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Darren Shan und die Prophezeiungen der Dunkelheit
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Darren Shan und die Prophezeiungen der Dunkelheit (Cirque du Freak #7)

4.17 of 5 stars 4.17  ·  rating details  ·  16,490 ratings  ·  329 reviews
In the seventh entry of this "New York Times" bestselling series, Darren Shan, part of an elite force, searches the world of the Vampaneze Lord. But the road ahead is long and dangerous.
Hardcover, 233 pages
Published 2003 by Verlag der Vampire, Schneekluth (first published 2002)
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Erin (*is in a reviewing slump*)
At first I was annoyed to discover the book starts six years in the future - I hate when that happens. The last book left off with a stunning revelation but we've skipped forward now. Darren hasn't seemed to think or tend to the views of the former traitor he was considering before (peace treaties), and while not enjoying killing, does it with more natural ease when it's needed. Or else, when he thinks it's needed. Mr Tiny has returned and along with his encounter, an interesting sorceress who t ...more
Cinthia Palomino
As Darren holds the spot of vampire price since he was supposed to be sentenced to hall of death for running away from his trials but was voted by the vampires to become prince wich was the only solution other than death. Comes a well expected vsit by all vampires, Desmond Tiny who is hated by the vampires made a prophecy talking about the Vampaneze Lord and a great war. The Vampaneze Lord is alive and traveling the world. Now, it's up to Darren Shan, Mr. Crepsley and a the Vampire Prince Vancha ...more

when I read this book I think about how appearences can really change how someone thinks about someone, like evanna when darren first meets her he thinks she is a witch because of how she looks but she is actually a very nice person.people all the time worry about how they look, when someone looks at you and classifies you on how you look because thats the only part of you that they will be able to see. if you are ugly then people will pr
Essau Alli
This book is another book that is about the vampire Darren. He has become more mature and he has gained new friends that have stuck with him since he became the vampire he is now. He is now stronger then ever because of his mentor Mr Crepsly.

I can connect this book to the world because it shows that once you have someone to guide you, you will be able to accomplish what ever you want to do. In the world there are many people who like to help others with there future.

I rate this book 4 and 1/2 s
Hunters of the Dusk
Darren Shan

I just couldn't put the book away!
This book, Hunters of the dusk was about Darren Shan, a not fully blooded Vampire, i.e. he has not yet become a real vampire. Darren lives in Vampire Mountain with a lot of other vampires. There is a war coming up against the vampaneze, the vampires’ leading enemies. The different princes and leaders are preparing for the war and thinking of different strategies.
One day, the founder of vampire mountain, Mr Tiny comes to visit the va
I been reading Hunters of the Dusk by Darren Shan which is part of the Cirque Du Freak Series. It is the 7th book in the series

The hunt for the Vampanze Lord has started as Darren and the team of three vampires, the two vampire princes (Darren and Vancha) and Mr. Crepsly. If they don’t succeed with finding and killing the Vampanze Lord the whole vampire clan will die away in the War of scars against the Vampanze clan.

The most interesting part of the book is was when the Vancha told the truth
Julie Decker
Darren, the half-vampire kid who has recently been crowned a Prince to avoid being sentenced to death, is now traveling with his mentor Mr. Crepsley, another Vampire Prince, and creepy Little Person Harkat. Because there is a prophecy about the Vampaneze Lord being able to bring about the end of the Vampire Clan--handed down to them by Des Tiny, a man whose prophecies aren't ever wrong--the quartet has to find the bad guy and make sure they seize one of the four remaining chances to kill him. Bu ...more
Alvianti Fajarsari
Rasanya saya tumbuh bersama manusia setengah vampir ini. Bersama-sama mengikuti perjalanannya, dan merasakan tanggung jawab berat yang tidak seharusnya dipikul.

Buku ini banyak sekali konflik yang mendebarkan membuat perut melilit karena tegang dan penasaran.

Darren akhirnya keluar dari gunung vampir mengemban tanggung jawab sebagai pangeran vampir untuk menjaga kelangsungan hidup klan nya. Melakukan perjalanan bersama mr.crepsley menuruti takdir akan ramalan mr.tiny. Mereka menemui lady evanna
Fantasy Literature
Hunters of the Dusk is the seventh book in Darren Shan’s CIRQUE DU FREAK series. Though Shan always does a nice job of quickly and sufficiently recapping the plot, it’d be best not to start here. Go back and begin with A Living Nightmare. And be warned that this review will contain spoilers for previous books.

It’s been six years since the events of The Vampire Prince. Young Darren Shan is now one of the leaders of the vampires because making him a prince was the only way that the other princes c
Baruir Lokmanian
I chose this book because I read the other books in the series and i wanted to continue on. Darren has been a prince now for a couple of years and one day Mr. Tiny visits and says three hunters, which are Darren, Larten, and Vancha, must hunt down the Vampaneze Lord if they want to win the war of scars. Mr. Tiny says they will have only 5 chances to kill him to win. My favorite quote in this book is “Ever hear of the phrase, Banging you're head on a brick wall?"
Ah, but you forget, Darren, vampir
Michael Dako
I love this series and I can only imagine what I will do when I'm finished it. I can't really say anything without giving anything away. All I can say though is it will surprise you. I am so glad I got Devin, Courtney, Zack, Daniel and maybe Mr.C reading this series. I hope they all love it as much as I do, and as always I can't wait to start the next one!
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Henry Hull
Several years pass by since we last saw our heroes with Darren enjoying his reign as a vampire prince among his fellow princes. That all ends, however, when Mr. Tiny arrives and tells the vampires that the vampaneze had a leader called the Vampaneze Lord who is destined to leads the vampaneze into victory unless three of Tiny's choosen hunters can kill him. If the hunters kill the Vampaneze Lord then the vampire's will inevitably win the war and wipe out the vampaneze off of the face of the map. ...more
This series just keeps surprising me with more depth in the story and amazing plot twists. I'm still in love with this series as much as when I picked up the first book! <3
Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
Don't know what to say about the series that I haven't already said. By far one of the best in the series. Story getting intense with each book.
Hailey Madelyn
An addicting story that wont let you go until you finish them all. Don't open this book unless you're ready to finish it within the hour. I enjoy the fact that each book was on the smaller scale, allowing them to easily be read in one sitting. Unfortunately, it also meant it was a pain to have to wait an entire evening to go back to the store and pick up the next two or three in the series. Author Darren Shan shows he has what it takes to write a compelling story brimming with suspense and horro ...more
This book in the series is very much focused around the larger plot related to the twelve books. Whilst some of the previous books were focused more upon Darren’s experiences this one brings us back to the war which is going on.

After being visited by a character from one of the past books, our main characters find themselves at the Cirque once again. Here events are not quite what they once seemed, with questionable motives in the air. Our characters find out that completing the mission that the
Thorough plot, Fast read, and time left to do your chores.
Kat  Hooper
Originally posted at Fantasy Literature.

Hunters of the Dusk is the seventh book in Darren Shan’s CIRQUE DU FREAK series. Though Shan always does a nice job of quickly and sufficiently recapping the plot, it’d be best not to start here. Go back and begin with A Living Nightmare. And be warned that this review will contain spoilers for previous books.

It’s been six years since the events of The Vampire Prince. Young Darren Shan is now one of the leaders of t
Book 7 in the Saga of Darren Shan is set 6 years after book 6. Darren has resit trials and passed them and has been learning about his new role within vampire mountain. The vampires are also trying to track down the destined lord of the vampaneze and the many battles have become known as the war of scars. However an unexpected visit from Mr Des Tiny see’s Darren, Harkat and Mr Crepsley leaving vampire mountain in search of the Vampaneze lord alone. They are destined to find another vampire to he ...more
Once again we have leapt forward 6 years in Shan's story, but once again I didn't feel like I had missed anything, I still knew all the basic and important details of what has happened since and it progresses the story well.

The Vampaneze Lord is coming - that's the message Mr Tiny delivers that sets off a chain of events and adventures. Darren, Mr Crepsley and Harket set off to try and track down and face the Vampire Lord, they are joined by Vampire Prince Vancha March, and on the way they meet
Darren Shan, was selected as a Prince which only the noble vampires are chosen for. As a new Price, along with Mr Crepsley and Vancha to kill the leader of their blood cousins, the Vampaneze, with all three of their strengths, along with Darren's close friend Harket, will they be able to track down the king and slay him, or will they watch the clan of the Vampire clan perish?

While reading this book, I noticed a text to text connection and a text to world. I noticed how this book connects to the
Daniela Lozano
Cirque du freak: Hunters of the dusk Little, Brown and company,2002, 208pp.,$15.95
Darren Shan ISBN 0-316-60596-4

Could you imagine if you were a half-vampire prince who’s to set off with your non human friend, mentor and another vampire that you don’t know to kill a person for the good of the clan? Would you accept and kill person or will you decline and be dishonored? Well this is what it’s like for Darren, Harkat, Mr.crepsely and Vancha.
Darren is to set out with Mr.crepsely and Vancha as in M
So this book picked up 6 years after the previous book. I have no idea why this author loves writing about things 6 years later. I find it kind of annoying, there would be so many things that would have occurred. For example, Darren took the trials the 2nd time and passed. I would certainly have liked to see how he passed it.

But well, at least this time round, it showed that Darren was even more mature. He has really grown since the last book, and I wanted to at least witness some of that.

Its k
I don't have too much to say about this one. It was pretty good, had some decent action scenes. There were some new faces, and some familiar ones (minor spoiler: Evraaaaa. <3 My bb's all grown up. And he's started a family of snakelets. How cute!) It was good to see the Cirque again. I was starting to believe that the series was no longer appropriately titled.

Anyway, I'm not sure how to feel about Vancha March. Part of me really likes him, and part of me finds him kind of annoying. I give hi
This was a slower read but much is revealed about the coming end. Darren's grown up so much that he's almost unrecognizable to those he's left behind... almost.

Summary: The pursuit begins…

Darren Shan, the Vampire Prince, leaves Vampire Mountain on a life or death mission.

As part of an elite force, Darren searches the world for the Vampaneze Lord. But the road ahead is long and dangerous - and lined with the bodies of the damned.

What I liked about this book: This one did not take as long to read
Nic Echo
Dec 21, 2012 Nic Echo rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Nic by: Tesk
About the Book:
It has been another six years since we last saw Darren, and the war between the vampires and vampaneze is still going strong. The Vampaneze Lord has not only risen, but is now a half vampire. However, a visit from Mr. Tiny reveals several factors. One: the vampires can still win the war if the Vampaneze Lord is stopped before he is fully blooded. Two: there will only be four chances to do this. Three: this will only occur if three vampires (and only three) try to stop it, and thos
This book is about a young man named Darren Shan.
Darren Shan is the main character of this book.
he used to live in a city injoying life,till one day he went to a circus then everything had changed....
one day he went to the circus and he discoverd a man name Larten Crepsly,little did Darren know that he was a vampire but a good a vampire who would perform in a circus called the cirque du freak.
mr. crepsly is not only a vampire/ circus performer but he is also a spider controler,he controls spider
Timothy Wu

In the seventh book of this series, not long into his years as a Prince, Darren is once again visited by Desmond Tiny (the creator of vampires and Little People). He explains that the three hunters must find and hunt down the Vampaneze Lord if they have any hopes to win the war. He announces that two of them are Darren and Mr. Crepsley, but the third one they must find on their way. The hunters are told by Mr. Tiny that they will cross paths with the Lord of the Vampaneze four times throughout t

Another re-read!

Book 7 of The Saga Of Darren Shan. After 6 years living inside Vampire Mountain, Darren has come to terms with himself and his new life as a leader of the clan. Outside, a war is raging, but Darren is not a part of this war, and it seems like he never will be.

Until Mr Tiny comes calling! After hundreds of years, the mysterious meddler returns to Vampire Mountain to warn the Princes and Generals of their impending doom. The Lord of the Vampaneze is destined to lead his forces to v
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Librarian's note: Also writes under the name D.B. Shan.

Darren Shan (born July 2, 1972 in London, England) is the pen name of the Irish author Darren O'Shaughnessy, as well as the name of the protagonist of his book series The Saga of Darren Shan, also known as The Cirque Du Freak Series in the United States. He is the author of The Demonata series, as well as some stand-alone books, and a series o
More about Darren Shan...

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“Ever hear of the phrase, Banging you're head on a brick wall?"
Ah, but you forget, Darren, vampires can break brick walls with their heads.”
“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

- Harkat Mulds (Hunters of the Dusk)”
More quotes…