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Savage Worlds RPG (S2P10000)

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Welcome to a revolution in gaming Savage Worlds a merger of the best ideas in roleplaying and miniature games! What s so revolutionary? We re glad you asked! It s Fast! Savage Worlds is the fastest and easiest fully-detailed roleplaying game you ll ever play! You can fight out massive battles quickly and easily with your heroes allies and minions in one simple, fast-playin...more
Hardcover, 144 pages
Published March 1st 2005 by Studio 2 Publishing, Inc. (first published April 14th 2003)
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Fast Furious Fun is the motto, and the book and game system deliver exactly that. Beautifully designed mechanics, well-written book, and a general love of gaming and geekery add up to a compulsive and enjoyable gaming experience.

After 20 years of gaming using BRP and d20 systems, I find that I have pretty much switched to this for all my own games. Definitely recommended to experienced gamers and newbies alike.
Hands down, the best Fast Furious Fun RPG on the market!

The rules fade into the background, character creation is a breeze but at the same time deep!

We have played many, many games with the Explorer's Edition, and now, we will play many, many more with the updated Deluxe rules.

Frank Jarome
Pretty damned amazing. My personal favorite is still Fate, but that scratches a different kind of system itch. I ended my reading wanting very much to play a Savage Worlds game, which is the highest compliment I can bestow an RPG
The best version of one of the most versatile RPG Systems out there.
Szukałem jakiegoś prostego systemu, w którym mógłbym poprowadzić grę dla znajomych. Chciałem aby podręcznik był dostępny w języku polskim, aby system miał bardzo proste zasady, które da się wytłumaczyć graczom w pół godziny i nauczyć ich w to grać oraz żeby nie musieli czytać podręcznika. Do tego jeśli jeszcze system jest generyczny i umożliwia prowadzenie gry w dowolnej konwencji, to już w ogóle super. Te wszystkie wymagania spełnia właśnie Savage Worlds - dostajemy cienką, kolorową książeczkę...more
Let me start by warning you that I love Savage Worlds. As a matter of fact, it replaced Dungeons & Dragons as my number one role-playing game. That said, Savage Worlds desperately needed an update. It not only got that, but also got a fine uplift with Deluxe Edition. The book is sturdier, prettier and the material used to print it is of a better quality than the previous edition (although only slightly, as it was also a top-notch printing).

Deluxe's more sturdy and the hardcover lets it stand...more
I never played the previous edition, so I don't have anything to compare it with — except other RPGs, and I think this system rocks!

It's incredibly simple, but that's the whole idea. The notion of using the same mechanics for magic, miracles, super-powers and weird science is elegant and functional. That style is seen throughout the whole system, e.g., you may create a character in under 15 minutes.

The small format makes this edition easy to transport, and the price ($ 9.90) allows for having a...more
Ryan Aech
Savage Worlds is by no means my favorite system. That honor goes to FATE and its relatives. And while I typically don't have much love for "trad" games and their creators, I find it hard to say a bad word about SHan Hensley and his compatriots.
As far as "traditional" RPGs go, Savage Worlds is easily in the top 3. As far as games to be played at a convention, again, top 3 (and easily beats Pathfinder and D&D in this category).

One of the best things is the SW business model. Buy the Core book,...more
Joseph Teller
An easily accessible and inexpensive basic rules book for the Savage Worlds mechanic.

The mechanic itself seems best designed for one shots and short length campaigns (single storylines), but insists on starting player characters in a minimal fashion with limited ability and 'promises of improvement' that appear to be counter to the results.

Characters are simple, fast, and probably one or two page results. In practice, just using the basebook, they appear to be rather 'trope' minded and thus migh...more
From just a first read through this system feels a little fiddly to me, especially the shaken/wounded mechanic. I like the idea of a setting agnostic system and have seen a lot of interesting stuff out there (like Achtung Cthulhu) but until I actually play or run the system I am just not sure how practical it is.
Didn't read it front to back (skimmed most of the lists-of-things), but it seems like a neat D&D-light system. Would rather use it than D&D or Pathfinder if the group I was playing with liked crunchy.

It's a generic system, so it can be used for any genre/setting. I like how the rules allow for army battles.
Alfonso Junquera perez
Un sistema de rol genérico para cualquier tipo de ambientacion, desde fantasía a ciencia ficción. Muy intuitivo y rapido de comprender facilitando la labor tanto al director de juego como a los jugadores.
This is the start of the best idea for an RPG system I've seen yet. It does what many others (including GURPS and Fudge) tried to do (and in an obviously product-generation sense GURPS did very well, while Fudge has remained in the background). However, Savage Worlds feels more adaptable to more situations. And, as I was already familiar with the Deadlands games, I would say that it was easier to learn. This system also has two very big advantages: First, world/character/race generation is much...more
Adam Lydick
An impressive work. They did a good job at cutting the rough edges off traditional pen and paper RPGs to create a system that is dead-simple to learn and fast to play.

Unfortunately, this same simplicity takes most of the fun out of character advancement -- as there are relatively few choices to be made in terms of game mechanics. In my opinion, this makes the system best suited for running one-offs or gently introducing new players to role playing.
Oct 01, 2013 Bernard rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Bernard by: Andy Fortier
Shelves: rpg
Didn't read cover to cover, but skimmed it enough to learn the Savage Worlds system for our Deadlands campaign. I like how this system makes combat less a multi-hour gruel with diminishing hope for the players each turn, as the previous Deadlands edition, and more fun and survivable! I also like how wounds/wind/fatigue seems a much more workable system rather than, again, a losing battle from which it is very hard to recover.
Daniel Pepper
Clear and well explained. Has enough detail to satisfy me on the rules front without getting too caught up in the minutia of ultra detail within the game mechanics.
Maybe not the most suitable system for all kinds of game settings, seeing as it makes no pretence to realism and advertises itself as fast furious and fun. But, on those claims it makes good.
Looking forward to using this with Deadlands.
Great rules set that covers both RPGs and miniatures rules. It's first and foremost aimed at RPGs, but easily adaptable to the table top. The book does a great job covering all the different genres, but there was a real bias toward fantasy and pulp adventures. I think other supplements will fill out this gap. Though I haven't yet played the game, I can easily see how fun this will be.
Great RPG. As a beginner I found the book a little confusing. Be prepared to jump around to make sense of some of the rules. It is more of a reference then a hand holding guide. I'm glad I played a couple of games at an expo before reading and running my own game, but once the basics are grasped it comes into its own.
Okay, I haven't read through this entire thing, but I have a pretty good idea of what it's like from reading through the Savage World of Solomon Kane. The system seems nice, simple, and fast. Might use it for my next game, might not. Time will tell.
I just skimmed this, getting ready for a Deadlands campaign I have coming up. Pretty hard to judge how good the system is or how easy to use the book is until I actually play, so I can't rate this one.
Maxwell Heath
Very good set of universal rules. I'm looking forward to using this soon. Also, I like how the book includes a variety of art and different sample adventures to emphasize how it can be used for various genres.
Nov 27, 2007 Wayne rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of Fast Role Playing Games
Shelves: role-playing
This game is one of the best I've read. It's designed for us gamers with little time to plan and design, and love lots of action and conflict. For $10.00 it's the best deal in gaming. Go buy one today!
This is a fantastic system that manages to be both light (mostly) and universal (mostly). I read through in prep for a game I'm running in the next month. I like what I've seen so far.
This is really an amazing game system. Although I've just read most of the rules and not actually played it - I'm really looking forward to trying it out.
Suitably impressed, though some rules are out of order. I had a peek at the revised version and it's much better. A great rules system for $10.
Cliff Riseborough
Seems like a simple, fun RPG system. Curious to investigate a bit deeper in to some of the more realized worlds, like Weird Wars or Deadlands.
Simple, customizable, and easy to learn pen and paper role-playing. Such a simple concept but most really great ideas are.
Fernando Barrocal
Great RPG System, developed to be fast and without many of the need of other mainstream titles.
My Favorite role playing system these days. Although the Deluxe Edition is preferable nowadays
Gunnar Bangsmoen
Excellent and extremely versatile ruleset that could benefit from stricter editing.
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