You Just Can't Get Enough (Gossip Girl: The Carlyles, #2)
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You Just Can't Get Enough (Gossip Girl: The Carlyles #2)

3.56 of 5 stars 3.56  ·  rating details  ·  1,711 ratings  ·  66 reviews
After a whirlwind first week on the Upper East Side, the Carlyles have made their mark on Manhattan's Golden Mile. Owen is new BFFs with Rhys Sterling, but what will happen when they both fall for the same girl? Baby stole resident it girl Jack Laurent's boyfriend...and then Avery stole Jack's popularity. Now Jack is on the warpath, and she wants nothing more than to send...more
Paperback, 256 pages
Published October 7th 2008 by Poppy (first published October 1st 2008)
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Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for

The Carlyle triplets are back in the spotlight and shaking up Manhattan.

Baby's decided that Manhattan looks good right now, and that includes J.P. With that decision made, she has to worm her way back into the heart of Constance Billard. All she has to do is revive the school's art magazine. Will her bohemian ways match the artsy direction of the magazine and push her further away from the elite crowd?

Avery's busy with board meetings with ladies...more
Oct 09, 2008 Rory rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone who likes young adult fiction or trashy beachy reading.
This book actually picked up steam and really cemented what was going to be good about the new generation is some expected ways.

One character has a great moment that bascially will explain everything to come--a Scarlett O'Hara moment that cemments their morailty in a way that readers will get...

One character manages to make the series less shallow and more open to the average reader. It is nifty moment that I really found to make me feel better about investing in this world.

And the action reall...more
Usually, this type of book is a quick read for when I'm bored.
This one, however, was different. There was something about it that made the characters seem easier to understand or like. In the original series, the characters were all the type who you love to hate. And sometimes the characters made me wince, but they weren't too perfect or inunderstandably popular. It was actually interesting and funny.
The Carlyles are back and this time not giving up. Owen is trying o forget about kelsey, his love who is currently dating Rhys. Ever since Owen told her he was a one night stand guy, she thinks he is lying about his true love for her. Baby is still allowed to go to Constance,unfourtanely and met a cute spanish boy J.P. Things aren't going to well with avery either.
I can make a text to text connection, all the spoiled kids who go to private school and go to all the desiner shops and are self c...more
Gossip Girl, The Carlyles You Just Cant Get Enough
By Cecily Von Ziegesar
241pp. NY,NY
Little, Brown and Company $10.99
ISBN: 0-316-02064-8

Welcome to the Upper East Side! That's the place where you can find the most popular people, Avery Carlyle, Baby Carlyle, Jack Laurent, and Owen Carlyle. They are rich, pretty, and most of all, popular. Everywhere you look, people are talking about them. That's the type if gossip that gets things started.

Avery, Baby, Jack, and Owen attend school at Constance Bil...more
You Just Can't Get Enough
October 07,2008 by Poppy
Pages.256 $10.99
Cecily von Ziegesar

Oh no the Gossip Girls' series is coming to a end! There are no more books continuing, no! Don't worry and don't panick, because there is a new series that comes right after the Gossip Girls' series and is written by the same author. It is The Carlyes series, You just can't get enough is the second sequel to the new series. It is written by the same author as Gossip Girls' series, Cecily von...more
Out of The A-List, The Clique, and The It Girl series, the Gossip Girl series is my favorite one. Gossip Girl books are trashy, light reads that are my escape from series books that have the kind of messages that parents would approve of.

You Just Can't Get Enough is the second book in the Gossip Girl spin of series, The Carlyles. In the first book you where introduced to the main characters. Baby: the sweet one who does who own thing, Owen: the playboy, Avery: the girl who just wants to be accep...more
Tiny Pants
So, I don't know if this Annabelle Vestry person is actually writing these books or if this is just another "Kate William," but whoever is writing these sure highbrow'd up this one! I enjoyed references to yes, Vassar, but also concepts like heteronormativity and the male gaze. Honestly, do teens and tweens actually read these books? And if they do, weirdly, good for them. I hope they're looking up the longer words.

I will say, this one started off slow for me -- I mean sheesh, I brought it back...more
Ok, so this book wasn't nearly as good as I thought it would be. But I guess it's always like that when it comes to Cecily's book. As much as I like them, they never really attend my expectations. Her ideas of happy ending are really different than mine, I guess. The characters never end the way I want them to and the relationships I love are always ruined somehow. I love the idea of opposites becoming the perfect couple, but I'm not sure she feels the same way. Also, in her books, the bad girl...more
Melannie :)
It took me a long time to read this one. But not because it wasn't good, but for lack of reading time. I had been very busy these days :/

I must say I did liked it. I mean I know it's completely surreal (it's about extra-rich Upper East Side kids),
but it was entretaining and quick and I did finished it and when I was done I didn't thik my time was wasted.

Serioulsy, you can say whatever you want about Cecily Von Ziegesar and her famous book series turned tv series, Gossip Girl;
but from my experie...more
How can something so wrong.... be so much fun!

I was never interested in reading Gossip Girl, which is why I’ve never read the first series and I’ve never watched the television show. I’d actually like to watch the tv show, but for some reason my satellite doesn’t get that channel! Anyway... like I said I never had an interest to read the Gossip Girls series. I assumed they would be some pathetic pieces of trashy literature. Cat fights, drama, shallow people... why would I want to read about tha...more
Another dip into the super glamorous lives of the teenagers of the upper east side. I found this book to be just okay. The writing is still often distracting and a little disorientating by its sudden pov changes. I believe this is the ghost writer trying to emulate the original so I don't think that is going to change any time soon.

As a sequel it was pretty decent. A nice return to the characters that I became interested in during the first book.

I personally find it a little annoying that poor...more
Ebony Lacy
May 25, 2012 Ebony Lacy is currently reading it
I have been reading this book for the past week for my lit circle book and its just like all the rest of the Gossip Girl books >> drama drama drama. Recently in this book , Avery has found out about Jack's living situation and her and her mom being cut off by Jack's dad. So to stop Avery from humiliating her, Jack kisses up to her and pretends to like her. Meanwhile, Baby and J.P (jack's ex) are getting pretty close. And J.P breaks up with Jack because of it. When Jack sees Baby and J.P ki...more
it was at the library. i had to at least SEE.

i was very annoyed because i could tell the book hadn't been written by cecily von zeigesar. everything seemed a little too forced.

the good (?) thing was that i like this group of kids better - at least, the main characters - except, really, you have a triplet named "baby"?? it's super annoying, i can't imagine how it is for the character. ugh. and while there are the typical balls and boy dramas and love triangles, these characters seem a little le...more
Kenya Liggons
Every Gossip Girl book is different. They are all the same because they all have this general idea of drama in them.This book was alright, it didn't really capture my attention like the other gossip girl books do.

This book is abot the Carlyle triplets. Own becomes friends with Rhys Sterling. They both fall for the same girl. Baby is trying to find her wayback into the constance billard. The only thing she has to do is exhilarate the school's magazine. Avery stoled Jack's popularity.Jack admitte...more
The Carlyles are back and this time not giving up one bit. Owen is trying to forget about Kelsey his love is who with Rhys. When Owen told Kelsey it was a one nighter because he found out that Kelsey was cheating on Rhys and didnt want to lose Rhys as a friends and just acted as if it never happened and is in love.Avery is having some problems. Baby is let back into Constance and is falling for J.P. a hot spanish boy.
My connection is a text-world. This is because there are always gonna be snob...more
Jun 02, 2009 Marian added it
Shelves: 2009, gossip-girl, readit
I was a little worried about replacing Blair, Serena, and book!V with new characters, but with the reboot, the series actually brought in likeable characters. Unlike before, where I disliked most of the characters, I can at least feel bad for someone like Jack who is trying her best to be the biggest bitch around. Something is off somewhere though, because I dragged my feet for awhile. Maybe it's the fact that there are entirely too many Js going around and I keep thinking, "wait, why is Jenny b...more
Amy (amyb2332)
While I don't really think this book is 4 or 5 stars good I really did enjoy it and have to say that I like this series much more than the original Gossip Girl books. The characters in The Carlyles books are similar in their Upper East side story lines but I just find the characters to be way more likable. I've often felt the characters in the original Gossip Girl books were pretty flat and after so many books it all just felt the same. The characters in this series seem more realistic even if t...more
So this was fun. Predictable and full of clichés, but also fun and relaxing, just a book not to think about a lot. The characters are sort of likeable (more than in the first part of Gossip Girl), so that's also one of the reasons that keeps you reading, you kind of feel identified in some parts with their feelings. I especially love Baby (she's my favourite!), Jack and Avery -they're pretty well developed, round characters. Owen and Rhys are good, too. The ones we know least about are Kelsey an...more
Jennie Cha
I like every GG book because of the characters and how they are., I was especially into Jack and Owen. I was super glad when they "hook" or pretended to date each other because that felt really adorable. I did not like him and Kelsey, she seems like a sl*ut, no offense because she was declaring her love for Rhs again only to cheat on him. I'd ADMIT I was pissed. However when Jack and J.P got back together yeah, darn it. Avery reminds me of Serena a lot and Baby does remind me of Blair and Jenny?...more
Alannah Clarke
I think at this point, I just wanted to read this whole series just out of nosiness. It was very clear that von Ziegesar had employed someone else to write this for her as they obviously tried very hard to mimic her writing and failed, this was evident to me from the very first chapter.

These are meant to only really be trashy, light reads and that's why I do really enjoy them, when I first read them I was going through A-levels and just wanted something quick and easy to read. But if you want a...more
This book is horrible - it's an insult to your intelligence! Can I give it no stars? I had to read this for a young adult literature class, and I couldn't stand it. There is so much needless swearing, the characters are shallow and so self-involved. One of the characters is named Baby! Ugh. Don't bother. I read the first Gossip Girl when I was in high school, and I liked it then, and from what little I remember about it, it was better than this one. But, I'm not sure if I would still like the fi...more
This one was better than the first one.
I'm not really a huge Gossip Girl fan because I noticed as the books went on I became less interested. However, with this new part of the series I've actually like the two novels so far. Truthfully, they are pretty shallow but I see them as a guilty pleasure. I actually think I like Avery the most in this series because she seems like the smartest and probably the character I can most relate to. A quick read that is pretty enjoyable.
Not sure I have anything specific to say. Just another mindless Gossip Girl book that I managed to power through in one day. I guess that's one good thing about these books; they're so light, you can just finish it quickly without letting it weigh you down (which is what happens with most books when I try to speed-read them). It's perfect for one of those days where you're lazy/don't want to do anything else.
I did not enjoy this one nearly as much as I would have liked to. I think this new series lacks the finer points of the original Gossip Girl and I am unsure at this point if that will change. Where the original characters seemed to have authority and control of their lives, the ones in this series seem over the top, and obnoxious. I will try the third installment and hope for better before giving up.
Kristina Hoerner
This book finally turned me off the Gossip Girls series. This is the second book in the Caryle series which is no longer written by the original author. The writing is not as good and I just don't care about this new group of kids. I hear they are doing the same thing with The A List so California Dreaming will probably be the last one of that series I read too. Darn!
Not a bad follow up book. I found this book seemed to explain the characters and the places a little better than the first book did. Outside of the triplets most of the characters are easily mixed up it seems because they seem to blur together. Some of it was kind of boring but for the most part it was a quick and okay read.
this wasn't the best book in the series but it got better towards the end. all of Avery's friends turn against her but she eventually finds a way to get them back. owen is in a love square with Kat, Jack and his best friend and baby tries to find out if she really likes her boyfriend.
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Cecily grew up in Manhattan and went to an all-girl's school on the Upper East Side.
She resides in Brooklyn with her husband Richard, the Deputy Director of the Public Art Fund, their children, Agnes and Oscar, and their two Cornish Rex cats. Von Ziegesar also owns an Appaloosa horse, Golden Rain. She is dreams of having a 'ranch full of cattle' when retired.

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