Crazy for You
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Crazy for You

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On Wednesday, Quinn McKenzie changes her life. On Thursday, she tries to get somebody to notice. On Thursday night, somebody does.Quinn McKenzie has always lived what she calls a "beige" life. She has a good job as a high school art teacher, and she's surrounded by family and friends who rely on her. She's dating Bill, coach of the championship high school football and bas...more
Hardcover, Large Print, 408 pages
Published April 30th 2000 by Wheeler Publishing (first published March 1st 1999)
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Tea Jovanović
Obožavam da muškarcima "uvaljujem" da prevode ženske knjige i slušam njihove komentare... A tek neke njihove interpretacije... :)
This book is like a well worn jumper that you pull on to keep you warm as the early winter chill starts to bite. I love it. I have it sitting permanently in my bedside cupboard, ready to drag out if I need a little pick me up. Its premise is simple but smart. Quinn, thirty-six, leaves her boyfriend, Bill and starts to lead a new, more spontaneous life which includes among other things, a (very) hot affair with Nick, her used to be brother-in-law now best friend. The only problem is that Bill sti...more
Diane ~Firefly~
Crusie is one of my favorite authors, so I always enjoy re-reading her books. This is a great one for alphabet challenges on character names as you have a female Q - Quinn and a male Z - Nick Ziegler. Quinn decides to get out of her rut and go after what she wants for a change.

What I enjoyed:
* The characters. Crusie always writes interesting characters.
* Katie, the dog.
* There are four romantic stories taking place and all are interesting.

What could have been better:
* Bill was unrealistic. (view...more
Jacob Proffitt
This story was . . . problematic. Nick was too much of a loner jerkwad to be attractive as love interest and Quinn a bit too stubbornly stupid to be sympathetic as main character. The secondary characters elevated the story somewhat as they were more sympathetic and attractive than either Nick or Quinn—saving this from two-star territory, but only just.
1.5 stars

I usually affiliate Crusie with silly yet fun contemporary trashy romance novels, where I quite like the characters and like reading what they go through before the usual conclusion. While this one started off like one, it quickly devolved into something that wasn't really fun to read.

Everyone's angry and short-tempered, which is annoying in itself, but then there's the ladies of the books (with the exception of Edie) whom are just so unreasonable and rather high maintenance. I felt sor...more
Jennifer Cruise never rarely disappoints! This story was near perfect. It was party fiction with 5 POV's. I'm not a fan of party fiction, and initially I thought I'd be putting this back on the shelf. But she had me before the end of the first chapter!

Once upon a time, there was a mutt, and before the happily ever after this mutt would change everything and then put it back together again. Katie, the mutt, sneaks into Quinn's life and puts a wrecking ball in her seemingly perfect relationship wi...more
This was one of Crusie shorter books, and honestly it was funny but it was also really disturbing at the same time. Quinn is the main character and she is tired of being the sister who is always calm and collected and nice to everyone. She always ignores what she really wants because she thinks people need to see her as being the responsible one in her family. When she decides to adopt a dog from the pound and takes it back home her live in boyfriend Bill tells her she can't have the dog. Quinn...more
This is the first Jennifer Crusie novel I've tried, after hearing from numerous people on LiveJournal that she's worth reading--and, well, adhering to the LJ canon has rarely steered me wrong so far. I did like it. It was cute and had just the right level of fluff, and I really liked the dialogue, which was often witty and fun. The hero and heroine, Nick and Quinn, weren't made overly stupid for authorial reasons, though towards the end of the book, I was just urging them to go get busy already,...more
This could have been a great book if Bill was not insane and if Quinn and Nick had a better friendship. I'll start with Bill. It was completely melodramatic and too insane to read when Bill became... insane. Yes, he starts off being annoying, planning out Quinn's life with him, but he becomes progressively insufferable. It might have helped jumpstart Quinn and Nick's relationship, but it was definitely detracting. At least to me. Quinn and Nick were supposed to be best friends. How exactly does...more
Jane Stewart
Kind of nice. Ok. I couldn't get into the characters that much.

It was about a school teacher, Quinn, her family and friends. It was about relationships that weren't going well, some were breaking up. Some got back together later. Nothing really excited me. Even after seeing her end up with Nick, which was a happy ending, I felt as if too many details were missing. The story wasn't as fulfilling as I would have liked.

Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: three. Setting current day, sm...more
I'm giving this book 4 stars because, really, it's worth it. But I have to admit that part of me was hanging out for 3 stars because the book wasn't all that comfortable for me to read. I enjoy Ms. Crusie's writing, but some of her books show an underbelly of cynicism that isn't fun. Fast Women was one of those books, and I've tried to read Welcome to Temptation and stopped, twice, for the same reasons. Ms. Crusie's views on men, relationships, and marriage are sometimes a downer. Wrapped in a h...more
I've been laid up with a back injury for the last 10 days so I've had a lot more reading time than usual, and I'm on a real Jennifer Crusie ride.
Loved Crazy for You, it is full of all the craziness that is a Jennifer Crusie novel.
Quinn McKenzie is in a relationship with the 'perfect' guy, Bill. He the town's high school football/baseball coach and idolised by everyone in the town, but Quinn is looking for something a little more exciting in her life. She ends up with a stray dog that she wants t...more
I've enjoyed a few of the more recent Crusie books and have been checking out her backlist now that it is in eBook form. Unfortunately, I think she was still finding her way in her early books. What I enjoy about her more recent books is the realistic, humorous voice of her characters, primary and secondary. That humor is still in evidence here, but she's also trying to mix in suspense, and I think it results in just too much going on. As a result, character development suffers.

Quinn is interest...more
Olga Godim
I love Jennifer Crusie, anything she’s ever written. In this story, Quinn wants a dog. When her current boyfriend Bill denies her wish, she leaves him and falls in love with her best friend Nick. Bill can’t accept the fact that Quinn left him for a dog, so he stalks her and tries to get rid of the dog. And Nick can’t accept the fact that his best friend is in love with him, and he with her. He resists the temptations of her kisses and her body but helps Quinn to rescue her dog from the Evil Bill...more
Heather B.
Quinn McKenzie is a high school art teacher who is dating the well admired high school coach Bill. She is finding herself bored with her everyday life and really wants to make a change that will make her feel excited again. When a stray dog was found at the high school, Quinn believed that the dog was a sign to start this change she desired by adopting the stray dog and she named the dog Katie. Her boyfriend, Bill, did not want the dog in their lives because he believed that this dog would mess...more
Well, having read Getting Rid of Bradley, I was disappointed in this novel from Crusie. I believe this one came out first but no matter, it is almost the exact same plot. Boring girl leaves boring guy. She loves dog(s) and needs a change by way of a haircut. Meets a dark, rebel-type bad boy with a heart of gold who eventually falls in love with said character despite being a bachelor-till-I-die type. He saves her from mysteries threats from ex boyfriend. She has a close call with death/abuse. Al...more
Rosina Lippi
One thing about Crusie's novels: there's always something going on beneath the surface.

You might think this is just a story about a girl having to chose between two men. Her rock-solid live-in boyfriend, thoughtfulness incarnated, and boring as boiled eggs on the one side, and on the other, somebody she's always had a crush on. He was once married to her sister for a few disasterous weeks. The sister has moved on and is happily settled, but Quin still can't get past Nick. Who is something of a k...more
This book was about change: looking at your life, and yourself, and realizing that you've just "settled." It starts with a little dog that the main character, Quinn, finds and decides to keep, except her live-in boyfriend doesn't want. When he takes it to the pound, something in her breaks loose and she rescues the dog and leaves him. That's the beginning of a widespread domino effect - for her, and those around her.

I would like to give this book a higher rating, because the author did a better...more
I guess I'm addicted.

I mean, there's really no excuse for the number of Jennifer Crusie novels I've devoured if I didn't really like them, at least a little bit. I recognize that the plotlines are transparent, the characters are a bit silly, and the sex scenes are strangely reminiscent of each other. But they're perfect to casually pick up, read a bit in the workroom, read a bit on the reference desk, and read before going to bed. I never feel like I'm missing a pivotal moment despite not devot...more
Ana Banda
Nick Ziegler es terriblemente sexy&el mejor amigo que todas hemos tenido o tendremos! todas estamos o estuvimos enamoradas del beffo pero no todas se atrevan a intentar algo! el viejo es sexy sexy sexy & s e x y ♥ me lo llevo pa' mi casa *.*
Quinn; Dios que loca! practicamente hizo que todo mundo cambiara su vida;pero me cayo bien!
la mamá de Quinn&Eddie que loco fue eso O_o & que siguieran juntas hasta el final aun mas!
Thea&Jason mis vidos :3 a Jason tambien lo quiero para mi...more
This book read in June of 2005 and I didn't attempt to write the book review until November. My mistake.

Guess what? It's been too long. I can hardly remember anything about this book, except that I couldn't STAND Bill, and dogs are smart -- we should listen to them!

Oh! I just remembered something else about this book -- the descriptions of Quinn's little house -- the one she bought all by herself -- were very interesting. I would like a house like that! But the Bill thing made it more like a "St...more
This re-released rom-com by contemporary romance author, Jennifer Cruise, is a pleasing hit. Funny, sexy, and real, it is worth checking out.

Quinn McKenzie, a thirty-five year-old high school art teacher is completely satisfied with her life...or is she? For the last two years, she has been living with Bill Hilliard, the high school coach and town hero. He's the perfect guy...or is he? In reality, he's a little controlling, never seems to take Quinn's needs into account, is a tad boring, ignores...more
What to say, what to say.. I am not a dog person. So when I start reading a book and it seems to be centered around a dog...I´m not gonna get excited. It takes a genius (*cough* Maggie Stiefvater *cough*) to get me excited about something I normally don´t like all that much. And then you have so many POVs that in the beginning, I was thoroughly confused (not somehting you expect from a Chick-Lit) and considered not reading the book at all.

However, I´m glad I did read it because the POVs presente...more
Gusto Dave
I'm a hairy knuckled, beer drinking guy and I'd read just about anything by Jennifer Crusie. She wrote the villain in this so well--a very credible character that begins to get on your FREAKIN' nerves. And all the while a slick little romance blossoms. I'd rate this as a 5 if I thought most men would want to read this, but it might just be a little too pastel for guys who steer toward action/thriller/suspense. Otherwise, this is an outstanding novel. Most charming.

Gusto Dave
This book was not at all what I expected. I only discovered Jennifer Crusie about a week ago and I've been on a kick ever since then. I was expecting something light and funny along the lines of Bet Me but what I got was romance with a side of sheer horror. This book is brilliantly plotted, beautifully told and the sex is, frankly, hot but everyone who reads this needs a serious trigger warning before starting. This book does horror better than a lot of published horror authors but holy hell was...more
Ashley S.

Alright so Quinn McKenzie is dating "the world's nicest guy" and she has a job as the school's art teacher, she has family and friends...blah...blah...

One morning or late afternoon, Quinn draws an epiphany granted to her by a four legged furry being she later names Katie! Quinn wants "excitement" (my reply: get in line honey...don't we all!?!) and so she sets out on this journey of "finding that excitement" you know that itch you've been wanting to scratch but just couldn't because you didn't kn...more
Well this was a rather pleasant surprise! I’ve become a bit wary of the stack of books I found at my workplace, since a number of them have been decidedly underwhelming, but this one was a lot more entertaining than I was expecting it to be.
The heroine of the book is Quinn McKenzie, a thirty-something teacher in a smallish American town, who has a reputation for being eminently sensible, as opposed to her rather flighty sister. Quinn lives together with her boyfriend Bill, the baseball coach and...more
Definitivamente uno no puede conformarse, la vida muy corta y muy emocionante para dejarla pasar.
Una muestra de que no hay que hacerlo es lo que hizo Quinn, tomar las decisiones que haya que tomar para ser feliz.
Ame a Nick..!
Jennifer Crusie is one of my favorite chicklit writers, and "Crazy for You" is vintage Crusie. The plot is predictable, the characters likable and slightly daffy, the romance thick, the sex is hot. The main character, Quinn is an art teacher who breaks up with her live-in boyfriend, the coach, when he will not allow her to keep a stray dog, and she realizes that all of the major decisions they have made as a couple, he has overridden all of her choices...Only he doesn't get it. There is also her...more
This had 1 really funny scene, and a few really sweet scenes, but on the whole it had some distributing things that just weren't for me. I still love Jennifer Cruise and will continue to read her books.
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Jenny Crusie is the NYT bestselling author of twenty some novels and lots of other stuff. Her latest novel, Maybe This Time, hit shelves in August, 2010.

Jenny lives on the Ohio River where she often stares at the ceiling and counts her blessings.
More about Jennifer Crusie...
Bet Me Welcome to Temptation (Dempseys, #1) Anyone But You Agnes and the Hitman Faking It (Dempseys #2)

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“She glared at him. “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“I think I’m the fuck you want,” Nick said, and when she swung on him, he ducked under her arm and caught her to him, taking her mouth with his so completely that she stopped swinging to enjoy the heat and shudder he kissed into her, so relieved to finally have his arms around her.”
“Exciting wasn't turning out obe as easy as she'd thought it would be, but it was definitely worth pursuing.” 3 likes
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