as completely glossing over a mystery which has been hinted about in the past three books: what hold does Mrs. Eglantine, the Holmes Manor housekeeper, have over Sherlock's aunt and ...more
Ms. Yingling
Young Sherlock is back, and is he ever busy! First, he has to deal with the evil housekeeper, Mrs. Eglantine, who is holding something over his studious uncle's head. Sherlock finds that there is another secret keeper in town, the unscrupulous Harkness, who keeps earns his living by blackmailing everyone he can. With his friend Matty's help, Sherlock manages to destroy all of Harkness' files, freeing the town from his grasp. However, after this is done, Amyus Crowe and his daughter Virginia go m ...more
A.S. Hendra
I first met Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes when I was in High School, and since then I fell in love to this crazily genius, though overly eccentric detective. To find out someone has shared my love for this classic and even tried to make a new series about Sherlock as a young boy, it's beyond what I ever dared to dream of.

Fire Storm is the first book of Young Sherlock Holmes I read, and already I fell in love to this younger version of Mr Holmes. Andrew lane has made smart references to the origi
Hazel West
Thoughts on the Overall Book: While I might have been a little disappointed with "Black Ice" I really enjoyed "Fire Storm" more. I was glad to finally see a conclusion to the story line of why the Holmes' housekeeper was so creepy and evil, and I was also glad to see another really frightening villain that "Black Ice" lacked.

Cover--Yae or Nay: I don't mind the covers for any of these books, I think they portray the fact that it's a thriller and I like how this one has the gold skull on it that's
Lynn Worton
I won this book in a competition and I'm glad I did!

This is the story of Sherlock Holmes as a teenager set in Victorian England. He is staying in a small village, Farnham, with his Uncle Sherrinford and his Aunt Anna. His Uncle is the resident Vicar and they live in a large estate, which Sherlock seems to be embarrassed about. Sherlock is helping his Uncle catalogue some sermons one day, when he over hears a conversation between his Uncle and their housekeeper, Mrs. Eglantine. This conversation
Suzanne Dix
Fire Storm, book four in the Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins series, picks up with fourteen year old Sherlock and good friend Matty on a dangerous quest to rescue Amyus and Virginia Crowe. Amyus and Virginia have disappeared from quiet Farnham, seemingly without a trace. Sherlock refuses to believe they have simply left without saying goodbye and begins to investigate. One small clue is uncovered, the head of a rabbit left behind in a burrow. From this Sherlock reasons that Amyus and Virginia ...more
Pat (Get Kids to Read) Tierney
Andrew Lane has written an ongoing series that explores the early years of Sherlock Holmes. In a similar series to the Young Bond series by Charles Higson these books explore how Sherlock became Holmes.
If you are a fan of a good mystery like the Young Bond series, this is the series for you.
Fire Storm is the fourth book in this series. It will be available in the United States soon. After reading book three Rebel Fire, I was so excited for book four that I ordered it from Britain.

In this book
I still love this character and am thrilled that we get to find out a bit more about Mrs. Eglantine, since we have been teased for the past 3 books about her. However, the writing seems to be slipping a bit.

The story seems to always stop to tell us what Sherlock is thinking. It is distracting. I would much rather NOT be shown how clever he is - as most of the things he observes are not all that exciting, unless relating to a case.

Because of always being told what he sees and observes, I can't fu
Mohit Arvind
My critical response to reading.
Plot Summary: It is about young Sherlock Holmes and how, with the help of his best friend Matty, his tutor Amyus Crowe and his daughter Virginia. This particular one is about a man who thinks he can raise the dead. His tutor Amyus Crowe and his daughter Virgina go missing. It is about how Sherlock solves both the mysteries at once.

I had a very good time reading it; it was a blend of comedy, action and solemn, intense moments.

My Opinion: I think the story was great
J'ai hésité entre 2 et 3 étoiles, mon choix fut guidé par le fait que l'auteur tente de nous faire participer aux enquêtes, en décrivant le plus possible les indices. La tâche s'avère malheureusement difficile lorsqu'ils sont visuels, et il nous faut bien attendre que Sherlock se rende compte que la disposition de tels et tels objets est en forme de flèche pour se dire qu'il serait bon d'aller fureter dans la désignée direction.

Etant le premier des livres de cette collection que j'ai lu, j'ai dé
Jennifer Rayment
The Good Stuff

Exciting and fast paced
Good mystery - not sure what's going to happen next
Excellent character development - really see how young Holmes could develop into the fascinating Holmes that Doyle created
As mentioned before really like how Lane teaches the readers about history, geography and science in such a brilliant subtle way, kids won't realize they are learning something
Nicely placed humour to lighten some of the darker bits of the story
Set in Scotland which gives in a neat t
Kathy Martin
In this fourth adventure in the Young Sherlock Holmes series, Sherlock meets and defeats a number of villains. Ever since the beginning of this series, Sherlock has been plagued by the strange housekeeper at his aunt and uncle's home. In this episode, he finds out her story which is also that of a local blackmailer and manages to outwit them both. He and his friend Matty are in great danger while they do so.

The main focus of the story is about the disappearance of his teacher Amycus Crowe and hi
Ankit Gindoria
Young Sherlock Holmes

Fire Storm

When I made a walk towards the library I had no idea I am going to pick this novel. Always love to pick up the book preplan, I had something else in my mind that day. Browsing through the series of books in adventure of finding the chosen one, my eye caught the name of Sherlock Holmes. My mind changed. I didn’t care anymore for my chosen one, heart went for Sherlock Holmes. When I looked at the title carefully, there was certain treat of surprise waiting for me.

Another story about Sherlock in his teens. This time he visits Scotland, in search of Amyus Crowe and Virginia.

The story seems fragmented: first there's this bit about Mrs Eglantine, then the story proper unfolds and near the end there's a case stuffed in between. (Isn't it time for some short stories about young Sherlock?)

What I like about this series are the little premonitions about Sherlock's adult life (references to opium or bees, for example), and that every book focuses on the discovery
Title: Young Sherlock Holmes (Fire Storm)

Author: Andrew Lane

Synopsis: A man who claims to raise the dead. Sherlock Holmes is at a loss. His friend and her father have disappeared. Their house is empty, as if nobody has ever lived there. His attempts to solve the case take Sherlock to Scotland, and into an even darker mystery – one that involves kidnapping, bodysnatchers and a man who says he can control the dead. He’s faced death before, but can Sherlock Holmes defeat the forces of Hell? Sherloc
This is the fourth of the Sherlock Holmes series and by far this was the weakest book written. It is always difficult to get into a novel when there is truly two stories happening in one book. I enjoyed that there was some closure on the "evil" house maid, but the second story to save Mr. Crowe was far-fetched. Andrew Lane did a great job in the first three novels adding more history facts than he did in Fire Storm. I know the author is trying to keep the stories close to Sir Doyle's woks, but h ...more
Cassie Behm
The theme of this book is kinda like a mystery. I feel that is is kinda like a kids version of the book. I really like it because I am the kinda like mystery book and that it is really cool. I loved the book I didn't dislike it.I think I would reccommend it to my best friend because I know they would really like it and because they are kinda like me.
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He has written a number of spin-off novels in the Virgin New Adventures range and audio dramas for Big Finish based on the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who as well as assorted non-fiction books based upon popular film and TV franchises such as James Bond. He has also written TV storylines and scripts for the Sky One science fiction series Space Island One.
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“The sensible man,' Crow had said (to Sherlock Holmes), 'don't look to confirm what he already knows -- he looks to deny it. Finding evidence that backs up your theories ain't useful, but finding evidence that your theories are wrong is priceless. Never try to prove yourself right -- always try to prove yourself wrong instead.” 11 likes
“The thing is', (Rufus) Stone said, 'that if you don't believe that you are an old man, or a woman, or a tramp, then how can you expect anyone else to believe you? Looking the part is just the surface; being the part is the true disguise.” 2 likes
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