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Limericks, lies, and puppy-dog eyes...

Jude Biggerstaff is all the way out and loving it - mostly. The Anglo-Japanese university graduate is a carnivore working in a vegan cafe, an amateur poet with only one man in his life. His dog, Bubbles.

Then there's "Karate Crumpet", a man who regularly runs past the cafe with a martial arts class. Jude can only yearn from afar, until...more
ebook, 294 pages
Published April 9th 2013 by Samhain Publishing
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2.5 stars

Well…here’s where I’m conflicted.

This book was all kinds of ridiculous.

But some of that ridiculous was kinda hysterical: the first karate class? Had me in stitiches…
And some of that ridiculous is just the kind I like: closeted alpha being a jerk but eventually coming around. Swoon…
Yet some of that ridiculous was so eye-rolling: do I actually LIKE Jude the MC or does he bug the CRAP out of me until I want to scream?...
However, worst of all, much of that ridiculous was just boring: I skim...more
Really funny story with my favourite kind of MC. Jude is 22 (although he looks like a teenager), part Japanese, wears eyeliner, writes poetry, plays the violin and talks a mile-a-minute. He's taking a year off after finishing Uni to get over a broken heart and to decide what he wants to do with his life. He lives with his very cool Mum and has a ferociously loyal best friend, Keisha. He's been eyeing the leader of the local karate club (David) as the group jog past his cafe every afternoon. Then...more
I usually enjoy J.L. Merrow's books. I find her style refreshing, and her Briticisms are right up my alley. But, after reading Slam!, I feel she's reached a plateau and things are about to take a turn toward failure.

Merrow's writing is rapidly becoming stale and at the same time too apparent, making her stories dull and more or less predictable.

So. J.L. Merrow's formula. Let's see what we have here, in no particular order:

*A blue-collar (first person) narrator.

* A more well-off and/or more hig...more
I disliked mostly everything about this book. I made myself finish and I'm not willing to spend more than five minutes more on this book, review included. So this is going to be all over a bit...

*first 30% was extremely forced, OTT, ridiculously quip-filled and tiresome with Jude convincing me he had ADHD.

*the humour was of the bang you over the head variety.

*the characters were caricatures and highly unlikable.

*there were serious race-related issues that disturbed me.

*there was zero r...more
Mandy*reads obsessively*
Pre-ordered, now I just have to remember to download it.
ha, a miracle has occurred, I got the email from Samhain and I downloaded it- go me! ;)


Ok, I had to slay the laundry, fight the kids homework, wrestle meals , accompany the dog on sniffing odysseys and I still prevailed and finished this book today.
Not because I have superpowers, although I really wish I did, but no, it's because this is an awesomely funny, entertaining yet actually very meaningful story.
Jude Biggerstaff ( yes, poor Ju...more
Wonderful. I'm laughing thinking about Jude and thinking about this book.

It's clever and funny and has a nice twist of angst to it as things play out. The angst is totally telegraphed but it didn't stop me loving everything this story is and ever wants to be.

Go read it now.


I thought at first that my best review would probably just be:

ROFL... LMFAO!! " oh god I'm wetting my pants" .............
But I though later that was probably a bit of a cop out! LOL!

This type of humour is right up my street, from the word go I was in seventh heaven. So what or who should I say, was the pull of this book? No need to think too hard because for me it was Jude Biggerstaff The snarky, p...more
Disclaimer: Contains spoilers, and disdain…lots of disdain.

I was so looking forward to this book, and it was a horrible let down. I need to stop having high expectations for books, every time I have of late they have been complete crap.
This book has so much going wrong with it I don’t know where to start. I had issues with the characters, the dialog, the morals, and the plot. The book was just asinine, the more I read the more I didn’t care for anything or anyone.

Let’s start with Jude, the mai...more

Another great Buddy read with Mark, Macky, Gina & Bev.:D

I guess I could outline the book with only one smiley:

Slam! is hilarious, especially Jude's limericks are snarky and witty.

”There once was a Cheltenham lad
Whose musical skills were not bad
Till a flesh-eating bug
That just laughed at their drugs
Made his fingers all fall off—how sad.“

Jude is such a lovely mess. A swishy, effeminate guy, who lives out teen-girl speech and stereotypes. But you can't help it, you fall in love with him.

Nope, I do not like this book.

Tis stupid: stupid childish over the top, hyperactive MC who speaks like a 10 year old and acts like a two year old. Not sexy or appealing - I don't care how funny he's suppose to be. I gave up before I had to imagine him in a sexual situation - ack *gag*.

The love interest David? Uh ... er <- that's all he says, and I don't see why he's even interested in Jude? Is he a weirdo or something?

Nearly half way through and I'm still looking for a plot line to save the...more
Kaje Harper
4.5 stars. And most of them for the humor in Jude's character.

I'm betting this book will have big fans and others perhaps less enamored, completely depending on how they feel about Jude. I loved him, giggled at his OTT enthusiasms, enjoyed his limericks, and didn't find his immaturity irksome. I liked his British language and idiosyncratic phrases, his unapologetic flaming, and his dog. A character like that is difficult to pull off, and for me, J.L. Merrow did it very well. There were enough l...more
Another very enjoyable and entertaining (funny as hell) read by J L Merrow.

Jude was a wonderful character, both funny and sweet. His limericks were one of the highlights as was his sense of humour.

David was a bit more complicated. At times he seemed a little to cavalier in his attitude with Jude, but by the end you realise he is more unaware of his actions than merely not caring.

I had mixed feelings towards Kevin. At times he seemed a bit of an arrogant jerk, but then at others he was almost a...more
Marte has joined Leafmarks!
This is a new review due to second read-through!

***** 5 I-love-you-book stars *****


I love it so much I want to buy a HARDBACK (yes, a hardback) and do this!

And maybe do a little happy dance!

This book is all kinds of ridiculous, but ridiculously funny, hysterically funny!

It's very OTT, so it's kind of a hit or miss type of book depending on if the humor hit your nail on the head. Ha!

This is my second read-through, and I enjoyed it so much, even though I knew what was going to...more
EDIT (yes, I change my mind a lot)
So I've thought about this some more, and I realized, coming out of the haze of happiness that captured me as soon as I read the first page, that there were some things that bothered me - actually, just one: David. I loved all of the characters I was supposed to love, and hated Keisha's Dad as I was meant to, and absolutely adored Jude, but David remained kind of a side character all throughout the book. I now know nothing more about him than I did in the beginn...more
Apr 12, 2013 ttg rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: m-m, reviews
3-3.5 stars – Parts of this book I really enjoyed, and parts of it I found really frustrating. I’m just going to list them.

What I liked:

Jude: Merrow excels at creating realized narrative voices, and Jude’s is no exception. Like Al in Muscling Through, or Tom in Pressure Head, Jude’s voice, both internally and very-externally, is alive and real and his presence is very easy to picture as he saunters down the street. Although I found his mile-a-minute thoughts quite tiring, I did like his charact...more
Giving a JL Merrow book one star is causing me physical pain. I mean, surely I could spare another? For old time's sake? But no. This book doesn't deserve even a pity star. Let me preface the review by saying that I've mostly enjoyed Merrow's work so far; she's one of my favourite British M/M authors, but heavens did I not enjoy this. To go from the wry, self-effacing humour of Tom in the lovely Pressure Head, to Jude was jarring. Jude is annoying, obnoxious, needy and not at all funny. I actua...more
Let me start off by saying I've read a few of Merrow's other works and loved them. I'm going to make this brief because there are so many issues that I could sit and complain about and I am completely worn out from reading this book. It was boring and tiring. There was nothing going on to make this worth the read.

Jude is whiny, rude, and obnoxious. I've been known to like obnoxious characters from time to time and in the beginning of this book, I thought Jude was kind of funny but by 30% he turn...more
Another Great Buddy read with Mark, Bev, Tina and Macky!! Thanks for including me my friends!!

Jude Biggerstaff is working as a waiter and living with his mother after a bad break up, trying to lick his wounds before deciding what direction he wants his career to go after recently graduating college. Jude also writes poetry (well limericks really). Also in this story you meet his friend Keisha, his mom and his dog Bubbles! ( that name). I found all of these characters charming and...more
Mar 30, 2014 Isabel rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Isabel by: Marte has joined Leafmarks!
J.L. Merrow has the gift to create the most funny and captivating characters! Jude is hilarious... his actions and thoughts are absolutely amazing! I laugh and laugh with him!

I just have a little complain... the ending... I would like that it was more elaborated so I could have the perfect vision (sexual of course) of Jude&David's HEA!!!
Sep 13, 2013 Mark rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Absolutley no-one
Recommended to Mark by: My own foolish optimism
Hmmmm. I read 'Muscling through' quite by chance and had really enjoyed it so I downloaded this onto my kindle with a little hope in my heart.............really disappointed.

There is so much wrong here. Jude, the hero, is appalling and not really believable. He is whiney and self obsessed and you really want to just give him a good shaking. I worry saying that just in case his character leaps up and says I am being anti gay or homophobic but I am not in any way shape or form. He is just 100% ar...more
Mark ~ Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
Two complete opposites fall for each other. Actually, Jude and David couldn't be more further apart on the gay universe poles. Jude is young, camp, outrageous, effeminate, sassy, out and proud and doesn't care who knows. Your typical gay stereotype that fits all the media norms. David is a little older, more conservative, responsible, normal, straight male, karate instructor and only really halfway out of the closet. Two worlds collide when these two meet and the scene is set for a light-hearted...more

Buddy read with Gina, Tina, Mark and Macky - thank you.

This was a really funny book, but that's about all I can say about it. I went into the buddy read knowing that I have a problem with the author's other work, but I did enjoy the limericks, and the interaction between Jude and Keisha; however, there wasn't much of a plot-line, and Jude was way too 'over the top' and camp for my liking. 'Karate Crumpet' needed a good kick (martial arts or not) up the backside to get his act together.

So if yo...more
J.L. Merrow
Mar 03, 2013 J.L. Merrow added it  ·  (Review from the author)
I had so much fun writing this one! Not just in the writing, but also in the research, which involved attending poetry slams and other performance poetry events. Amongst other things, I got to know some great people, made a tour of the bars of Cheltenham, and was able to indulge my love of cheesy limericks. :)
Dog-lovers can find a picture of my main character Jude's canine co-star here:

3.5 stars

Uhhh...this one is difficult to rate for me. Although I enjoyed reading it the characters and humor didn't worked that well for me *shrugs*
Another one for my comfort-reads-shelf! Although the end felt a bit rushed, I liked the whole book very much, Jude had me giggling through it :)

Goodreads TOS-compliant review: (I think, let me know when they tell us what the rules are).

"The book I just read is about two (or three) lovely people, written in beautiful language, by a very good and prolific author. I liked it very, very much.
It is for sale on Amazon.”

For my honest and true view of the same book, please read more here: ... more.

DISCLAIMER: As of today my reviews will all have this pretty face, so that all and everyone on Goodreads can stay happy and beatific. I’ll let you...more
Apr 10, 2013 Debra rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: m-m
3.5 stars Really enjoyed this funny, sweet read, with just a tiny bit of angst. Loved Jude, but wish we got a little more about David and that the ending was less abrupt.
Vanessa North
Okay, so it's been a bad reading week. I haven't read as many books as I'd like, and one book I read made me really unhappy, so this was such a treat to read because i laughed through the whole book, and i desperately needed that.

Jude is hilarious, and a little obnoxious, and i love him. I could take or leave David, but Jude was awesome. I also found it refreshing to read a really flamboyant gay character after reading so many m/m romances where the guys are uber-butch.

The plot was all a little...more
2.5 Stars. I know that I am in the minority here but I just don't love this book. Or Jude. Or David. Or Kiesha. Or Mum. Bubbles, the dog, isn't bad but he didn't have much to say.
Trisha Harrington
Not really sure if I enjoyed this or not. It was funny for some I suppose. Maybe it was my mood, but I didn't really enjoy this like I should have.

My issues with the book.
David's friendliness with his ex,
Jude's over the top nature,
David breaking up with Jude after their first time,
The whole mum's age issue.

Things I did like.
Their first time,
The fact there were a couple of funny scenes.

Most people seem to love this book, I'm one of the few that didn't. I won't say I hated it because I did...more
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JL Merrow is a very English writer of (mainly) m/m fiction who finds writing the only way to stay sane, except of course when a plot is driving her crazy. Having grown up on an island, she can’t remember a time before she could swim and prefers to remain close to water at all times. Luckily, the weather in her native land being as it generally is, this is not difficult.

She enjoys reading, martial...more
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