Ravishing the Heiress
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Ravishing the Heiress (Fitzhugh Trilogy #2)

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Millicent understands the terms of her arranged marriage all too well. She gets to be a Countess by marrying an impoverished Earl. And in return, the Earl Fitzhugh receives the benefit of her vast wealth, saving his family from bankruptcy. Because of her youth, they have agreed to wait eight years before consummating the marriage--and then, only to beget an heir. After whi...more
ebook, 304 pages
Published July 1st 2012 by Berkley Books
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Karla (Mossy Love Grotto)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

So, we come to it at last.
A mundane marital task, was this not? An obligation he'd put off for too long. Why then, as he advanced toward the bedroom, did he feel as if he were being swept out to sea? That the tides and currents would be unlike anything he'd ever known in the calm estuary that had been his marriage?

Millicent (Millie) Graves, an heiress was wed at sixteen. Her father determined that they be joined to a titled family, arranged the marriage to the impoverished Earl Fitzhugh. Fitz, a...more
Rachel (BAVR)
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4.00 Stars - Historical Romance/Victorian



The majority first part of the book was amazing. You read this book with a very heavy heart. The dialogues, the emotions, the way the story commenced, matured and proceeded, the visits to past and the returns to present, make your heart constrict so bad that it pretty much makes you one of those candidates who cry time to time from reading a book. It’s one of those books you feel helpless reading. You feel helpless that you can’t solve the problem; ne...more
Elisabeth Roam
I'm sad to say I was disappointed by this book. I was really looking forward to it and even paid the full price for an ebook version. After all is said and done, almost 9 bucks is a little much for a book that really doesn't deliver.

I wanted to like it because the story line is amazing and has so much potential. I think Sherry Thomas is a good writer, Some of the lines in the book were very poetic and true of love and life.

I get the main idea with Fitz, he's heartbroken about not getting to li...more
Wicked Incognito Now
In a nutshell, this newest Sherry Thomas novel is rather similar to some of her past successful stories. This has all of the unrequited angst of Not Quite a Husbandand Private Arrangements, without the past of betrayal and heartache. The heartache is there, of course, but in a blameless form.

Millie is the heiress, and Fitz holds the title. Like so many HR plots, Fitz must marry the heiress in order to bring his estate back from debt and ruin. They are both extremely young, and to make it worse,...more
The absolute best thing about Sherry Thomas's romances (among many) is how unconventional they always are. She goes beyond the typical reformed rake meets wallflower spinster and they live HEA plot to create lively, passionate, and heartwarming stories that are entirely original. Ravishing the Heiress is no exception.

Fitz married Millie for her money, at the expense of losing his childhood sweetheart, Isabelle. Nearly a decade has passed and they've gradually settled into a comfortable married l...more
.þµŋψà. [Punya Reviews...]
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The take home message of this book: Be a good girl, never complain, don't make any waves, and eventually he'll fall in love with you.

Yeah, I hated everything about this book.

It's love at first sight for Millie. She just sees Fitz, and boom, it's love. I'd give her a pass on that since she was only 16, but since she shows no signs of growing up in the course of this story, I'm calling it Fail #1.

Fitz still fancies himself in love with Isabelle after not having had anything to do with her for 8 y...more
Disappointing. I like the marriage of convenience plot, and I love the way Sherry Thomas does angst. I even liked the flips back and forth in time - it was a slightly different way to get the story of how the relationship developed between the two protagonists. I didn't even mind the heroine's inability to speak up for herself for most of the book; she seemed to be functioning mainly on pride, and that made sense to me. However, what did not appeal to me was the hero's behaviour. I get that he h...more
Have you ever seen a dog or a cat woken from general anaesthesia? It’s walking around all dazed, bumping against the walls. That’s me after reading Sherry Thomas. She is the best romance writer in the history of the universe. I had read very few romances until I found Sherry Thomas, and since I found her I’ve just been trying to find another one but every other historical romance is no more than an echo of what Sherry Thomas can do. If I could live in a book, I’d love to be the heroine of one of...more
Baaah, I want to read the third one now! I mostly enjoyed this, but not as much as I expected to, because the resolution was so short. One of Sherry Thomas's weaknesses. She can deliver a lot of misery, but the happy joy joy times, not so much. So this wasn't so much a married man falling in love with his wife as a record of him neglecting her for eight years. There were romantic hints and moments building something subtle, but no effusiveness, no demonstrations, except for a scene or two at the...more
It's coming out on my birthday so I'll think of it as a b-day present especially for moi from one of my favorite authors.
Mary B.
Loved. LOVED! This one may squeak its way onto my favorites shelf. I cried. When a book makes me cry I know it's good. So many of the themes in this story worked for me. I think what really made this one so special was the solid, honest, really really REAL friendship that developed between the main characters. I felt for the heroine. At times I wanted to give her a swift kick in the ass and tell her just to GO FOR IT already! But that only built the tension up more, and so when it finally happen...more
Mandi Schreiner
Favorite Quote: Some hopes were weeds, easy to eradicate with a yank and a pull. Some, however, were vines, fast growing, tenacious, and impossible to clear. As she played the music box again, alone in the drawing room, she began to realize that her were of the latter kind.

She would never stop hoping.

The first 90% of this book is absolutely incredible. The angst and the torment made me die a little on the inside. It’s one of those books that you will start to read and will not be able to put dow...more
Absolutely splendid.

I'm a sucker for both marriages of convenience and wallflowers in unrequited love, so the fact that this novel combined both those tropes meant it was already set to be one of my favorites, but Sherry Thomas goes above and beyond.

One might think that by having the hero and heroine immediately engage in a pact of platonic conduct on which they do not renege, Thomas has hamstrung herself and removed one of the most... interesting aspects of the marriage of convenience: the navi...more
There is something so romantic about Millie and Fitz's relationship. Their love is not built on lust or on the thrill and adrenaline provided by adventures but mutual trust and respect as well as all the decisions they've made together and all the obstacles they've overcome together.

And I disagree with the author, respectfully. Isabelle would not have been right for him. Even if Isabelle was the one with the money, had they married, their marriage would be filled with heat for quite a number of...more
You know the video responses they have on Youtube? All the while I was reading Ravishing the Heiress, I felt it was a literary response to Georgette Heyer's A Civil Contract. It's not plagiarism, it's not fan fiction, it's not homage... "reconstruction" is the word that comes to mind. As if Thomas had taken the bones of that story apart and then put it back together a more appealing way. (No offense to those who think A Civil Contract is just fine just the way it is.)

This is the story of a marri...more
I'm not sure that the title and cover illustration of Ravishing the Heiress are any better than those of the first book in the trilogy, Beguiling the Beauty (I hate the verb "ravish," and imagining the alignment of that lady's vertebrae is a completely unromantic pastime) but I did like the story and the characters much better.

I suspect this will be an unpopular opinion. One thing I have learned from reading other people's reviews of romance novels is that for many people, the hero having sex w...more

Sherry Thomas is without a doubt one of the best Historical Romance authors out right now. I adore Ms. Thomas's writing style, her prose is oh so elegant. I love the way she takes the time to develop complex and multidimensional characters in her novels.

Ravishing the Heiress is a slow, heart-breaking romance, filled with longing and repressed passion. It brought in me strong emotional memories of one of her earlier novels, Not Quite a Husba...more
Brie C.
Originally posted at Romance Around the Corner

Lately I’ve been unsuccessful finding a Historical Romance that I like enough to finish. When I heard about this book, I was so curious that I even considered pre-ordering it. Then I kept hearing more and more about how angsty it was and I became a bit wary, but after reading a couple of Ms. Thomas’ previous books, I decided to give it a try.

This is the second book in a series featuring the Fitzhugh siblings, but I think they stand alone well, or at...more
Edit May 2013: Upgraded to 4 stars because I liked it a lot better the second time around. I'm noticing that Thomas books seem to improve on re-reading - the emotional heft is a lot more comfortable to navigate once you've been there before.


Somehow I wasn't expecting this book to have flashbacks after the initial leap forward, which may be why I also wasn't expecting the romance to be quite as quiet and sober as it is. Certainly there is heat and passion between the leads, but ultimately I fo...more

Such a depressive, angst ridden story up until the bitter end. The author has a profound voice (although not one I enjoy), however the two books I've read have both had miserable protagonists.

I'm fine with angst if it's with a couple that loves each other but when the hero is married to the heroine and pining over another woman he loves throughout the majority of the story, it does not make for enjoyable reading for me.

I even cringed in the one love scene between the main couple because during...more
Maybe it is me, but this turned out to be very meh to me. Disappointingly so - I loved the author´s previous novels, had high hopes of this trilogy. I did not love the first book but from the sample chapters had high hopes of this middle novel. But meh.

What I did not like - the writing is sometimes a little reminiscent of "as you know, Bob". The third sister plot and the way it foreshadows the next book is distracting. And above all I just could not get into these characters, they were so passiv...more
5 for the brilliant writing, 4.5 for the story/romance that concluded too abruptly and easily in the end.
"Ravishing the Heiress" is a haunting and heart-wrenching read-- too bad it feels incomplete. The "real" romance basically starts on page 280, and the book ends on page 283. It definitely needed a few more chapters.

We do need more historicals with angst, but in the later chapters the reader should be rewarded with fulfilling, heart-warming romance. Some rushed "I love you's" and a dry note from the author is not my idea of a fulfilling romance. Sorry.

I don't think it was a smart idea to keep go...more
Review Updated - 31 July 2013; this review is of the AUDIOBOOK version.

I gave this audio an A- for content (which I equate to 4.5 stars) and a B+ for narration in my AudioGals review.

Ravishing the Heiress is the second book in the Fitzhugh trilogy and tells the story of the young Earl Fitzhugh, known to his friends as Fitz, and his wife, Millie, who are contracted into an arranged marriage at the ages of nineteen and sixteen respectively.

I read the print version when it came out last year and lo...more
3.5 stars. This book could have easily been a five star read if it wasn't for the annoying flashbacks, and secondary characters taking valuable time away from the hero and heroine. I loved the story-line. It was unique for the leads to agree to wait eight years before consummating their marriage and for the hero to live his life as if he wasn't married. It made things very interesting when they finally came together. The hero being in love with another woman that loved him was angst driven frust...more
I have been meaning to get this review written for quite sometime now. Well, ever since I finished the book a couple of days back. I wanted to write the review when the essence of the story was fresh on my mind, when the feelings that coursed through me as I read through every single page of the book still lingered deep inside of me so that I could do the book the justice that it so deserves. But alas, life and its various blunders happened and here I am penning the review a few days later and y...more
'what did you think?' I think this 'romance' - and I use this term very lightly, was a waste of time and money. The hero spends the whole book basically stuck in a boyhood infatuation (he says love) with an old flame, now widow. In 8 years of marriage he has cheated physically and emotionally yet at the end the h & H make it seem like its the heroine Millie's fault for the wasted time just because she never told him she loved him earlier. Hmmm. Yes, feel the love while you're cheating and st...more
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Sherry Thomas writes both historical romance and young adult fantasy.

On the romance side, she is one of the most acclaimed authors working in the genre today, her books regularly receiving starred reviews and best-of-the-year honors from trade publications. She is also a two-time winner of Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA® Award.

On the young adult fantasy side, there isn't much to sa...more
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