Called Again: Love and Triumph on the Appalachian Trail
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Called Again: Love and Triumph on the Appalachian Trail

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In 2011, Jennifer Pharr Davis became the overall record holder on the Appalachian Trail. By hiking 2,181 miles in 46 days -- an average of 47 miles per day -- she became the first female to ever set that mark. But this is not a book about records or numbers; this is a book about endurance and faith, and most of all love.
The most amazing part of this story is not found at...more
Hardcover, 298 pages
Published June 10th 2013 by Beaufort Books
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Rebekah Trittipoe
Jennifer Pharr Davis eats mountaintops for breakfast--and lunch, dinner, and evening snack. Up and over those rocky crags she goes. Across gassy balds. Through shaded path and traversing boulder fields. When the shine shines and gentle breezes blow, and when the sleet drives sideways and the gales threaten to topple her off the peak, JPD climbs ever higher. She knows each one by name and they know her.

Yes, Jen is a mountain conqueror. But the presence of a mountaintop always requires a valley, o...more
I could probably slog through this, but she's just too self-absorbed - as she should be, or maybe I should say as she WOULD be. That level athlete HAS to be that completely focused. I get the point I mean I got the point after 10 pages or so. I don't need to continue. I don't want to take anything away from her endeavor - she's inspiring, no doubt, and totally awesome. I'm just not sure I care enough about her as a person to get through the book!
Chris Wilson
I wanted to love this book, and I did enjoy it, but didn't love it. First off, if you're looking for a hiking book this isn't that. While it does center around Jennifer's record-setting hike on the AT, it focuses on her relationships with friends, family and her spouse during that hike. And while it centers on her hike, the first 25% of the book is about her first thru hike, her first record-setting hike and then also her record-setting hike on the Long Trail (which I didn't even know she'd done...more
Pamela "I'm Overbooked" Tee
I am a voyeur adventurer. I don't know where this comes from, but a few years ago I suddenly found myself fascinated by accounts of spelunking, climbing, and hiking adventures.

CALLED AGAIN would therefore seem like a natural fit to those interests. But this just wasn't a good choice for me.

First of all, there was little in the way of descriptions that set the background. Other than something like 'it was hot' or the 'trees were dense and consequently it was really dark under them' I didn't get...more
Marjorie Elwood
Really a 2.5, this wasn't as good as her first book on the topic. Although Davis is an amazing athlete, her tale in this book is much more linear and less compelling than it was the first time she completed the Appalachian Trail. Further, she doesn't come across as very likeable and, while she is somewhat aware of the fact, I'm not sure she realizes how truly unlikeable she sounds. Her naivete still bugged me. At the end of the book, there are two pages in which she deplores the fact that the me...more
This was definitely a fast read. I was excited to read this and understand the writer's motivation to participate in this type of event. Unfortunately the story did get a bit monotonous as she described her 46 day adventure. Plus it was a bit disturbing to me how she pushed herself despite experiencing pain and potentially life-threatening situations. When I began the book, I was hoping to be rooting for her in her adventure, but honestly felt more bothered by her experience. This book may be be...more
enjoyed this read...... makes me want to be outside in the woods....
Pharr-Davis has often hiked the Appalachian Trail, one of several hundred thru-hikers, as those that take on the 2,181 mile trail from Georgia to Maine. You will find my reviews on many books that cover the AT and I have written my own novel loosely based on a month's experiences I had on my own trek, so yes, I consider myself well-versed in AT lore and while perhaps not as expert as some I have a well-rounded idea of what it takes to hike the whole trail. It takes everything you have, physicall...more
this was a fast read, but lacked depth, especially leading up to the record setting hike.
C- I almost didn’t finish this. While I really enjoyed Davis’s first book about her epic adventures on the AT, this one was a bit too personal – it felt like she should have given this to her husband Brew (aka the most wonderful man in the world) as a present. Lots of gushing about her husband (and I love Wayne to pieces, but she gushes in such a way that it becomes a bit annoying after a while), a lot about her Christianity (which I skipped; if you are not a Christian, you might also find it ov...more
Well worth reading. Jennifer shares her experience of attempting to set a record (with success)thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. She loves God (and felt called to the trail by Him), she loves the A.T. and she loves her husband (newly-wedded). I enjoyed reading what her record-making experience was like and about the lessons she learned. Her story displays a beautiful marriage. A great choice for non-Christian and Christian hiker friends alike.

At the end of the book, when she was being touted a...more
I am a sucker for hiking memoirs; they are my favorite type of reads. Because of this I would like to say I am a good judge of this genre—either I am totally immersed or wish I had chosen another book. Well, the only thing faster than Jennifer’s trail breaking record is how fast I read this book.

Jennifer tells a great story of not only her travels and experiences of the trail, but the obstacles, agony and triumphs. She tells of the good, bad and the ugly—mostly of herself. Her honestly doesn’t...more
Angela Risner
Jennifer Pharr Davis writes about her record-setting completion of the Appalachian Trail in Called Again.

I often wonder how or why people take on such feats, although this particular endeavor is much more mainstream than say the recent tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon or using your teeth to pull a truck.

For Jennifer, the trail has been there for her when she has faced some personal setbacks. Being on the trail allows her to reconnect with nature and do a reset of her mental focus. She de...more
When I started reading this book I thought it was just a memoir. I didn't realize the author actually set the record for hiking the entire Appalachian trail in 46 days. That's 2,800+ miles, okay? So I am impressed just by that.

Even more, I was impressed by how humbly the journey was recounted. No one hikes that far without help, but Davis gives so much attention to her husband, friends, and fellow hikers in the text that it's almost like she's not taking credit for day after day of hiking more t...more
Brett Anderson
Jennifer Pharr Davis hiked 2,181 miles in 46 days 11 hours and 20 minutes (averaging 46.93 miles per day) but this is not a book about numbers. The numbers and stats of this journey seem shocking and distant when you hear them alone in the cursory coverage of a news article.

Called Again: A Story of Love and Triumph paints the fuller picture of her expedition, her motivations, and her lessons from the trail. This book truly is the story of love and the triumph Jennifer, her husband Brew, and thei...more
Scott Bodien
after her first AT recollection, I wondered what else could be gained from reading about the second, or just whether it was worth my time. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, especially the cast of characters that join her during her difficult quest. Often I will run for many hours in a day, but to think of getting up day and after, with just a few hours of sleep, and hiking that far. Wow. Congratulations to Jen, I look forward to drinking moonshine with her again soon.
Lauralee Bliss
Jennifer Pharr Davis is an incredible athlete and a gifted writer. But in this memoir of her latest accomplishment, breaking the world record for the fastest Appalachian Trail hike, it is not the glamour and giddiness of the feat. Rather the book outlines the true grit, struggles, the trials, the strength when there is none to be found, in order to accomplish this amazing feat. She makes no bones about it when she credits it all to her husband and also the many people who helped her along the wa...more
Wow! Not only did Jennifer Pharr Davis accomplish something amazing by hiking the Appalachian Trail in record time, she also beautifully wrote about it.

"Being a role model isn't about inspiring other people to be like you; it is about helping them to be the fullest version of themselves."--I felt this as I read her story.

"True love isn't an emotion; it's a commitment--and it will be confronted by many trials and tribulations. Like the trail, love is not always easy and it is not always fun. If y...more
In Becoming Odyssa, Jennifer Pharr discovered a passion for hiking long distance trails. She went on to hike a number of trails other than the Appalachian Trail but always returned there. Maybe because it was her first, who knows? She had also discovered she had the capacity for high mileage days and soon accomplished the women's record for the fastest AT hike, which she did in 55 days. You would think that would be enough. However, she soon found that she wanted to set another record, the faste...more
There is no question after reading this book: Jennifer Pharr Davis loves hiking. There is honesty in here about the trail and nature, about how response to this challenge (mental, physical, emotion, spiritual), and about relationships. This is a season of her life I was glad to read about. She finished the entire trail (not once, but three times in her life) and was very familiar with the Appalachian Trail (among others), discussed landmarks, and associated activities like trail running. I reall...more
Sarah Brown
I read an advanced copy of this book and cannot recommend it enough. It was outstanding!! I knew how the story ended, but halfway through the book, I was so excited about it, that I ended up skipping to the last chapter, as I just had to hear the ending from the author's words. I don't do that unless I LOVE a book, and can't wait to read the ending. The book is about hiking, but it is really about so much more. Davis does a wonderful job talking about some big issues in life - love, sacrifice, f...more
The story of a woman who set a record for fastest supported hike along the Appalachian Trail. For her, hiking was therapeutic in dealing with negative emotions. She made the hike assisted primarily by her husband, right after their wedding, and with the help and accompaniment of various other friends and fellow athletes. I liked the author's straightforward manner of describing her difficulties without going on and on too much. As someone who likes to push myself, I admired her determination to...more
Ezra Adams
Another insightful contribution to the trail literature - and also to the coming-of-age literature. Jennifer shows noteworthy capacity for self-examination, and a laudable willingness to share what she's learned with others in an accessible & encouraging narrative. Her story is more than the Trail - it's how one girl became a woman, and how two people found each other & began the partnership we call marriage. While her accomplishment is amazing, I don't think her story is finished - and...more
Chuck McGrady
I picked up this book expecting one thing and got something else. I expected the story of Jennifer Pharr Davis's record-breaking hike of the Appalachian Trail. While the book tells the story of her record-breaking hike, in some ways, the book is a love story--not at all what I expected.

In her first book, Davis showed she is both intuitive and introspective. As someone who has also spent some time on trai alone, I continue to be impressed by her ability to describe her feelings and the people dyn...more
The challenge of the Appalachian Trail...and setting a record walking the entire 2181 miles from Maine to Georgia in 46 days is AMAZING! I can't imagine the endurance it took, let alone the more than occasional encounters with rattlesnakes, bears and wild boars! Rain, sleet, wind, heat...everything the trail could produce was thrust at Jennifer. This is more than a diary account. The love and support her husband showed is an amazing testimony to their marriage. Jennifer's Christian thoughts and...more
Sarah Payette
Not sure why I enjoyed reading about someone suffering so much but I did! It may be because I love the A.T. I appreciated Jennifer's authenticity and honesty. At times when I thought she was acting terribly toward others she would admit the same thing. At It did leave me wondering things such as how could she afford this trip? How did she record all the conversations and events of the trail? I will never understand the desire to race down that trail though. It seems one would miss the beauty of...more
So much better than Wild! In contrast to the self-centered, unlikable narrator of that book, jennifer Pharr davis is relatable. Her physical capacity is incredible, and she was cranky and real. I also appreciated her Pit Crew and so did she. I cannot even imagine completing the AT let alone at such a blistering pace. The biography was a little too "god-y" for me but that was her experience of her adventure and its readable with that lens. Overall, the best long distance hiking book I've read yet...more
This was a first -reads book for me.

Jennifer Pharr Davis has succeeded beautifully, not just in conquering the Appalachian Trail, but in telling the story of her record thru-hike in an very engaging book. The story is made real by the detailed accounts of the hike, the author's thoughts, and descriptions of her interactions with her support team, especially her husband. If you have any interest in the outdoors, this book will make you want to get out there and enjoy nature!
Betsy Hover
I was delighted to receive this book from Goodreads Giveaway!

This author, Jennifer Pharr Davis, takes the reader on her amazing journey of hiking the Appalachian Trail in 46 days. This book is about indurance, love, faith and the lessons that can be learned when we are outside of our comfort zone and willing to push ourselves to see what we are made of mentally, physically, emotionally and spirtually.

I would highly recommend this book as an AWESOME read!!

Thanks, Goodreads for awarding me this book through the first reads program! I really enjoyed this book - I felt like I was hiking step by step with Jen as she attempted to beat the record for hiking the A.T. I have always had a romantic dream of hiking the A.T., but Jen's story shows the romance of the trail in a whole new light. All through the intense hardships, you can't help but root for Jen and Brew. This was a fun book.
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Jennifer Pharr Davis grew up in the North Carolina Mountains, where she developed a love for hiking at a young age. At age twenty-one, Jennifer hiked the entire Appalachian Trail as a solo female and fell in love with long-distance backpacking.

Since then, Jennifer has hiked more than 8,000 miles of trails in North America, including the Pacific Crest Trail, Vermont’s Long Trail, and the Colorado T...more
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