El azul es un color cálido
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El azul es un color cálido

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Clementine es una adolescente sin problemas. Llega del campo para integrarse en un instituto en el que se siente a gusto. Un día se cruza en la calle con una pareja de chicas. Una lleva el pelo teñido de azul, y le sonríe, mientras Clementine baja la vista. A partir de este preciso momento todo va a cambiar para ella: su relación con sus nuevos amigos, su sitio en la famil...more
Hardcover, 161 pages
Published June 2011 by Dibbuks (first published 2010)
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Jun 22, 2013 Warwick rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Warwick by: Abdellatif Kechiche
Shelves: comics, france, lille
One of the films I saw at Cannes this year was La Vie d'Adèle (in English, Blue is the Warmest Colour), which eventually and deservedly won the Palme d'Or. I was a little obsessed with it – I dreamed about the film for two nights after I saw it, and I was still going over it in my head weeks later.

One person who was not a fan, though, was Julie Maroh, the author of the original comic book. She said the sex scenes in the film were ‘ridiculous’ and had been ‘turned into porn’, and she complained a...more
I opened to the first page while on my lunch break at my brand new job, and abruptly closed it on page 3. "I can't cry in front of these people, I barely know them," I thought, while chowing on my sub, holding my tears in my lower lid. Sometimes you open up a book and say "ah, fuck" cause you know it's gonna be like that.

The first half of this book is perfect, and I never call anything perfect. The artwork is stellar, Clementine's pain, confusion and excitement is so real and palpable. I saw mys...more
Anthony Vacca
I want to see the recently released Blue is the Warmest Color because I am the kind of degenerate who will buy a ticket to to the movie-house whenever a NC-17 flick rears its sexually-explicit head. Unfortunately, Birmingham, AL has little love for the foreign art house cinema, so all my sordid viewing pleasure will have to wait until the eventual DVD release. Luckily, this award-winning piece of French debauchery is based off a graphic novel, and even more the luck, my library bought a copy. So...more
I started this novel with some trepidation. The story has gathered some controversy. The way I understand it, there's an award-winning film based on this book, and the film (and maybe this original source material?) has been called out as overly graphic and labeled (by some) as lesbian porn featuring minors for the male gaze. I'm mostly speaking from headlines. Since I was already planning to read the GN, I didn't want to spoil it too hard.
I haven't seen the film (yet), but my experience of thi...more
Tender and keen coming-of-age story about two young french girls who fall in love. The use of the color blue is uh-mazing and the part of this graphic novel that I liked best. The way that Emma's hair color changes as her relationship with Clementine changes is such a clever way to add another layer to the story of first love: that initial attraction, building the relationship, and the grief surrounding a break-up.

And I wonder if the use of the color blue is a nod to Picasso's blue period? See...more
Anna  (Bananas!)
*huff* I'm disappointed. It was goodish. It felt so dramatic though and in a contrived way. God, I really wanted to like this more.

I didn't feel a connection between the main characters. Even the way they meet had a hint of instalove. However, I can understand and appreciate being inexplicably drawn to a person and even feeling like they're going to be meaningful to your life before you really know them. Their relationship needed fleshing out though. We barely got to know them and all the absurd...more
This graphic novel somehow manages not to miss any clichés that go with coming out stories: self-loathing, denial, homophobic friends, hate and blame towards the one you love, anger, fear of coming out, intolerant parents (view spoiler). In its defense, it’s the 1990s, France, and considering the odd buffoonery that went down in Paris just a few weeks ago in protest of the gay marriage bill, this book is not unrealistic and its movie ad...more
Pilar Toro
Una historia de amor tan sencilla, preciosa, compleja y trágica como la propia vida. Un libro sobre la dificultad de la autoaceptación incluso en una sociedad moderna, y sobre cómo ser homosexual sigue sin ser fácil hoy en día, especialmente durante la adolescencia. Esta contada con un trazo precioso y sus dos protagonistas están bien desarrolladas y son muy reales, cuando terminas sientes que las conoces porque has amado y sufrido con ellas. El único problema es que se me hizo muy corto, lo emp...more
Maria João Fernandes
"Life does not work for everyone else, or other, my dear heart."

Clementine é uma adolescente "normal": tem amigos, família e namorado. Contudo, não é inteiramente feliz, pois não consegue lidar com os sentimentos que a abraçam e que evocam pensamentos e desejos desconhecidos até ao momento. Valentin, o seu melhor amigo, na tentativa de a animar, leva-a a sair consigo, até a um bar gay.

"Everything that is happening to me has a name...Emma. Her name is Emma."

É então que algo desperta em Clementine...more
I wanted to love this graphic novel so much more. Apparently, it's geared to the YA reader, which I didn't know (at least, several reviewers alluded to that). Not a deal-breaker since I love YA literature, but knowing that would have prepared me for the direction of narrative -- it's all about the process of coming out and how torturous it is for the heroine, Clementine.

This story didn't reach me. Partly, it was a clunky translation from the French. Partly, the story was just packed with every...more
Dec 27, 2012 Unai rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: comics
Es una historia triste, bonita, complicada sin tener que serlo, tierna, emotiva, intima, dura y muy bien dibujada. Es un dibujo que te invita a repasar las viñetas antes de pasar de pagina y eso unido a la historia del amor interrumpido entre Emma y Clementine, hacen un cómic notable, en mi opinión. Cómic que se esta adaptando al cine en Francia y cuyo estreno esta previsto para 2013 con Léa Seydoux dando vida a la chica de pelo y miradas azules.
i. merey
Clementine (Clem) is a regular French teen who finds herself considering she might be gay.
When a classmate viciously makes fun of her for even the suspicion, she buries the possibility deep within her. 'I am not a lesbian!' she cries. So why can't she forget the blue-haired girl who smiled at her at the public square? Why does the color blue keep seeping into her monochrome life?

This was a beautiful graphic novel about first love that grows into lifetime love. I loved the use of color (or lack o...more
The artwork is really gorgeous. I love the color scheme, with its pops of blue and how it differentiates between the present time and the flashbacks as Emma reads through Clementine's journals.
It ends rather abruptly though, I thought. Clementine is outed to her parents when Emma, who is staying over, goes down to the kitchen for a glass of milk in the middle of the night totally naked. Naked? I thought. In her girlfriend's parents' kitchen? Maybe it's a French thing. And then suddenly they are...more
No suelo leer cómics. No es por nada en especial, no los considero mejor o peor lectura, simplemente no suelo leerlos.

Hace unos días, sin embargo, llegó a mis manos un ejemplar de El azul es un color cálido, casi por casualidad. Lo abrí sin muchas pretensiones y cuando me quise dar cuenta estaba cerrándolo por la última página con un nudo de emoción en el estómago.

Es una historia sencilla que habla de lo que significa enamorarse. Tan simple y épica como es el amor.
Dani California
Qué historia tan triste, pero muy encantadora al mismo tiempo. Lo terminé en poco tiempo y con lágrimas en los ojos.
I just gave another comic a 5 stars rating and after reading this book the only thing I can think is how I should rate this book at 10 stars, 15 stars...
I have never been moved so much by a book or a movie. I was crying while reading the last quarter of the book...
I have to steal the words of someone to say how good it was for me :
"Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mo...more
Paper Droids
Blue Is the Warmest Colour is a graphic novel written and drawn by French artist Julie Maroh, and translated into English by Ivanka Hahnenberger. It has recently been made into a feature film by Abdellatif Kechiche, and won the Palm D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival this summer. The English-language version of Blue is the Warmest Colour was provided for review by Canadian publisher Arsenal Pulp Press.

I wanted to like Blue Is the Warmest Colour. I’d been waiting for it, rooting for it, and followi...more
One of the most beautiful and meaningful stories I have ever read. Simple, sincere, sweet. Fabulous art, different from the usual comic book or graphic novel. Strong message regarding love, relationships, social status and life in general. I think this is what touched me more: how natural and beautiful everything was described, because no matter the bigotry and hatred that so plague our society, true love is indeed natural and beautiful, regardless of the gender of the people involved. I really...more
At bottom, maybe it's the French setting, and "exotic" foreigners. Maybe it's new depths of unexplored "lesbian chic" in me. But I undeniably found this story moving and charming.
One looks hard enough one can find cliches and worn out plot points, but I found the characters, and the struggles interesting enough to overlook the flaws. I thought the art did a lovely job being appropriately atmospheric, and expressive enough to capture the emotions. Maroh's concentration on her characters faces wa...more
Myriam St-Denis Lisée
Oh gosh j'ai tellement pleuré!
Cette BD est magnifique, l'histoire, le visuel, le rythme, et nous permet de nous mettre dans la peau des homosexuels et lesbiennes qui doivent évoluer dans une mare de préjugés encore bien présents...
Beautiful and moving. I love the color scheme of using only neutral shades with the exception of blue so that Emma's blue hair pops off the page the first time Clementine sees her.

The translation does occasionally feel clunky (at one point, Emma is studying tenses and gives them all in English, which is really weird for a junior in high school - the scene would have made much more sense in the original French with the verb in that scene in English) - I attribute that to how quickly an English-l...more
I liked the art work but I felt the story rushed to the ending.
"Love catches fire, it trespasses, it breaks, we break, it comes back to life... We come back to life. Love may not be eternal but, it can make us eternal... Beyond death, the love that we shared continues to live."

This is a heart breaking study of love, the fact that it is a love between two women has no bearing.
Julie Maroh brought incredible illustrations to life with touching and expert words. I could not have asked for a better experience reading my first non-superhero graphic novel.
She ha...more
Ramy Houidi
Ce que nous montre Julie Maroh dans cette BD c'est que love is love.. Tout comme n'importe quels deux personnes qui s'aiment sur cette terre Clémentine et Emma, les protagonistes de ce roman graphique vécurent une histoire d'amour pleine des hauts et des bas, une histoire d'amour sensuelle et très belle, parfois tragique mais très divertissante à lire et à suivre. J'ai hâte de regarder l’adaptation cinématographique.. vivement le 9 Octobre.

Mes citations préférées de la BD :
"Et c'est là que que...more
Oct 26, 2013 Vicky rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: A.W. who is sooo much like Clementine
Shelves: comics, lesbians, french
I like not getting what I want, I guess
I'm just reporting what the facts suggest
I read my journals
It appears I like torture a lot

—True words from Khaela Maricich, "I Tell Myself Everything"

What I look for when I read lesbian coming-of-age stories—excitement, prolonged sexual tension, total agony, embarrassment, possibly unrequited feelings, confusion, wanting to die, then something good might happen, then wanting to live (basically torture).

Julie Maroh tries to give the reader all those emotio...more
This book kept me up until early in the morning because it demanded to be read in one go. For some reason, each page was taking a while to load on my iPad, which amped up the tension and suspense of my reading experience. I could have tried re-loading the file but I was so into this book that I wasn't going anywhere.

The artwork, with its washes of muted colours, punctuated by shades of blue, works so well with the story. The author uses silence very well too, making a number of apt switches int...more
Clementine tiene 17 años y no está segura de lo que siente, se avergüenza de no "ser normal". A lo largo de las páginas asistimos a su relación con Emma al mismo tiempo que aprende a reconocer lo que siente y aceptarse. Una historia de autodescubrimiento, de aceptación, de lucha interior y, sobre todo, una historia de amor dulce, apasionada, triste, que se siente real desde la primera página y te deja un peso en el corazón tras la última.
Kris Patrick
The illustrations are mostly in shades of gray with the pops of blue (see title) for emphasis. Since all the characters, boy and girl, have the same shaggy haircut it was hard to tell them apart.
...I gave this book some more thought. I've never been into books with high-drama teen romance probably because I don't get it. My high school boyfriend and I went to Chili's for dinner every Friday night for nearly two years. :)
El cómic te lo lees en 20 minutos, la historia es triste y te hace llorar (a mí por lo menos) pero muy bonita. Triste por todos y todas los que hemos llegado, llegan, y llegarán a la adolescencia sin modelos ni referentes, ni nada ni nadie que les explique, les escuche y les comprenda.
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Julie Maroh is an author and illustrator originally from northern France. She studied comic art at the Institute Saint-Luc in Brussels and lithography and engraving at the Royal Academy of Arts in Brussels, where she still lives.
More about Julie Maroh...
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