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The Arrivals
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The Arrivals

3.15 of 5 stars 3.15  ·  rating details  ·  1,671 ratings  ·  344 reviews
The Arrivals is the second novel for adults by internationally bestselling author Melissa Marr.

Chloe walks into a bar and blows five years of sobriety. When she wakes, she finds herself in an unfamiliar world, The Wasteland. She discovers people from all times and places have also arrived there: Kitty and Jack, a brother and sister from the Wild West; Edgar, a prohibition
Hardcover, 274 pages
Published July 2nd 2013 by William Morrow
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Mogsy (MMOGC)
3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum

This book was a bit quirky and slightly odd at times, but for me it was like a breath of fresh air. It's different from the stuff I usually pick up, and ultimately it may have been a little too bizarre for my tastes, but I certainly don't regret reading it. When it comes to originality and interesting ideas, this book gets massive points.

My love for speculative fiction, especially when other genres are infused with a par
Laura Martinelli
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I was fortunate enough to get an ARC of this at RT this year. That made me happy since I had been wanting to read it anyway. I'm so glad I did!

First of all, let me say that I'm not a big wild west fan. I never have been; dusty towns and cowboy shoot-outs have never interested me. But throw in some supernatural time-travely stuff and a band of misfits, and I am in!

The Arrivals tells the story of the Arrivals - people from our world that for one reason or another get transported to this place call
I wish I could give a full review, however I didn't even finish the book. I was only about 50 pages away from the end...and yet I have absolutely no interest in finishing it. I have no investment in the characters, I have no investment in the plot. I'm not one for western settings, but surprisingly I did enjoy this one in particular. However, I found the plot to be slow moving, the characters mostly unlikeable, although not 2-dimensional.

Perhaps for me it is Miss Marr's writing that I can't cop
Khanh (Clowns, Nightmares, and Bunnies)
Possible DNF. Very brief review to come.

I cannot recall a damn thing that is memorable about this book. I can't even begin to tell you what the plot is because it is so forgettable and dull.

It is a spaghetti western that's the equivalent of riding in a bus full of tourists to Las Vegas and looking at the scenery outside the window (hint: there's nothing there but desert shrubs).
Mandy Moody
This was not very good.
My first instinct is to say that it felt unfinished but when I think about it for a moment longer I realize that it felt un-started and undeveloped, too. It was annoying.
The Arrivals is one of these books that drops you into a world without any explanation, and you go from there. This is a device that authors use with varying degrees of success. Sometimes it's exciting to feel a little lost, and then exhilarating when you begin to make discoveries about this world and how
Tanya Nekrasova
Добро пожаловать в Пустоземье, где вас на каждом углу подстерегают опасные существа, где вы можете умереть и снова ожить, где ружье и пистолет является вашими лучшими друзьями, где никому нельзя доверять, где вы всего лишь – незваные гости. :)

Для меня это вторая книга Марр и в целом я осталась довольна. Не поразила меня Марр своим суховатым стилем а–ля вестернов 19 века. Просто не мое, хотя я нашла это оригинальным. Произведение неторопливое, мрачное, немного путанное, поэтому читая первую поло
Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews
*Genre* Western, Fantasy, Paranormal, Adult
*Rating* 3-3.5

*First Thoughts*

The synopsis of this book is kind of misleading in that it makes it sound as though Chloe is the main character and thus the story teller of The Arrivals. Which, in fact, is not true at all. I would say that Jack and his sister Katherine (Kitty) are the main protagonists, with the secondary characters being Edgar, Francis, Melody, Hector, and then Chloe who just happens to be the last Arrival added to the motley crew that h
Alyssa De jesus
I've read a lot of negative reviews about this book. They said it's a complete waste of time...I disagree. Melissa Marr always takes me to a completely different world everytime and this book is no different. Okay, it's a little dry but I was still so interested about the character development and the relationships among them. But what's up with Hector though? Where has he gone to? Or what happened to him? I couldn't believe he got away with what he did! He shoudn't really. And two thumbs up on ...more
This review first appeared on

The Arrivals is a fantasy western. Let's just take a moment and look at those words, shall we? A Fantasy... Western. Can you think of many other fantasy westerns? There's The Dark Tower and...
Ok, so there are some steampunk westerns out there. Railsea and Iron Council have fantastical elements in a Western-ish setting. Dead Reckoning has steampunk and zombies.
But I'm talking gun slingers, saloons, and magic. There isn't much of it out there, bu
I was excited about this book. The premise sounded super interesting and I thought it'd be fun to get into a Western swing of things. But the book just felt entirely too flat to me. Usually I'll finish a book pretty quickly, but i had to force myself to keep reading this one. I didn't care about any of the characters, and the plot itself seemed distant most of the book. Basically the bad guy is bad and we must kill him. Character relationships were lacking throughout, and both romances felt cont ...more
Wyatt Packard
The Arrivals takes place in the Wasteland, an alien desert environment with towns and characters strongly reminiscent of a classic western. The Arrivals themselves are people from our world that end up in the Wasteland. Each Arrival is from a different time, ranging from the Old West to the present day, making the novel filled with a very unique cast of characters. Kitty and Jack lead the group of Arrivals, taking odd jobs from the regions governor to earn some cash. One of The Arrival's strange ...more
Ami Squirrel Girl
So, this is my first Melissa Marr book, which, knowing my penchant for the young adult genre, is as surprising to me as to anyone that it'd be one of her two adult books I'd be reading first. Especially when those who know me and my reading habits would have assumed I'd already devoured her "Wicked Lovely" YA urban fantasy series for teens and young adults long ago, right? Well, even though I am aware of those books, and have them on my horribly long to-be-read list, I just haven't gotten around ...more
The Good: The premise was awesome. What a perfectly unique idea. People, ripped from their own time periods, brought together in this unfamiliar land having no idea how or why. The execution of the characters themselves was spectacular. You'd think that the supernatural angles would be overkill on top of a solid science fiction base, but you'd be wrong in this case. They meshed well and caused a majority of the novel to go in directions you could never see coming.

The Bad: Westerns aren't my thin
Neil (or bleed)
The Arrivals are people who are brought to the Wasteland-- a world full of creepy monsters, cynanthropes (werewolves) and bloedzuigers (blood suckers). Amazingly, these Arrivals came from different years/era and brought to that place because of one reason. They killed.

It is an okay read for me, to be honest. There are parts that tension should be more aggressive or should I say need more emphasis because I only felt a slight tension when I'm reading those parts. But, I can say that it is still a
Ok so I will be up front that part of me is automatically sad that this book isn't GRAVEMINDER 2: THE MINDENING or something much more skillfully titled. >.> But I tried not to hold that against it.

It was a super quick listen that I grabbed from the library since it was available.

While it wasn't Graveminder, it wasn't bad either.

The world where the "arrivals" found themselves is sort of "old west"-ish which works out well for Jack and Kitty since that's the era they're from. They are also
Shannon (Savhage Temptrest)
The Arrivals by Melissa Marr has an interesting, quirky, and entertaining premise that almost sounds like a bad joke gone horrible awry:

Delivery: A twenty-something woman walks into a bar blowing five years of sobriety after catching her fiancé screwing her boss in her own bed...
Punch Line: Said woman wakes up in a distant and desolate and desert dystopian world called The Wastelands that is as harsh and merciless to its inhabitants and new arrivals as the name suggests.

And let’s not forget
For such an intriguing premised, the execution fell flat. I'll give it 3 generous stars just for the concept.

The story: A group of people, the Arrivals, each from a different point in history, now live on a barren world, fighting against one great evil and helping the rest of the wastelanders survive.

As far as characters, we have Jack and Kitty, brother and sister from the old West, Edgar from Chicago's mob, and Chloe, from today.

All gives us a Farscape-esque universe of strange aliens, evil to
This has to be one of the most original stories I have read in years. If you are not drawn in by the cover, or by the fact that this is by Melissa Marr (I loved Graveminder), then I don't know how to sell it to you. Is is SciFi? I say yes. Is it fantasy? Also yes. Is it a Western? Meh, not really. I tore into this in a blaze and right away I made the guess that they were all characters in a video game. That made the most sense to me. Whether I was right or not, I'll never tell.
Here's what I wil
Rick Fisher
The Arrivals was an okay novel. It had a decent premise, something I hadn't seen before. But, I felt there was a lot lacking here. It felt very rushed. There are so many things that could have been fleshed out to create a better overall reading experience.
The main characters, although a little underdeveloped, were very likable. And, by the end of the novel, I found myself wanting to know more about each of them. Each characters back story, about how they ended up "killing" in the real world, w
Jessica (a GREAT read)
I received this ARC while at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. I was in no way compensated for this review.

I was most happy to receive and ARC of Melissa Marr's next adult release, The Arrivals, while at RT. Although the story seemed odd, I was willing to try it out. And it was definitely a bit odd. Even after finishing I am still left wondering the why of everything. I feel stupid for having missed why these people were brought to the Wasteland. It's not that the storytelling wasn't goo
Rayna  (Poindextrix)
This review originally appeared on on my blog

I picked up The Arrivals by Melissa Marr at BEA and was immediately sold on the story. Chloe wakes up after a night of drinking thinking that the hangover and guilt of ruining five years of sobriety are all she has to contend with. Except she doesn’t wake up in Washington, D.C., but a different world called the Wasteland where there are monsters aplenty, but answers to questions about why Chloe is there and how things work in this new world remain sca
Chris Bauer
I'm not sure if my hopes were set too high for "The Arrivals" when I first heard about it. The plot synopsis was remarkable and very original in scope. And I was not disappointed by that aspect of the work. The sheer imagination horsepower throughout the book was redlined the entire time. There were amazing details and painstaking detail to a variety of topics in the book.

But overall, if fell flat for me. Not sure exactly why.

When I finished the book I was a little deflated by the whole experien
There is an easy and enjoyable reading quality to Melissa Marr's books.

I enjoyed this story about a group of people (from different time periods) who had been placed or magically transferred to a world (Wasteland) vary different from their own and full of danger. In the beginning the book was a little slow paced for me. I enjoyed the characters already in the Wasteland but after Chloe arrives, I feel like the books pace picked up a lot and I couldn't put the book down. While I enjoyed the story
Alisha Stevens
I have mixed feelings about this book. At first I wasn't sure what to think about the strange world we were thrown into. Whenever you begin a new series or read a book that is a little different, you do spend some time trying to get your bearings. This book was no different, and the concept was an interesting one. People are plucked from their lives and end up in Wasteland. They come from different time periods, and no one seems to know why they were chosen. The only commonality is that everyone ...more
No one world builds better than Melissa Marr, but... This could have been so much better. Too short, I guess.
Melinda Elizabeth
My first thought when I started reading this was "oh wait, did I forget to read the first book"? It has that feeling of being part of a story partially told already, however this isn't the case at all. It's just disjointed a little bit, and I felt that there was meant to be some assumed knowledge about the characters that I just didn't have.

That being the case, once I made the assumption that I was missing information, I did catch up with what was happening eventually, but I just didn't enjoy i
I am not a huge fan of Westerns, but the supernatural and romantic storylines in The Arrivals made the book a bit more interesting for me. I did not love the book—I still have several unresolved questions and I thought the story was a bit hard to get into (although that may have been due to my dislike of Westerns)—but overall, I thought it was okay. This book may appeal to readers who already enjoy Science Fiction and/or Romance and are looking to read something a little different. The book does ...more
Jennifer H
The very first chapter, I thought this book was garbage. It was really terrible - the dialogue was really awful. There's a fine line between throwing your reader into the middle of the story and over explaining everything. This book takes the approach that maybe eventually you'll be told what's going on. Eventually you do, and then you know a lot about some and very little about others.

It’s an interesting idea, and as I read on I enjoyed the story more. There’s some odd romance thrown in, I gues
Feuerspuckende Lindwürmer, von Dämonen besessene Mönche und weitaus schrecklichere Wesen lauern in der ewigen Wüste Wasteland. Hier ist Chloe gestrandet, ohne zu wissen, wie sie dorthin kam. Um zu überleben, schließt sich die junge Frau den Arrivals an, einer Gruppe kämpferischer Menschen, die unsterblich zu sein scheinen: Niemand von ihnen altert, ihre Wunden heilen in kürzester Zeit, und wenn sie sterben, wachen sie nach sechs Tagen wieder auf. Kann Chloe ihnen vertrauen? Ist
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5 stars= If I love you, I'll buy you a copy from this list of books. (Pls note, if you are my family or dearest friends, feel free to remind me to do so. I am lousy w remembering birthdays/holidays.)

4 stars= Don't even ask to borrow it. You should prob buy it though.

3= If you borrow it, you better not lose it, mangle it, or keep it too long.

2 or 1 star= I don't use these. If it's not a 3 star or
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“The woman held out a hand to Chloe. “Name’s Kitty.”

“This is a very vivid hallucination,” Chloe told her.

“And that’s Jack… short for jackass,” Kitty continued as if Chloe hadn’t spoken.”
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