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After the Dancing Days
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After the Dancing Days

3.93  ·  Rating Details  ·  721 Ratings  ·  134 Reviews
So much had changed in one year.... One year ago, I believed my mother knew everything and that I would never have cause to disobey her. I knew my father could heal anyone .... And I thought Uncle Paul had died in glory.

Thirteen-year-old Annie waits at the train station for her father, a doctor. It is 1919, the Great War is over, and the wounded are returning to a small to
Published October 29th 1986 by HarperCollins (first published October 1st 1986)
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Sep 04, 2007 Leanna rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
I was a little reluctant when I picked up After the Dancing Days today. I have memories of loving this book, memories of sobbing at the end. Clearly, I was obsessed with romance as a preteen. All I cared about when I read the book was Annie and Andrew’s potential romance. And I obviously missed Margartet Rotkowski’s point.

This book is not a romance. Andrew is a severely wounded WWI veteran; Annie is thirteen. Clearly, I had no issues with a May/December romance as a teeny bopper, but as an adult
Feb 05, 2015 Abby rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
This book definitely touched me in ways I can't explain! I love it when a school fiction book is actually really good, I love you Sonlight homeschool curriculum..haha!

WIIA: "Is War A Thing To Be Forgotten?

That's what Annie's mother would like to do. She wants to forget the pain and heartacheand to keep it away from Annie, too. But Annie cannot forget the death of her favorite uncle, who was killed in France. She cannot forget Andrew, the angry young veteran she meets at the hospital where her f
Paige Jensen
Apr 19, 2015 Paige Jensen rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
It was pretty good I actually really liked to overall plot. It dragged on at parts but it was well written and easy to follow. My favorite part is when she goes to the hospital the second time and reads to Andrew because that's when Annie really starts to realize that the injured men aren't as scary as they seem. I'd recommend this book to anyone who has patience to get into it, I found it a little more on the feminine side so I'd recommend it mostly to girls.
World War l is over and as family comes home some try to live life as it was before, but for some the war has taken away their normal life. This is what happens in a girls' life that changes herself and her family.
Annie's family had a loss in the family, her uncle died during the war. The whole family suffered, but they looked up to Annie's father coming home. Annie's father came home from the war as being a doctor has he has decided to continue helping the soldiers who were injured in the war.
Abi Jewett
After the Dancing Days is a well thought out book describing the aftermath of a war. Annie is a young girl who's father volunteered as a doctor in the war. After coming back he works nearby at a hospital for war veterans. Because Uncle Paul (Annie's mother's brother) died while fighting in France, all Annie's mother wants to do is forget about the fighting and warfare. However, Annie's curious mind leads her to have different views...
Annie's dad invites her to come see the hospital he works at o
Conner Knowles
The war has just ended. But is still fresh in everyone's mind. Some are excited and some are scared. As the main characters father returns home from the war (he was a doctor) she is very excited until she sees all the injured men her father is helping.

This book got way better towards the end of the book it was really slow at the beginning and middle but as soon as she started liking the injured man at her fathers hospital everything started to speed up.

My favorite part is when she is talking abo
Alex Kennedy
Oct 30, 2013 Alex Kennedy rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
This is a wrenching but tender book about a young girl who forms a close friendship with a U.S. Marine from WWI who was horrifically wounded in a German gas attack and now spends his days in sadness and loneliness at a Catholic Hospital for soldiers in the girl's city. The girl had lost her favorite uncle in WWI, and her father, a doctor, has devoted his career following WWI to treating wounded soldiers. The girl's relationship with the wounded soldier leads to pain, discovery, understanding, an ...more
Okay, *snifff*, i haven't cried so much over a book since Rilla of Ingleside... Probably sooner actually, but I can't remember a specific one. Just as you dry your eyes, you begin again! Kind of hard to rate though.... For the most part I enjoyed it, even though it was so sad, but it felt like at times, that the author disagreed that we should have fought at all in World War One- because all the wounded soldiers afterwards had wasted lives. If we hadn't, we would have once Germany decided to spr ...more
Unforgettable novel that I still remember the premise and still think it resonates with me. I was into a Lurlene McDaniel phase from like 7th grade to like high school so this was sort of a modern historical version of that type of novel for me. I read this almost a year or maybe within the year of it being published. I think I was near age 13. I had read Chaim Potok's THE CHOSEN, the book HOLOCAUST, based on the miniseries, GONE WITH THE WIND and Scarlett and many, many more books. This book is ...more
Melinda Johnson
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After the Dancing Days is about a girl (Annie) during the time where The Great War began and ended. There are many families left distraught without their dads and older brothers because they were either drafted or went willingly. Annie’s father and Uncle go to serve in the army in France but when Annie’s father comes back alone the whole family already knows what happened.

Annie once had a happy family until the Great War knocked over her perfect world and turned it into a boring miserable life t
Cole Salmon
May 03, 2015 Cole Salmon rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Annie's father is just returning home from the war, which her uncle will unfortunately not be returning home from. He has died and Annie will discover the truth about her uncle at war. Annie hopes that all will be well and that she will be relieved of the stress that she felt while her father was at war. But when they come to meet him at the train station she beholds a horrific sight of wounded soldiers returning home. She sees they're missing limbs, their bloody faces, and they're blind eyes. S ...more
Maycee Elkins
After the dancing days is about a girl named Annie. Her dad and uncle are veterans of the war. However, one of them doesn't return home. Annie welcomes her father home after the war but can't forget about her uncle.

She feels like things are different since her father got home. She also feels like everyone is forgetting about her uncle. She keeps having flashbacks of when he was still alive. Her father is a doctor at their local hospital. After some time, he decides to work at St. Johns, where al
Mar 27, 2014 Ryan rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
This book is about a girl named Annie. Her uncle Paul died in WWI, but once her dad started working at St johns hospital, That's when she met an injured soldier from the war. He got injured in a German gas attack. But the first time Annie saw him she got scared because the way he looked. So her first reaction was to run, But the second time she went to the hospital she saw him again. So she started talking to him and she apologized for running from him. When they got to know each other really go ...more
Rebekah Hacking
May 09, 2015 Rebekah Hacking rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
After the Dancing Days is a story that takes place just after World War I; when the entire world is trying to heal itself. The story follows the life of a young girl named Annie. Her father was a veteran doctor for the war, and her favorite uncle died in battle.
Annie's father just came home from the war, but things still aren't happy like she expected it to be. When her father came off of the train to sweep her up in a hug, she got a good view of what war can do to a man. All of the wounded men
Chris Williams
May 13, 2015 Chris Williams rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
After the Dancing Days is a really good book to just show the after math of war, and how it affects families that had soldiers that either died, got hurt or survived but traumatized by the war.
Anne's father was a doctor in the war and still goes to a hospital to help injured soldiers. One day Anne decides to come along with her grandpa. When they get there Anne walks around and finds a man that looks terrible. She is terrified and runs away. Later she comes back and becomes friends with the man.
Kendall Carr
Apr 30, 2015 Kendall Carr rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
The War (World War I) had ended; families, friend and loved one were finally reunited. All the soldiers were so glad to be back home, well most of them were. A good chunk of the soldiers had died and an even greater portion was badly injured. Their injuries and deformities made them look abnormal. Almost all of these poor soldiers were not happy and joyful as the others. The reason is that the soldiers who were healthy and alive could try to forget the pains of the war. Meanwhile the forever-sc ...more
Jackson Coyle
May 01, 2015 Jackson Coyle rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Book Review After the Dancing Days

Introduction: this book is about a girl and her family who live in times right after ww2. Annie (the main character a teenager) is excited for her father to come home from the war. They meet him at the station and find him and wounded soldiers.

About the book: Annie goes to see the wounded soldiers often and goes to see one in particular Andrew. Even though her mother doesn’t like the thought of her going there she goes there anyway.

Favorite part: My favorite par
Megan Marchant
After the Dancing Days is a book about WWI; it's a book about surviving and recovering from the war and about doing what is right, not just what is expected.

Annie Metcalf's father has just arrived home from his position as a doctor in the war. He takes a job at the hospital that the injured soldiers are being treated at, and although he enjoys his job and likes being around the veterans, the other citizens, including his family, aren't so sure they enjoy living near people who have been so touc
Christopher Harris
After the Dancing Days, is a book written by Margaret I. Rostkowski taking place after world war one. This book talks about a girl becoming friends with a return soldier.

Annie Metcalf is a 13 year old girl who lives in Kansas City, Kansas. The book opens with her waiting for her father to get off the train after being a doctor in the war. Before he comes off, she sees all the wounded people getting off of the train, with burnt faces, and missing limbs. Through the story, she struggles to befri
Nate Iverson
After the Dancing Days is an ok book about a young girl, Annie, who lived during the end of WW1. Her dad and uncle fought in the war. It is about her life when her dad returns home from the war.

The book is about how her dad returns from the war but not her uncle. Her uncle died but she doesn't believe that he died. She is very sad about this because he was her favorite uncle. After the war is over she frequently visits the St. Johns hospital to talk to a boy named Andrew. She becomes good friend
Nate Ostler
This book is written about soldiers who returned from World War 1 who were harmed from battle. This book is realistic fiction because World War 1 was an actual event that occurred but the characters in this novel are not real people.
The main character in this book Annie Metcalf. Her father and uncle went to war. Her uncle, Paul, fought in battle while her father was just a doctor. Annie became very intimate with uncle Paul when he invited her to the Opera just like he would one of his girlfriend
Paige Lund
After the Dancing Days is the story of Annie. One day she goes to work with her father who works as a doctor helping injured soldiers and finds a young man by the name of Andrew. Andrew was burnt in the war. The book is about Annie learning to accept Andrew and figuring out her uncle’s story.
Annie’s uncle, Uncle Paul, died while fighting in the war. Annie decides to visit the hospital that her fathers works at and meets a man that was burnt during the fighting. Annie has to learn to except the i
Grace Peterson
May 03, 2015 Grace Peterson rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This is about a girl named Annie, whose life changes during the summer after the end of world war 1. When she visits the hospital with her father, who is a doctor, she befriends Andrew, a survivor from the war.

At first, she is scared of him, because of his burns. But, as she gets to know him, she realizes that he isn't scary, and that he is super nice. As she grows and matures, she becomes best friends with Andrew.

My favorite part of the book is when she starts befriending Andrew,and goes back
Set in post World War One, this book deals with the recuperating process of two individuals in very different circumstances. It's lovely, and I recommend it to everyone!
Emma Peterson
May 05, 2015 Emma Peterson rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
After the Dancing Days:
The setting of this book is after World War I and is told in a young girl's point of view. Annie Metcalf is reunited with her father after he was sent to be a doctor in the war. She soon befriends a severely injured soldier, Andrew Crayton, in the hospital. By visiting with him everyday, Annie learns the importance of kindness and friendship. My favorite part of the book is when Annie's mother invites Andrew over to dinner. It is a very sweet part of the book and it shows
Aug 07, 2014 Raye rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Gorgeous story set just after WWI. 13-year-old Annie is appalled by the wounded soldiers headed for a local hospital, and initially she wants, like her mother, to just turn away from them and forget the war, where she lost a beloved uncle. But over the course of the story, Annie begins to confront her fear of what a badly burned young man looks like and realize that, just like her, he needs a friend. Remarkable coming-of-age story, with a clear ethical issue raised regarding how we treat our wou ...more
Aug 11, 2010 Michelle rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Great message, boring presentation.
Maddie Lund
May 06, 2015 Maddie Lund rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
After the Dancing Days is a pretty good book. I feel like it gives the reader a glimpse into the lives of the soldiers left handy-capped because of war. It shows that just because soldiers might have one leg or half their face is gone, they may still some of the nicest people ever.

It is told from Annie, a little girl, point of view. The book is pretty going through her every-day problems, and Andrew, her friend who was burned during war. I liked this book a lot, and would recommend it to any
Jordan Muehllberger
I've been assigned to read this book twice now and finally I have. The only problem I had with it is it takes time to get into it. You have to wait and tread through it to get to the good parts and even then it isn't as interesting as I'd like it to be. My favorite part in the book is when Timothy gets his sight back because it gives hope to all the other patients that they one day may recover too. I recommend this book to any book lovers who want an older touchy-feely type book. So girls who ar ...more
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