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A Caribbean Mystery
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A Caribbean Mystery (Miss Marple #10)

3.75 of 5 stars 3.75  ·  rating details  ·  13,332 ratings  ·  532 reviews
Miss Jane Marple holidays at Caribbean hotel, bought by dark Tim Kendal 30s and blonde wife Molly 20s, who has paranoia and blackouts. Garrulous Major Palgrave dies of rumored heart trouble, blood pressure pills found, but not the photo of a killer he started to show Jane. Maid Victoria is stabbed. Jane, helped by rich Mr Rafiel, is justice 'Nemesis'.
Paperback, 224 pages
Published by Pocket Books (first published 1964)
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Araz Goran
'' دائماً ما يجد القتلةُ صعوبةً في ترِك الأشياء تبدو بسيطة ''

لا أخفي عليكم كيف تُهت في هذه الرواية وكنتُ بعيداً كل البعد عن معرفة القاتل،، من الصعوبة جداً أن تخمن مجرد تخمين من هو القاتل وكل السبل التي سلكتها أجاثا كانت مضللة ومغلقة ويصعب إيجاد ثغرة في إكتشاف القاتل،، لكني أسمتعت جداً بالرواية وأدركت أنها من الروايات المتميزة والقوية في مجال الأدب البوليسي..

كُتبت هذه الرواية قبل 50 سنة ولكن يالروعة أجاثا، ما أجمل ما تكتبه هذه الكاتبة العبقرية، الحقيقة أني كنت في السابق أخشى أن أخوض تجربة مع هكذا
Henry Avila
Jane Marple , is very grateful to her loving nephew Raymond West, a popular novelist, and rich man, who paid for his aunt's vacation (she recently recovered from an illness ) . The tropics , on an island in the Caribbean Sea, doesn't sound like a place Miss Marple, would feel comfortable in, she is from rainy, cold, with just a little bit of snow, the quiet St. Mary Mead , England. An out of the way village , where nothing ever happens, that is what everyone believes ... Warm weather , a beautif ...more
A lovely mystery that started slow and then took some surprising twists and turns near the end.
حسنا حسنا حسنا :D
انا مش عارف ابدأ المراجعة باية ولا اية :D

طبعا لازم الست أجاثا تنسف كل توقعاتى و تضرب بيها عرض الحائط و مع كل رواية من رواياتها تثبتلى انى مُحقق فاشل :D
القاتل فى الرواية دى شخص انا مكنتش متوقعه تماما تماما بل بالعكس كنت معجب بيه جدااا و شايف انه الضحية المعنوية للرواية لكن اتضح انه ثعلب مكار :D

الآنسة ماربل العبقرية , المُحققة البارعة المُستترة وراء ثوب العجوز الثرثارة , لكن العجوز الثرثارة دى قدرت تحل لغز جريمتين قتل و تمنع التالتة بل و تحل لغز حصل قبل سنين كمان محدش كان عارف ي
A Sassari abbiamo una parola forte e molto espressiva che riassume la capacità di un individuo di influenzare negativamente le sorti delle persone e delle cose che stanno lui attorno, e questa parola è 'pindaccio'. Ora, se dovessi accompagnare a Miss Marple un aggettivo, questo sarebbe 'pindaccia'.
E' leit motiv del 'le muoiono tutti attorno', insomma, attraverso i gialli, ce l'ha insegnato anche Arthur Conan Doyle, ci è stato insegnato che, la prima qualità di un buon detective, è quella di sape
My first encounter with Agatha Christie and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a quick easy read and the mystery kept me guessing until the final reveal. Will pick up another of her books soon, perfect size and length to fit in my handbag anywhere :)

رواية ممتعة لأجاثا
وطبعا بالتأكيد لم أحل اللغز ^_^ عادي يعني اتعودت خلاص ^_^ شئ طبيعي أن القاتل يكون أبعد شخص عن خيالك وطبيعي جدا أن يكون هو الشخص الذي تتعاطف معه ،
وتقلق عليه ، وتحزن من أجله
وطبيعي أن يكون أمام عينيك طوال الوقت ولا تراه
وأن يكون الحل بين أصابعك ولا تنتبه له
وأن تقرأ التفاصيل الدقيقة ولا تتذكرها
عادي .. ^_^ كل هذا مع أجاثا عادي
ولكنك ستستمتع
Eustacia Tan
A Carribean Mystery is one of the Miss Marple mysteries. Although Agatha Christie herself preferred Miss Marple to Poirot, I, like many of her readers, prefer Monsieur Poirot. Why? I have no idea. I certainly started reading his mysteries first, and I think it's also because he amuses me more than Miss Marple. But then again, I've only read, what, two books involving her.

Basically, the plot involves Miss Marple coming across as suspicious death, which starts to escalate. After reading this book
Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
A lovely easy read (or in my case listen) with just enough red herrings and complications to make it enjoyable.

Miss Marple is on holiday in the West Indies, where a seemingly innocuous conversation with another holiday guest leads to his murder.
Althea Ann
Vacation reading!

Indeed, I read the whole thing on a plane en route from the Caribbean.

Here, Christie's well-beloved elderly sleuth, Miss Marple, is visiting a resort on Trinidad. When one of her fellow vacationers passes away, everyone, including the doctor, assumes that it was the man's high blood pressure and unhealthy lifestyle finally catching up with him.

Miss Marple, however, is suspicious. Something about this affair doesn't sit quite well with her, and she starts poking her nose into t
An Odd1
Knowing whodunit, rereading is still pleasure. Christie cleverly complicates and confounds. Christie, at her best, makes stereotypical eccentrics believable, plucks essential clues, weaves questionable motivations and messy realisms to confound the reader before extricating the solution.

Hotel guest death among rumors of heart trouble, blood pressure pill bottle found in room, is incident "soon forgotten. Life here was sunshine, sea, and social pleasures" p 27. Until hotel maid Victoris returns
Miss Marple has a pretty generous nephew; he's sent her to the West Indies for a nice relaxing vacation. Of course, there's only so much time one can spend sitting on the beach and knitting, chatting with the other guests of one's seaside hotel. Unfortunately, one of these guests, Major Palgrave, passes away. Everyone else believes that it was natural causes, but Marple is not convinced and decides to investigate.

This was a pleasant enough mystery. I particularly enjoyed Marple's conversations w
Anybody reading this review should know I absolutely love Agatha Christie, therefore my opinion of the book might be slightly in her favour.

The story takes place on a Caribbean island where Miss Marple spends some time to improve her health. In the hotel she stays there are several other interessting characters including Major Palgrave. In Miss Marple he found a patient listener to his various stories telling of hunting tigers, time in India and so on. During one of those one sided conversations
Nancy Oakes
"Like to see the picture of a murderer?"

Major Palgrave was the man with a million stories, and everyone vacationing at the lovely Golden Palm Hotel on the Caribbean island of St. Honoré tried to avoid him like the plague. Once he got started, he never stopped. His latest victim, so to speak, was Jane Marple, who had come to the Golden Palm to recuperate after a serious bout of pneumonia. Knitting bag in hand, Miss Marple was sitting, half listening and making polite replies once in a while, unti
Miss Marple's nephew is afraid for her health and offers her a holiday in the Caribbean (West Indies). In one of the islands, Miss Marple does what she does best: gossiping and knitting. One day, Major Palgrave tells her that he has the photo of a murderer but sees something that frightens him before showing it to her. The next day the Major is found dead, and Jane Marple believes it is murder.

I was able to figure out half the puzzle, but I got the other half totally wrong. That is to say, I was
Tami (synchro from BL)
Different setting - same quality.

After around 40 Agatha Christie books, there is a certain amount of recurring themes. Still there are fresh characters, great dialogues and a high quality of writing.
This Miss Marple novel has been the basis of at least one movie. While vacationing at The Golden Palm Hotel Miss Marple meets Major Palgrave, an older gentleman who has been boring everyone with tales of his past. He asks Miss Marple if she would like to see a picture of a murderer. He has told her an interesting story of two separate murders he believes to have been committed by the same man. As he is withdrawing the photo from his wallet, he looks over Miss Marple's shoulder and becomes very f ...more
Read as a "palate cleanser" following the recently read account of a true life serial killer which still haunts me. This story can be read in a single day and involves Miss Marple not only thinking but actually creeping about and spying through windows. The Caribbean setting is superfluous, this is Miss Marple unravelling which of the hotel guests is a previous killer in an attempt to prevent further murders. As usual there is a high body count but nobody who dies would be missed particularly an ...more
Jules Goud
One of my favourite Miss Marple novels, for sure.

I found that Miss Marple was very active in this mystery. In fact, I'd say that this is probably the most active she has been through out this entire series. It was really nice to finally see Miss Marple up and about and doing what she is great at. Reading people and talking to them to get them to give up their greatest secrets.

It was very interesting to see the social divide between the young and the old. All of the older folks disapproving with
I remember really liking this book the first time I read it, but listening to it this time around, the murderer seemed so obvious! I was amazed that Miss Marple took so long to figure it out. Definitely not among the best in Mrs. Christie's arsenal even if the hook Want to see a picture of a murderer?' definitely catches the eye.

Narration was well done even if the American accents are over the top.

Still looking forward to the next book in the series.
After reading so many Miss Marple mysteries it was a nice change to see her in a different setting outside of St. Mary Mead. The murderer in this mystery was fairly easy to pinpoint, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, the setting, and especially the characters! Gotta love grumpy old Mr. Rafiel! This was a very enjoyable adventure, especially for those who have a tender heart for dear old Aunt Jane.
Interesting tale: funny to see Miss Marple at the beach (bored silly), and there's a cool gaslighting plot of sorts. Not lovely at all - the portrayal of the West Indies people. THis one is sad in that the person everyone ignores and expects to ignore--a boring old man who talks so much--is killed and people hardly care at first. Very poignant on how the elderly can be invisible.
بعد ان قراءت كتاب اجاثا كريستي عن لغز بحر الكاريبي ورواية الغموض والقتل والشخصيات التي لم استطع ان اتركهااا ليوم اخر واكملها اخذتني الساعات والدقائق واللحضات الا ان نعست عيناي وغفوت وكنت قد وصلت الى مايوشك على انهائها ،استيقظت اليوم التالي وكأن ماكان في عقلي حين غفوت لازال منتظرا مني ان أفوق ويعدو برجليه ويكمل لم استطع تذكر شي اخر اول ما فتحت عيني سوا بحر الكاريبي والشخصيات وان الانسة مربل كانت تحت النافذة تراقب جاكسون لما استطع العودة للنوم كعادتي وأفقت وعقلي كله هناك وكأني انا هناك في كوخ ما ب ...more
I'm not sure if there's an Agatha Christie book that I would give less than a five star rating to, so I am quite biased (she is my favorite mystery writer of all time). Ms. Marple, however, is not my favorite character (personal preference, and nothing to do with Christie's writing).

Still, A Caribbean Mystery is great (my favorite Marple book): the setting is an idyllic seaside resort run by a seemingly happily married youngish couple where Ms. Marple is vacationing. One day she has an interest
What would you expect on a Caribbean vacation...palm trees, steel bands, whitewashed sand, blue ocean? What about rumors, snooping, liasons, and murder!

With Spring on the horizon, plan a hammock stay with your favorite reading device and A CARIBBEAN MYSTERY in hand for all the charms of an island holiday plus Miss Marple's "mind like a bacon slicer" and "ruthless forensic brain" to entertain and challenge your wits.

Who was Major Palgrave looking at with one false eye when he spotted a serial ki
Latter-day Agatha Christie can be hit-or-miss - A CARIBBEAN MYSTERY was published in 1964 and was one of her better 1960s efforts. It re-reads well (I first read it in 1973, during my Mega-Christie Phase of the early 1970s), and like some of her classic puzzlers of the 1930s and 1940s such as APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH, DEATH ON THE NILE and EVIL UNDER THE SUN it has an exotic locale (the fictional Caribbean island of St. Honore) into which she sets a mixed group of travelers, some of whom have some ...more
Santh memories
Miss Marple was in her vacation day, staying in a hotel in West Indies. Many different people came there to enjoy the sun, the beach, birds, foods, dance, etc.
Kendals spouse run the hotel, the wife was a little bit unwell, feeling uncertain and afraid of being followed. A Latin lady with her gigolos. Two English spouses who like to observe and research birds and plants – love affair. An old millionaire – Mr. Rafiel – with his secretary and his odd massager. And old Major Palgrave – who always b
Susanna Parker
A lot of times I forget that Agatha Christie was writing until shortly before her death in 1976. A Caribbean Mystery felt so much more modern than of her other books I've read, even the other Miss Marple books. The steel band, the talk of airlines, etc., all made me remember that the Miss Marple books actually take place in the 50's and possibly even 60's. Marple herself feels like she belongs in the 1920s, but the world around her is changing.

Excellent mystery, though for once I thought it was
Ahmad Sharabiani
A Caribbean Mystery (Miss Marple, #10), original publication year 1964
Characters: Miss Jane Marple, Mr. Rafiel
Abstract: Miss Jane Marple, at the insistence of her nephew, relaxes at a resort in the Caribbean. The sea is sublime and the weather is fine in this quiet paradise so far away from quiet St. Mary Mead, until the apparently natural death of fellow guest Major Palgrave. Miss Marple is disturbed because the previous evening he was in good health, and almost showed her "a snapshot of a murd
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