If the Shoe Fits
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If the Shoe Fits

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An original take on some favorite nursery rhymes - this is one search for a new house that's bound to be more pleasure than trouble.

There was an old woman
who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children,
she didn't know what to do.
She gave them some broth
without any bread,
Then took them to live
in a new home instead.

Too messy, too woolly, too noisy, too small. Whether it's Hump...more
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published September 15th 2001 by Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
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Kristen Thompson
This book is about a boy, Rigo, who is from Mexico and has 3 brother, 1 sister, and 2 parents. It shows how a typical family from this heritage interacts and what it looks like. He talks about what it is like to live with so many people and have 4 siblings. He is kind of sad because he always gets hand-me-downs from his older siblings. Although, for this birthday he gets new loafers! He is very excited about them until a boy makes fun of them and, as a result, Rigo decides to stop wearing them....more
Alexa Maring
What a witty and clever combination of nursery rhymes! This would be a fantastic book to use at the end of a nursery rhyme unit. Young children through 2nd grade would really enjoy this book, although the older children and adults may get a kick out of remembering the nursery rhymes. The illustrations in "If the Show Fits" are spectacular.I love the watercolor like, smooth feel that the illustrations give off even in the hectic search for a place to live. Since the mother gets lost in other nurs...more
Beckie Coldiron
Alison Jackson was quite clever with how she combined numerous nursery rhymes into one book! As a child, I loved nursery rhymes, so this book would be ideal for me! I think this book is a great model for implementing several texts into one text, which is something I'd want my students and I to model as a class. I also loved the rhyming that took place through-out the text as well as the different types of writing styles. Also, I can even see myself implementing a math lesson by using measurement...more
Kristy Schwertfeger
I think this was such a cute book! It was about a family that lived in a shoe, and decided they wanted a new house. So they go through different nursery rhymes and visit those houses. They soon realize that none of those houses work, and their house is just right for them. I liked it because it went through all the nursery rhymes, and children will love that they can recognize those stories. I also like it because it shows different homes and that everybody lives in different places. So students...more
This was a fun rhyming read combining an updated version of nursery rhymes that I grew up with.
Don't read until you've introduced nursery rhymes.
This is such a fun book. The old lady and her children need more space, so they move through different fairy tails to try to find some, but it is all already taken. I would definitely use this story for sequencing or point of view. It would be fun for the students to write parts of this story from another point of view. They could write like they were one of the children (and manybe he doesn't like moving). They could also write from the perspective of some of the other fairy tail characters who...more
Molly Robbins
I really think that the children would love having this book read to them. This book would be most efficient for working on rhyming words, there is rhyming throughout the whole story. But if you wanted to extend the lesson, you could also work on sequencing. This would be perfect for sequencing because at the beginning of the story, the mother and children move out of the shoe looking for a new home, and they move in search of different places, and by the end of the story, they end back up in th...more
Codie Gates
What a great book! A mother lives with her children in a large shoe. But when things get crowded, they go on an adventure to find a new place to live. The places they go correlate with nursery rhymes from my childhood. And the family ends up back in their shoe. Very clever book.

This book can be used after talking about nursery rhymes in Kindergarten or First Grade. I would use it after the unit so that students will be able to see how the different nursery rhymes have been woven together.
Blakeley Norris
This was a really cute book about a family that moves around to different objects trying to find a comfortable place to live. They end up coming back to the shoe that they lived in from the beginning. This just helps students to be happy with what they have and to feel like home is a place that they are connected to. Their home is theirs and it does not matter what it looks like or if it is too small, but that they as a family make it their own and make it their home.
Kristin Traina
I really lie this book because it includes so many nursery rhymes as the women in the shoe tries to find a new location for her large family. In the end she goes right back to where she started int eh shoe. I think this would work really well for an introduction on environment, and how important it is. Many creatures can only survive or thrive in one type of environment, the others just don't fit, just like the family in the shoe.
Grade: 3rd- habitats
Kathryn Hogan
Cute story. I like how the book incorporates many different nursery rhymes in it. This offers lots of varation to the children as well as them learning more that one thing from the book. It woudl be a great book for new readers because they might be able to relate from memory the nursery rhymes. I also like how it gives a new twist to some of the nursery rhymes. I just hope that it wouldnt be confuning to the children.
Jade Saleem
This book is a very humorous book. It is about an old lady that lives a shoe and she wants to fit alot of peoepl and things in it.She works very hard to fit everyone in the little shoe but eventually she runs out of room and she becomes stumped into what to do. This book expresses to young children that building community is important. Without community we wouldn't have a world to live in. We need each other.
If the Shoe Fits by Alison Jackson is a book about a mother and her children who lives in a shoe and believes that they need a new home. This book follows the mother and children's search for a new home in many different object. This book can be used to teach K-1 students about sequencing. Students can make a map of all the places the mother and her children went through to find the perfect home.
Ebony Hargett
This is a cute book using various nursery rhymes to create a story. I love the rhyming words, familiar nursery rhymes and illustrations. I would use this book for teaching rhyming words and patterns, and making predictions. Students could also make conclusions and assumptions about the family and characters in the story. I would also recommend this book for independent reading for grades K-2.
Danielle Wynn
Great Book to teach rhyming and making predications
A mother takes a child to live in different clothing accessories which turn into their homes for a brief time. The old mother and her entire clan of children end up at the original shoe.
This book could be used to make connections for children that do not live in houses or apartments, but for students that live with a lot of relatives.
Yates Marie
This book is about a family that is too big to live in a shoe. The mom takes the children to different "homes" to try to find a place that would be more comfortable to live in. Eventually the family returns to their first home and realize that it is just perfect for them. This could be used to discuss the social studies aspect that the same home doesn't work for every family.
Hatka Prozorac
This book can be used for lessons on family structure, money or poverty, setting, and literature circle roles. This book can be used to teach K-2 students about sequencing, setting, story plot, conflicts within the story, and cause/effect. The different settings within the book will allow students to map out all the places the characters explored throughout the story.
Ngoc  Dang
This book can relate to children of different living backgrounds or children who have parents in the military. This book shows that even though the family kept moving to a different location, they are still with each other. It also refers to many different nursery rhymes so it's perfect for introducing children into learning it or exposing them to it.
Ayana Mishelle
This book is great after reading old nursery rhymes. Students can make predictions, relate text-to-text, text-to-world , text-to-self. The book is enjoyable. A great read , well written. This book can also be used for writing like readers to inspire students to use something already done to tell their stories ,they could use title of songs ect !!!!
Jennifer Borduin
I loved how this book took a classic children's tale and moved it between other classic children's tale. This gives students a great opportunity to practice sequencing. As an activity after the book, the students can re-sequence the story and add one page where the family visits a classic tale not included in the book. This could also be done as a class.
Michelle King
This book was very interesting. The book had great illustrations and the story was very engaging. This book includes lots of traditional nursery rhymes. I enjoyed reading this book and will share it in my classroom. Every family is different. No matter where you live as long as the family is all together, it's still a family.
Feb 11, 2011 Jenna added it
Shelves: rhyming
This was a good story it was rhying so it's good for practicing ryhtm in reading and also had very vivid illustrations. Somthign good about this book that kids may notice also wasthe fact that if was a combonation of nursery rhymes so may be good to read if you teachign a lesson on retellign a story with you own twist
Devan Watson
This is a great book full of revised nursery rhymes that introduce many math concepts like, estimation, comparing, and measurement. I would use this in a class of younger kids, but it might also be great for older kids as long as the activity involves them rewriting a nursery rhyme in a mathematical context.
Auttumn C
This book would be a great story for children who move from different homes, states, or schools. This book can help children understand that moving around happens and it is not a bad thing, and it would also be fun to see how many of the nursery rhymes the children can remember while reading the book!
Angela Moorer
Feb 12, 2011 Angela Moorer added it
Shelves: families
LOVED IT!!! Being an individual that has had to relocate due to unfortunate circumstances, I can relate to this story much like children can. The message I took from the book is "home is where the heart is." If it's a shoe,so be it. As long as your family is taken care of and happy, that is all that matters.
Courtney Sharpton
This would be good to read to a large population of children who move a lot or have just moved to the school. It could also be used to tell children not to be ashamed of who they are or where they came from. Lots of discussion can be made from this book about the nursery rhymes that they travel through.
Jessica Chambliss
This is great book about a family who has become to big for their home and have to move elsewhere. The book has a combination of nursery rhymes which create a story. This book could be used in a lesson to discuss rhyming words, patterns and to make predictions. This book is applicable for k-2.

This book talks about a family that kept moving from place to place throughout the story. It is good for teaching sequencing and useful when teaching about rhyming words. Grades Pre-K through 1st Grade would enjoy making text-to-text connections with the nursery rhymes mentioned in the book.
This book will be fun for pre-k to 2nd graders. Students will have fun with the mix of nursery rhymes woven throughout the book. Have fun with students exploring the sxcellently crafted illustrations and have students come up with their versions of mixing and matching nursery rhymes.
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