Bitten By Deceit (Hadley Werewolves #1)
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Bitten By Deceit (Hadley Werewolves #1)

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Alpha wolf Emma Parker is loyal to a fault, even if it means losing the love of her life when he’s ousted from the pack. She’s never stopped needing him, and when a black witch curses the pack, she wonders if she’ll even survive. It’s a poison of the blood, and with each bite, the virus spreads, leaving the infected rabid and under the control of an evil Alpha.

Kyle Benton...more
ebook, 61 pages
Published December 21st 2012 by Smashwords Edition
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***I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review***

This is a short story. So I have rated it as a short story, not as a full length well developed novel.
As a short story goes this one was quite good.

Emma is in trouble, her pack leader has gone crazy the pack has fallen, taken over my Liam and his sickness. The only person who could help her, her mate Kyle, is long gone, betrayed by her and his pack.
But when Liam gets his followers to hold her down while he bites her, infecting her wi...more
Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
**3.5 stars**

This was an unexpectedly good, short PNR shifter story. I didn't expect the zombie twist, which was kind of fun. It is hard to tell a complete story in only 61 pages but Shawntelle Madison does a very nice job of it. My final take is that it was a enjoyable read but I probably won't remember it in a day or two.

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**
Bookie | The BookChick
My Rating: ❤❤❤❤
VERY GOOD: The characteristics of a 4 star book include: a great story; I loved the characters; and there was an interesting plot and unique story elements; there may have been a few odd things kept the story from being amazing. I would read it again and I would recommend it to a friend.
Initial Reaction: This edgy little story had bit...quite literally.

Rating's Breakdown:
Quality of writing: Good

Pace: Fast, furious, and potent

Characters: Fierce! I would have loved more backgroun
Alpha wolf Emma Parker is loyal to a fault, even if it means losing the love of her life when he’s ousted from the pack. She’s never stopped needing him, and when a black witch curses the pack, she wonders if she’ll even survive. It’s a poison of the blood, and with each bite, the virus spreads, leaving the infected rabid and under the control of an evil Alpha.

Kyle Benton is starting over. He’s a lone wolf, betrayed by the only woman he’s ever loved. Until Emma barges back into his life, as gorg...more
In Bitten By Deceit by Shawntelle Madison, Kyle Benton is a self-imposed lone Alpha wolf after having to leave his pack and the woman he loved behind. When Emma Parker, the woman Kyle loved comes barreling into his life again, sick and desperate for his help, how can he refuse? Emma has been attacked by the crazed leader of her pack who has been cursed by a black witch. Bitten and infected, she knows Kyle is the only one strong enough to defeat the evil Alpha leader and end the curse, but time i...more
Kyle a werewolf left his pack a year ago after some major disagreements, leaving behind his love Em.

A year later and Em walks into his life asking for help, she has been bitten by Liam, kyles adversary and his bite had black magic in turning em into a zombie type creature slowly.

Kyle needs to kill Liam to save his love, before she kills him!

This is a short story, but is entertaining, it jumps straight into the story, not much on background and character development, but it's obvious they have de...more
Carmel (Rabid Reads)
I loved the instant chemistry between Emma and Kyle! Although they've been apart for a year, the moment they reunite it's obvious that they're two halves of the same whole. All of their differences become irrelevant the moment Emma's life is in danger. Life or death situations tend to put things into perspective like that. The bitten rabid wolves have a zombie-esque feel to them that I really enjoyed. The story wrapped up nicely considering its limited length and left me wanting more. A potent a...more
BITTEN BY DECEIT is the first novella in Shawntelle Madison’s self-published Hadley Werewolves series. I enjoyed her debut, COVETED, which I am totally going to write up at some point soon, so I jumped on the opportunity to try something new from her. Unfortunately, BITTEN BY DECEIT was somewhat lacking for me. It’s hard to pinpoint why since the novella has Madison’s characteristic smart, witty writing and good characters but the formula didn’t gel for me the way I’d hoped.

Madison is an extreme...more
Shirley Frances
Although Shawntelle Madison was unknown to me when I decided to give this story a try, this short story had great elements to it that made it a enjoyable read for me.

I liked that the heroine, Emma, was strong-minded and independent, but vulnerable enough to admit when she needed help. Kyle was a lovely character to read. He was strong, loving and understanding of Emma's situation even though he still felt hurt about what had taken place between them before.

I enjoyed the chemistry between the ch...more
This is a very short 61 page novella. It's hard to pack a lot into so few pages. Emma is in trouble. Something bad is going on in her pack and the alpha Liam is biting people and they are getting sick. He's got a black witch with him and she's the one that's helping him give everyone he bites a terrible illness. Once it gets in the blood he controls them. When Emma gets bitten she leaves town to find to find Kyle the man she loved but let go a year ago. Kyle lost a fight with Liam after Liam and...more
This was a really quick, fast-paced read. I have read and loved Shawntelle Madison’s Coveted series, so I knew that I would probably enjoy Bitten By Deceit and boy did I. I really liked Emma and Kyle and the way they played off of each other. Their chemistry was smoking hot from the very start. I would have liked a little bit more background information on what happened between them and with Liam. Why did Kyle leave? There was information sprinkled in here and there, but I don’t feel like I got...more
Ryan Snyder
My Thoughts

I was given a copy of this novella in exchange for my honest review.

This is a short novella, but that does not mean that it is short in action, romance, and trouble. As a matter of fact, this novella was full of romance and action. Also, the author did a good job explaining the previously established relationship between Emma and Kyle. It cannot be an easy thing to do, putting enough background to make the story plausible into a novella. I do not want to go too into detail about the...more
Fangs for the Fantasy
After Kyle loses a fight with the alpha and the woman he loves more than anything refuses to leave town with him, he sets up shop elsewhere, in the hopes of starting over. He doesn't want to hope that things will get better, even when Emma shows up fleeing the pack because a virus is being spread amongst the werewolves. Emma is desperate for help because now that she has been bitten, Emma knows that her time is limited and she can already hear the dark thoughts in her mind, as the infection spre...more
Carey Sabala
Shawntelle Madison is known as the author of the Coveted series, which is a PNR/UF based around Werewolves and other such mythic creatures. In Bitten by Deceit, she dives back into the Werewolf genre but this novella is not based in the same world as her Coveted series. This is more your classic Werewolf PNR tale. The thing about Shawntelle is she writes Werewolves, very very well and that is why I am such a fan of hers because I love me some shapeshifts.
Anywho, as you can tell from the blurb,...more
Katherine Adams
Emma is on the run from her Alpha pack leader Liam, who just happens to be crazy. He has joined forces with a black witch to enhance his powers. Emma was bitten by Liam, as were many of the pack, causing them to become his puppets, but Emma has not given in to his call. Emma seeks out her lost love Kyle, the man she let leave her a year before, yet her inner werewolf still considers him her mate. Kyle now is a mechanic in a very small middle of nowhere town, and really he wants nothing from his...more
Cute Short-novel, but with some defect linked to being a short story, and therefore with limited possibilities in deepening or clarify some situations. More than a story unto itself at first I believed it was a story that is part of a series already started.

Alpha wolf Emma Parker is loyal to a fault, even if it means losing the love of her life when he’s ousted from the pack. She’s never stopped needing him, and when a black witch curses the pack, she wonders if she’ll even survive. It’s a poiso...more
Bitten By Deceit is a very short novella that has werewolves, a witch, and love.

Emma is the female alpha of her wolf pack. Strangely, the alpha male, Liam, and some of their pack mates disappear and then reappear completely different, and Emma has no idea what to go or where to go for help. When pack mates hold her down while Liam bites her she realizes that the only person she can turn to is the man that Liam beat in the fight for alpha male.

Kyle lost his bid for alpha male when his opponent w...more

Bitten by Deceit was an exciting shifter romance. I absolutely loved it, found that I didn't want it to end. It's a great story with a unique plot and amazing characters that hooked me from start to finish.

This fast paced story opened with Emma on the run from her rabid wolf pack. The Alpha had bound himself to a black witch and has since been infecting the entire pack with his infectious bite. He has enslaved them with a darkness that robs them of their very sanity, making them puppets to do h...more
Vivi Dumas
Bitten by Deceit is a short story, giving us a glimpse into the life of Emma Parker and Kyle Benton. Emma is in trouble. She’s been infected by a curse bite from her pack leader. His bite drives the victims crazy and put them under his control. Emma runs to the only person she knows outside the pack for help, but isn’t sure how her showing back up in Kyle’s life will be received.

Kyle hasn’t seen Emma in a year, since she decided to choose the pack over him. He’s still hurt and the wounds Emma le...more
This is really bad. Honestly, this short is beneath the entertaining and humorous work that I am used to from Ms. Madison. This is the thing the romance between Emma and Kyle is nonexistent. I get that these two are in love and they were seperated, because people in romance books are not very good at communicating with each other. Here's the thing, it's too short. Way too short for the reader to really care.

I didn't care, because I don't know Emma and Kyle. I understand that lots of drama went d...more
I was so excited when I saw this book by Shawntelle Madison that I practically ripped it from the computer. I have absolutely loved what I have read of her so far. What I didn't notice was that it was a Novella and a really short one at that. I have a hard time with Novellas because I read really fast, absorbing the characters into myself rather than actually reading.. So Novellas tend to make me angry. Why? Because just as the absorbing starts, the book ends.

That being said, Bitten by Deceit te...more
Veronica Hardy
Please see my full review and other reviews on

Overall: ★★★★☆ (3.5)

Shawntelle Madison creates a quick, action packed story that leaves you wanting more. And more of the characters. It is sexy, well written and very exciting. I recommend this for shifter fans everywhere who want a quick read. I love the way the story is set up, the romance between the characters and the strong action, but what I am missing is some character development, a little bit of background...more
Future Slayer Girl (aka: kitten)
This novella turned out to be a really hard one for me to rate. While the writing voice in this story was very strong. Nothing about the characters reached out to me and pulled me in. For the most part I search for unique and sexy shifter stories. When I saw one that looked unique I grabbed up this one.

However, there was something about it that just didn't quite reach out to me as a reader. The characters, although flushed out and sound in their personalities and reasoning didn't make me care f...more
{my thoughts} - This is an interesting story. It is about a girl named Emma and a boy named Kyle. They are wolves and they both believe that they are destined to be together, but because of other circumstances they had been torn apart. She went her way and he went his way. In the end she had to seek him out in order to deal with an issue that had been taking place in their hometown. Without his cooperation she feared it would be the end of life as she knew it and wanted it to remain.

It’s a well...more
Snarky Mom
(Originally published on SnarkyMomReads - copy given to read in exchange for an HONEST review!)

"BITTEN BY DECEIT" by Shawntelle Madison is a 61 page short story priced at 99 cents. This is a fun, quick read - just perfect for sitting at soccer practice or in the carpool lane!

Emma is a wolf shifter who has been bitten by her Alpha, Liam. However, she hasn't been bitten in a "good" way -- Liam is in cahoots with a Black Witch in an effort to control his pack completely, and his bite initiates zomb...more
I won a copy of this novella from the author on the Something Wicked blog. This doesn't appear to be set in the same world as her other books, Coveted and Kept, but it does feature werewolves.

I really enjoyed this! It's very tightly written, and the hero and heroine have great chemistry together. I liked how the tension between the hero and heroine was set up (will he help her since she rejected him a year ago) and the suspense with the imminent arrival of the pack.

I would have liked this to b...more
After having read and enjoyed other books by this author, I was eager to try this one. I love werewolf stories and the blurb was intriguing. I also got a bit of a shocker too when I began reading this shorter piece. Werewolf zombies? Go figure!

Its been a year since Liam kicked Kyle out of their pack and Emma went along with the decision refusing to leave with him. Now, she is in desperate need of his help so she swallows her fears over what is happening and fear of his rejection to approach him....more
This was my first introduction to this author and if her other stories are even close to this level she will quickly move to my autobuy list. This is a short novella, perfect for an introduction, and perfect for when you need a quick read.

What most impressed me when reading it was how much we learn about Emma and Kyle and their past history, how they feel about it and how it changed them. All in the space of only a few chapters. All while still facing the current threat to them and the pack left...more
Usually I don't like novellas because I feel cheated at how short they are, but this one did a really good job of keeping me involved from start to finish. There was just enough back story to pull me in, and then the action and suspense of the main part of the story was well written and interesting. I really liked the characters and the story line. A werewolf pack leader that has joined up with a black witch to curse members of the wolf pack with a bite - that's definitely a new story line. And...more
Bitten By Deceit is a novella written by Shawntelle Madison. The story begins with Emma tracking down her ex-mate, Kyle. Emma needs his help to survive the attack by her pack leader, Liam. Emma was bitten during the attack and knows she will go insane as the poison from Liam's bite takes effect. Kyle agrees to help her defeat Liam and hopes to seek his own revenge against his former pack leader for sabotaging their previous fight for pack leadership. The story is packed with action and lots of s...more
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Shawntelle Madison is a web developer who loves to weave words as well as code. She’d never admit it, but if asked she’d say she covets and collects source code. After losing her first summer job detassling corn, Shawntelle performed various jobs—from fast-food clerk to grunt programmer to university webmaster. Writing eccentric characters is her most favorite job of them all. On any particular da...more
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