A Creature of Moonlight
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A Creature of Moonlight

3.63 of 5 stars 3.63  ·  rating details  ·  1,000 ratings  ·  163 reviews
A stunning debut novel about a girl who is half dragon, half human, and wholly herself.

As the only heir to the throne, Marni should have been surrounded by wealth and privilege, not living in exile-but now the time has come when she must choose between claiming her birthright as princess of a realm whose king wants her dead, and life with the father she has never known: a...more
Kindle Edition, 320 pages
Published May 6th 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Tabitha (Pabkins)
My imagination held hostage
The woods are a magical place, one that the people in A Creature of Moonlight have been taught to fear their whole lives. These woods come and go, moving forward and backward gobbling up or giving back land on a whim. It even has a taste for young girls on the cusp of womanhood! Treacherous sounding isn’t it? These young girls frequently disappear into the woods never to be seen again. Except once one particular girl does return. Sounds like a place full of magic, dang...more
Dark Faerie Tales
Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales

Quick & Dirty: Hauntingly beautiful, raw, and powerful, this story stays with you even after you turn the last page. I can’t stress enough how gorgeous and eerie this novel is.

Opening Sentence: All summer long the villagers have been talking of the woods.

The Review:

This connected to me on an emotional level, and I don’t remember the last time I left a story with such pleasant feelings. Delirium? Twilight? Harry Potter? Wow, just wow. A Creature of Moonligh...more
If you are a fan of pulse pounding action on every page, this is probably not the book for you. But if you like strong characters, beautiful prose, and a heart-warming story, I would suggest this book for you. The language is gorgeous and poignant. Marni's voice is so well developed and so achingly beautiful that you want to continue on just to hear her words. I think we need books like this. Books that cause you to stop and enjoy a well turned phrase. Books that evoke a different time, when lif...more
Olga Godim
I received this ARC through NetGalley from the publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

This novel is like a myth, mysterious and dreamy, elusive and multilayered, open to different interpretations. I don’t think simple like or dislike could cover it. Everyone will see in its pages something that belongs exclusively to them, something close to their heart.
What did I see? What is close to my heart? I saw a sixteen-year-old girl longing for freedom – the freedom to choose and the freedom to belong. B...more
Abbe "The Sexy Gryffindor" Hinder
A Creature of Moonlight is 2% dialogue, 3% interesting stories about the woods, and 95% boredom which is just Marni talking to herself using beautiful prose and similes. Honestly, let's put aside the fact that many adults read young adult novels and stick to the fact that this book is for young people. Slim, very slim are the chances that teenagers want to read a boring story that's lyrically enchanting than anything else. Teenagers want action! Betrayal! and unfortunately sometimes, romance! We...more
Althea Ann
I finished this book last night, and this morning woke up convinced that I had another book by the author on my Kindle: I'd dreamed that I got a targeted ad asking me to buy it; and I was delighted to find out she had another book.
Of, course, she doesn't, yet. 'A Creature of Moonlight' is Hahn's debut. But that dream does show how much I liked it.

The story is pure fairy tale: a young woman, half-princess, half-fey. She is rumored to be the dragon's daughter, and her mother was slain for endanger...more
Kat Heckenbach
The writing immediately grabbed me. I loved the voice, the flow of the words (other than the use of double negatives--I understood their purpose in this story, but it still jolted me every time). The premise is something that is both old and new--the idea of someone being half-human, half-dragon--with lots of traditional fantasy elements, but all presented in a rather unique way. I really don't want to give much away about the story line, because honestly, that's quite simple and straightforward...more
A truly remarkable story containing a hauntingly surreal ‘dreamlike’ quality to it

Rebecca Hahn’s exquisitely beautiful, passionate novel is a rarity among its genre as it makes you believe in all infinite possibilities. This truly special book captures dreams and the essence of our subconscious, whether that is a memory or a path of prospect or even a poignant sound calling out to you. Capturing the coldness of winter, the wide sky and the whispering of the Trees the evocative prose interlaced...more
Originally posted at http://www.shaelit.com/2014/05/review...

Chances are, if you’re anything like me, you’re interested in this story for the dragon on the cover. Dragons are awesome. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that would beat a dragon. But dragons are also hard. There have been some awful dragon books in the past, as well as some dragon books that are so great that they make the rest of the genre pale in comparison. (I’m looking at you, Seraphina.) So maybe, despite being...more

Arc provided by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children Books through Netgalley

This is a review that I simultaneously want to write and one that, at the same time, fills me with a healthy dose of dread.

The reason is very clear: I loved this book to bits, and if I could, I would make sure everyone with whom I spoke would get a chance to read it.

Truth is, it's because of books like these that I will never stop reading. It pulled at my heart strings with its beautiful language, it captured me with its...more
I’m still reeling from this three part fairytale that tells of the journey a young girl must make to find not only herself, but the role she is destined to play in her magical world as she learns who she really is and what it means. A Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn is magical, veiled in a feeling of leaving reality behind and entering a world filled with creatures of all sorts, evil, loving, trustworthy and filled with deceit. It is for Marni to discern her path, who to trust and who to b...more
Bekah AwesomeBookNut
Not much of a description, I know but I LOVED this book! I had a blast reading it and fell in love with Rebecca Hahn writing. Her writing style alone was magical and mystical for this story I just loved ever word she wrote. I felt the woods around me I could hear them singing, it was THAT good. I'm telling you, the writing alone I just loved.

The tale is not one that think it is about which is great! Because when it comes to dragons we've gotten plenty of stories of people changing INTO them but...more
Pamela ☼where's my aspirin☼ Tee
A CREATURE OF MOONLIGHT is beautifully written from a wordsmithing point of view. However, I couldn't get into the story. It was the weirdest thing. I loved reading about Marni's experiences in the woods and with her grandfather. Couldn't care less about the whole go-to-the-castle thing. Loved her as a strong woman; meh about the struggles to 'find herself'.

I can totally understand the 5-Star reviews. And I would recommend this book based on the fact that Rebecca Hahn's writing is quite charming...more
I don't just rate this five stars because I have the privilege of counting the author among my friends. This is a fabulous story, fresh and subtly surprising, beautifully told.
I felt echoes of Robin McKinley, especially Deerskin and Rose Daughter. The diction reminded me somewhat of Charles DeLint.
What pushed this story over to the fifth star for me was the unapologetic voice of Marni, the protagonist, telling her own tale. She feels emotions deeply, but there's also a calm acceptance of the wo...more
This is a slow moving, beautifully written, character driven story that drew me in from the very beginning. It reminded me in some ways of Janet Lee Carey's books, namely Dragonswood and Dragon's Keep, and also Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. It was nice that it was a stand alone too. I will be looking for more books from this author.
Yzabel Ginsberg
[ARC courtesy of NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]

This novel was a delightful read, with enchanting prose that kept me enthralled—not too little description, not too much, and lyrical enough without diving head-first into purple prose. It was permeated with an eerie atmosphere, and there was something definitely haunting to that world encroached upon by nature and strange creatures from the woods. The latter were appealing, intriguing, making me thinkg that I, too, would want to see...more
The Library Lady
There is tons of bad YA fantasy out there, usually complete with 3 pages of shout outs to everyone the author knows, including other writers who write fatuous blurbs on the jacket. This isn't that sort of book.

No shout-outs, just a simple dedication and jacket blurbs from Kristin Cashore and Franny Billingsley, two wonderful,solid, quality YA writers. And this is solid, quality YA fantasy. Utterly believable, beautifully written and a perfect, satisfying ending. I'll be looking forward to Hahn's...more
Fantasy Literature
Rebecca Hahn caught my interest one paragraph into her debut YA novel A Creature of Moonlight:

All summer long the villagers have been talking of the woods. Even those living many hills away can see it: their crops are disappearing; their land is shrinking by the day. We hear story after story. One evening a well will be standing untouched, a good twenty feet from the shade, and when the farmer’s daughter goes to draw water in the morning, there will be nothing left but a pile of stones and a new...more
This ARC was received through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

I felt like I was reading an undiscovered fairy tale. It was something about the lush, romantic language and the relatively simple story and characters. There was a massive info dump at the beginning of the novel- truthfully the protagonist just observes for thirty pages before anything begins to get underway. Yet, the magical woods were so beautifully described it was impossible not to get pulled into the world of the story...more
Kathy Martin
A CREATURE OF MOONLIGHT was an exquisite fantasy filled with beautiful language and heart-wrenching choices. It is a story in three parts.

In the first part, Marni lives with her Gramps in an isolated area growing flowers. As the story unfolds we learn that Marni is the niece of the king and that her Gramps gave up his throne to take care of her. Her mother had run into the woods and come back a year later with a baby. Marni is a dragon's child. The dragon is sending his woods to try to bring her...more
Patricia Lynne
DNF at the page 116.

I can't read any more of this. It's boring. It's so, so boring that I've almost fallen asleep every time I'd get back to reading this. You'd expect that, from the book that involves the girl that is half dragon, there will be some action and fast-paced storyline and whatnot, but no! Instead, we get details, some attempt at a plot twist, and more details! In this 36% I've read, nothing remarkably happens. it's just lost of thoughts and lots of details and details.

We have a gir...more
Katie Montgomery
Really beautifully written, lyrical, captivating. The blurbs for this book are NOT hype.
Online Eccentric Librarian

More reviews at the Online Eccentric Librarian  http://surrealtalvi.wordpress.com/

More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog http://surrealtalvi.wordpress.com/

Rebecca Hahn's A Creature of Moonlight is a beautiful, lyrical, fairytale type of book exploring choice and the life we want to live. The writing is clean, the story moves at a soft, languid pace, and the main character is assured and well developed. Although labeled a children's book for its fable-like quality, this is so well written as to be suitable for and enjoyable by all ages. Decidedly, one of the best books I've...more
3.5 stars

Long ago, a princess of her realm, was lured into the shadowy woods, but unlike most of the girls who venture there, she came back, but she wasn't alone. She was pregnant and the child she carried was presumed to be the dragons daughter. Her brother the prince, could not condone her existence and killed her for her unspeakable crime, but their father, begged his son to spare the child. And so he did. Ever since the day her gramps whisked her away, Marni lives by the borders of the woods...more
I loved the writing. It's very beautiful and lyrical and paints a vivid world. I particularly loved the descriptions of the various mythical creatures - beautiful, strong and dangerous. Unfortunately, the story itself is a bit meandering...(view spoiler)...more
Appropriate for: age 12+
You will like this book if you like: Fantasy, magic, strong female characters, magical creatures

3.5 I didn't like the writing style at all but it was unique. The cover is what drew me to this book. I actually skipped pages near the end just so I could finish.

My favorite quote is "It's our choices. It's our changing, every day, into creatures who might do something completely different from the day before."
With blurbs from authors like Franny Billingsley and Kristin Cashore and comparisons to Patricia McKillip, I could not resist going all grabby hands toward A Creature Of Moonlight by debut author Rebecca Hahn. I am unable to pass on a fantasy book blurbed by two of my favorite authors. As a debut, I think that A Creature Of Moonlight shows a lot of potential for Hahn. In all, there were a few things that I really loved about this book and maybe one thing that would cause me to hesitate in recomm...more
A book as beautiful written as its cover. I was lured into the magic of this book when I first saw its cover and saw it proposed as a candidate for fans of Rachel Hartman's Seraphina. Yes, it filled that slot nicely. I've not seen any indication that this is the first book in a series, but I will be very disappointed (and surprised) if there isn't a sequel (or two) since there were lots of loose ends that remained to be tied up.

I requested and received a digital galley of this title from the pub...more
This book just gets me. Right in the gut. I read it in one sitting and stayed up until 2am to finish it. And then I couldn’t sleep for another hour because I just kept thinking about the wonderful world, characters... everything! So good!! It reminds me of all of the female-written fantasy novels I devoured in high school with it’s fairytale-esque feel and an effortless, fully imagined fantastical world that you just want to sink into and never leave. So impressed that this is a debut author and...more
KearaM CLC
"A Creature of Moonlight" by Rebecca Hahn is an amazingly written book with a fascinating story. Marni lives in a land surrounded by a mysterious forest with mystical creatures living in it. The forest usually starts to come closer, than retreats back every year. However, the forest has not been retreating and is now closing in on the city. Everyone is scared that their land will be taken. Everyone but Marni. Every once and a while, a girl wanders into the woods and never comes back. Accept one...more
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Rebecca Hahn grew up in Iowa, attended college in Minnesota, and soon afterward moved to New York City, where she worked as an editorial assistant and wrote A Creature of Moonlight on the side. She now lives in Minneapolis, with the winter cold, the wide sky, and many whispering trees.
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