Seeker (Noble Warriors Trilogy, #1)
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Seeker (Noble Warriors Trilogy #1)

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When his brother is exiled from the Nomana without any explanation, sixteen-year-old Seeker sets off on a journey to rescue him--and to find out what really happened.Along the way, he meets two other young people who are on quests of their own, and in a shocking turn of events, the three are soon caught up in a harrowing and bloody race to save the Nomana--and themselves--...more
Paperback, 448 pages
Published April 1st 2007 by HMH Books for Young Readers (first published January 1st 2005)
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Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for

Seeker (full name Seeker after Truth) has dreamed, his whole life, of becoming a Nomana, a Noble Warrior. A protector of the All and Only, the god who made all things. The desire to be one has only grown stronger since his brother, Blaze of Justice, became a Noble Warrior. Seeker knows that this is his destiny, never mind that his father expects him to become Teacher. Now he is sixteen, old enough to go before the Nom and offer himself, and hope th...more
Laura Herbertson
This is the only time I'll say this...the book would've made a better movie. Actually, the author is the person who wrote the screenplay for Gladiator. I think Seeker was written to be seen, rather than read.

The characters needed actors to bring them to life. Not that the characters were lame. they weren't, they just were sorta visual. The three protagonists were all teenagers going though some turnpoint in their lives. Each had a different transformation to make. Frankly, I thought each of thei...more
Seeker, the first book of the Noble Warriors trilogy, has several different narrators. At different times it is told from Seeker’s point of view, Morning Glory’s, or the Wildman’s, as well as other characters. Especially in the beginning, this was very confusing. I was still getting to know one character and suddenly I’m introduced to another. By the end, I’d sorted them all out, and I started to like this setup. It allowed me to see what was going on everywhere, rather than just at one location...more
TeenFiction Teton County Library

Chris’s Rating: 3 Stars
Seeker of Truth (yes that is his name) wants to be Nomana (One of the holy peace seeking warriors that protects the land) but as his older brother is already Nomana (and few who desire to be a holy warrior are even accepted) his father is intent that he should become the head of a fine school and pursue academics. Then Seeker’s older brother is cast out from the Nomana in disgrace and is “purged” (made to forget everything and start again as thoug...more
i really havent gotten that far in.......
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Seeker has always wanted to be a Noble Warrior: a monk who fights for Justice in the name of the All and Only. Morning Star and Wildman, too, wish to become Noble Warriors. All for very different reasons. But before they can join, they must prove themselves worthy. When Seeker finds a plot to destroy Anacrea, the Island on which the Noble Warriors live, he knows what he must do. He knows what he must do. Together with Morning Star and Wild...more
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Carl Alves
Seeker is the first novel from William Nicholson that I've read, and after reading it, I don't particularly feel the need to read any of his other novels. Nicholson is very heavy into world building and spent a good bit of time on the backstory about the Nomana, or the noble warriors, who dedicate their lives to the Nom, the All and the Only. This backstory, unfortunately, is poorly developed, not particularly interesting and really drags. The characters are just abysmal. All three of the main c...more
One of my favorite fantasies, this book goes outside the norm in both character and plot.

Ages ago, a single warrior named Noman founded an order of warrior monks called the Nomana. Their duty was simple; to spread peace, safeguard the people, and protect their god, the All and Only. Ensconced in their sacred citadel Anacrea, the Nomana are idolized and feared by many.

Seeker After Truth, a young boy who lives on Anacrea, yearns to join the warrior order like his older brother, scorning his father...more
Jan 09, 2012 Jacob rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Teenagers that like to read adventure books.
Recommended to Jacob by: Lachlan Swanson
The book Seeker is about a 16-year old kid Seeker who has always wanted to be part of the Nomana which is a land, ruled by monks. When Seeker turned sixteen, which was how old a person needed to be to join the Nomana, his older brother got expelled and imprisoned by the Nomana. Seeker went on a journey to the Nomana to rescue his brother. On his way he met two people named Morning Star and Wildman. They ended up traveling together to the Nomana. When they got Nomana, Morning Star and Wildman get...more
Wow, la verdad es que no esperaba que este libro fuera tan bueno. Si bien, al principio es un poco confuso por las diversas historias que se presentan, después todo se va uniendo y va tomando sentido. Es un historia, que cuando entré, ya no podía salir de ella. La historia está muy bien hecha y muy clara. El setting es muy creíble y sólido y los personajes son muy definidos y entretenidos.
Creo que lo más interesante del libro es cómo todos los personajes se van uniendos hasta terminar la histori...more
Jordan Vermillion
This book was breathtaking. It made me think of what was going to happen next as it jumped back and forth between chapters with different characters. I would have to recommend this book to anyone seeking to read about adventure.

This book is book one of the noble warrior's. This book is all about adventure. Most of the characters in this book are carried on to the next series. The book is about a boy has wanted to become a Nobble Warrior all of his life, but his dad wanted him to take his place...more
On the island of Anacrea lives the All and the Only, the God who made all things! He is protected by the Nobel Warriors called the Nomana. Three sixteen year olds, Seeker, Morning Star, & the Wild Man, from far different lives, all want to join the ranks of the Nomana for different reasons. But there is a deep evil in the world. The imperial city of Radiance, where human sacrifices are tossed to their deaths every day are planning on attacking the Nomana and the three new friends are the onl...more
Another fantasy trilogy. I shouldn't have read this one the same weekend as The Naming because I keep confusing the two.[return][return]Evil lives in the town of Radiance and a strange group of three people must save the day. Seeker is determined to find out why his brother was kicked out of the Nomana, the sacred brotherhood that he himself wants to join. Morning Star has always wanted to join the Nomana to find her mother. And Wildman just wants the power of the Nomana. But all three are rejec...more
My friend and i went to the bookstore and saw this book on sale. the cover art was captivating and promoted the book as the type of book i'd read, so i picked it up. without reading a page, i bought it. i immediately started reading it, and absolutely loved it. it amazes me how the characters have not a shred of doubt that their god is real. i'd love to visit the Nom, its sounds enchanting. i loved the intricate plot and characters. seeker, the brilliant boy who's trapped into being what his fat...more
I have to admit I wasn't too impressed at the beginning of this book. All of the characters felt foreign to me for the first half of the book. I know it's a first book they won't seem familiar yet. I may have used the wrong words but that's what first came to mind. Basically I feel like it would have been more satisfying if there were a bit more description of character and features. It was almost as if we were supposed to already know them before starting.

By the end however I found that I was e...more
seeker is about a boy who is a school teachers son who wants to be a noble warrior at the nom. On his adventure he in counters two new friends named morning star and wildman. All three of them want to become a noble warrior but were turned down. they went to the city of radiance to find a weapon that is to destroy seekers home land.
this book has action, decieving and people with serios hatred. life is all ablout adventures and not nowing what is going to happenso take a risk if you dare and ent...more
Dayna Smith
This is the first book in The Noble Warriors series. The Nomana protect their god and his people and once a year new Nomana are selected. Seeker for Truth wants to follow in the footsteps of his brother Blaze of Justice and join the Nomana. When he is not accepted and his brother is cast out of the Nomana accused of being a traitor, Seeker decides to follow his brother and prove his innocence. While on the road he becomes involved with two others who want to be Nomana: Morning Star and the Wildm...more
I'm reading my sons books we got him for Christmas. I'm getting used to the idea of reading something other than non-fiction. Seeker For Truth, Morning Star, and Wildman-a river rat pirate are all seeking to become the next Nomana for one reason or another. They are all rejected and so they end up together feeling like they can not return home. They uncover a plot from a neighboring country Radiance who think of the Sun as their god to destroy the Nomana. In their minds, they feel the Nomana wil...more
Barbara Ell
When Seeker of Truth wants to follow in his brother's (Blaze of Justice) footsteps in joining the Nomana, he believes that he is only going to have to deal with his father and his father's ambitions. However, Blaze of Justice was called a traitor to the Nomana, becomes "cleansed" and is cast out of the community.

Seeker then goes in search of his brother, since this isn't the Blaze that he remembers. In searching for his brother, he is joined by Morning Star and Wildman. Both also wanted to join...more
This book is about Seeker of Truth, Wildman, and Morning Star who all strive to become Noma warriors, who work for the God Nomana and live on Ancrea Island. Seeker wants to get in because his brother was ejected from the order, Wildman because he wants peace, and Morning Star to follow her mother. All of them get rejected from the choosing so they decide to do something heroic to get in. So they go of in search of the mega weapon that would destroy the Noma. Morning star gets kidnapped and must...more
How refreshing to read teen fiction where the main characters are likeable, don't whinge about their lot in life, and just get on with it. I find the latest trend in teen fiction to be particularly unflattering to teens and wonder at their popularity.

This novel is well written., it has strong characters, who develop as their tale proceeds. Although, you have a good idea how the story will end, the journey there is not predictable. And despite being a trilogy, the story ends properly so it can be...more
I liked the story, how everything tied to each other and how it was really original. The only thing I could not STAND was Wildman. He was a three year old in an 18 year old body.
His trademarks:
Do you loooove me?
He just drove me crazy because I knew the author had it in him to create a more interesting character because the other ones were just fine.
I don't know. Maybe I'm alone in my hate for Wildman. BUT HE JUST DROVE ME INSANE!
Oh and the end was a terrific roller coaster that ma...more
Caitlin Mininger
I first read this book several years ago, before I knew it was part of a series. It stuck with me in the hazy places of my memory, and in fact I was astonished how much I remembered once I started reading it again. This is due, no doubt, to Nicholson's immense talent of description: he makes you see really see the scene without slowing the plot down. The world is fully realized and the characters are enchantingly entertaining. However parts of the plot and characterization felt a little rushed,...more
Ryan Nall
I'm a fan of books of plenty of action and twists, and Seeker does not disapoint. Seeker is about a boy whos father wants him to live out the life he wants for him, but all Seeker wants in life is to be a Nomana, a Noble Warrior. His brother Blaze, had joined the Nomana on his 16th birthday and today is Seeker's 16th birthday and he plans to follow the steps of his brother. But his world is turned upside down when his brother is branded a traitor and exiled from his home, now Seeker must find hi...more
I bought this series based only on the blurb and can't get my students to check it out so I decided to see why. I liked it. It was a little hard to get into, but I thought it was interesting. I will definitely read the rest and maybe now I know from experience what they're about, I can promote them better. It's traditional fantasy with three characters--Seeker, Morning Star, Wildman--who for various reasons, want to study with the Nomana, a group of sort of priest warriors with special powers (o...more
I loved this story and so did all the people I lent this book to. Three quite different characters who are all looking for something and end up companions by circumstance and then by choice. It is so nice to read a story about teens where when faced with adversity they don't whine, they come up with a plan and execute it.And if it doesn't quite work, come up with another plan to deal with it.

My recommendation is, don't read the next two stories in the trilogy. This works better as a stand alone...more
Creative A
I picked this book up for the cover (the one with the silhouette standing in front of a color burst.) Right from the start I thought the story idea was a little obscure. I liked the idea of the Noble Warriros, but the mythology was hard to stomach. And I had a hard time connecting with the characters, especially Wildman. The four separate storylines don't come together well; the ending is awkward, with a strange loose thread; it's hard to envision the story going anywhere interesting.

I didn't h...more
Not the BEST book I've ever read but it was pretty good
Simple but delightful.
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William Nicholson was born in 1948, and grew up in Sussex and Gloucestershire. His plays for television include Shadowlands and Life Story , both of which won the BAFTA Best Television Drama award in their year; other award-winners were Sweet As You Are and The March . In 1...more
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