Fire & Frost (Iron Seas, #3.4; Code of Shadows, #0.5; Midnight Liaisons #2.3)
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Fire & Frost (The Iron Seas #3.4)

3.84 of 5 stars 3.84  ·  rating details  ·  454 ratings  ·  94 reviews
From the authors who brought you Wild & Steamy come three all-new tales of lovers who create their own heat, even when they’re surrounded by ice…

Speed Mating by Jessica Sims – Estrella may be going into heat, but she’s determined to remain in control. Just because she’s ovulating doesn’t mean she has to settle for just any man (or his beast). Her sexy alpha’s determine...more
Kindle Edition, 257 pages
Published May 25th 2013 by self published (first published March 25th 2013)
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Together again (after Wild & Steamy) Jessica Sims(Jill Myles) & Carolyn Crane shift to their newer series for their steamy shorts while Meljean Brook offers another adventure romance quickie from the Iron Seas.

Speed Mating by Jessica Sims - A Midnight Liasons short - With her first mating heat upon her, liger shifter Estrella needs to find a suitable baby daddy and she needs to find him fast, so off to a dating agency for supernaturals and a round of speed mating... - I liked this one a...more
Need something to read at the beach? A light and fun book of novellas to read for summer vacation? This is a follow up anthology to Wild & Steamy.

Speed Mating - Jessica Sims - 4 stars
Speed Mating is the story of a were-liger (lion/tiger hybrid) who, despite the odds, goes into heat and needs a mate (and father of her child) pronto. Her alpha Vic is eager to assist by suggesting possible mates. Each date is a bust and as Estrella gets closer and closer to her time, she becomes desperate. Des...more
Anna (Bobs Her Hair)
”Speed Mating” by Jessica Sims – 3 stars or C-
Now or never. She forced the words out of her throat. “I’m going into heat.”
The pencil snapped.

Ligers are supposed to be infertile, but going into ‘heat’ mean Estella is capable of bearing a child. She hopes with the help of her attractive, virile, and tattooed alpha that she can find a mate or good father to her possible baby.

This was a cute, yet predictable quickie story. As it’s only a three chapters, it’s not meant to be anything more than a si...more

Speed Mating by Jessica Sims (3 stars)
Humorous account on a liger's search for a suitable mate. She has a huge crush on her Alpha, Vic, but believes he isn't interested because she is a half-breed.

Conjuring Max by Carolyn Crane (3 stars)
Veronica can conjure anything or anyone. She has really powerful enemies, so she is in hiding. She conjured Max off a conference photo to protect her. The story starts when they are attacked by a group of witches and hitmen. Veronica would be a great...more
Posted at Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks

Fire & Frost is an anthology featuring stories by three very talented writers: Jessica Sims (also known as Jill Myles), Carolyn Crane and Meljean Brook. The title made me assume that these stories would be filled with steam, and I wasn’t completely wrong, but more than anything these stories were filled with heart

Speed Mating by Jessica Sims

Speed Mating features Estrella, a shapeshifter who always thought she would not be able to mate and carry child...more
Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog)

I rarely like all the books in an anthology but with Fire & Frost I really enjoyed each one and am hard pressed to say which one would be my favourite. It introduced me to two authors I haven't read before, Jessica Sims and Meljean Brook and one author that I already love, Carolyn Crane, which means that my unfortunate TBR mountain is going to have a few more titles perched on it!

This anthology had a little bit for everyone, if you like a sexy and lighthearted paranormal romance, than Jessi...more
Laura the Highland Hussy
Read this review at Got Fiction? Books

3.5 stars

I’m starting to really like anthologies, but I’m not liking when the stories in anthologies aren’t similar. Like, if I were to judge this anthology by the first story, I’d expect this would be a paranormal romance/shifter antho. But it’s not. It does have something for everyone which may appeal to some readers, though. The first story is shifters, the second is a contemporary witch story that is set in the ‘80s, and the third story is a fabulous St...more
Brie C.
Originally posted at Romance Around the Corner

Source: A review copy was provided by the authors.

Fire and Frost is the newest collaboration between authors Meljean Brook, Carolyn Crane and Jessica Sims. The novellas are unique and almost impossible to compare, but they do have two things in common: the charming, compelling characters and the way the “hot and cold” theme has been cleverly incorporated into each story.

In Speed Mating by Jessica Sims we meet Estrella, a mixed tiger and lion shifter...more
Full review to come:

MinnChica: I absolutely love and adore all things Jessica Sims/Jill Myles/Jessica Clare. I think I could read the phonebook, if she wrote it. Meljean Brook has created one of the most imaginative and incredible worlds that I’ve ever come across. Mix it in with her sexy writing and I can’t turn down anything of hers either. While I’ve only read a novella or two of Carolyn Crane, I’ve liked what I’ve read so far, and will definitely need...more
Speed Mating by Jessica Sims
My weakness for sexy Alpha male shapeshifters reared its ugly head... well, actually, it wasn't so ugly. Let me try this again...

This story was packed with all the things that I adore about paranormal shapeshifter romances. A hot Alpha who is determined to do the right thing even though it's kinda killing him on the inside? CHECK. A strong, opinionated female who can hold her own against the men in the pack? CHECK. A heat cycle that comes as a MOST inconvenient time?...more
Speed Mating - I don't read many shifter books (why is that I wonder?) so this was a fun diversion. I liked the dancing around Estrella and Vic did, each trying to avoid the obvious! Vic is a sexy, growly alpha tiger, yum!

Conjuring Max - I liked Carolyn Crane's first Code of Shadows novel, Mr. Real and this is the story of Alix's aunt Veronica who invented the witchcraft combined with technology that conjures items from pictures into real life. Max and Veronica's story had an ephemeral quality...more
i really liked Jessica's story and that's about right for me.. the rest was ok... i wanted to know (view spoiler)
Julia ♥Duncan♥
Speed Mating, Jessica Sims
I'm not a huge fan of shifter books, but the premise of this one was funny and the characters were likable, so I enjoyed it.

Conjuring Max, Carolyn Crane
This was really interesting. I really liked Max. Veronica was a bit harder to warm up to, but I still liked them as a couple. The time dithering thing at the end confused the hell out of me though. I had to read it about four times before I finally think I got what was going on.

Wrecked, Meljean Brook
I enjoyed this, lik...more
This review and rating is for Conjuring Max by Carolyn Crane only.

I absolutely loved this novella by Carolyn Crane that is set in her Code of Shadows series. It’s a prequel to Mr. Real, which I really enjoyed, that gives us a glimpse as to how Veronica, Alix’ aunt, figured out how to conjure people and things with a picture and a computer. I still think that it’d be awesome to be able to do that even after reading about all the trouble Alix got herself into.

There were so many great laugh out lo...more
Probably more like 3.5.

All of these authors were new to me and though my guess is I"m missing some connections, overall, they were fine to read without prior knowledge.

Jessica Sims - 4 stars - This is why I bought the collection. I'd been playing around with a similar idea in my head, so I was excited to see the premise existed! This was too short for me to really get into the relationship, but it was HOT. And it seems like there might be some nice male/female dynamics in this world. I have the...more
Julie Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog
Note: My Review is solely for “Speed Mating” by Jessica Sims.

My Review:

Estrella, a liger, is going into heat and she needs to find a man ASAP. But she’s got a problem. Being a mixed breed leaves her on the outs as the lions don’t want anything to do with her and the tigers are wary of her as well.

Still, she goes to the tigers’ alpha male, Vic, and asks for his help. The attraction she feels for Vic is palpable, and she hopes he steps up to the plate to relieve her, but she has no such luck.

Vic s...more
Fire and Frost begins with Speed Mating by Jessica Sims, a new-to-me author. I enjoyed this short piece about a female lyger (lion/tiger) shifter about to into heat. She goes to her sexy alpha for advice and decides to look for a mate/father for her cub through speed dating. What I liked the most about this interesting world-building with shifters is that the female can choose her mate. Yes... she has a choice! The story is hot and sexy too.

Then we have Conjuring Max by Carolyn Crane, a story se...more
Anne Dirty Girls' Good Books
Speed Mating by Jessica Sims – This was really cute and funny. I enjoy Jessica Sims/Jill Myles' sense of humor. This story takes place in her Midnight Liaisons world, but it stands alone just fine. I smiled the whole time I was reading and only said "Would you just TALK to each other" only once!

Conjuring Max by Carolyn Crane – This was intellectually interesting, but just an ok read for me. Goodreads shows this as a prequel in her Code of Shadows world.

Wrecked by Meljean Brook – This one just b...more
Enjoyed "Speed Mating" well enough. It's so short, hard to be more than OK, really. Had some minor annoyances, but I was engaged anyway. 2.5 stars

Couldn't even get into, let alone finish, "Conjuring Max" by Carolyn Crane. I've probably given up on a story faster than I did this one, but I can't think of which story that might have been. If you want to capture my attention, don't make the opening sentences read like a list of actions. Ugh. DNF

Really liked "Wrecked", and I was pleasantly surprised...more
I enjoyed this anthology with stories from Jessica Sims, Carolyn Crane, and Meljean Brook. It's kind of a continuation from Wild and Steamy which also contained stories/novellas from these 3 authors, but that is all the continuity - the stories/series aren't necessarily the same. Here are my thoughts on the stories...

Speed Mating by Jessica Sims~ The concept here is really lame for me. A female shapeshifter (liger - half lion, half tiger) is going into heat and doesn't have a guy in mind to fath...more
Christi Snow
Title: Speed Mating
Author: Jessica Sims
My Rating: A
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Main Characters: Estrella and Vic
Sexual Intensity: spicy

My Review:

Such a great story. I loved Estrella and the difficulties she faces as a female liger (mix of lion and tiger). As a shifter, she's an oddity for her mixed breed. As a woman, she's odd because she's a really tall woman. The book was so good because, even though she's a shifter, Estrella is so human and real. As a reader, you can totally empathize with every...more
Joint review originally posted here:

Publisher: Self

Publish Date: Out Now

How we got this book: eARC from authors

From the authors who brought you Wild & Steamy come three all-new tales of lovers who create their own heat, even when they’re surrounded by ice…

Speed Mating by Jessica Sims – Estrella may be going into heat, but she’s determined to remain in control. Just because she’s ovulating doesn’t mean she has to settle for just any man (or his beast)....more
Lisa King
I bought this ebook for Meljean Brook's story but wound up reading the other two just for kicks.

Speed Mating by Jessica Sims
I've never heard of Jessica Sims before I read this short short story. It is short and to the point.
Estrella is a liger shifter, yup half lion and half tiger, who is part of the local tiger clan lead by the alpha Vic Barlow. She doesn't really fit in and tries to not draw attention to herself except her body has different ideas. You see, Estrella is going into heat. Yup, y...more
Jen (That's What I'm Talking About)
Speed Mating by Jessica Sims
Midnight Liaisons series

Estrella is an anomaly in her pack--she is a liger: half tiger, half lion. While she doesn't really fit in with her tiger pack, she is not accepted at all by the lion pack. Estrella had always been told she was sterile, and she believed that right up until she realized that she was going into heat. Now with only a week's notice, she needs to find someone she likes to service her needs and be the father of her child.

The one man she truly desires...more
smexys_sidekick (Tori-Smexybooks)
Originally posted at

Speed Mating (Midnight Liaisons) by Jessica Sims

I have always enjoyed Jessica Sims (Jill Myles) stories. Always fun and sexy with the perfect amount of humor to keep you chuckling as the hero and heroine find themselves in crazy, outrageous situations on their journey to their happily ever after. Speed Mating is a cute, short, lighthearted PNR about a female liger-Estrella- who goes into heat and finds herself at loose ends. She doesn’...more
Alice Wulf
Full disclosure: I just read the Jessica Sims novella, because I'm obsessed with Olicity fanfiction at the moment so full length novels? Fuck that shit, I don't have time for 200 pages of plot.

I love fanfiction.
Fanfiction rules.
I mean, it gets to skip the whole 'meet' and 'gradually like each other' stages because IT'S ALREADY HAPPENED and I don't have to get through 100+ pages of feelings being denied and it's just THE BEST THING EVER.

Erica Anderson
Speed Mating by Jessica Sims: 3 stars

Enjoyable, but the heroine makes a stupid move to get the hero, which I found annoying.

Conjuring Max by Carolyn Crane: 5 stars

My favorite of the three stories. Original and character-driven. Max is a dead cop (loved Max!) who's conjured to help a witch survive some bad guys. Witch has some major issues that Max, with love and patience, helps her through. Also, a neato carnivorous creature. I will definitely be re-reading this one. Probably multiple times.

Speed Mating / Jessica Sims - 1.5 stars.
Dumb. The premise had potential, but was marred by ... inept plotting? It's pretty standard for this author to have kinda dumb heroines who humiliate themselves through stupid choices and then get rescued by the smart and strong heroes, so maybe what seems like ineptness is actually the goal. IDK. I used to be more ok with her writing, but at this point her shtick makes me stabby.

Conjuring Max / Carolyn Crane - 4 stars.
Interesting world building, a cranky-...more
Syahira Sharif
My favourite part in this book was Wrecked which is a steampunk short from the Iron Seas series. It have its own story and a bit expanded version of the world other than the romance element. I also like Speed Mating although it was plain erotica and little plot in it. I skip Conjuring Max after a couple of pages. 80s and computers stories about that era doesn't really mesh with me.
Blodeuedd Finland
First up was the novella that turned out to be my fav. Speed Mating by Jessica Sims (but then I do love Jill Myles' work :)
The story was sexy, fun and worked so well just as a novella. But I of course want more by Jessica Sims now.

Conjuring Max was the story I did not really care for. It had it's moments, but it felt like it would have worked better as a book. I felt a bit confused at times.

The last story was a story of the Iron Seas, I miss that series now, even if nothing compared to book 1. E...more
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Book info: I am the author of the Iron Seas steampunk romance series. I've written a guide to the world (including a map) on my website.

I also write a paranormal romance series, the Guardians. That series guide is also on my website, including a "The Story So Far" feature, which allows you to catch up on all of the books that previously released in the series if you start after the first installm...more
More about Meljean Brook...
The Iron Duke (Iron Seas, #1) Heart of Steel (Iron Seas, #2) Riveted (Iron Seas, #3) Demon Angel (The Guardians, #1) Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City (Iron Seas, #1.5)

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