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Vampire Hunter D Volume 02: Raiser of Gales
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Vampire Hunter D Volume 02: Raiser of Gales (Vampire Hunter D #2)

3.86  ·  Rating Details ·  1,638 Ratings  ·  54 Reviews
The people of the village of Tepes once cowered in fear beneath the shadow of the Nobility manor. But the Nobility moved on, and the castle sat empty, a place whispered of in ghost stories to caution young people to stay away. One day four of the village children vanished. Only three returned, with no memory of what had happened or where they went. That was ten years ago. ...more
Paperback, 250 pages
Published by Digital Manga Publishing / Dark Horse (first published 1984)
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The second book in this series continues its wacky blend of improbable sci-fi and fantasty with the same style and vigor as the first one. The ideas are fresh and alarming, and different enough from the preceding book to feel like this one stands on its own. Still, it is hard to compete with the first time experiencing this series, so I have fonder memories of the first book despite being impressed with this one.

This one explores D's history to some extent, which is exciting given how mysterious
Jul 21, 2012 Matthew rated it really liked it
Much more complex and dark than the first book, this is the 4th time I've read the book cover to cover. After reading a few different reviews that really blasted the book, I agree with them somewhat. The book didn't really focus on D the 'badass' as much as D the extraordinarily complex dhampir. In this book he portrays portions of his personality RARELY ever seen, like smiling and actually talking about his past. The book speculates on the past, present, and future of the nobility with very in ...more
Dec 21, 2007 Robin rated it it was ok
I adore the character of D. He's cheesy, over the top, and essentially perfect. Which is why I read these books, despite the fact that perfect characters make for ridiculous, low-tension stories. It's cheese. It's pure cheese. Out of a can.

I also found the way the author switches point of view, from objective camera to internal, and from one character to another in the same scene, to be awkward and off-putting. I don't generally read manga, so maybe it's a genre or cultural difference, or perhap
Mar 19, 2014 Taralen rated it liked it
Raiser of Gales just doesn't hold up to the first book of the series. While darker and more complex, the story is full of confusing passages that will most likely force you to reread what you just read. I'm not sure if Kikuchi did this on purpose since a continuous conflict in the book is that the characters must overcome attacks directly penetrating their psyche. So I say this problem is kind of up in the air.
Like the first book, Kikuchi has a horrible habit of overly emphasizing how beautiful
Aug 20, 2015 Trace rated it really liked it
The story was good, and it was entertaining enough that I would give it five stars.

However, one thing I've come to notice in the writing of Hideyuki Kikuchi, is that he's a really creepy pervert. I mean, it's so noticeable it's kind of funny. Often does he write about rape, and sometimes he even describes it in lurid detail to the point of completion...

Thankfully this does not happen in this book, and nothing ever got to full on forced sex, but it was still a common enough theme that it made me
Feb 09, 2008 Rob rated it liked it
Shelves: vampire-hunter-d
It was okay, kinda confusing, and if the author mentioned how beautiful D was/is one more time, I think I would've screamed my bloody head off.

I know he's all super-uber-ultra hot an'all, I got that in the first 100 pages, no need to keep on reminding me. GOSH!
Jun 17, 2016 Brian rated it really liked it
The first Vampire Hunter D book was a pleasant read but pretty formulaic. It was clearly a riff on Hammer Horror films and didn't take any real liberties within that structure other than setting it in the far future after the civilization of the Nobility had passed. Raiser of Gales isn't bound to stick to that formula because it's already been established, and while a lot of the hallmarks of the first book are still here, I found the plot to be much more engaging.

Like the capsule description say
M. A. P.
Nov 26, 2014 M. A. P. rated it it was ok
Shelves: novel-novella
I feel the need to begin this review by stating I started reading this series both out of curiosity and out of the will to find something light but entertaining to read. The first volume gave me just that. It was campy, so campy in fact that it was as if I was injecting liquid cheese straight into my bloodstream. I absolutely loved it.

And, despite the two star rating here, I did find myself quite enjoying the next adventure of D, the Vampire Hunter. Unfortunately, I also very much came to the co
Mar 24, 2012 Daniela rated it really liked it
A este si le doy sus cuatro estreshitas.

Raiser of Gales es el 2do libro en salir de Vampire Hunter D y a mi humilde parecer esta mejor que el primero ¿Por qué?

En el primer libro vemos como Hideyuki Kikuchi tomo la leyenda del vampiro y la adaptó como le dio la gana y creó un universo completamente suyo situado en un planeta tierra post-apocalíptico a 10 mil años en el futuro. Donde nos muestra al vampiro clásico y sanguinario -que en los últimos años ya no vemos tanto, encarnado en el personaje
Stephen Kelley
Recently I was discussing a Kickstarter campaign to bring a Vampire Hunter D comic to the masses, and mentioned that I had started to read the VHD novel series. They had no idea these books were out there and there was so much material, so we went to good old Mr. Wikipedia to look. 30+ total books WOW! and here I am at number!!

The story follows D on yet another adventure, this time in the snow-covered town of Tepes. The people of the village once cowered in fear beneath the shadow of a d
Jan 30, 2011 VampireNovelFan rated it really liked it
D is called to a town where there are vampires capable of walking in the daylight. He has to figure out where the source of this is and how to stop the murders going on in the town. We learn that 10 years ago, 4 people were abducted and returned with no recollection of what happened while they were abducted. A young girl names Lina is one of these 4. She's very intelligent for her age and has always been interested in knowing the history of the Nobility. Unfortunately, her town has other ideas i ...more
Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho
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Miri Fern
Sep 21, 2016 Miri Fern rated it liked it
This is the fifth book I have read in the Vampire Hunter D series. (Yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't read them out of order, I saw both the movies first and planned on skipping their respective books.)

In summary: The vampire hunter D goes to a village. Four children disappeared ten years ago then reappeared, but they were of course under suspicion of being vampires or whatever. One of them is Lina, who is about to leave for the Capital as part of some sort of scholarship. She of course attaches he
Dec 07, 2012 A.M. rated it it was ok
Shelves: i-own
Second volume of the D stories is very different to the first. D seems more human somehow; he smiles at pretty girls and almost chats. The reader learns a little more about D; his history and some of his skills.

It's the usual frontier town job but this town has Noble ruins. The Ruins still, after hundreds of years, exert an influence on the town. They are impossible to climb quickly, as if the magic still present in the hill makes the journey ten times longer.

Also some children from the village
Nick Tramdack
Mar 10, 2011 Nick Tramdack rated it it was ok
Unlike volumes 1 and 3 of this long series by Hideyuki Kikuichi, this Vampire Hunter D novel never made the transition to a movie. Which is probably a good thing, since honestly, it isn't very good. Although I did like the constant references to "AURAS", kind of a way to split the difference between psychic perception and sense-perception. I guess Kant would disapprove but this is a worthwhile technique for authors to rip off.

I once had a conversation with my friend Frank where we talked about D
May 26, 2016 Jere rated it really liked it
The human side of every beast, the light that casts every shadow: it was all that was needed to give this book its value. The beginning was kind of boring, it was just the same story told in the previous volume, but with a different setting. The end, however...

Having the same story repeated, the one thing that made me feel one with the character, that made me able to take his place during the telling of the tale, was lost: even when dealing with feelings a person can develop resistance. And for
Taylor Lowery
Mar 30, 2016 Taylor Lowery rated it really liked it
As I've read several books in this series, I'll probably copy and paste the following review to all of them: these books are fun and cheesy in the exact flavor that we all enjoyed in Conan the Barbarian or John Carter. The concept is pretty great (neo-medieval gothic horror in the distant future), and one interesting thing about it is that the protagonist is definitely a Japanese hypermasculine fantasy rather than a western one: he's perpetually stoic and unflappable, and so androgynously pretty ...more
Ren the Unclean
Aug 03, 2007 Ren the Unclean rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: Vampire fans
Shelves: horror
This is a really cool story, and the first VHD book that was not made into an anime. It covers D helping out a town whose children have gone missing and returned in sort of a strange state. A nearby hill that is the remnant of a castle of one of the nobility seems to be to blame.

It really becomes more apparent that this takes place in the FAR future, as this book shows really well how advanced the vampires used to be before they were all but wiped out by humans. This is one of the coolest aspect
Wow, this writing is just absolutely terrible. Despite that, it continues to be an awful lot of fun.

Was interesting how clear the Lovecraft influences were in this one, somehow I don't remember them being so noticeable in the first. Also, dare I say Moorcock? Idk, I've never heard Moorcock stated amongst Hideyuki's influences, but I was seeing shades of him everywhere.

A warning for those with triggers or weak stomachs: this book is coming out all over RAPE. Rape rape rape, every time you turn ar
The enigmatic D is once again called upon to lend his services when a village fears that the Nobility have somehow gained the ability to walk in the daytime. The story gets increasingly convoluted the further it progresses, spawning one unusual and bewildering creature after another in every chapter. The plot twists are bewildering, too, making it difficult to follow. The story is also sprinkled with the overly extravagant prose that evidently characterizes the English translations of the origin ...more
Ben Mariner
May 21, 2014 Ben Mariner rated it really liked it
Another installment of badassery from Vampire Hunter D. I think what I've loved about these books so far is that they aren't terribly long or overly complicated, but they're gripping and keep you turning the pages. This book was a little bit of a different look at D. It showed a bit more of a personal side of him. Not by much, but he is freaking D after all, so you can't expect too much. When he told a vampire he wouldn't kill it because he doesn't work without compensation, I laughed pretty har ...more
J.S. Eaton
Jul 04, 2013 J.S. Eaton rated it really liked it
Volume Two of the much-underappreciated D series is just as thrilling as the first. We get a touch more background on the character, who is already more than the sum of his half-human, half-vampire parts. This time D finds himself in a village where four kids disappeared years earlier, than mysteriously reappeared years later, not having aged a day. Its an intriguing mystery, and one that is well-played out as we find out theres lots more going on than meets the eye. Glad I read it, and look for ...more
Jan 23, 2017 CalLeandrosFan001 rated it it was amazing
The first book is a masterpiece, and I am just sad it took me this long to find out how amazing this series is! Book two picks up right where book one left off, following D's adventures as a Hunter-For-Hire. He usually only hunts vampires, but the new village he's in has a whole slew of problems. D is not an easily approachable man, so he's rather taken aback by a girl of only seventeen whom claims herself to be his assistant and follows him. Little does D know, but that girl is the biggest link ...more
Crystal Nelson
Apr 28, 2013 Crystal Nelson rated it it was amazing
I liked this book as much as I love the first one. This time D finds himself a world he just can't get out of. It keep repeating itself over and over again. The girl in this book as quit a character and did not annoyed me as much as Doris Lang. She keeps following D where ever he goes. And he always tell her to "Go Home" Which always made me laugh. The girl he meets is very interested in Vampires and D in the novel finds her strange. WOW that something coming from D. The book was fantastic as al ...more
Nov 05, 2011 Andrew rated it really liked it
This second volume continues D's wanderings across the post-high-tech-apocalyptic Frontier, a combination of Western, Gothic horror, fantasy-justifying sci-fi, and action.

It's a similar flavour to the first novel, with a bit more intrigue and less straight-out action. I found the storyline a little difficult to follow at times but it was good fun nonetheless.

Once again, it's not a work of high art - the translation is pretty stilted - but the content is unabashedly enjoyable, elaborate pulp.
Aug 03, 2011 Kylie rated it it was ok
Shelves: vampires
I'm still not feeling the love for this series so far. The Hammer influences are quite obvious and are one of the things I do like, but the way it's written and the whole rape issue puts me off. The rape thing especially, in both books the heroine fends off rape (or not)/has groups of hard up men getting their jollies from sexually torturing her. I desperately hope this is not a theme of the series.
Daniel Callister
Jan 28, 2015 Daniel Callister rated it it was ok
I love the Vampire Hunter D movies and was really looking forward to reading these books. The atmosphere was great and D was as cool as ever, but the translation was kind of funky and it made the book a little difficult to read. I had a hard time following things sometimes and the book took longer to read than I would have guessed seeing as it's only 216 pages. I might read another of these books, but probably not for a while.
Daniel Callister
Nov 08, 2016 Daniel Callister rated it it was ok
I love the Vampire Hunter D movies and was really looking forward to reading these books. The atmosphere was great and D was as cool as ever, but the translation was kind of funky and it made the book a little difficult to read. I had a hard time following things sometimes and the book took longer to read than I would have guessed seeing as it's only 216 pages. I might read another of these books, but probably not for a while.
Tay Boon Tiah
Jan 19, 2013 Tay Boon Tiah rated it it was amazing
I personaly find the book interesting as it is full of mystery especially about the secret lab. I would recommand this book to people who like a well balance of action and vampire stuff with a little romance it. This book is about D a vampire hunter who is also a dhampir(half breed), he was hired to find out why the nobles(vampire) was actually able to come out a kill i broad daylight. I do not like reading books but this book is actually not really that difficult to read.
Ian Hagan
Feb 13, 2011 Ian Hagan rated it liked it
If you're looking for a great vampire epic, look somewhere else. If you are looking for Bruckheimer-esque romp through a highly imaginative world, look no futher. The writing is rife with standard action hero tropes (Mary-Sue) as well as rampant sexism that is common for the action hero genre. However, despite it's flaws Vampire Hunter D is a fun character to read. Overall I'd call this piece pure Gorgonzola dip, a really good cheese ball.
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