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The Soddit: Or, Cashing in Again
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The Soddit: Or, Cashing in Again (Cardboard Box of the Rings #1)

3.09  ·  Rating Details ·  592 Ratings  ·  66 Reviews
In the grand tradition of the parody bestseller Bored of the Rings, this uproarious literary spoof follows the Tolkienesque adventures of Bingo "Sac" Grabbings, a rather unremarkable Soddit of Upper Middle Earth. He ventures forth (despite very sore and swollen feet indeed!) alongside Gandef the Coughing Wizard and a band of psoriasis-scratching, who-knows-what's-in-the-pi ...more
Hardcover, 1st Edition, 343 pages
Published September 1st 2003 by Gollancz (first published 2003)
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Mar 23, 2016 Pandahanna rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Den är inte särskilt skoj bortsett från delen med bryggeriet. Mycket möjligt att den är roligare på engelska men tror inte att skillnaden är drastisk.
Hade kunnat göra/läsa något vettigare men har svårt för att sluta med en bok som man kommit halvvägs in i.
En liten annorlunda twist på slutet men det räddar inte resten av boken.
Apr 05, 2013 Ian rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: just-why
As someone who enjoys nearly all types of humor, this book immediately caught my eye when I came across it in some used book store. The silly names of places on the world map, the goofy illustrations (the first one I saw involved our hero, "Bingo," stepping on a solid), and the quirky writing style amused me when I skimmed it, so I bought it for $3. I honestly felt like I had struck gold.

It wasn't until I'd progressed partway through that the reason this book had been abandoned in a used book st
Blak Rayne
Originally published in 2003, I can’t say that The Soddit - tag line ‘If we likess it, then we putss a ring on it…’ written by A.R.R.R. Roberts was a favourite read, or that it was the worst I’ve come across. The deliberate exaggeration of characters, play on names, long-winded explanations and half-a-page-in-length sentences were quite amusing initially and I did laugh on occasion, but then the story became a bit tedious by the end. But, on the other hand, Mr. Roberts addition of droll sarcasm ...more
Jan 25, 2014 Jen rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Any time you read a parody of one of your favorite books, it's hard to judge the parody fairly. That said, this tried; it had enough of a twist that it was a legitimately interesting book on its own (I really like what Roberts did with the dragon and the spiders, for instance) but it fell a little flat in its dependence on the one-liner. And the footnotes--while it's funny to lampoon how overly scholastic Tolkien was, some of the footnotes were just downright silly, and not in a funny kind of wa ...more
Jo Woolfardis | Infinite Variety Books
I think, perhaps, at the time it was amusing and rather less ludicrous than the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings parodies and I went along with it because it was easy reads and cheap laughs. But, in general, it's not particularly worth it as it doesn't feel like the parody is done in a respectful manner. I am all for parodies, and my French and Saunders-borrowed mantra of "only take the piss out of the things you love" is top of the list in consideration of things like this, but that never rea ...more
Mar 11, 2009 Arthur rated it did not like it
Waste of your time

The book is so terrible, I cannot believe someone can write such a gibberish. It looks like an author has never been told that his sense of humour is unacceptable. It reminds me of a hopeless guy who cannot master an art of telling a joke and make others laugh. Whenever he tells a joke, other people would smile and nod their heads politely, but never tell the joker how really bad he is. The book lacks everything. It is not funny, it is utterly boring and its so called humour is
No stars. This is...without a doubt, the worst book I have ever read. I knew it was a parody...I expected it to be so. But I also expected it to be clever and know, how a PARODY is suppose to be. This is neither. It's groan inducing with horrible puns that Adam Roberts probably thinks is hilarious along with really just stupid lines.

Avoid this book like the bubonic plague.

Then again, the bubonic plague is probably more enjoyable.
Sep 30, 2012 Mark rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
It may have come to your attention that on the 20th September 2012 it was the 75th anniversary of the publication of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit and in particular Bilbo Baggins. Others may be aware of the impending premiere of Peter Jackson’s film version (or at least the first part) in December.

This is, according to the front cover, ‘Absolutely NOT the tie-in to the major films of Tolkien’s classic novel’, though readers who have read The Hobbit may be aware of some aspects of this tale. Mind you,
Dec 31, 2016 Hyaroo rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
It's not often a book manages to surprise me as much as this book has.

I went into it expecting something akin to "Bored of the Rings" -- a silly, insubstantial, somewhat lazy parody with no real hold to it; more a collection of puns and pseudo-dirty humor with characters that were just plain unlikeable, pathetic or downright useless, all for the sake of a cheap laugh -- but with enough genuinely amusing ideas to be worth a read-through.

And for about the first third of it, that was more or less e
Geert Daelemans
Aug 26, 2013 Geert Daelemans rated it really liked it
Shelves: fantasy, humour
A Hobbit with a vengeance

Like every Soddit Bingo Grabbins enjoys a comfortable life and violently attacks anyone who dares to endanger this goal, as long as the opposition is much smaller than him, that is. Indeed Bingo can be a real pain in a dark cave, certainly when one treads on his extremely painful feet. So it is no wonder that when Gandef and his company of brainless Welsh dwarves force him to go on a long and tedious adventure that Bingo is far from happy and never misses an opportunity
Sep 03, 2013 Tim rated it really liked it
The Soddit, a parody of The Hobbit. Like Bored Of The Rings, I haven't read the original yet. I might do so in the future. Anyway, Bored Of The Rings was quite a funny book, all things considered. The Soddit, however, didn't offer that instant satisfaction. It took a while to get or appreciate the (often dry) humour.

Still, after some chapters the magic does begin to work. Obviously it's best to read such a book when you're in the mood for it, when you're in need of a laugh, especially, for examp
Nov 04, 2016 Cindy rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Même si ce roman est une parodie, j'arrête les frais à la page 239 car là, je suis arrivée à un point où l'histoire ne m'amuse plus du tout => une étoile (parce que je suis dans un bon jour).

Le texte, à fur et à mesure qu'on avance dans le livre, devient lourd/Chelou/chiant/mortel/ennuyant et surtout sans intérêt.
Les tournures de phrases sont telles que par moment, il faut revenir quelques paragraphes en arrière car le récit part tellement en sucette qu'on se perd dans les méandres des mots.

Krista Ivy
satire and giggles.
This is an obvious parody of J. R. R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit. Bilbo Baggins has become Bingo Grabbings. Gandelf is Gandef. It goes on as such. The characters have comedic elements added to them. Bingo has arthritic feet, so he says ‘ow’ when he walks. Gandef is going deaf and seems to only hear what he wants to. Thorin or Thorri has a speech issue, a pronounced lisp. There are several characters that are killed off making obvious and simply mistakes. They are mourned for one par
Bingo Sac Grabbins is asked by the coughing wizard Gandef and some (oddly Welsh) dwarves to help them relieve the great dragon Smug of his gold. SF author and Tolkien scholar Adam Roberts has written a parody that is both hilarious and intelligent. With knowing digs at the fantasy genre in general and the mystique that has built around middle earth in particular this will make Tolkien's 21st century readers laugh in a way that BORED OF THE RINGS made his fans of 1969 laugh.

I rolled into this at
Dec 13, 2014 Cait rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of Tolkien who can laugh at his work
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Mathilde Poquillon
Okay so at the beginning I couldn't really get into the story, and I really felt like it was just a retelling of Tolkien's book, with nothing more added to it. Boy was I wrong. It's actually really at the end that you understand everything and that it changes your whole view of the entire story and leaves you just like "... Whoah." And it's quite funny! I read this one to get out of a book hangover, because it's a very easy-to-read book. And it definitely got me out of it, and that's something I ...more
Jun 01, 2007 Katy rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who likes Tolkien (and has a twisted sense of humour)
blashpemy... of the funny sort.
I don't really know quite how to describe this one yet, as I'm only about halfway through... The individual elements of the story are there, nice and comfortable, right where they should be- the details have this dark, twisted spin on them (changing of names, personalities, exaggeration of character flaws, etc.) so that the tale as a whole is only vaguely familiar...
Reading this one almost feels like having a dream about a familiar place where everything is just d
Lynsey Davidson
Aug 15, 2013 Lynsey Davidson rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
I think I only managed about 50 pages of this pointless book and I could not find it in myself to bother reading it until the end. As much as I am a fan of Tolkien's work this book was just dull and I found myself skimming over sentences. Was it supposed to be funny because I barely laughed. I really expected this to be laugh out loud funny but it really did not live up to that. The illustrations throughout were the only redeeming feature of this book.
Utterly disappointing and I am glad that I o
Dec 27, 2015 Henry rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Humorous and very enjoyable in parts. Extremely clever characterisation by the author, the Spiders and Bear-man I particularly enjoyed. Certain parts of the book were a little over complicated and the end (SPOILER) I ultimately found rather sad for a spoof of a book that has a tranquil ending (as I remember). It also reminded me that I found a lot of this story well as being hilarious. Anyway, a good read. Kept me interested.
May 09, 2009 Janet rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fantasy-scifi
The writing style is exactly the same as in Da Vinci Cod. Maybe that’s to be expected since both were written by the same man, but is Adam Roberts (his “official” pseudonym) really that untalented? The Hobbit and The Da Vinci Code were written in radically different styles, but Roberts doesn’t even attempt to make his parodies sound different.
Jan 29, 2013 Matt rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Really enjoyed the book but I feel you have to have the right daft sense if humour and have read the hobbit to really get the full fun factor out of the book!
I would recommend the book as something to read to put a smile on your face and allow you to escape the mundane reality for a a bit! Don't be surprised if you find yourself chuckling out loud as you read it!
M.J.L. Evans
I love a good parody and the concept of this book is brilliant. There were few laugh out loud moments and overall it was entertaining. I did however find that some of the jokes went on for several pages and lost their momentum. This may have been deliberate as Tolkien was definitely long-winded in his passages. I recommend for an amusing read.
Haley Mathiot
Oct 19, 2012 Haley Mathiot rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This was a fast funny read. I've read The Hobbit and seen the movie (the old animated one!) and I love the story... and the silliness of The Soddit was delightful.

The reader was fabulous, though a bit abrasive, and at times I couldn't quite understand what words were being said because of a thick accent or voice, but it was all together enjoyable.
Bryan Richard
It was definitely different no doubt about that. A spoof of Tolkien's The Hobbit. And as I was reading the last few pages I discovered there is a spoof out about this book. It's called The Spuddit. A spoof of The Soddit. Interesting!
Sasha Strader
Rare is the book that I really can not read. This book fit that category and ran off with it. Far from the Terry-Pratchett-like mockery that I thought I was getting, this book was full of half-hearted puns and the kinds of jokes a 14 year old boy would make.

In short: don't bother.
Jim Vaden
I only read this because I'm a big Tolkien fan, but it was the worst "parody" I've ever read. With name changes only a vowel away from Tolkien's originals, the story is terribly shallow and the characters are ridiculously foolish. A terrible read...
Del de la Mare
Despite myself I rather enjoyed this book.
The jokes, puns and witticisms were laid on rather thick and very unrelenting, but I had to laugh at the Welsh dwarves/dwarfs and the rather effete, Wilde quoting Elves.
Stuart Aken
Disappointing. A great opportunity for some real wit and all we get is puerile schoolboy humour. Such a shame. I'm glad I only paid a quid for this from a charity shop, which is where it will be returning.
Steve Mitchell
Aug 02, 2011 Steve Mitchell rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
To be called a genuine comedy parody, then there should be some actual jokes included that are actually funny; the last couple of chapters just saved this book from falling foul of the trade descriptions act.
Martin Willoughby
Sep 08, 2016 Martin Willoughby rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Not funny, not interesting and the opening pages are turgid.
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Adam Roberts (born 1965) is an academic, critic and novelist. He also writes parodies under the pseudonyms of A.R.R.R. Roberts, A3R Roberts and Don Brine. He also blogs at The Valve, a group blog devoted to literature and cultural studies.

He has a degree in English from the
More about Adam Roberts...

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