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The 8 Hour Diet
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The 8 Hour Diet

3.32 of 5 stars 3.32  ·  rating details  ·  268 ratings  ·  61 reviews
Published (first published December 24th 2012)
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~~D✡ni ♥ ♂♂ smex & semi-colons~~
Goodreads is not really the place for diet book reviews (that would be Amazon), but I finished this book, so what the hell. (I even added the cover photo because it didn't have one!)

I read this book not because I need to diet but because I'm tired of people chastising me for not eating breakfast. For years I've managed my weight by skipping breakfast and not eating until lunchtime (noon or later); besides this, I eat normally and don't leave out entire food groups or deprive myself. This works f...more
Musaed Alshatti
I usually don't trust new diet books .. but since the author is David Zinczenko I gave this one a shot .. the information is mind blowing .. I already felt an increase in my energy :-)
Been using this plan, really common sense, for about 10 days and lost 5 pounds.
I didn't read this book so much a browse it for a few hours at the library. There are some really funny phrases in this book that made me smile while reading what could be a boring topic. Diabetes as the zombie apocalypse, inhuman screams from slapped cantaloupes, crying in your cottage cheese, it's the little things that make a book more enjoyable.

The concepts in this book were laid out pretty simply and there were helpful charts to distill some ideas (making browsing much easier). The recipes...more
Interesting approach to weight loss. Contains extensive "scientific" basis for the concept of controlled fasting. Seems adaptable to many other diet plans. I did lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks; will continue to see how it works. The "eat what you want and as much as you want" quick ads for this don't do it justice; the heart of the diet is about eating healthy foods; exercising; but all within the context of an 8 hour window.
Clear, concise, and doable. Frankly could have been written as a pamphlet. I've been following the plan which basically consists of fasting for 16 hours and then eating what you want during an eight hour period. I want to wait a few weeks to see how it plays out but so far I have lost some weight and it has been fairly easy.
I actually agree with this type of eating plan and have followed it most of my life. So, now I have something to say when people criticise me for being too lazy to wake up early enough to eat breakfast.

This sort of diet does work, but it's not exactly honest of this book to suggest that you can eat whatever you want in those 8 hours. If you spend 8 hours gorging on doughnuts, you're going to look like someone who eats doughnuts all day. Even if you eat your 8 magic foods, do your 8 minutes of e...more
I thought this book would be really good, given that it's from David Zinczenko, but I didn't like it. IMO, it is never a good idea to tell people that they can eat as much as they want, for any reason.

Obviously people should have common sense, but not every human does. Telling some people to eat whatever they want, is like saying go to Burger King and eat every value meal they offer, as long it's in an 8-hour time block. Hmmm, I don't think they'll be loosing very much weight that way.

This book...more
Ginger Parks
holy cow. it saddens me tremendously that although i consider myself a well-read, intelligent individual, i found myself nodding profusely, chapter by chapter, wondering why the hell i myself didn't put 2 and 2 together with regards to how the body works in reaction to the fuel we partake daily. every man, woman, and teenager who's ever taken both anatomy and physiology I and II shouldve been able to put this together after completion of those courses. shows how much "application" and "synthesis...more
Read the book and do some research before you look down on the book. If you diet healthfully you can and will lose weight. I gained some benefits from this book. I am sleeping better than I have in almost a year. I have more energy in the morning, do not need as much caffeine, I have more energy for my workouts, including cardio.
Amy Summers
Very informative. Works well with my schedule. I will do a little more research, and watch my body rhythms do determine long-term effectiveness.
At the beginning I was very skeptical, I've tried so many diets and have always been disappointed by the results! But I can assure you: IT WORKS! I've lost 3,5Kg within 10 days so far! The crazy fact is that, I don't even follow the author's fitness advices (too lazy ;) )
The only thing I'm absolute strict about is WHEN I eat and not WHAT I eat. (From 11am-19pm.) that's basically it! I feel so much fitter, energized and happy. My mind doesn't even perceive it as a diet anymore, it's just an easy-...more
I like the ideas in this book. Good presentation of plan and evidence. Easy to follow.
I'm holding it hostage at three stars until I see if it works. :-/
As someone with a great interest in health & nutrition I knew most of the information enclosed already. I fast on a regular basis, usually tending to do it for weeks at a time, rather than hours. That will most likely change now though as fasting daily would fit much easier into my life.

I really think this would've been better served written as a booklet as it takes five minutes to explain & the rest is just filler. For those unfamiliar with fasting for health this is worth reading, but...more
I've been on this diet off and on for about two months now. It has helped me control my appetite, and I'm starting to lose weight slowly. I enjoyed the book very much. It is full of information that helped me want to get started on making myself healthier.

I'm not a young woman anymore, so I'm having a harder time with the weight loss than his young examples did. But I'm not giving up. It's not all that hard, really, to stick to it. I'm sure if I'd quit cheating at night I'd do a lot better!
I read this author's first book, The ABS DIET, which I loved. I lost weight and continue to eat following the basic rules set forth in that book. I was excited to discover a new book by the same author. I can't wait to give it a try. In a nutshell, the book promotes intermittent fasting. He persuades us to eat only within an 8-Hour increment, and to fast the rest of the time. For example, if you have your first meal at 10am, then your last meal should be at 6pm. Furthermore, the 8-Hour increment...more
Good book if you are new to intermittent fasting, but if you already have full knowledge then don't bother. I like the entire experience with the book and also gave that journalistic point of view similar to Drop Dead Healthy: One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection which I really like.

I believe intermittent fasting works if you put some discipline into it. When I first tried this it helped me lose weight and thankfully not having a lot of gout attacks. Along with exercise, I burned lots of...more
Interesting concept and had cited studies with regards to the data. Eight still seems like a gimmick though - eight foods "I ate my eight!", eight minutes of exercise, eight hours of eating (which still means 16 hours of fasting--not so easy--I'm surprised he didn't say to do this "eight days a week..." but instead states that even with a minimum of three days results can be had. I looked but did not see if the data showed a benefit with a 9 hour diet instead of 8 hours.

Other data (not discusse...more
I love me a good diet book. This was super helpful, and while it contained a ton of good information, many of the key points pretty much fall under the heading of "common sense". Don't eat all day. Don't drink sugary drinks. Eat 8 "superfoods", which are just your basic healthy foods to begin with. Turkey, dairy, nuts, etc. I think a more apt title would be, "Don't eat all day, and lay off the soda". Key points right there in the title.

What I did like about this book is that it introduced me to...more
All diet books (that I've read) have a mixture of nutrition science and hype. The ratio varies. This book is far more on the "hype" than "science" side -- while the author purports that this diet is backed up with science, there are no citations beyond "A study shows" and "A study at X demonstrated" -- if you can't cite the studies, they're junk.

The basic idea is pretty simple, and would be enticing if there were any evidence for it -- basically, the occasional "fast" puts a little stress on you...more
Got a cook-book of an LDS women who is a nurse and married to an ex BYU football player. She tells of her weight-loss journey and she accidentally discovered after 5 years of frustrating weight gain, that what worked for her was pretty much this diet. I read it and am interested and so am trying it. Previously I did a month straight & various random weeks/days of the Fast Metabolism diet - which I do think has improved my metabolism, but is a lot more complicated and expensive to follow.
Ms. Robinson
This book is very eye-opening!I also enjoyed how the author writes like he speaks. Usually, this is a huge NO-NO for any English teacher, but it added humor and a casual tone. It makes me a little skeptical, but I am totally willing to try it. I don't know how it'll work, especially because I love nothing more than a slab of pancakes with a side of bacon and a pound of butter for breakfast, but if they claim I can lose weight this way, I'll give it a shot.
Claire Caterer
I can't say this miracle diet worked the wonders promised. I tried it for 3 weeks and got exactly nowhere, and though the author claims you need to follow it only 3 days a week, I was following it 6-7 days a week with no results. However, that said, the book includes some very good tips for healthy eating, curbing cravings, and general principles. I find that my weight-loss efforts are helped by compressing my eating into about 9 hours a day, but that's not all it takes for me. Granted, I'm 48 y...more
Cyndie Dyer
I can feel the fat burning already! Seriously, this is not the all-you-can-eat junk diet the cover promotes. I do love the fact that nothing is forbidden - which doesn't work for real life - as well as the list of what TO eat. Very helpful and I have already lost a couple of pounds since I started reading the book after struggling for a year to lose four pounds.
Jason Joy
A friend recently told me about the 8 hour diet, how you could eat whatever you wanted as long as it was during an 8 hour period and still lose weight. I was skeptical but interested and bought this book. Soon I was buying in and started the diet. In 3 weeks, I have lost 6 pounds eating whatever I want. I have much more energy, less indigestion, and sleep better at night. I hardly get hungry anymore waiting for my 16 hour fast to be over. One of the best things is that food tastes amazing now. I...more
I really like the diet and his writing. The lower rating was because I didn't read about half of the book because it was full of recipes, exercises and testimonials.
This is the second diet book I've read by David Zinczenko and his writing style is just great--lots of humor, easy to read and understand, important information and claims backed up by research--basically all you want when you are reading this type of book. I am on my third day of this diet and I'm already down 1.5 lbs! Plus, I have been eating Christmas cookies as well as lots of yummy food like Greek yogurt, salmon burgers, chicken-tomato-spinach-cheese quesadillas, and more!! And this it the...more
Gay Dorsey
Another diet book that could easily have been a short article but has recipes and pages of exercises (complete with photos) enough to expand it into a book. Probably takes about a hour to read about the actual diet idea, which is to fast each day for 16 hours, then cram all your meals into 8 hours. Backed up by lots of facts, figures, and test groups, it seems like this idea could work!
For most people it just means skipping breakfast, which we've all been taught to think is so wrong. And I know...more
Sarah Scribner
I was surprised by how much I liked this book. I'm not much for diet plans and especially not books about diet plans but this is a pretty solid plan for a lazy person like me. My complaints about the book are typical for any diet/food book: 1) he tried to over-sell it and 2) he made it too simple. Yes, the point is when you eat not what you eat but you can't tell people they can eat all of whatever they want during their 8 hours. I'm thinking stuffing yourself with cheeseburgers and french frie...more
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