I'll Be Watching You
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I'll Be Watching You

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"I'll be watching you . . ."
the cryptic e-mail read.

Taylor Halstead, psychologist and successful radio personality, is terrified that she'll never be safe again. Coming on the heels of a series of tragic and terrible events, the e-mail sends chills racing up her spine. Her safe, secure world has already been violated by her cousin Stephanie's boyfriend, Gordon Mallory, in...more
Paperback, 432 pages
Published December 27th 2005 by Avon (first published January 1st 2005)
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Seni İzliyor Olacağım-Andra Kane

Orjina Adı:I'll Be Watching You Goodreads Puanı 5/3,81 Oan Andra Kane'nin okuduğum üçüncü romanı çok güzel bir polisiye gerilim idi.Kitabı baştan sona soluksuz okudum.Bu kadar gerilim ve maceranın içinde birde tutkulu aşk da vardı.Kitabın orjinal baskısında sayfa sayısı 432 bizim baskı ise 287 sayfa arada çok sayfa sayısı var ve ben kitabın sansüre mi uğradığını merak ettim..
Kitabı okurken kesintiyi sadece aşk sahnelerinin kısalığından şüphelendimsede bu kitabın o...more
Isis FG
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
When she receives a cryptic email that reads "I'll be watching you...," Taylor Halstead, psychologist and successful radio talk host, becomes concerned for her safety. As her stalker becomes more threatening, she fears for her life but doesn't know who she can trust. Maybe from her past be coming back to haunt her?
This is the author's first hardcover. Fast-paced read with a little romance added in the mix of the intense, complex, and very suspenseful story. Highly recommend.
This book was a cliche from beginning to end. The big, strong man who comes to the rescue of the damsel in distress. The "tough, independent" woman who needs said man to tear down her walls. The villain spilling his guts about his diabolical plans at the end. The boat explosion and faked death. I'm not even going to spoiler tag this for saying that because anyone who has ever seen a movie or read a book knows what's coming. The "twist" really wasn't much of a twist. What really bothered me thoug...more
Shera Melton
I liked this book, a lot, but there is just one thing that makes me sort of...not like it. At the end, there is this huge twist about who the bad guy is, and I don't want to give it away, so lets just say it is scientifically explained. Now, from about the middle of the book on, she starts dropping hints, trying to build up to the big reveal. The only problem is, I am scientific. I love science, and I'm studying vet-medicine in college right now. As soon as the very first clue was dropped, I kne...more
I was recently informed that I won an advanced copy of a new book coming out by this author. Having never read her before, I rushed to the library to grab one of her books and brought this one home.
I really enjoyed this story, although, felt that it meandered a little in the middle. As it meandered along to what was sure to be a highly predictable conclusion, the author threw in a few twists that I did not see coming at all. Excellent ! I love a plot with a grand twist or two. Not everything was...more

Andrea Kane her zaman merak ettiğim bir kalem olmuştur. Tanıdıklardan çok güzel yorumlar duyduğum, hem polisiye hem de historical kitaplar yazan biri. Eh iki sevdiğim türden de yazıyor daha ne olsun. Okuduğum kitap bitince anlık bir kararla Seni İzliyor Olacağım'a başladım.

İlk önce polisiye yanını ele alayım. Konu olarak son kısma kadar şaşırtıcı değildi. Ki bence yazarın böyle bir amacı da yoktu. Çünkü çok şükür ki sorgulayan, şüphe eden ve ihtimalleri düşünen zeki karakterler yazmış yazar....more
very good for a romantic-suspense novel. i only say that because most books in this genre tend to have no originality and i find myself forgetting which is which, they all seem so alike. the plot was very good, the dialogue even better, and i could actually feel the connection between reed and taylor.
Great thriller! The plot is basic with some minor twists, but definitely worth the read. I liked Taylor and really liked her romantic lawyer friend Reed. To be honest, this book freaked me out. I kept looking over my shoulder thinking someone was following me. The suspense was great!
This was an okay read, not bad, not great. It seemed the author intended the reader to figure out who the villain was in the very beginning it was so obvious. The romance between the H and h was super quick and instalove--not a plus. This felt like a novella because everything was so simplified. Maybe it's because I've been reading Karen Rose suspense/mystery, and her's are much more complicated? Although I did like not having to read/listen to the villain's grisly murders like you do in Rose's...more
Michael Jenkins
Taylor Haltstead is a psychologist with an engaging personality but she may be the only one that needs mentoring. After one terrifying night with a stalker named Gordon, she is haunted about what he said to her about following her every move. Not only is he dangerous to her but also to Taylor cousin Stephanie whom he shares a relationship with. Upon hearing that Stephanie has been murdered,Taylor fears for her life and seeks help from Reed Waston her persecutor and ultimately her lover. Things d...more
Lesincele Viaja gracias a los libros
Antes de comenzar la reseña decir que ha sido una novela que me ha encantado, me ha entretenido y me ha mantenido pegada a sus páginas hasta el final. ¿Queréis saber de qué va?
Pues adelante.

Taylor es una psicóloga especializada en terapia familiar y que trabaja por las mañanas en un colegio y a las noches en un programa de radio para personas que necesitan ayuda emocional. Ella se siente asustada ya que hace un tiempo sufrió una agresión física que no llegó a culminar por razones que se adjudica...more
It hasn't been a good year for psychologist Taylor Halstead. Her story opens with an attempted sexual assault by her cousin Steph's boyfriend, Gordon, fortunately averted when Steph arrives on the scene unexpectedly. Within hours, Gordon and Steph are dead, killed when his yacht explodes. Taylor can't forget Gordon's final words to her: he'll be back to finish what he started, and until then, "I'll be watching you." His death comes as a relief, and she tries to put the horrific experience behind...more
Aug 22, 2013 Rissy rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: other
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I had a hard time deciding what to rate this one. I settled on 3.5 stars. The main characters are likable, although I sometimes found Taylor to be a bit of a fainting violet. Reed was your typical 'hero to the rescue'. I wanted to like Jonathan after he was redeemed in the end, yet I just couldn't. He had already left such a bad taste in my mouth that I found it hard to change my opinion of him.
I'll Be Watching You is a suspense but I didn't find myself to be just terribly 'on the edge of my sea...more
This is the 2nd book of Andrea Kane I have read and I already have bought another one. Taylor Halstead is a psychologist and a radio counselor. She is assaulted by her cousin's boyfriend.
He is interrupted during the assault and tells her he will come back and finish it and that
he will be watching her. Then, he chokes her. When she wakes up, she is handcuffed to the
bed. Her cousin, the boyfriend and others are killed when the boyfriend's yacht explodes.
She is then stalked by someone. Creepy for c...more
Just thought it was an average mystery. Very little romance. I had problems getting into the characters. I just felt like she didn't truly explore them and get you to feel what they were feeling. I enjoyed some of the plot twists but one of the reviews here had kinda ruined it for me, but it was also easy to figure out. I liked the premise of the radio talk show psychologist host. I was hoping that Ms. Kane would go into that area more to heighten the mystery thriller part of the book. As for ro...more
I liked this book, don't get me wrong. I read it in a weekend, enjoyed the romance, and really liked the characters, but something about the way she wrote certain parts made it very obvious to me who the mystery person was going to be. Also, some of the things that she dumbed down so much or assumed we were not aware of, scientifically speaking, are actually common knowledge with all of the crime shows and books these days. I just felt some of the information was quite clear without the reiterat...more
I enjoyed this book.
Elizabeth Diaz
La historia es un poco aburrida desde los primero capítulos ya te sabes el final, pero bueno tenia que terminarla no quería dejarla a medias.... a lo que sigue
f you love great fast-paced romantic suspense novels, you'll love this one by Andrea Kane. In I'll Be Watching You, Taylor Halstead is being stalked and terrorized by a psycho who's obsessed with her, and will do anything to get closer to her... even kill people close to her. It started with her cousin's death and escalated from there. Meanwhile, she falls in love with Reed Weston, a handsome lawyer who helps her out. This is one of the finest ones from her yet.
Tania Manoussaki
strength isn't something we buy or we are born with.it is a power inside us that we discover as we grow up and we use differently every time.teilor discovers a different person inside her every day and after the loss of the only important person in her life she is more strong than ever.nice company for quite afternoons nice try to keep the agony and the mystery but a little predictable annoying the sence of leave it away....
Nice. I love I good twisty thriller with a nicely twisted villain (and I think this particular villain topped it off—completely loco, smart, cunning, resilient...and completely loco).

It was nicely thought-up, nicely written, though the heroine got a little on my nerves from time to time and the pacing could've been a bit better in the middle.

A great story.
This was a highly entertaining book even if the ending was somewhat predictable. The author is very entertaining and her dialoge through out the book is very well written. Very fast moving, suspenseful and great characters. Even though you think you know who is behind all the "misdeeds", you will be surprised how it is all tied in.
Andrea Kane does not disappoint! This is the second suspense novel by Kane that I have read. It was exciting and had many plot twist and turns. I did figure out one of them, before they told it, but the book was fabulous and I read it in a little over a day! I highly recommend this book for those that love this genre.
Leslie Mesmer
I really enjoyed this book but can't say I loved it. Not sure why. The characters were interesting but didn't quite have much depth to them. Sometimes I felt they didn't quite fit their backgrounds.
I can say it kept you guessing as to who the stalker was and kept the suspense going.
I wasn't in love with this book, however, it did manage to entertain me for the most part. There were times I just wanted to shake the main character, Taylor because of her bad decision making. I don't have too much to say on this one. It gets 3 stars from me. :)
Very good read. Couldn't put it down and wasn't disappointed. A lot of ups and downs in the story. Thrilling and infinitely powerful in the excellently written story. As it unfolds, a sense of foreboding starts to peek through. 3.5/5 stars.
Didn't get very far in this one before I gave it up, it just couldn't hold my interest. I didn't care for Taylor, she wasn't all that sympathetic even with what happened to her in the first few pages. This one just isn't for me.
It was my first time reading this author and really liked the book. I figured out the ending about three-quarters of the way through, but it held my suspense as to how. I'll be definitely reading more of Andrea Kane's books.
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ANDREA KANE's psychological thriller, The Girl Who Disappeared Twice, became an instant New York Times bestseller, the latest in a long string of smash hits. With her acclaimed signature style of developing unforgettable characters and weaving them into carefully researched story lines, Kane has created Forensic Instincts, an eclectic team of maverick investigators. Recruited because of their spec...more
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