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The Hypnotists (The Hypnotists, #1)
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The Hypnotists (The Hypnotists #1)

3.85  ·  Rating Details ·  2,470 Ratings  ·  368 Reviews
An all-new, mesmerizing adventure from the masterful Gordon Korman!

Jackson Opus has always been persuasive, but he doesn't know that he's descended from the two most powerful hypnotist bloodlines on the planet. He's excited to be accepted into a special program at the Sentia Institute -- but when he realizes he's in over his head, Jackson will have to find a way to use his
Hardcover, 232 pages
Published August 1st 2013 by Scholastic Press (first published May 1st 2013)
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Pamela Tan His best friend in this book is a boy. There is a female character in this story, but she doesn't really become his friend and become more important…moreHis best friend in this book is a boy. There is a female character in this story, but she doesn't really become his friend and become more important in the story until the third and last book in this trilogy. In the third book, he has two female friends who play important parts :) No boy-girl-relationship in the trilogy at all. Just friendship. (less)

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Nov 29, 2016 Ryan rated it it was ok
1.5/5 stars

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, one of the most confusing books I have ever read.

Review to come tomorrow.

Well, it was going to write this review today, but then I started reading Gemina, and everything in my life became effectively null and void.
Jax Opus has a gift…although for a long while he has no clue as to what he can do. He can hypnotize people to do what he wants. Take for example the fact that he could tell a basketball rival to not play well or a bus driver to get him to his stop “as soon as possible” and they do it. Or that he can tell a hypnotist to act like a chicken…and he does. To Jax it seems just like an ordinary amount of luck and odd coincidences mixed together. But when Dr. Mako shows up and tells Jax he is special an ...more
Harry Brake
Jul 17, 2013 Harry Brake rated it liked it
Recommends it for: Middle School boys and girls
When you have a text that also has the deeper levels of a moral value, this makes the story more real to you as a reader. This is the case in Korman's text. There is an underlying theme of morality and stream of consciousness amid others that can;t find their way to reach beyond events that benefit themselves the most. The selflessness is not lost on the reader they see Jackson Opus work through higher levels of maturity through his decisions and resisting peer pressure to do otherwise. That und ...more
Jan 23, 2014 Serina rated it did not like it
Book with such good promise by such a good author. I was listening to it on audio and thought the first two chapters were funny. Then switched over to the hardback to finish. Boy can hypnotize people and gets training to do so better. It was an excellent topic however I couldn't understand why he was so naïve. It starts off with him being able to hypnotize someone but he doesn't realize it. For example he tell someone to jump off the roof and he's puzzled when the guy actually tries to do so. Th ...more
Sep 26, 2014 Amy rated it really liked it
Highly entertaining story with Kormanese sarcasm and short chapters with cliffhanger notes. Older readers may tire of the literary tropes (why does the main character always have to be so special all the time?) but younger readers will latch onto this story and will be delighted when they "figure out" what might happen next.


If you had the power to hypnotize anybody -- to make somebody do something you wanted them to do -- would you enjoy having this power? What would you do with it? How
Jul 02, 2016 Cheryl rated it it was ok
The premise of this book sounded very exciting. At first I was intrigued but this excitement only lasted for about four chapters into the book. After this I was bored but I thought I would stick with the book in the hopes that it would get intriguing again when Jax arrived and honed in his skills at Sentia Institute. Which at first my interest did peak up again some but it was evident quickly that there was nothing really fascinating about Jax and his skill. Ok, maybe this is not fully true as t ...more
Barb Middleton
Apr 21, 2014 Barb Middleton rated it it was ok
Shelves: fantasy
This fast-paced novel starts out exciting only to backfire like a sputtering car. Gordon Korman has terrific descriptions that involve all the senses and allow readers to get sucked into the plot like a "speeding jaggernaut." Chapter one was my favorite and reminded me of the movie, "Speed." The promising plot went downhill from there with its predictability and pacing that has the reader knowing long in advance what is happening before the protagonist does. I'm okay with a little bit of this bu ...more
Kid Book Reviewer
Jun 21, 2017 Kid Book Reviewer rated it it was amazing
I loved, loved, loved this book. The story is so creative, using a cliche plot and elaborating to create this amazing book. The characters were also very interesting and creative. I thought that the way that Gordon Korman, the author, had two contradicting points: Dr. Elias Mako's side of the hypnotic world, and the leader of the Sandmen's Guild, Axel Braintree. Overall, I loved, loved, loved this book by one of my favorite authors, Gordon Korman, and it is definitely a high five.
Ethan Anderson
May 29, 2017 Ethan Anderson rated it really liked it
The thing about this book is that I knew all of the spoilers from accidentally reading Book 2 first (long story), but it was still really good! (Plus, now I can just skip to Book 3.)
Maddie Magee
Jan 03, 2014 Maddie Magee rated it really liked it
This was a really good book, defiantly not for everyone though. The plot and the characters were great, but I felt like it was going really fast and not everything was explained in detail enough. If it had just been a little slower and went further into detail, I think it would have been a better book. This is why I gave it four stars. But, if you really are looking for a good, quick book to read, this might be the one you're looking for.

 photo kangaroo-running-too-fast_zpsd798e709.gif

In the book, I felt like there were a lot of actions tha
Shashank Eeda
Jan 12, 2015 Shashank Eeda rated it really liked it
The Hypnotists

The book The Hypnotists written by Gordon Korman is a book about a boy named Jax who has color changing eyes which can hypnotise people. Jax is not able to control his powers so he literally hypnotising people by accident. The only person who was immune to this effect was Tommy because he was color blind.

The biggest theme I found in this book was great power comes with great responsibility because Jax has the power which hypnotises people but is not able to control it. Another
Harrison Schwartz
Dec 15, 2013 Harrison Schwartz rated it really liked it
Who has read a book about hypnotism? I certainly hadn't. So when I
heard Gordon Korman released a book about hypnotism, and he was going
to be at a Barnes & Noble in my area, I HAD to go. I knew Gordon
Korman was a good author because I had read the books he wrote in the
39 Clues series, so I had high hopes for this book. When I met Gordon
Korman, he was really nice. He answered every question and even read
us a portion of The Hypnotists. Below is a picture of me with Gordon

The book isn’t r
Cheryl Chang
Dec 04, 2014 Cheryl Chang rated it it was amazing
In the book The Hypnotists, Jax is faced with an inner conflict. His inner conflict was either helping Dr. Mako hypnotize everyone in New York into voting for Senator Douglas and saving his parents or letting his parents die for the sake of democracy. It all starts when Jax realizes that Dr. Mako isn't who he seems and "Dr. Elis Mako has devoted his life to New York City education and is an inspiration to every single one of us"(157) is simply a false statement that he hypnotized people to think ...more
When strange events start happening as people gaze into Jax Opus's color-changing eyes, he starts to believe he is hypnotizing them to do odd things. Jax and his parents search for someone to help him at the same time when Jax is recruited by Dr. Elias Mako, founder and director of The Sentia Institute as a mind-bending prodigy. Dr. Mako's most famous slogan, one that is repeated often, by many, is "Dr. Mako has devoted his life to New York City education and is an inspiration to every single on ...more
Dawn Moews
Nov 26, 2013 Dawn Moews rated it it was ok
Gordon Korman is a good storyteller with a great deal of appeal for middle school/intermediate grade readers. I think this story will also appeal to them. I was not as enthusiastic about it as I have been about some of Korman's other works. I'm not sure if it is actually any flaws in this book, or if it is just that I'm not particularly fond of this genre. I know that most 'tween and YA works are kids versus adults, but I'm kind of tired of that. I felt that the story was contrived. Marianne Moo ...more
Mar 18, 2014 Ellen rated it really liked it
Gordon Korman has wowed my students several times over the years. It looks like he's going to do it again with his new Hypnotists series. Jackson Opus is a lucky guy - really lucky. It seems like he can charm just about anyone when they glance into his multicolored eyes. His best friend, who happens to be colorblind, sees through the blarney and calls him on it though, so for the first twelve years of his life Jackson is pretty much a normal guy. That is, until weird things start happening. When ...more
Christian Touhey
Sep 23, 2013 Christian Touhey rated it liked it
"Hypnosis, you know, it ain't as easy as it seems", The Hypnotists (The Hypnotists, #1). "The Hypnotists' By Gordon Korman is a science fiction novel about a boy that comes from a family of hypnotists, and slowly learns his powers. While learning, he is faced with an organization that say they can change the world with his powers. He does not know whether he should change the world, or keep the powers to himself. He then realizes, the choice isn't fully up to him.
I was really expecting more out
Rachel Witt
Jul 11, 2013 Rachel Witt rated it liked it
The Hypnotists was definitely not the best Korman book i've ever read. i mean, it's Gordon Korman, it's hardly bad book, but i have liked and loved some of his others, so i was kind of disappointed. it seemed a bit phony, especially the beginning, when it was going all ' I'm a hypnotist! no, I'm NOT a hypnotist! wait, i thought for sure i was a hypnotist... no way, that's not possible, i can't be a hypnotist. OMG IM A HYPNOTIST!!!' it got a bit over the top unbelievable. by half way through, it ...more
Feb 13, 2015 Magnus rated it really liked it
Jackson Opus a 12 year old boy wanted to live a normal life, But he keeps on seeing himself from other points of views. So his parents sent him to the most expensive therapist to see what is going on with their son. When Jack is talking with the therapist he sees himself from a different side and says something that made the therapist almost jump out of the window. Then the next day when he goes to school he finally realized that he has special hypnotizing powers allowing him to hypnotize anyone ...more
Dawn Teresa
Aug 10, 2013 Dawn Teresa rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: fans of the Molly Moon series who want something a bit more grown up
Shelves: library
Read almost entirely in one sitting. This page turner was an easy read. Pretty much all plot with little character development, but there is a little thematic depth. Still, it's almost like a fleshed-out comic book without the pictures. Definitely recommended for reluctant readers. This is a good versus evil battle with a little morality thrown in as the potential corrupting influence of power is explored. Alongside, there is plenty of humor to keep things from ever feeling too serious. All in a ...more
Gabe Albert
Nov 30, 2015 Gabe Albert rated it liked it
This book is about a kid named Jackson Opus and how he can deal with his normal life and the life of being a very powerful hypnotist. Along the way with his struggles Jackson finds himself meeting with Dr. Mako, a very powerful hypnotist and a way for Jackson to control his power. Once Jackson realizes that Dr. Mako is more than what he seems, it might be too late for him to stop it. A book that is full of twists and turns, Jackson finds himself facing a impossible task, but is he up to the chal ...more
Gibson Gallant
May 09, 2014 Gibson Gallant rated it really liked it
Shelves: term-3
the hypnotist is a decent read it starts off with jax a kid with the unnatural power to hypnotize people but he doesn't know it yet until he's recruited by dr. mako who tells him that he is a hypnotist and is told to come to sentia but mako isn't all that he seems in would recommend this book tom people who like action novels
Lonna Pierce
Aug 21, 2013 Lonna Pierce rated it really liked it
Jax has no clue he is a descendant of talented hypnotists on both sides of his family. He is so gifted, Dr. Mako of the Sentia Institute, recruits him so he can use Jax's astonishing powers to manipulate politics and people to suit his own nefarious plans. Funny and thoughtful at the same time,(Korman's strong suit)the only problem is that it is the first in yet another series.
Oct 19, 2015 Lucas rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 2015
Gordon Korman does an excellent job, again, at telling a story that simply sucks me in from page one. I don't know what is in store for the Opus's, or the Sandmen in general, but I am looking forward to it!
May 19, 2015 Kristen rated it liked it
Shelves: audiobook-reads
This is a fun, quick read--great for young fans of adventure and fantasy. There's lots of action and cool hypnotism, but the characters are fairly simple...some don't get near enough page time or backstory. Fast-paced and exciting, though, with lots of interesting hypnotic events.
Sep 13, 2013 Bailey rated it it was amazing
Shelves: favorites
I really loved this book. The story revolved around a boy named Jax. He was a very enjoyable character to read about. I was not able to put this book down once I had picked it up. By the time that I had gotten to the end it made me think:If we had enough power, what would we do with it?
Isabella Mills
Jan 27, 2016 Isabella Mills rated it really liked it
Shelves: read-2016
Pretty good book. My sister made me read it for my tbr for January. Middle grade book.

I found this book enjoyable and found myself eagerly waiting for what's next. I loved the pace of this book and how everything flowed.
Jenny Mock
Oct 05, 2013 Jenny Mock rated it really liked it
Fun, unique plot with great pacing.
Nov 30, 2015 Jacoby rated it did not like it
Shelves: almost-finished
Really good great plot, and amazing detail
Aug 15, 2013 Laura rated it it was ok
I love Gordon Korman books, but this one is not one of his strongest. The story seemed disjointed through the middle and rushed at the end.
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Korman wrote his first book, "This Can't be Happening at Macdonald Hall", when he was 12 years old, for a coach who suddenly found himself teaching 7th grade English. He later took that episode and created a book out of it, as well, in "The Sixth Grade Nickname Game", wherein Mr. Huge was based on that 7th grade teacher.

Korman moved to New York City, where he studied film and film writing. While i
More about Gordon Korman...

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