May I Have Your Attention Please?
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May I Have Your Attention Please?

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So... the story of my life.

I've often thought about this moment, about what it would be like to write my memoirs. I always thought it would make me feel important. It doesn't. If anything it makes me feel a little strange.

The truth is, I should never have been this famous guy. I wasn't the cool, clever, good-looking boy at school. But I always dreamt of it, hoped for it,...more
ebook, 352 pages
Published September 29th 2011 by Cornerstone Digital
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Victoria Watson
Yes, James, you've got our attention. You've released your autobiography and, as a huge 'Gavin and Stacey' fan, I was so excited to read it. Not only is he the man responsible for one of the - if not the - biggest British comedies in the last decade, he's also well-known for his roles in ITV's 'Fat Friends' and both the stage and movie productions of Alan Bennett's 'The History Boys'.

Basically, this book is a three-hundred and-odd page apology to everyone James Corden has ever pissed off. And, l...more
A fun read for Corden fans. I am one.
I've just finished this book and I have to say, I really quite enjoyed it. It was an easy read that didn't take particularly long, but I didn't expect any different to be honest, it's an autobiography not a hard hitting novel. I found it refreshing to read just how down to earth he is, unlike some of the people on here, I certainly didn't interpet it as a book full of apologies at all. To me, it highlighted the extent of how hard he has worked to get to where he is today. I think it's very easy...more
I really enjoyed James' Book. I liked how human he seemed. I also like how he left all the boring details out that so many other celebs have tried to bore me with. He chose a couple of stories from each period of his life and didn't whittle on for pages about them. Straight and to the point. He sounds as if he's a very humble man, who has acknowledged that he was, indeed, a dick for a while. I would definitely recommend this book. Especially for all you that think James is only famous for being...more
Elizabeth Harrison
"Until finally I co - wrote a TV series called Gavin and Stacey. And my whole life changed. In every single way. Lots of it good and parts of it bad. Some of it funny and bits of it sad.
That is that story. The story of how I found myself here, talking to you."

I've been familiar with James Corden since he was in Fat Friends in the early 2000's, although it took me a while to realise it was the same person in Gavin and Stacey five years after that serial had finished. This book is the story of how...more
Julia Doherty
I have just finished this book and it was really well written. James made me laugh out loud at times, and I felt quite sorry for him at other times. It just goes to show you that it can be lonely at the top, and that family and friends are so important. I look forward to following his story now that he has a new chapter in his life.

PS:- I can't believe he kept "Kimberley" in his sons name!!
I would never have bought this book. It was at work and I read through it to kill time. It started off pretty well, not as hilarious as the taglines on the book would make you think, but funny in pretty much the same way as Gavin and Stacey. Not side splitting, but wry.
But then when he got to the middle of the book which was pretty much the middle of his career, or the peak of it, it just started to drag on a bit, and it was a bit of a whiny plea to people to excuse him for how badly he behaved...more
Christine Wylde
Loved this book. James cries a lot and is not afraid to let his readers know how much! It's good to know that a leading male figure has feelings.
Kazimiera pendrey
interesting and quite funny in parts i read this book as i am a huge fan of gavin and stacey
I picked the book as I am a big James Corden fan. The book is a fascination insight to his life and the flashback moments keep it current. It is filled with laugh out loud moment the genuinely had me laughing at the pages. The Major moments in his life are all detailed and the emotion behind precious moments can be felt from the book.

It feels like James is sat in front of you telling you his story face to face which gives it a friendly and open approach to the book.

Well Done Mr Corden!
I didn’t expect to be a fan of this book but the reading of it left me pleasantly surprised for the most part. Before starting the book, I knew very little of Corden other than his dealings (co-writing and appearing) in the ‘Gavin and Stacey’ series and his involvement with the play and film of Alan Bennett’s ‘The History Boys’.

The first three quarters of the book were a five-star read for me. Corden explains his humble beginnings with some gratitude and honesty and comes across as a very likeab...more
This was a great account of James Corden's life story in which I felt he was honest about things that had happened to him, even if it hurt to write it down. Although I thought he is funnier in real life than on paper, I took this autobiography to heart and felt like I had gone on the whole journey with him - growing up, his school woes, trying to break into showbusiness, falling in love and starting a family. His writing style was heavily characterised by his own personality and I felt it come t...more
A.D. Croucher
Utterly fantastic! Co-creator/writer/star of Gavin & Stacey, brilliant actor in Doctor Who and on Broadway in History Boys and One Man Two Guv'nors, James Corden is an engaging, funny and soulful writer. This autobiography is one of the most heartfelt, hilarious, heartbreaking and inspiring I've ever read. Corden has a brilliant turn of phrase and a killer sense of comic timing, as you'd expect from Gavin & Stacey, and he makes you smile and laugh on every page. He holds nothing back eit...more
Catty O'Connor
I love James Corden. So when his book came out I was thrilled. However, after finishing it I was disappointed.

I think it is incredibly difficult to write a good autobiography. You have to keep it interessting without appering conceited. You want to include everything without being boring. And you want to appear open and honest without shocking the reader.

For me everything appeared a bit rose tinted. While it is true he talks about a tough time in his life, I feel that the book was written from...more
I was really looking forward to reading this book, and despite really enjoying it, it far from lived up to my expectations. First of all I thought this book would be a very funny read (much like Peter Kay's and Michael McIntyre's books). But alas despite having a few humourous moments this book did not have me laughing out loud like those books did (with the exception of James' inadvertent trip to a brothel in Soho on his way to an audition meeting for "Fat Friends"). To be fair though James Cor...more
I like celebrity autobiographies that don't try to hard to be introspective. This is just what a celeb bio should be, a collection of stories, in chronological order, with plenty of details about what he is most famous for, apologies for things he's realized he's done wrong and a few names dropped here and there. It was as good as a bio written at the ripe old age of 32 could be.

I do adore James Corden, and would watch him read the phone book.

One story in particular that he told will stay with m...more
Claire Martin
A quick easy read. Interesting to read about the trials of making it as an actor, and as a massive Gavin & Stacey fan, it was good to read about how it came about, and was written. However, I didn't like the tone of the book so much, everyone mentioned was one of his biggest idols, each film in his top 10, it was a little tedious, it sat between needy and arrogant, which was a little weird. The book felt as though it was rushed, and judging by how he mentions his son as a day old at the begi...more
Megan Jones
This was a really fantastic and enjoyable autobiography. Corden brings his usual humour to it making it a laugh out loud book. What makes it different is that Corden admits his mistakes and regrets them. This was also written just after the birth of his son, which was the perfect time as he could reflect. If you are a fan of James Corden then definitely read this.
Very insitghtful to read about his past.

It gave me new-found respect for him - and I was already a massive fan.

It's great to see that he always stood up for himself (particularly standing up to Hollyoaks must have taken great strength)

He deserves all the wealth that he has, and I hope that he is a happy, and content man.

I wish him all the best.
They say to never meet your idols because you'll be disappointed and although James is not one of my idols, I did like him and thought he was refreshingly different in the celeb world. So I was disappointed to find that he was arrogant and not just in the period he admits to being so. I enjoyed the school stuff, although I can appreciate he must have been a nightmare to try and teach, but the celeb stuff left me cold. I just felt like it was a little bit whiny. Yes he's had struggles and as an o...more
A very honest autobiography by the co-creator and co-writer of the hit series Gavin & Stacey. Corden is always self-deprecatingly funny, and really allows the light to shine on his greatest triumphs and heart-breaking downfall. Great fun and a solid read. I look forward to the book that covers Corden's next 30 years.
I've had a love-hate relationship with James Corden. I used to see him in newspapers and magazines and think he was a complete idiot, but then I watched Gavin & Stacey and kind of fell in love with him.

I bought this book on my kindle as a holiday read (for some reason I always think of auto-biographies as holiday reads, despite the fact they're obviously going to be really depressing in places!) and I was pretty bad company for the whole day I was reading it because I just didn't want to pu...more
Diane Dukes
Well he does as he says on the book. Loves the attention. The book is very much like him. It can be very good, very funny. But then he can be the most irritating little shit as well. But I finished the book so it must have been readable. I enjoyed it and I laughed out loud occasionally. Three or four stars.
I received this book as a present. I know James Corden isn't everyone's cup of tea, having been a little too ubiquitous and at times apparently cocky. I'd also be the first to admit that his output isn't all amazing, but Gavin and Stacey is one of the warmest comedy dramas I have seen.

I thought this book was a very honest account, and would have been difficult in parts for him to write I suspect. He doesn't shy away from some of his character flaws - see above - and this makes the biography all...more
Eleana Langley
I started reading this book as i was a massive fan of Gavin and Stacey. I finished reading this book as a massive fan of James! A very well told story of all the tales in his life, beautifully written, easy to follow and therefore a pleasure to read :)
I'm somewhere between liking it and really liking it with my stars!

I listened to the audio version from which I enjoyed, there's (usually) nothing better than the writer reading their own work. It made me laugh out loud and I really enjoyed any mention of The History Boys because I love the play and the film.

The only moments where I cringed was when Corden apologised for his behaviour, or thanked people for their love and support, particularly his ex-girlfriend. If you feel that stro...more
Loved this! Brilliant story of how the much loved James Cordon made it to where he is today. Funny little twists with "what to eat" etc at the beginning if each chapter. Loved it!
Dr. Tim
Having seen his comic genius manifested in One Man, Two Guv'nors on Broadway but hitherto only being superficially aware of his earlier body of work, I wanted to know more about my fellow Brit, Mr. Corden. Thankfully, this book delivered what I was looking for. A genuinely likeable man comes at you from the pages of this compelling autobiography. Humble, genuine, grateful and lacking the complacency and arrogance so often witnessed in many of his 'celebrity' contemporaries, James Corden strikes...more
James first "live"performance was at the age of 4 at his sister"s christening, thereafter he wanted only to entertain. Like most people he endured Comprehensive school , performing in 2 short term school tribute bands whilst there.
Zabetta Camilleri
I'm never sure about anyone's biography at the age of 31 or so, but James' is quite funny even though a bit too too nice most times. But then again you like him for that. What is certainly impressive is the similarity with other very successful people, whether they are athletes or business magnets, or actors, ariculated betternthn anyone else by the climber Alan Kirkpatrick .... "My unending ability to try again, and again, and again. No amount of rejection or criticism both external and interna...more
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