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Song And Dance Man
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Song And Dance Man

3.98 of 5 stars 3.98  ·  rating details  ·  5,521 ratings  ·  288 reviews
Once a song and dance man, Grandpa reclaims his youth and profession before the delighted eyes of his three grandchildren one afternoon. He simply cannot resist the urge to dress up in clothes left over from his vaudeville days--complete with top hat and gold-headed cane--and to perform tricks, play banjo and tell jokes. He taps, twirls and laughs himself to tears on a thr ...more
Paperback, 32 pages
Published January 1st 1988 by Scholastic Inc.
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In this book, the story is about a little boy and girl visiting their grandpa. Through there stay at the grandpa’s house, the grandpa is entertaining them. This grandpa is not like every other grandpa. HE is entertaining his grandchildren by dancing and singing songs to them. It is like he is putting up a show for them. They are in the attic and he sets up his stage. He performs as if he was performing to an audience and the kids love it.

In this book, the illustrations were very colorful and sh
Nathaniel Mccombs
Song and Dance Man by Karen Ackerman is entertaining easy read book about a Grandpa that relives his glory days of entertainment on the Vaudeville stage for his visiting grandchildren. This grandpa amused his grandchildren with his magnificent song and dance and would grasp any younger child’s attention as well.
The story line by Karen Ackerman was very good, her creative writing skills were displayed by her use of similes and metaphors throughout the book. This facet of writing would help young
Sofia Davis
In the picture book Song and Dance Man three kids go to visit their grandpa who used to be a song and dance man back in his day. He danced on the vaudeville stage before TV was invented, he describes these days as "the good ole' days". He thens takes all of the children upstairs to the attic to see if his old dance shoes still fit him. When they're up there, the children see old posters of their grandpa and old winter dresses that belonged to their grandma. When their grandpa finally finds his o ...more
Margo Martin
Song and Dance Man starts off with an illustration of grandpa, who once was a dancer. This picture is very colorful and fairly realistic as it gives a good visual of what the grandpa looks like. He tells his grandchildren about the good old times before people would watch TV, what he calls the song and dance days. If a teacher wanted to do a lesson on life before technology, or how deeply it influences our culture, this would be a great book to introduce the topic. For example, the whole book is ...more
Teddie Trombley
This book is about a grandpa who has his grandkids for the night. Grandpa told them how back when he was younger they didn’t have TV and instead of watching TV they would dance. Grandpa went up into the attic to find his tap shoes and other items that he ended up finding while he was in the attic. Grandpa gets dressed up in his costume and starts to dance and sing for his grand kids. After he preforms he starts telling them jokes and is playing tricks on the kids like a magician. Once the show i ...more
Ashley R.
This book was about a grandfather showing his grandchildren how to stay young at heart, even when the "good old days" have passed. This colorful story shows a grandfather performing his old routines and reminiscing his old stage days for his grandchildren to see. There was a very whimsical feel to this book, and the illustrations matched that perfectly, from the facial expressions to the backgrounds on the pages. The children in this story felt magic and excitement while watching their grandfath ...more
David Korsak
This book is about a grandpa who used to perform on stage. His performances were amazing and they consisted of the art of dance. He used to dance all the time and he loved it so much that it's all he did. He did not watch television or hang out with friends or any of that stuff, all he wanted to do was dance. He has missed dancing so much that he decided to go down memory lane and he does this by going up to the attic and opens some boxes that contain some amazing things. The box contained some ...more
Megan Laird
While Grandpa may seem like an old man based on the illustrations, he brought to life the old dance era's emotions and colors through his dance, singing, and magic abilities. His grandchildren come over some afternoons and he tells the story of the good-ol'-days "before people watched TV." While he entertains his family, he rekindles his love for his past and finds enjoyment in connecting them with his vaudeville stage abilities. While the story is mediocre, the colored pencil illustrations brin ...more
Stephanie Winchester
Song and Dance Man was written by Karen Ackerman and illustrated by Stephen Gammell. This book is about an old man who retells his younger days to his grandchildren by taking them to the attic of the house and singing and dancing for them. Through the illustrations, the old man seems like just that: an old man. However, through his song and dance he seems to become young again and remains alive through his memories. The old man used to perform singing and dancing for a living when he was a young ...more
This is a story about a grandpa who tells his grandkids the story of what it was like before everyone had TV. They go up to the attic and are transformed back to a time when their grandpa was up on a stage, singing and dancing in his tap shoes. His eyes lit up as he is demonstrating for his grandchildren, showing his love for this time in his life. The illustrations in this book are bright and happy. They light up when the grandpa is lighting up and they get brighter the more he shoes his grandc ...more
Robyn Hubbell
The book, Song and Dance man, is a story about a grandpa retelling his glory days to his three grandchildren. Grandpa was a famous song and dance man who danced on vaundeville stage. When his grdachildren come over for a visit, he shares with them all the costumes he would wear and he puts on a show for them and tries to recreate what he used to do back in the day. The grandchildren are all in awe and suprised by what they see. Everyone is enjoying the time they are spending together.
I liked th
Megan Renner
Ackerman, K. (1988). Song and dance man. New York: Random House, Inc.

The story begins talking about a grandpa that use to be a vaudeville performer, and when ever the grandchildren visit, he tells them about the time where people would go watch different performers for entertainment. They did that before the television. One day when the kids were visiting, their grandmother said that it was almost time for dinner and grandpa had a thought. He wondered if his tap shoes still fit. So the grandpa
Madison Snow
The "Song and Dance Man" by Karen Ackerman and illustrated by Stephen Gammell is a Caldecott media medal winner. The cover illustration shows a man dancing and singing done in colored pencil. The binding of the book is plain white with no illustration. This story transports us to a time when a grandpa could sing and dance like no other. He shows his grand kids his routine along with magic tricks. I enjoyed the story in this book and the statement he made at the end about how he would not trade a ...more
Cameron Devaughn
Song and Dance Man was about two grandchildren and their grandpa who used to be a song and dance man on the vaudeville stage. He takes the children up to the attic and shows them some of his old dances and costumes. He performs for them and the children feel just as if they were at the vaudeville stage watching this magnificent dance. This book shows the close relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren and is a wonderful book for children to read. I’m particular fond of this sore ...more
Jamie Singer
This is about a grandpa who used to dance on stage, he talked about the good old days where people did not watch TV but instead dances and sang. He went upstairs to the attic, and opens up a leather case that is full of dance clothing and his tap shoes. The children try them on and pretend they are dancing like he did. The children sit on the floor and watch their grandpa dance and cheer for him. He puts on a show for the children, even including magic tricks. The kids enjoy the show, and he is ...more
Jessica Cain
Summary and Critique:
The illustrations in this book were very eye catching because they were bright colored with a cartoon look to them. They brought a lot of life to the book and the story the grandpa was telling the kids. The basic plot of this book was the grandchild talking to their grandpa of old stories that used to happen. The children were so interested in what things used to be like before electronics took over the world. People were active and did things they were passionate about inst
Song and Dance Man written by Karen Ackerman, illustrated by Stephen Gammell is a loving, family oriented story about how a grandfather shares memories of him performing on stage, singing and dancing for a large audience. The grandfather leads his grandchildren up to the attic where he has a chess filled with costumes that the grandfather performed in while performing on the vaudeville stage. The grandfather dons a costume for his grandchildren and begins to sing and dance for them. The children ...more
Samantha Mcdowell
I thought this was a nice story about a grandpa who was a song and dance man back in the good old days. I thought the illustrations were brilliant. They were 2 page spreads that were done in great colors that really catch your eye. I liked the illustrations better than I like the actual story. I feel like it might lose kids interest at times except for when the grandpa is being funny with his jokes. It was a nice story for a read aloud, but it wouldn't be one of my top picks. I would probably us ...more
Kelsey Hoban
Song and Dance man is a very unique story that brings respect and appreciation to older generations. The story starts when three children go to visit their grandfather and learn about the good old days before days spent in front of television. Their grandfather takes them to the attic to find things full of old memories from when he was younger. He takes out his tap shoes and taps, sings, plays the banjo and performs magic tricks for the children. Grandpa shows the children the value of the song ...more
Victoria Moore
"Song and Dance Man" by Karen Ackerman is one of the best children picture books I've ever read about tap dancing. Illustrated by Stephen Gammell it's an enchanting story that proves the older generation definitely has something to teach the younger one. I was particularly charmed by the "Grandpa" in the story, who recreated his days as a vaudeville song-and-dance man for his grandchildren in his attic, because with his old derby hat, cane, tap shoes and banjo he brought his youth alive again. ...more
Andrew Lovell
As i read this book all I could think about was how much the illustrations reminded me of the illustrations from the book 'Scarey Stories to Tell in the Dark'. I didn't particularly like the book, maybe because I couldn't relate to being a grandparent. I feel like this is one of those books that Grandma and Grandpa would love to read to their grandchildren, and rightfully so, "He wouldn't trade a million good old days for the days he spends with us". I really like that theme. However, there was ...more
Caelyn Pietila
Song and Dance Man is written by Karen Ackerman. This is also another Caldecott medal. The illustrations tell the story in an amusing way, because the children in the story are dancing and having fun with their Grandpa. You would be able to tell the story line without the words. It’s a story about children who go visit their grandpa, and he tells the story when he used to be a performer. It is an entertaining book for young children. The illustrations are what stood out to me the most in this st ...more
In Karen Ackerman's "Song and Dance Man, a grandfather reminisces about the “good old days.” He used to be a performer on the Vaudeville stage and decides to show his grandkids what he used to do. He takes them to the attic to find his old tap shoes and performs a show for them. The children love it and even say that watching him is “better than any show on TV.”
The major theme of this story is to cherish the memories of your elders because you never know what their stories is until you ask. And
I loved this book. I would most definitely get it for my future kids and my future students or kids that I will be working with. It was a cute story of how a grandpa used to sing and dance. He loves to put on performances for his grandkids, who love to watch him perform. The artwork is amazing. It's colorful and vibrant. It caught my eye. Who doesn't love cheerful old men? This story reminds me of good times with my Grandpa when he would sing for me. I think that with a cute story of a grandpa w ...more
The story begins with three children visiting their grandfather who was a former vaudeville performer. The grandfather takes his grandkids up to the attic to put on a show for them using his old tap shoes, costumes, and props, the grandkids absolutely love watching their grandpa’s show. It is a magical book as the reader is almost transported back in time with the grandfather through his show and his memories. The illustrations look like they were created with colored pencils. The colors used ar ...more
Jordan Traylor
In the book Song and Dance man, a grandfather takes his two grandchildren up to the attic where they discover a trunk of costumes from their grandfather's past. The significance of family relationships, is what I believe is the main theme of the book. This book can show children about how their older relatives lives, such as grandparents were different before they had children and grandchildren. I would use this book as a teaching tool with younger elementary to discuss the importance of relatio ...more
Natalie Payton
Song and Dance Man written by Karen Ackerman and illustrated by Stephen Gammell is a children’s picture book about a grandfather telling his grandchildren about his song and dance days years ago. The story begins with the grandfather leading his grandchildren up to the attic where all of his costumes and dance shoes are. They start going through all of his boxes finding the perfect outfits to perform in. The grandfather puts on a show for his grandchildren and the grandchildren
Taylor Melum
Citations: Ackerman, Karen. (1988). Song and dance man. New York, NY. Knopf
Format/Genre: Picture book
Reading level: 1-2
Theme/topic: Memories
Gender: male
Race/ethnicity: Caucasian

In-class activity: I would have my students write about a favorite memory that they shared with their parents, guardians or grandparents. Then I could have them use bright colors to color around their favorite memory and we would give the artwork to the person they wrote it about as a gift.

Summary & Critique:
When t
Kristi Scramlin
Song and Dance Man is told through the point of view of an old vaudeville performers grandsons. One night while visiting their grandparents the three boys and their grandpa go up to the attic and find his old trunk that has all of his old vaudeville items in it, and they all rush to try things on while their grandpa puts on his old hat and tap shoes. Grandpa then fixes the lights to make the attic feel like a stage and he shows his grandkids his old routine he did for vaudeville back in the day ...more
Melody Wolen
Reading Level- 4th grade
Song and Dance Man is illustrated in lovely colored pencil sketchy drawings that show the motion and joy of the dancing man. In this story, some children’s grandfather decides to show them his old dances and show from when he was a vaudeville dancer back in the day. He goes up to the attic, pulls out his old tap shoes, and puts on a show just for them. The children realize that even though it is not as fancy as television it is still a much better show. The grandpa puts o
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