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Rahasia Embusan Angin: Belle Prater's Boy
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Rahasia Embusan Angin: Belle Prater's Boy (Belle Prater #1)

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  3,585 ratings  ·  266 reviews
Sekitar pukul lima pada Minggu pagi yang hangat di bulan Oktober 1953, Bibi Belle meninggalkan tempat tidurnya dan menghilang dari muka bumi.

Semua orang di Coal Station, Virginia, memiliki teori tentang apa yang telah terjadi terhadap Belle Prater. Namun, Gypsy menginginkan bukti. Kesempatan itu terbuka lebar ketika sepupunya, Woodrow, putra Bibi Belle, pindah ke dekat rum
Paperback, 206 pages
Published 2007 by Mizan Pustaka (first published 1996)
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Linda Lipko
Insightful, poignant, touching and sensitively written, this 1997 Newbery honor book is one I highly recommend. With shades of Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, the reader observes small-town life through the eyes of a young, precocious young girl.

In 1953 Belle Prater left her house, her near-do-well husband and young son and vanished from Coal Station, VA, never to be found.

In 1954 Gypsy Arbutus Leemaster's view of life is about to change when she befriends her cousin Woodrow after he moves a
Lars Guthrie
I ripped right through this fantastic book. Belle Prater is the aunt of the narrator, a pretty sixth-grader named Gypsy Arbutus Leemaster. Belle's son Woodrow is her seemingly ungainly and cross-eyed cousin.

Apparently abandoned by his mother, who has mysteriously disappeared from "way far in the head of a long, isolated holler," Woodrow comes to live with the cousins' grandparents, residents of the tony part of Coal Station, Virginia. They live right next to Gypsy and her mother and step-father
Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
Ruth White has again created a novel with unique and interesting characters who grab your attention and compel you to read to the end. This is a story of children's fantasy vs. adult truth, of physical beauty vs. inner beauty, of broken family, extended family, and stepfamily. Gypsy Leemaster and her cousin Woodrow Prater both have an unforgettable year in which they not only get to know each other, but also discover truths about themselves and the adults around them. The time period, 1954, was ...more
This book fits all my favorite genres: mystery, fiction, Newberries, inspirationals, everything. Very artfully written book. I would recommend it to every girl 10 and up!
Makayla M.
Belle Praters Boy by Ruth White is a very intriguing, modern realistic fiction book written about 12 year old Gypsy and her cousin, Woodrow Prater. Belle Praters boy. When Gypsy's aunt, Belle goes missing one morning, her son, Woodrow moves in with his grandparents that live right next to Gypsy, her mother and her stepfather, Porter. Gypsy and Woodrow create a everlasting bond that couldn't be broken, but Gypsy still could figure out why Woodrow took his mothers disappearance so steadily when sh ...more
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don't go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the
doorsill, where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don't go back to sleep.
-Jalal al-Din Rumi, 13th century

I really like this story because it has so much to tell you in just one book. I learned lots of things which in some way, I have all thought and felt about before but I just couldn't put them into words.
Michelle Isenhoff
Belle Prater’s Boy is just the kind of book I love – beautifully written, moving, and full of thoughtful conclusions. It’s 1953 and Gypsy’s Aunt Belle has disappeared without a trace. Her cousin, Woodrow, comes to live in Granny and Grandpa Ball’s house right next door. He looks rough, with his hand-me-down mining clothes and his crossed eyes, but the town finds that outward appearances don’t make the boy. Gypsy, on the other hand, is as beautiful as her mother, but no one ever sees the individu ...more
buku ini bikin mata gw bengkak dan sesenggukan edan di beberapa bab terakhir. tiap air matanya mulai mengering dikit, udah ada lagi cerita yang mengharukan. jadi, buat yang lagi pms, atau yang sedang sedih tapi susah ngeluarin air mata, atau buat yang lagi pengen bikin efek mata bendol, bacalah buku ini.

oya, biar reviewnya lebih berbobot, yang bisa dipelajari dari buku ini adalah jadi cantik itu beban, jadi jelek juga beban, apalagi kalo tiap detik mikirnya adalah betapa jeleknya gw. hmm...begi
Kehilangan berarti kesedihan tiada tara, derai air mata adalah buktinya. Namun, bagaimana jika kehilangan menjadi sebuah pembelajaran kehidupan. Akankah kesengsaraan itu sirna?

Rahasia Embusan Angin – Belle Prater’s Boy

Embusan angin di waktu fajar akan menceritakan rahasia kepadamu
Janganlah tidur kembali.
Mintalah apa yang sungguh-sungguh kau inginkan.
Janganlah tidurlah kembali.
Orang-orang pergi dan kembali melalui ambang pintu
Tempat dua dunia bersinggungan
Pintu itu terbuka lebar,
Janganlah tidur k
"Around 5:00 a.m. on a warm Sunday morning in October 1953, my Aunt Belle left her bed and vanished from the face of the earth."

This was wonderful. Two cousins brought together by tough circumstances: Woodrow's mother, Belle Prater, has disappeared from their home in a Virginia holler, and he comes to Coal Station to live with his grandparents, next door to his cousin Gypsy, whose father died years ago -- and whose mother has remarried, to Gypsy's dismay.

Gypsy, like her mother, is a beauty, wit
I read this book for the first time with a co-teacher to a sixth-grade class (11-12 year old kids). Even while it was being read in that strange not-monotone, patronizing way some teachers have, and in spite of the NUMEROUS interruptions that teachers love to intersperse in oral reading, I and the students enjoyed it greatly. I decided to read it with my own classes. In order to avoid the temptation to do the interrupting thing (explaining vocabulary, plot structure, character development, etc.) ...more
Apr 15, 2011 Umma added it
Rahasia Embusan Angin adalah novel transisi anak-anak menuju dewasa yang menggambarkan kisah bagaimana seorang anak bisa menghadapi suatu kenyataan yang sulit.Dalam menulis novelnya,Ruth White menyuguhkan kepada pembaca bahasa yang mudah di cerna sehingga pembaca akan selalu ingin membca kelanjutan kisahnya yang sudah disetting bagus oleh Ruth White runtutan ceritanya.Seolah-olah kita menjadi detektif kecil yang memecahkan sebuah kasus dengan bukti-bukti yang berurutan.Kisah ini di awali pada su ...more
Belle Prater's Boy by Ruth White is children's literature at its best. It tells the story of two 12-year-old cousins, Gypsy and Woodrow, who in addition to friendship share a painful common bond--the absence of a parent. White deftly handles her two young protagonists, slowly developing their characters and revealing their pasts. By the end of the book, Gypsy and Woodrow have faced--and accepted--the truth, that their parents loved them, but that "their pain was bigger than their love." Despite ...more
M Razavy
از اون کتابا که وقتی تموم میشه هی با خودم فکر می کنم من شبیه کدوم از شخصیتهای داستانم؟ :)
(view spoiler)
I listened to this on CD, and loved it. Uproariously funny and touching too. Woodrow's mother, Belle, has disappeared. Story is told from the point of view of Woodrow's cousin Gypsy, and her voice stays with you. Full of delightful expressions, many of which I've adopted as my own. Which is to say, yes, I'm more broke than the ten commandments.
Jose Puentes
It was an alright book. Some times it just got dull. Some places it got boring and in other places it was a bit intense or sad. It was a good book but at some points I just didn't pay as much attention because it was just boring and dull. It just made me want to stop reading it and find another book. It still had some good times where it was just sad or it was funny.

The book still had a good time reading it. It had times where they made childish jokes. It had depressing memories with the main c
The audio, read by Alison Eliot, is well-done. Eliot does the regional dialect without seeming affected or making the characters sound less than. She captures White's emotions perfectly.

The book itself is quiet and unassuming. The seeming tale of cousins who are forced to spend more time together when the other comes to live next door. Gypsy and Woodrow don't know each other very well but soon become thick as thieves. Over the course of a year we listen as the relationship develops and deepens
Thomas Bell
I thought that this was a very good book. Belle Prater's actual boy is a really good kid, and he has become especially sympathetic. The book goes through very deep emotions, but you don't really know how deep until the end of the book. Makes me think the author has some psychology background or something.

Anyway, I would like to write more, but I really don't want to give anything away. However, I do want to strongly recommend this book to anyone, but especially those who have had family members
A perfect weave of stories within a story, this book should be a great read-aloud to an eighth grade class over a series of weeks. Because of the wonderful use of language, and both male and female main characters, I believe this will grab a whole class and hold them. There are historical references that many children would perhaps not understand on their own but in a class they can ask after the reading. "Joe Palooka!" will for sure be amongst one of the must-know more questions that will be as ...more
Laura Droege
Belle Prater has disappeared. Everyone in Coal Station, Virginia, has a theory about what happened, but no one knows for certain. Her young son Woodrow comes to live with his grandparents and becomes friends with his cousin Gypsy.

Twelve-year-old Gypsy is the town beauty, but she holds a dark secret about her late father. She has never gotten over his death and finds it strange that Woodrow has accepted his mother's disappearance so readily. As she struggles toward acknowledging the truth about h
A few months ago Ian and I were talking about books we liked when we were younger. He brought up a book he said I'd loved, but I didn't remember anything about it. He tried to find it online, with no luck.

Fast-forward a few weeks, and I'm at the CBC doing my least favorite thing: recovering books. When I saw this cover, I was immediately intrigued, and read the summary. It was the book Ian had been talking about! If I hadn't recovered EVERY award-winning book in the CBC library, I probably neve
I thought this was a good book for children that interact with other children from different walks of life. I liked how Woodrow talked about how he thought only those in the holler had bad things happen to them but he now knew that even rich people have problems. I could not help but feel for him knowing that his mother left him, but ultimately I think she knew it was the only way for Woodrow to have a chance at a better life. I think she probably knew that he would end up with her parents if sh ...more
Carol Baldwin
This novel is told through the eyes of Gypsy Arbutus, cousin to Woodrow Prater who moves in next door after his mother disappears. Set in the 50's in rural Virginia, I appreciated how White gradually unveils both Gypsy's and Woodrow's stories, against the background of Woodrow's adjustment to life in the small town of Coal Station. Woodrow gains notoriety because of his ability to tell outlandish tales--including his own idea of where (and how) his mother left him. Gypsy lives with her mother an ...more
Loved this book. I am sorry I did not read it is a young adult, but glad I have discovered it and my children will read it. Set in Virginia in a mining town in the early 1950s, there was a long divide from the mining workers and the somewhat upper class. Here two cousins--at twelve years old--connect and the divide of the two classes comes to a screeching halt. The character of Woodrow is adorable--a dreamer, a country philosopher who amazes the other kids in the upper class realm and becomes th ...more

Why does 12-year-old Gyspy suffer the same recurring nightmare? Why does her 12-year-old cousin, Woodrow, faithfully read the personal ads in the Sunday paper? In this delightful, swift-reading story of two kids in a Virginia coal town White explores the complexity of family dynamics. Presenting intricate social situations she examines the challenges whichpre-teens face in school and in the community at large. Capturing the attention and imagination of both teenage and adult
Haryadi Yansyah
Aku jadi ingat tokoh Jeffrey di Keluarga penderwick , kenapa? karena tokoh Woodrow di buku ini sama menyenangkannya dengan Jeffrey. Bedanya, dibalik keceriaannya, Woodrow menyimpan sebuah kesedihan yang besar. Ia terpaksa pindah ke Coal Station, Virginia, karena sang Ibu, Belle Prater mendadak hilang disuatu subuh. Hilang begitu saja. Lenyap.

Ayahnya -Everett kurang memperhatikannya (disuatu bagian digambarkan suka mabuk dan selingkuh dengan wanita lain), karena itulah ia pindah dan tinggal bersa
This was wonderful and I would read it again. The language reminds me a little of the writing from the TV show "Justified", which I absolutely love.

"It was a perfect day. The hills around us were green and full and they seemed to hold our little town in a cup away from the rest of the world. All the yards on Residence Street were as neat as a freshly made bed, and there was the smell of lilacs and fruit trees blooming everywhere."

"...dying ain't nothing' but changing your form, like water turns
Awards Won: Newbery Honor (1997)

Belle Prater's Boy is the story of a young girl named Gypsy and her cousin, Woodrow. Woodrow comes to live next door to Gypsy after his mother simply vanishes one day. Though Woodrow and Gypsy worry about what might have happened to Belle Prater, they also learn about the power of friendship, family, acceptance, and unconditional love. Woodrow, who is cross-eyed, learns about what it takes to have people overlook appearances to see the real Woodrow. Gypsy, who car
Lovely, but not subtle. Despite some dark themes & off-stage events, mostly sweet and joyful.

I don't think I would have cared for it as much when I was a child, because it's 1. almost boring in the quiet plot and 2. Gypsy is too wise, too compassionate, too good to be real - except when she's not. That is, she knows exactly how important it is to be kind to Woodrow and how to treat him to make him as comfortable as possible, but she "hates" her stepfather for absolutely no good reason but i
Brenda Christensen
This was a sweet story. There was just enough human drama to sustain my interest, and I was really taken by the characters, Gypsy and her cousin, Woodrow. It took me back to an era when extended families lived together and cared for each other. A typical small town where everyone knows everyone else and their business (for better or for worse). Were Gypsy and Woodrow just a little too insightful and clever? Maybe, but they still felt real enough to me.
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I was born in the Appalachian hills of Virginia, which is the setting for Belle Prater's Boy and The Search for Belle Prater. I lived there until I graduated from high school and went away to college. Though I left the hills, they never left me. My memories of those years are quite vivid. I have always referred to that time as both traumatic and wonderful. I get most of my ideas for my stories fro ...more
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“Therefore, it is my belief that Blind Benny, even with his poor sightless eyes, is the only person I know who can see with perfect clarity. Because Benny is able to see beyond appearances.” 8 likes
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