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Hi, Fly Guy! (Fly Guy #1)
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Hi, Fly Guy! (Fly Guy #1)

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  3,579 ratings  ·  271 reviews
When Buzz captures a fly to enter in The Amazing Pet Show, his parents and the judges tell him that a fly cannot be a pet, but Fly Guy proves them wrong.
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published September 1st 2005 by CARTWHEEL BOOKS
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Tedd Arnold combines humor and creative illustrations to create this winner of the Geisel Award.

Ages 4-8

I can see why this book is so appealing to kids. It is funny, fast moving, sweet, and just a little bit gross: a winning combination for the learning to read set. As a beginning reader, though, it seems a bit disjointed. One page will have very easy, rhythmic text like that of a very early reader, then, there are other pages that have longer words, such as surprise and rescue. Most of the sent
Illustrated by Tedd Arnold
Level: Elementary

This books is so amazing! I teach first grade and I am dealing so many students who are trying to read chapter books because alot of their friends are ready for them. I am teaching them to find good fit books.

This is a chapter book that is a very low level. The story is heart warming and silly at the same time. There are many high frequency words which make the story an easy read.
(NS) Lisa
In this Theodore Geisell award winning book a boy searches for the ultimate pet to take with him to 'The Amazing Pet Show'. Against all odds he decides on a fly. Why? Because his name is Buzz and when the fly "stomped his foot and said - BUZZ!"... well you can see where this is going.

In any case, some great silliness ensues and Buzz manages to convince not only his parents but the judges at the pet contest that they ought to at least consider the notion that a fly can be a pet.

This book can be
Katie Urton
A boy is on the search for a pet to enter into the town's "Amazing Pet Show" when he comes across a fly. The two hit it off and the story begs the question: is a fly a pest or a pet? Triumphantly, Buzz the fly persuades the boy's family, town members, and even the contest judges to see just how multi-talented and "amazing" a fly could be!

A wonderfully easy fiction read for lower elementary students, with eye-catching illustrations that are likely to intrigue readers of any lev
Madison Snow
Hi! Fly Guy begins with a boy and a fly leading separate lives and unexpectedly intertwining. The cover shows a large fly with a happy face. The background is a hologram texture in silver. This background gives the cover a fun feel and intrigues me to read more. The story begins with a fly looking for something to eat when he bumps into a boy looking for a pet. The boy finds a pet and is immediately impressed by it because the fly says the boys name, "Buzz". Buzz thinks he is the smartest fly wh ...more
Genre: K-3 Concept Book?
Grade: K-3
Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book

This book is about a fly that finds a friend in a boy named Buzz. Buzz went out looking for a pet one day and literally runs into the fly. He decides he would be the perfect pet because he could say Buzz's name, so he puts him in a jar and names him Fly Guy. Disregarding his parents wishes, Buzz enters Fly Guy in the fair and Fly Guy wins the award for Smartest Pet.

Activity #1: This book would be great to use for teaching sequencin
Dec 24, 2008 Rachael rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: esp. early readers, kids who like bugs
My Kiddo used to love bugs, and I don't. I was just hoping he wouldn't want to start collecting them or something. Then, abruptly, he started getting really freaked out by flies. This is a problem when you live in the Midwest. Flies are just something you have to deal with in the summer months. He would beg me to catch the flies and send them back outside-- something I'm not quick enough to do. So, what's a Mommy to do?

One day I remembered a school librarian reading this to one of the classes fo
We are always told to never judge a book by its cover, but this one featuring a close-up of Tedd Arnold’s friendly-looking, bug-eyed hero, Fly Guy, on a sparkly, silver holographic cover simply screams “Pick me! Pick me!” It would certainly appeal to reluctant readers. The story begins as a fly sets out looking for food just as a boy embarks upon a quest to find the perfect pet to enter into the town’s Amazing Pet Show. The boy, who’s name happens to be “Buzz” captures the fly in the hopes that ...more
Rachel Kenney
Grade/interest level: Primary
Reading level: 280 Lexile
Genre: Picture Book
Main Characters: Buzz, Fly Guy
Setting: Buzz's home and neighborhood
POV: Narrator

This book is a fun and quirky text that is sure to get young readers interested. A boy named Buzz is looking for an interesting pet to bring to "The Amazing Pet Show". He wants a pet that is going to be smart. He is happy when he finds his new little friend, Fly Guy! Buzz is impressed that this little fly can say his name... Buzz.
Title: Hi! Fly Guy
Author: Tedd Arnold
Date of Publication: 2005
Genre: Fiction/Picture Book/Entertainment
Annotations: Buzz goes looking for a pet when a fly bumps into him. Amazed by flies talents, Buzz takes the fly as a pet and names him Fly Guy. Though everyone says flies are pests rather than pets, Fly Guy does amazing things to change their mind. From there, the friendship of Fly Guy and Buzz blossoms.

This is a really cute book and a good one for beginner readers. The pictures are wonderful!
Samantha Mcdowell
This was an interesting book about Buzz who captures a fly and decides to keep him as his pet that he names Fly Guy. The two become fond of each other and he enters Fly Guy in a pet contest, but he keeps getting told that flies can't be pets until Fly Guy does all kinds of tricks and wins smartest pet.
The cover of this book would make kids pick it up. It is metallic silver with Fly Guy on it. It is very bold and draws kids in. The words inside are big and bold and there are few to a page so it
Anne-thomas Donnelly
Hi! Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold is a funny easy-to-read book that beginning readers would really enjoy! It is about a boy named Buzz who goes out on a walk on day to find a pet for the Amazing Pet Show and finds a pet fly. He is amazed when he realizes the fly can say his name! Buzz thought this is the smartest pet in the world! He runs home to enter his pet into the show but is saddened when the judges tell him flies aren't pets. This fly was no ordinary fly though, and he did tricks to prove it to ...more
Marissa Kuhn
When Buzz goes looking for a pet to enter into The Amazing Pet Show, he bumps into a fly who is so smart, he knows Buzz's name! Despite everyone's objection that a fly is a pest, Fly Guy proves them wrong.
This book is a great easy reader. The typeface is nice and big with good spacing to help the reader keep their place. The illustrations are not overbearing and only help add to the story. We're never quite sure how Fly Guy will show how smart he is which gives an element of surprise to the sto
Hombre Mosca estaba buscando algo para comer. Zumbido estaba buscando una mascota. Los dos se encuentran y una hermosa amistad comienza.
Tedd Arnold's style of both writing and drawing are excellent. each of his books are written in a chapter form even though there are not a lot of words to each chapter. This is the first in a series of books about Buzz and his pet/friend Fly Guy. The pictures are great especially for kids as flies like stinky rotten oozy things so there are a lot of pictures of those, plus the words are wrapped around and through the pictures which makes for a fun and pleasing-to-the-eye read. Great books especi ...more
Brooke Nadzam
Categories/Genres for this class fulfilled by this book: Early Reader

Estimate of age level of interest: Grades Pre-K-3

Estimate of reading level: Grade 1

Brief description:

In this early reader book a fly and a boy named Buzz meet, win a pet show, and become best friends.

Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book:

Early readers have repetitive wording. Hi! Fly Guy has this repetition of words. At the beginning of the book, Buzz is “looki
Courtney Raymer
Personal Response: This book was very cute and was a very easy read. This book would be best fit to a beginning reader. There were few words on each page and pictures on every page. This book was newly introduced to me this year and I heard nothing but positive reviews so I decided to read it. I would agree this book is very appropriate for a young age group and could really give them the confidence in their ability to read even though it is very basic.

-Independent reading: This book ha
Ted Arnold's "Hi! Fly Guy" is a great beginning reader's chapter book. It tells the story of a day when a fly goes out into the world to get food and a boy goes out into the world to catch a pet. Of course, the two travelers collide and the fly gets caught. After some inital reluctance, the fly eventually accepts being the boy's pet. The book tells the story of the fly's growth from prisoner, to pet, to friend. This growth is spurred on by the opposition that Buzz (the boy) and Fly Guy (the fly) ...more
Clara Hamilton
This book is about a fly who is just looking for food when a young boy named Buzz catches him. When the fly says Buzz trying to escape, the boy realizes the fly is very smart. Then he has to prove it to his family when they try to swat Fly Guy (the name for the fly). When the boy tries to take the fly to the Amazing Pet Show, the judges say that flies cannot be pets, since they are pests. As Fly Guy prove that he is worthy of being called a pet by doing tricks, the boy and the fly are let into t ...more
Nathaniel Mccombs
“Hi Fly Guy” by Tedd Arnold is an adorable book about a young boy named Buzz and a fly that are destined to meet each other. The boy is in need of a pet to enter at a local pet contest and a Fly is in need of a meal. Prior to their encounter, both were journeying on their own missions until the fly crashes onto Buzz’s face. Buzz captures the Fly, after the fly is captured he is mad and says Buzz which is the younger boy’s name. The boy, excited, knew he had a smart pet to enter the amazing pet c ...more
Bridgette Hossbach
Book: Hi! Fly Guy!
Author: Tedd Arnold
Pages: 32

This story is full of puns and humor. The little boy, Buzz, goes outside to look for a pet to enter into the pet show. He discovers a fly who says buzz and the boy thinks he is calling his name. Buzz chooses his smart fly to be his pet. He takes care of the pet and ignores others who tell him that a fly is just a pest. In the end, against all odds the fly impresses the judges through fancy flying and he is given the award of smartest pet. This book m
Morgan Hawkins
"Hi! Fly Guy" by Tedd Arnold is a cute book about a boy and a fly meeting each other. Buzz so wants Fly Guy to be his pet and put him in the Pet Show but everyone keeps telling him that flies cant be pets. Until Fly Guy shows everyone that flies can be pets and Buzz gets to keep Fly Guy.
This would be a great book for little boys. It would also be great for kids who are just being introduced to chapter books. This is a very short chapter book and shows how chapters are set up and arranged. Its al
Aymee Knight
I think that this book is good for younger readers. It would be perfect for kindergarten and first grade students who are just learning to read. The print is big and super easy to read. The words are also short and easy to read. The illustrations take up much of the page, leaving little room for words. The story is not a very good one, but it does show that one mans trash can be another persons treasure. I think that this book is a great book to read for those who are just learning to read becau ...more
1. Genre: Controlled Vocabulary
2. Summary: In this story a fly is captured by Buzz, a little boy who wants him for a pet. The fly is eventually named Fly Guy and Buzz takes him to a pet show only to find out the judges don’t consider a fly a pet. Fly Guy through a series of flying tricks and saying Buzz’s name convinces the judges he is a pet and is allowed into the show.
A. Area of Comment: Arrangement
The author does a good job of arranging the text and illustrations together so that the reader
Sarah Prekopa
A very fun and entertaining book, audiences will fall in love with Fly Guy and Buzz. A beautiful friendships is formed when Buzz is looking for a pet for The Amazing Pet Show. Bumping into the very hungry Fly Guy, Buzz is amazing when Fly Guy can say his name, "Buzzzz". Determined that Fly Guy is his new pet, Buzz convinces his parents and eventully the judges at the pet show of Fly Guy's smarts. Fly Guy shows off by performing some fancy flying, saying Buzz's name, and flying "high, high, high ...more
Erika Arechiga
Buzz, a young boy, is in search of the ultimate pet to share at "The Amazing Pet Show". He runs into a fly who happens to say "BUZZ". Buzz thinks this is amazing. The fly can say his name! Buzz then tries to convince the judges and his parents that the fly is an amazing pet. The book is very silly and so are the illustrations. Tedd Arnold's illustrations are some of my favorites because they are comical, especially the characters' big, round eyes. The illustrations in this book add comedy becaus ...more
Holly Smith
"Hi! Fly Guy" is a fun little book, first in the series, is about a little Fly who meets a guy named Buzz. Buzz is looking for a pet to enter in the amazing pet show, and when he catches Fly Guy and he knows his name, Buzz, he knows that Fly Guy is the perfect pet. The reading is simply, not to challenging for a struggling reader, but still a chapter book so they feel they are accomplishing something. The illustrations are cartoon based with large eyes and small noses but are fun to look at, esp ...more
Shelby Fungone
This book tells the story of Fly Guy and Buzz meeting for the first time and starting their ever –long friendship. The story of their friendship together starts when Buzz catches the fly and wants to keep him as his pet. At first, Fly Guy doesn’t want to be trapped in the jar as the boy’s pet but when he’s taken home to Buzz’s house, his father tries to swat him and he yells “BUZZ!” which makes Buzz feel like the fly is so smart to know his name. This helps Buzz’s family warm up to the idea of h ...more
A book that starts off the series of Fly Guy books by Tedd Arnold. Love the pictures! As always, Tedd creates his trademark illustrations of big eyes that are so cute and funny! In this book a boy goes out looking for a pet for an amazing pet show. A fly is looking for something to eat. The two run into each other and the boy catches him. This makes him mad and the fly goes "buzz." Ironically, the boy's name is Buzz. He is astonished that the fly knows his name. He takes it home to show his pare ...more
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Tedd grew up with three brothers. His family lived on a farm in Pennsylvania for several years then returned to Elmira until Tedd was ten years old. His father's work then required that they move to Gainesville, Florida. There, Tedd's first art lessons in an abandoned dentist's office over the Happy Hour pool hall eventually led to a fine arts degree from the University of Florida.

He and his wife,
More about Tedd Arnold...

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