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Throwing Strikes: My Quest for Truth and the Perfect Knuckleball
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Throwing Strikes: My Quest for Truth and the Perfect Knuckleball

4.38  ·  Rating Details ·  118 Ratings  ·  41 Reviews
The inspiring storyofthe 2012 National League Cy Young Award Winner

Adapted for young readers from his New York Times bestselling memoir Wherever I Wind Up, this is the inspiring story of how knuckleballer R. A. Dickey became one of the game’s best pitchers. He had humble beginnings, and as a child kept a terrible secret. But at a local prep school, coaches saw talent in hi
Hardcover, 320 pages
Published March 26th 2013 by Dial Books
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Ryan Edwards
Sep 29, 2013 Ryan Edwards rated it it was amazing
Throwing Strikes
This book is an autobiography about R.A. Dickey, an MLB pitcher. This book had one message, and it was never to give up no matter what life throws at you.
Born in Nashville, Tennessee, he was not a planned child, but it was no accident that he is where he is now in baseball. His parents got married not because they were madly in love but only because his mother was pregnant with him. Their marriage only lasted about 5 years. This was not his only childhood difficulty. During sch
Feb 09, 2016 Kaiden rated it it was amazing
This R.A. Dickey novel is hands down the best book I have ever read. It is about R.A. Dickey's journey to the MLB. Throughout the book R.A. tells about his childhood and how his parents split up while he was at a young age and how he worked hard at many sports to get where he is now. I suggest this book to any person who appreciates sports or to be more specific baseball.
Feb 15, 2015 Faye rated it it was amazing
This is the Young Readers Edition. A great message for mature Middle Schoolers 7th & 8th graders - NEVER GIVE UP - Follow Your Dream. Warning: there is one part later in the book that deals with a mature topic (sexual abuse) but I felt it was handled appropriately.
Mar 27, 2014 Julia rated it it was amazing
great autobio. u never really know the pasts of these athletes. I really makes u realize life is not handed out on a silver platter.
Kelby Thompson
Sep 19, 2013 Kelby Thompson rated it really liked it
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Sam Kidder
Nov 09, 2016 Sam Kidder rated it really liked it
This book explained how life does not always go your way. It tells you that even if you are going through a hard time you always have to fight it. In this book "Throwing strikes"R.A. Dickey told the world his life challenges and how he over came then. R.A. Dickey tells you how those challenges helped him in the longs run. After all of the thing R.A Dickey has been through such as, sports, games not going his way, and also just his family. He still inspired people to never give up. That is what ...more
Oct 29, 2016 Spideygirl rated it really liked it
Great book. R.A. sure has been through alot to get where he is in MLB. His career, especially early on was up and down continuously. I give him credit for his perseverence. I could never stick it out like that. And his wife - I don't know how she survived the roller coaster. The constant moving and sleeping on air mattresses. Unfortunately this is all too common for many major leaguers. Just an incredible read. I recommend to baseball fans. I'm not even fond of knuckle-ballers and I enjoyed the ...more
Conor O
Jun 02, 2013 Conor O rated it it was amazing
This quarter, I changed it up a little bit. I read an autobiography called “Throwing Strikes” by R.A. (Robert Allen) Dickey. It was a really inspiring book because of the fact that he started out being a poor kid from the ghetto of Nashville, to being an all-star pitcher. This book was great because it was a true underdog story. From his mother being an alcoholic to constant fist fights at school, R.A. was quite the delinquent as a kid. He slept on the floor every night from the time he was born ...more
Jake Mcallister
Oct 03, 2014 Jake Mcallister rated it really liked it
Throwing Strikes: My Quest for Truth and the Perfect Knuckleball by R.A Dickey is a nonfiction book and has a certain theme that many fiction books have. For example, the protagonists, in this case R.A Dickey, endures many struggles throughout his life but in the end, finds a way to overcome conflicts and get in touch with Christ and pursue his career dream and become a Major League pitcher. The book in my opinion, is a heartwarming and inspirational book that tells the tale of a poor boy, whose ...more
Sep 16, 2016 Chase rated it it was amazing
Throwing strikes by R.A Dickey is by far my favorite autobiography. In this book R.A shares how he hit rock bottom many times but always found a way to get back up. He explains how his parents were really never there for him. Some nights he slept in vacant houses or at friends houses, or sometimes even outside. but his skill in baseball helped him get back on top.
Brayden Mahdavi
Apr 06, 2014 Brayden Mahdavi rated it really liked it
The book, Throwing Strikes, is a biography on the story about defying all odds for Major League Baseball Pitcher R.A. Dickey. The book is about the life of R.A. Dickey, how he was an ace pitcher throughout his life and undoubtedly a very talented baseball player. However, once he finally reaches his goal of becoming a Major Leaguer, he discovers that he is missing a ligament in his throwing arm. This creates lots of confusion on how Dickey was still even able to throw, and everybody said that ...more
Dylan Witzig
Apr 02, 2015 Dylan Witzig rated it it was amazing
Throwing Strikes by R.A. Dickey is an autobiography. R.A. Dickey's life was a roller coaster. When he was a child, his parents were poor. At age 8 his parents divorced and he stayed with his mom for a while until he got sick of all of her drinking and drugs. His mom was heartbroken when he left to go live with his dad for a while. Jumping to his pitching career, he played at the University of Tennessee. He was a stud pitcher and a top five round draft pick in the MLB by the Rangers. Right before ...more
Tyler H
Feb 13, 2015 Tyler H rated it really liked it
I thought this was a great book and great experience to what it is like to know about a professional baseball career and life. One reason why I liked this book was because he gave tips for young pitchers like me on how go far in your pitching career.
The book starts out with Dickey as a teenager. He pitches for his high school. He also played shortstop occasionally. At that time in his life he threw pretty much fastballs. I mean of course he threw other different pitches, but he was not a full
Oct 10, 2014 Logan rated it it was amazing
This novel was about a young rising star by the name of R.A. Dickey who had struggles through his life that made him strive to greatness. Despite getting into fights at school and things like that, he always turned to sports when he was mad. He said, "It took my mind off things and helped me refocus." Then came the day, when he got drafted. He spent many years down in the minor leagues until he was called up to the majors, but they found something very wrong with his right elbow... Despite the ...more
Jan 09, 2016 Pangolin rated it it was amazing
Shelves: old-scan-list
This book was adapted from his memoir Wherever I Wind Up. The target audience is for young readers and the other is more for adults. It still includes the issues that has shaped his life but doesn't include the details. (Sometimes when I read autobiographies where abuse happens its more scary and horrifying because it was real.). It also omits issues that children may not be interested in like the difficulties of being a good husband. For those who are endeavouring to be athletes or baseball ...more
Mac Franklin
I really liked the book "Throwing Strikes" by R.A. Dickey because it was about baseball, and how his life was bad and good, and how he became an amazing baseball player.

Throwing Strikes by R.A. Dickey was a great book. When he was a child, his parents were poor. At age 8 his parents divorced and he stayed with his mom for a while until he got sick of all of her drinking and drugs. His mom was really sad when he left to go live with his dad for a while. In his pitching carrernhe played at the Uni
Oct 30, 2014 Jack rated it really liked it

R.A. Dickey grew up in a bad part of the town in Nashville tennessee. In his childhood he used to play baseball, and football games in the neighborhood all day long. He used to get into a lot of fight with many people as a little kid. R.A. Dickeys dad who died when he was a little kid, and his uncle all made it to the big leagues like he did, and they all where very good pitchers. Something I learned about reading the book that I am going to take into granted is that R.A. Dickey showed everyone
Nov 02, 2015 Will rated it really liked it
This book is about a pitcher that works hard and gets rewarded for it. Throwing Strikes is the first and only book to the series, the book had 296 pages but it is an easy read this author is a first time author too. This book is good because it tells the advantages and disadvantages of being a MLB pitcher. The style of writing is just a normal writing style. This book is about a baseball pitcher that had a lot of success in his life time but when he got to playing with College teams he was ...more
Aug 06, 2015 Posadafan rated it it was amazing
Shelves: baseball-books
Great book for baseball fans! I love that someone (R.A. himself?) actually thought of KIDS when this adaption was made from his more adult-version memoir.

I'd heard R.A. talking about his book on NPR, and the interviewer kept probing the "secret" that he revealed...but the book is so much more than that. Part self-help, part inspirational, part baseball how-to techniques; it's really a good book for both kids and adults, without all that endless ego-stroking that most athletes/celebrities dish o
Christian Jacob
Sep 02, 2014 Christian Jacob rated it it was amazing
The book "Throwing Strikes" was an amazing book, that was wrote by Professional Baseball Player, R.A. Dickey, with the help of two other authors. He was a 2012 NL Cy Young Award winner, which means that he was the best pitcher in the National League in 2012. It is a book written about R.A. Dickey's journey to the major leagues he got sent down and sent up and sent down and sent up again. He never gave up on his dream to be a Major League Baseball player. He had to make decisions that could have ...more
Aidan Mohr
May 18, 2015 Aidan Mohr rated it it was amazing
"Throwing strikes by RA Dickey" is now at the top of my alltime read self. RA Dickey tells his life story from starting acidentaly, to playing in the majors. All though this is based mostly on his baseball career RA includes some funny moments with the reader. Like trying to swim a crossed the Missouri river. "He extended his right arm, his pitching arm, as far as it would stretch. C'mon RA .You're almost there." Pg.185-186 Will RA Dickey make it across end the mighty moe? Will RA Dickey make it ...more
Jan 26, 2016 Chase rated it liked it
This book is about a guy R.A. Dickey, who become a pitcher who throws knuckle ball. He gets kicked out of so many teams I can not count. He has 3 girls and 1 boy. They go all over the world, because he gets kicked of so many teams, his last team he was on was the new York Mets.

I would not change the ending because he can not get kicked out of his team I feel good for him.

What surprised me the most is how he got kicked out of so many teams.

My favorite character was Anna his wife because she was
Coltin Quagliano
Oct 13, 2015 Coltin Quagliano rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 3
I think this book was really good because I like the way R.A Dickey never gives up and because it is about baseball. This is about how this one guy, R.A Dickey, never gives up on his dreams. Even though he didn't go straight to the majors from high school, he kept working hard. My favorite part about this book is when he swam across a river and never gave up, even though he wanted to. My least favorite part of the story is when no major league team wanted him. I recommend that who ever likes ...more
Bryce Fernau
May 18, 2015 Bryce Fernau rated it it was amazing
Throwing Strikes by R.A. Dickey is one the favorite books I have ever read. RA Dickey tells the story of his life from sleeping in other peoples houses occupied or not to playing for the Cy Young award in the majors. Although this book is mostly about baseball RA Dickey includes some funny moments in his life. Like swimming across the Missouri river with one arm and his friends chanting almost there! On Pg. 185-186. Will RA make it in the majors with also being a father of three? I recommend ...more
Feb 16, 2015 Kristjan rated it liked it
I loved the original version (Wherever I wind up), but was disappointed with this one. Not that it's too different, because it isn't. I didn't really notice any significant difference. Perhaps the abuse he suffered as a child is described somewhat less, but it is still described. As a "Young Reader's Version", I had high hopes that this book would be suitable and beneficial for my 11-year old sports-mad son. But with those descriptions in there I can't deem it suitable and therefore it will not ...more
Dee Lancaster
Apr 27, 2016 Dee Lancaster rated it it was amazing
I read this out loud with my 10y/o son. Fantastic read. Inspirational story. It opened up some good dialogue about abuse, making good choices, and other topics. Aimed at kids but I enjoyed it as well. It is similar to Dickey's 'Wherever I Wind Up' but geared to kids and written after his Cy Young season so the ending is even better. If you or your child enjoy baseball or just thought provoking, inspirational stories, then this is a good choice.
Angelique Wood rinearson
Dec 01, 2013 Angelique Wood rinearson rated it it was amazing
RA Dickey, without actually calling it by name, writes about how mindfulness changed his life for the better. Living fully present, acknowledging anxiety producing thoughts and just letting them go, living life one pitch at a time, this is what some of the principles of mindfulness are and he sells them really well! I counsel child and teen victims of trauma and I will recommend this to my teen boys.
Camble Kirkhove
Dec 18, 2015 Camble Kirkhove rated it it was amazing
Shelves: wjhs
This book is a good book because it tells the story of a determined boy/man
who never gave up on his dream of becoming a professional baseball player. I would recommend this book to people who love sports or autobiographies.
R.A dickey had dreams of becoming a MLB player and had always worked hard to maintain his relationship with his career. And with hardwork and determination he did.
Sean Herrel
Aug 28, 2014 Sean Herrel rated it it was amazing
I really likes this book I thought it was a really inspiring story showing how you can go from the lowest of lows in your career and then work hard and come back to be better than you could ever imagine. this is a really inspiring story for any baseball layer who is in a slump or anyone who would like to read a great success of a great baseball pitcher.
Nov 04, 2014 Ben rated it it was amazing
Shelves: baseball
This book is a great book for people interested in baseball. I also think that it is more of a book for Christians because through R.A. Dickey's journey he talks about how God has helped and how he worked to help him reach his goals. it is a very good autobiography and it gives you a better view of R.A.'s life and more about his background. It is also very inspiring.
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