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Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (Scott Pilgrim, #4)
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Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (Scott Pilgrim #4)

4.32 of 5 stars 4.32  ·  rating details  ·  21,913 ratings  ·  604 reviews
The full-color remastering of the Scott Pilgrim epic continues! It's summertime, but who can relax? Scott's relationship with Ramona Flowers is sweeter than ever, but he's still got girl troubles, seven evil ex-boyfriends still want to kill him, and worst of all, now Ramona wants him to get a job! Kicks, punches, rock & roll, subspace, half-ninjas, experience points, s ...more
Hardcover, Color Edition, 238 pages
Published November 19th 2013 by Oni Press (first published 2007)
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Colleen Venable
Best Ex-Fight Yet! Geez am I turning into one of those people that swears the latest book in a series is always THE BEST...or are these books just getting progressively better? I really am beginning to think that scott and ramona's relationships is one of the most honest and realistic depiction of early 20's love I've seen in a know minus the samurais chopping moving buses in half and people exploding into piles of bunnies.
Julia Glassman
Message to Bryan Lee O'Malley: Fat jokes and gay jokes aren't funny. I don't even mean that in a huffy self-righteous way. I mean your book stops being clever whenever you go out of your way to joke about how fat chicks look bad and Scott's roommate is a fag and isn't it totally hot that Ramona had sex with a girl. It's like how the movie Airplane suddenly becomes boring whenever they show the gay guy. That type of writing is dumb, lazy, and - who knew? - offensive.

Even aside from that, this boo
I never really liked Zelda.

I only ever played Link: Zelda 2 on my NES. I could never understand it. I mean, you send this little pixely guy around a grid and get attacked in really uncool ways by things you could never identify. Or maybe you could. If so, this review is not for you. Fuck off.

Whilst reading Scott Pilgrim #4, in which Scott does battle with Ramona’s Evil Ex-Girlfriend, I learned something about Zelda. See, throughout the Scott Pilgrim series, there are funny little old school vide
Kevin Fanning
Bryan Lee O'Malley breaks through the fourth wall of my heart.
Much better that Books #2 & #3!! We get to see new characters you'll love to death and some new characters that want Scott Pilgrim's death.

Yeah and a kick-ass gif of Roxie here yah go..


Very amusing. I was softly chucking with my mouth closed all the way through: "mhm hm...hmhmhm...hhm". Has lots of stuff that wasn't in the movie (you've seen that masterpiece of cinema haven't you?), or was rearranged for the movie. Looks nice in color.

Jan 14, 2011 Sofia rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Sofia by: Filipe
Shelves: graphic-novels
Published on my book blog.

After the amazing third volume, I had high expectations for this one. In general, this one was ok, not as great as the previous one. Plot wise, there's a lot more emphasis on the characters' lives outside the whole "fighting evil exes" thing. I guess this is where the story lost me a bit. The reasons? The main characters.


Ramona's character seriously annoyed me in this volume. The whole being "mysterious and aloof to avoid
Chris "Stu"
These books (the series will run to seven volumes, I believe) are pretty damn great so far. They look like mangas, read more or less like autobiographical comics, but pitch everything with just the right mix of humor and craziness that they achieve something special.

They work much like _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_ does, taking real life situations and genre-fying them, so that the ordinary perils of falling in love and learning about someone's past and learning from your own mistakes get transform
Nicolo Yu
I understand why the movie cut this volume almost entirely out of its script. The Lisa Miller and Old Man Chau subplots seem to be just fat that is extraneous to the overall story. But having read volume six already (this is a reread) Knives' father still has a role to play.

Lisa Miller may just be filler, but it does play a part in revealing that Ramona may not be the perfect girlfriend material Scot Pilgrim initially though he had.

I guess the movie adaptation has pretty much shaped my percept
This has got to be my favorite volume out of the Scott pilgrim series. It's was totally AMAZING!!!. Funny, romantic, action packed and everything you could ever ask for in a graphic novel. I loved the all the characters, and I loved ramona's evil ex boyfriend (aka it's a girl). Just everything was so was EPIC! And lovely about this novel.
Marcelo Sanchez
El nombre de este comic le viene de perilla.
Pasan muchas cosas y muchas cosas cambian. Vemos avance, vemos vida, vemos consecuencias de eventos anteriores y vemos eventos que nos traeran consecuencias a futuro. Diría que este es el Scott Pilgrim con más desarrollo de todos.
(view spoiler)
I don't even like graphic novels, but these are amazing. They make me happy for some reason.
Well, true to its name, Scott does finally gets it together (though it only happens in the last chapter, but oh well).

I hated that it strayed off the main plot for most of the volume, but we get to see different relationships develop other than Scott and Ramona's, not to mention their relationship goes through the most development.

What I didn't like is that a lot of characters are introduced and they're not really effective, except to initiate something to happen, like Lisa. Lisa was only there
This volume continues the motif of Scott’s deepening relationship with Ramona serving as a path for him to blunder into being an adult. Now that he’s defeated Todd and sent Envy on her way, Scott is forced to deal with baggage of a more immediate nature: having no job, relying endlessly on others, and pathologically avoiding any kind of responsibility, all of which appear to be giving Ramona second thoughts. If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s also facing a distinct upswing in attacks by people with ...more
Greta is Erikasbuddy
WOAH! So much learned in this one!!

We learn how old Ramona is and what the star doors mean (if you saw the movie those things confused me. I totally understand them now)

This book wasn't realy in the movie. Sure the evil ex was (omg! A girl!!) but a lot of it wasn't in the movie. I guess they would have had to pay Juno Boy a bit more money and maybe it wasn't in the budget.

A Review from the mother of a 13 year old

* The cussing is toned down in this one

* 2 girls kiss in this one

* They talk about s
John Beck

There are spoilers here.

From here
Reading Bryan Lee O'Malley's six Scott Pilgrim books (Precious Little Life, vs. the World, & the Infinite Sadness, Gets It Together, vs. the Universe, Finest Hour) has been on my to-do list for a number of years, and they moved into my "read very soon" stack when I read and enjoyed Lost at Sea back in January.

Scott Pilgrim and his friends inhabit a world of magic realism, where
Having now read four books of this series, I have a better handle on it, but I'm still a bit confused. However, I'm starting to really appreciate the uncertainty. My more generous read of the situation is that O'Malley is doing some pretty ballsy work -- giving us four volumes and counting centered around an unlikeable protagonist. The other possibility is that O'Malley doesn't really find Scott Pilgrim particularly unlikeable. In this volume our eponymous wastrel finally is tasked with "getting ...more
Sophie (The Uneducated Reader) Aylmore
Scott Pilgrim get's it together? More like Bryan Lee O'malley get's it together. ammiright?? lolollool. Anyway, this volume finally stopped the shonky transitions and returned to the fun video game mode of the first book. I think the re-intorudction of dream sequences really helped the playful shifting vibe, and there where lots of funny little bits that made the whole thing a much better read. Plus the fight was more entertaining. I hope it continues on like this. 4 stars.
David Allison
According to my arbitrary Goodreads rating, I think this comic is twice as good as Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare's enduringly popular drama about a couple stuck in a Manichean murder machine, driven to death by the stars. After giving this some thought, I’ve decided that this is a little bit off – Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together is way better than that!*

It’s not hard to deconstruct the appeal of this book, since its mix of pop culture signifiers is all right there on the surface, but Brya
Allison Floyd
Okay, so we're back on track with this one, or closer to it, though I'm getting kinda sick of the low-grade misogyny (every female character seems to be "a huge bitch"). I actually think that designation is pretty apt for Ramona (yes, I am occasionally prone to low-grade misogyny), but none of the characters do, apparently, for reasons that elude me. I love how surreal and ridiculous these get, and I'm looking forward for the color version of Volume 5 to come out in August.

Nerding. Out. And bela
"Scott, if your life had a face I would punch it. I would punch your life in the face."

Without giving too much away, Scott's life goes through several drastic changes in this episode. He gets a job, moves out of his place with Wallace, takes an important step in his relationship, and gets approval as a decent human being from a very unlikely source.

I'm starting to wonder if Ramona isn't a little bit shady. What was going on when he was inside her head?

Much like the Harry Potter series started o
Keith Moser
Enjoyed this more than the last two, despite still having lame main characters (Scott is so ignorant and Ramona is showing her bitchiness). I enjoyed seeing more general life and the development of fighting evil exes progress. I do wish there was a little more video game overlay. The "Power of Love" was great as were most of the scenes in subspace. And thanks to the movie, I loved the mini-cameo of NegaScott.
Hollie Ruthless
This book dragged a little in the beginning, but picked up again. Definitely some "not in the movie" moments. A few too many offensive jokes. Still totally worth it.
I only gave this volume 4 stars because out of all the pizza places in Toronto, Scott always chooses Pizza Pizza, which we all know is the WORST.
Joey the J in R.J. Spindle
Oh Ramona. *shakes head* Are you going to be a jerk now? Are you just picking on Scott? I hope you're just picking on him. He's a good guy. I still think it's your ex-GIRLfriens who is going to be the villain of this book. Let's see how hawt that is.

I want Lesbian hawtness. I want Gay hawtness too. Any hawtness. You know what hawtness sounds like? Harkness. Mmmmm. Okay, no ... back away from the Face of Boe, and get back to Canada!

Read more chapter-by-chapter commentary at R. J. Spindle
this volume illustrates the struggle of "getting it together" in a very amusing and relatable way. o'malley's characters resonate with me and are skilfully brought to life with playful expressions and witty dialogue. reminds me why i love scott pilgrim!
Brendon Schrodinger
This volume is a bit better than the last. 3 star material? Hell no. If you can only draw 4 different looking people, only have 4 characters.

Scott gets a job finally. Washing dishes, but still a job. Things look up. And then he forgets to go to work and gets fired. And then rehired.

Oh and Ramona's ex in this novel is a goth chick from her "experimental phase". Ugh

Scott kisses another girl, finds Ramona with her ex and then moves in with Ramona. Logical right?

How can anyone like this guy at all?
Scott Pilgrim’s life seems to be going pretty well. He and Ramona are getting closer and no more Evil Exes have entered their lives. When Scott meets a former classmate named Lisa Miller and a girl and a man both seem to be stalking Scott, Scott questions if he perfect life could be in trouble. With his lease running out and still unable to say the L-Word (not lesbian), Scott must decide where his relationship with Ramona stands.

Written and illustrated by Bryan Lee O’Malley, Scott Pilgrim 4: Sco
Adam Oster
The Scott Pilgrim series is easily falling into a bit of a routine with how it tells its stories. The first 2/3rds of the book tends to move rather slowly, exploring more about Scott's daily life and showing how he's really quite the loser, while the last third of the book finally takes its time to explore the more fantastic parts of his life, including the requisite evil ex-boyfriends.
Volume 4 doesn't seem to stray from this roadmap at all either. However, having the exciting parts at the end
The way I found Scott Pilgrim was really weird. I remember seeing posters for the movie and I thought the it was weird and looking at the poster I thought it looked like kind of stupid. I was very wrong. I remember we were heading to Hawaii for my winter vacation. There was a Border's in the airport (now gone) and I walked in just before the flight. I looked among their books and saw Scott Pilgrim: Gets It Together. I was somewhat amazed and asked my mom if they made books after the movie and sh ...more
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Bryan Lee O'Malley is a Canadian cartoonist. His first original graphic novel was Lost at Sea (2003), and he is currently working on (and best-known for) the six-volume Scott Pilgrim series (2004 to present). All of his graphic novels thus far have been published by Portland, Oregon-based Oni Press. He is also a songwriter and musician (as Kupek and formerly in several short-lived Toronto bands).
More about Bryan Lee O'Malley...

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“Scott, if your life had a face, I would punch it. I would punch your life in the face.” 260 likes
“Anyway, how are you and Ramona doing?'

Uh... you know. Pretty good.'

Have you said the L-Word yet?'

The L-Word? You mean? Lesbian?'
Uh... No. The other L-Word.'


Okay. Uh, It's "love." I wasn't trying to trick you or anything.”
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