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The Spine of the World (Forgotten Realms: Paths of Darkness, #2; Legend of Drizzt, #12)
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The Spine of the World (Paths of Darkness #2)

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  10,869 ratings  ·  117 reviews
In the sequel to The Silent Blade, Wulfgar the barbarian embarks on a perilous path to redemption as he journeys from the dark streets of Luskan to the windswept peaks of the Spine of the World. Reprint.
Paperback, 381 pages
Published October 1st 2000 by Wizards of the Coast (first published 1999)
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I was a little disappointed by this one. No Drizzt. The focus lies on Wulfgar and his character development. The other plot line is a very predictable love/"poor girl turns princes" story I really disliked, but I think it serves as a basis for many future plot strands. Although the story about Wulfgar was well done it just couldn't carry the novel.
Off to next book!
Jeremy Stephens
This was without a doubt one of the best Forgotten Realms novels I have ever read. Too often, I read these as a way to kill time or because there is nothing else to read and although there are variations and plot specifics, the stories usually have the same general idea- some hero (or group of heroes) goes off in search of some magical item or to stop some supernatural bad guy or occasionally to rescue a friend. The Spine of the World brakes away from the basic cookie cutter motifs and presents ...more
Jupe Matilainen
When I first read, the Spine of the World, I hated it. Changing the main character from Drizzt to Wulfgar, drunken ass of a Wulfgar for that matter, felt really stupid. But after reading the book couple of times, I really started appreciating the story.
Unlike other books in the series, The Spine of the World isn't as high fantasy as all the others. It has less magic and monsters and more political scheming. You could compare it to a Song of Ice and Fire. It's a nice breath of fresh air during t
Ricky Ganci
This one was a surprisingly fast read (just more than two days), considering that Drizzt had no part in the story whatsoever, save the thinly placed reference to him; it was a story in which his legacy did the driving and other characters affected and were affected by the plot. Wulfgar’s climb back to humanity couldn’t have been done any better than it was: Salvatore did a sparkling job, allowing Wulfgar’s horrible (and to me, utterly disturbing) experiences to shape the man he is going to be he ...more
At first, I believed this book to be a little dull (especially because Drizzt wasn't in it!), but I was very intrigued nonetheless, as R.A. Salvatore incorporated a dramatic love story into the book--a story that seemed totally separate from Wulfgar's struggle with his past. It seemed as if Salvatore was telling two completely different stories within the same book. Although I do not always care for romance books, I was still interested to see where Salvatore was going with the self-loathing alc ...more
The Spine of the World 1999 yılında R.A. Salvatore tarafından yazılmış Forgotten Realms dünyasında geçen bir fantastik kurgu kitabıdır.

Kitabın serilerdeki yeri; Path of Darkness serisinin ikinci kitabı ve büyük The Legend of Drizzt (Drizzt Efsanesi) serisinin ise 12. kitabıdır.

Diğer kitaplardan farklı olarak bu sefer ana kahraman Drizzt ortalarda yoktur, Errtu’dan çektiği işkencelerden kurtulan ve tekrar arkadaşlarının arasına dönen Wulfgar çektiği işkenceler sebebiyle kendini kaybettiğini düşü
Es un mamón este Salvatore... cuando el libro era de los más aburridos del año, le da una vuelta de tuerca, lo pone interesantísimo y te deja con la boca abierta y el mono de seguir leyendo la saga. Se ha ganado una estrellita en las últimas 40 páginas. Pero no por ello olvidaré el sufrimiento de las otras 320.

Vicenç Sanz
Los más avispados habréis podido caer ya en que ésta novela no me ha gustado especialmente, dejando de lado lo que me gusta de los libros de éste autor para centrarse en dos personajes con problemas del mundo real (bueno, que te torture un demonio durante años no es muy real) como son la depresión por no saber cómo enfrentarse a un hecho doloroso y las cosas que hay que hacer a veces por la familia.

Estos dos temas podrían haber supuesto un soplo de aire fresco para el Elfo Oscuro, pero lo que so
1.5 stars, Wulfgar the Barbarian....err, should I say, Wulfgar the Drunkard, the Bully, and the Highwayman?

Wulfgar finds himself in a downward spiral in the city of Luskan, suffering from his past torment in the Abyss, and buries it all in the bottom of a bottle. Meanwhile, a young and in love woman in a small town not too distant form Luskan, struggles with her love between a peasant boy and a young lordling - just what Salvatore readers are hoping for - Not!

I struggled to find the gem in Spine
I've only read a few chapters. But holy shit, Salvatore.
(EDIT: Did read parts to the end. Still a 2-star).
Last book you were able to write characters. Now you're back to writing drivel/filth?

I trust that by the end the action will warm up to make this book decent. But the writing early on is so fucking bad, with little given to redeem it, that it's hard to carry on. Ugh.
Maybe eventually Salvatore will realise characters can have more depth to them than "cardboard flat". 'till then, I wish he'd s
Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho
This was one of the books that keep me away from Forgotten Realms. I enjoyed Drizzt but this tale where the main character is Wulfgar was quite ordinary. A okay story that added nothing and could have been a novella lenght.

Wulfgar now a bouncer is robbed of his Aegis-fang and it's time to get it back. Can he bounce back from the beer and his eternal daemons?
Finally after two disappointing books in a row we are given some fresh new characters! An intriguing switch between Wulgar's sad descent and struggle with madness to the story of an unrelated peasant girl and her journey to adulthood. Three quarters through the book and I was on edge to see when these stories which both had me engaged (Morik refreshed Wulfgar's story and I'll admit I ate up Meralda's drama) would finally collide. When they did, I was not disappointed. In a way that reflected the ...more
Ce n'est clairement pas mon livre préféré des aventures de Drizzt... peut-être parce Drizzt n'y est même pas présent... J'aime bien Wulgar, mais j'ai trouvé qu'un roman avec lui seul comme personnage principal un peu long. J'ai également trouvé qu'il y avait beaucoup moins d'action que dans les autres tomes et je n'ai pas particulièrement apprécié l'histoire de princesse et de cocufiage royale, dont j'avais du mal à saisir la place de celle-ci dans l'univers de Drizzt. Bref... peu de positif. Le ...more
Xoxe Garcia
Este es posiblemente el libro de R.A. Salvatore que empieza más poco a poco, más flojo pero, mientras te vas sumergiendo en la historia, una historia y un libro en el que no sale Drizzt, ni Bruenor ni Catty-Brie, al poco los "olvidas" y los dejas en segundo plano cuando vas viendo la profundidad de la historia, una historia protagonizada por el atormentado bárbaro y una campesina desconocida.

Especialmente y lo que más te va a gustar es el 20% final del libro cuando empiezas a ver como se atan t
Roderick Baxter
Rather than being called "The Legend of Drizzt" this could be the start of a sub series entitled "The Legend of Wulfgar." As this story is mainly about Wulfgar and his battle with demons both of the abyss and the bottle. It is his fight against both and his fight to get back on track to his former life. To the way he was before his torment in the abyss.
In taking on a job as a bouncer he soon attracts attention of every street thug wanting to take his title and gain a reputation for himself. Soo
Even though I don't think Drizzt is in the book at all (maybe a little I can't remember) I still have to call this one my favorite of the Paths of Darkness series. I found myself more intrigued by the story of Meralda and Lord Feringal than Wulfgars and was very curious how they would collide. It was a page-turner for me, mostly for this reason. I found myself reading through Wulfgar's portions in anticipation of the next chapter on Meralda. This intrigue made the absence of Drizzt and the other ...more
This was a strange book. "Fantasy soap-opera" might be the best way to describe it. I didn't dislike the book, but I didn't exactly like it either. It's interesting to see that R. A. Salvatore was trying to close out the series and provide some closure for Wulfgar, but it wasn't to be -- fan demand forced Salvatore to continue the series and it's my understanding that he puts the characters through hell later on because of it. This particular book had entirely too much melodrama for me to really ...more
Adrian Shuffler
Igazán meglepett, hogy ez egy külön - teljesen külön - szál, mint a többi. Egyrészt igazán érdekes volt, tetszett a végére a dolog, ahogyan a kis mellékszálak egymásba kapaszkodnak, gabalyodnak, kioldódnak, majd újra összeakadnak, így izgalommal fűszerezve a történetet. Viszont a másik oldalból pedig sajnálatos. Valamiért mindig távolibbnak érzem az előző darabokat, ha megszakítást keltek a főszálban bármilyen más könyvvel.

~tökéletesen összehangolt merénylet
~brutális kínzóeszközök
I thoroughly enjoyed the more intense exploration into Wulfgar's character in this novel. At first, I was resistant to embrace the new storyline in Auckney, but was quickly pulled in and found myself reacting as emotionally (if not more so) to these newer characters as their story unfolded. Approaching the book without any assumptions, I found myself surprised when I continued chapter after chapter with no appearance of the other Companions of the Hall (besides Drizzt's journal entries) but I ac ...more
Terry Costantini
Being tortured in the Abyss by an evil demon can leave one scarred emotionally (How many times do I get the opportunity to write that?). Wulfgar is now trying to make some sense of things and has abandoned is friends Drizzt, Cattie-Brie, Regus, and his adopted father Beornegar. Wulfgar fears he has become a liability to the group, so leaves to drown himself in drink and dull his pain. This story follows his descent, and in a way, his therapy. This book was good. Wulfgar has never been my favorit ...more
Tedric Review

Attention all Drizzt freaks: our favorite dark-elf hero is not, repeat not, in Spine of the World. Neither is Bruenor nor Cattie-brie nor Regis et al. But don't think that means the latest installment in R.A. Salvatore's sweeping Drizzt-and-pals series isn't worth picking up: Spine sets things straight for the Forgotten Realms' newest, meanest drunk, the burly barbarian who single-handedly made warhammers cool again despite their measly 1d4+1 damage. Yep, Wulfgar is back, afte


I really enjoyed this installment of the Drizzt series by RA Salvatore book #12 in the Drizzt book series (based off the Dungeons and Dragons game). I almost didn't want to continue with this series after that last book The Silent Blade. But then I thought I wanted to enter the world again and was please. I think that maybe last time I just wasn't in the mood for the series.

I like that Spine of the World isn't just about adventure. There was a wonderful p
Dani (The Pluviophile Reader)
This novel was a lot better than it's predecessor The Silent Blade (Forgotten Realms: Paths of Darkness, #1; Legend of Drizzt, #11). While I missed Drizzt, this story of Wulfgur needed to be told. I found that I did not like Wulfgar for the majority of this book as he made poor decisions and he was extremely selfish. I suppose with everything that he went through some of his behaviour was warranted; I'm just glad that Wulfgar managed to, quite literally, fight off his demons and do the right thi ...more
David Williams
Spine of the World picks up the story of Wulfgar from The Silent Blade. Broken in spirit by his many years as a prisoner of the demon Errtu, Wulfgar has left his friends and become a bouncer at a bar known as the Cutlass in the city of Luskan. He has found that the only way to drown the pain is to drink. At night he drinks and fights and drinks some more. His new companion is an unsavory character known as Morik the Rogue. Before the book ends Wulfgar will have plunged to the very depth of his s ...more
Matthew Miller
This book was good, as was expected from R. A. Salvatore, but it had some of the same problems the last one in the series had. Again it wasn't as clean as Salvatore usually is and it had more of the fallen Wulfgar (See my review of book #11 in the Legend of Drizzt series). This one also was more violent than some of the others.

But there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Wulfgar finds redemption and forgiveness for his actions and is able to figuratively and quasi literally escape the demons
Tim Hicks
Almost four stars. With a bit of a rewrite it probably would get four, with a chance at five.

The blurb right here in the Goodreads article says, "Join the world's most famous drow elf in the penultimate chapter of the Legend of Drizzt series!" Not really. He ain't in it, except as a commentator who seems to have gone to Oxford while we've been away and become a professor of classics and philosophy. To be fair, the book itself doesn't claim to feature Drizzt apart from being The Legend of Drizzt
For a long while I was confused on where this story was going. The entire plot was based around Wulfgar and his companion, as well as a completely new set of characters. Their paths were intended to cross, but how? I was quite blown away with the turn of events of the tale, and found I was eager to see what would happen.

I admit I was disappointed with Wulfgar's choice of traveling companion for the next stage of his voyage..alas, his world is changed and my pouting won't fix it.
What could have been a refreshing change of pace for the series – a sober character study of an adventurer suffering profound PTSD – is completely marred by an infuriating, unnecessary and vaguely sexist subplot. There're one thousand better ways to achieve the same ending, (view spoiler) than the convoluted route Salvatore takes. My fond memories of this one, of a drunken and depressed Wulfgar slumming in Luskan's seediest tavern, were mostly unfounde ...more
I don't review many books beyond assigning a score, but this one deserves it. Salvatore writes Forgotten Realms books, so don't expect a literary masterpiece. This is his best to date, though I've a few to go. Still, he managed to take Wulfgar and a completely new character, and write a fantastic tale of loss, pain, and redemption. Now, all I need to hope is he finds an editor who will point out incongruities in his novels.
The 12th chapter of the legend of Drizzt series focuses on Wulfgar's fight against his inner demons and Melinda, a farm girl whose beauty stole the heart of the Lord of her fiefdom. The two stories proceed in parallel until the two characters cross their path almost at the end of the book. I did not like how easily the main characters were ready to kill in some of the previous chapters of the series. Monster were killed because they were monsters, not as a result of some evil action, or for self ...more
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“I stole your seed, the succubus said to his mind, and he could not deny it. They had done it to him several times in the years of his torment, had taken his seed and spawned alu-demons, Wulfgar’s children. It was the first time Wulfgar had been able to consciously recall the memory since his return to the surface, the first time the horror of seeing his demonic offspring had forced itself through the mental barriers he had erected.” 0 likes
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