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Burning Sky

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Abducted by Mohawk Indians at fourteen and renamed Burning Sky, Willa Obenchain is driven to return to her family’s New York frontier homestead after many years building a life with the People. At the boundary of her father’s property, Willa discovers a wounded Scotsman lying in her path. Feeling obliged to nurse his injuries, the two quickly find much has changed during h...more
Paperback, 416 pages
Published August 6th 2013 by WaterBrook Press
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This beautiful story swept me away. Even though it's substantial in length, I gulped it down in two sittings. I was drawn into the pain of the main character, Willa, and fell in love with the children and hero Neil MacGregor. I love it when an author can portray a man of God in such a realistic & convincing way. Can't wait for more from this author. Highly recommend!

The long review from my blog:

“’It is about the heart and knowing the voice of the Great Good God in your spirit,’ he told the...more
Joanne Bischof
Burning Sky is a powerful and heart-tugging novel that I could scarcely put down. With a beautiful and lyrical voice, Lori Benton draws the reader into the world of her characters on the wild frontier of early America. I found myself rooting for them all. My heart hurt when theirs did and I rejoiced along side them. It’s a story that’s stuck with me long after I turned the last page. Highly recommended!
Elaine Cooper
Burning Sky by Lori Benton is one of those riveting novels that make you regret the need for sleep. Each chapter begged me to proceed to the next and, when the final page was viewed, I reluctantly closed the book, wishing the story would continue on

This is the tale of Willa Obenchain. After twelve years of captivity with the Mohawk tribe, the young, grieving woman can barely say her own name. Her ability to speak her native English is as much a struggle as sorting through her sense of who she is...more
Nike Chillemi
BURNING SKY by Lori Benton is a captivating historical epic novel set in the post-Revolutionary War era. This debut novel won the Grace Awards 2013 in the Action-Adventure/Western/Epic Fiction category. The novel's historical accuracy is obvious, as well as the author's knowledge of the Native American tribes then living in New York State. The author's expressive prose paints a vibrant picture of life at that time. This novel would be a valuable addition to any homeschooling curriculum.

Ms. Bento...more
SUMMARY: Abducted by Mohawk Indians at fourteen and renamed Burning Sky, Willa Obenchain is driven to return to her family’s New York frontier homestead after many years building a life with the People. At the boundary of her father’s property, Willa discovers a wounded Scotsman lying in her path. Feeling obliged to nurse his injuries, the two quickly find much has changed during her twelve-year absence—her childhood home is in disrepair, her missing parents are rumored to be Tories, and the you...more
Paula Vince
First of all, I've got to mention the excellent way this book came to me. I won it by commenting on a blog, and it was delivered by the postman the very morning I was keeping track of the 2014 Christy Awards on live feed. Just as I was unwrapping it, this book was given a triple honour, winning two categories and book of the year. I couldn't ask for a better time to receive it.

Willa Oberchain was abducted by tribal Indians aged 14 and re-named Burning Sky. Twelve years later, her Indian family a...more
Bluerose's  Heart
The Native American aspect of this book is what pulled my interest its way. I didn't know much about the plot before I began reading other than that. I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't more to the Native American aspect. There are a few main characters that are Native American, and a couple background characters that are so, but we don't get to see the true Native American lifestyle within its pages. There are references to certain traditions and customs made, though, which I enjoyed....more
A Wonderful Story That Brings the Frontier to Life!

Frontier novels are quickly becoming one of my favorite genres. I just really enjoy learning about the early years of our country and I honestly love stories with Indians in them. Especially Indian love interests! Lori Benton’s debut novel, Burning Sky, was just as wonderful as everyone said it was and I enjoyed it immensely. I am looking forward to reading more from this new author!

At the young age of 14, Willa Obenchain was abducted by Mohawk...more
Kate (Too Read or Not Too Read)
Burning Sky is the debut novel by Lori Benton and I can't wait to read more by her. Lori Benton from the first page captured my attention and never let it go till the end.

Burning Sky to the Mohawk tribe she was carried off to or Wilhelmina (Willa) Obenchain as she was called by her parents and friends before she was taken, is trapped between the two worlds she has now lived in. Willa lived with her parents and grandma in the log cabin on the frontier of New York State during the Revolutionary Wa...more
Carrie Pagels
I received an ARC. I cannot imagine what they could have changed from the ARC that would have improved the book. Nor am I under compulsion to give this book a positive review—but I'd dare them to stop me from doing so as I loved this story!

This book will or should win awards next year. Wilhemina “Willa” Obenchain was a 14-year-old girl living in a community in upstate NewYork when she was kidnapped and taken in by the Mohawks. She married and had two children but her family is now gone and she h...more
Karen Barnett
"What I have seen, what I have done, it has changed me. I am the place where two rivers meet, silted with upheaval and loss." The opening prologue of Burning Sky sets the tone for this beautiful frontier novel by debut author, Lori Benton. I was instantly captured by the truth of these words. What we experience changes us and how we view the world--not to mention how the world views us.

Ever since I was a child, devouring books like Caddie Woodlawn and Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison ,...more
I haven't LOVED a debut novel as much as Burning Sky in a long time.

Burning Sky isn't your normal kind of book. I think I knew this before even reading it, simply from what I'd heard about it... and likely the strange undeniable draw I had to a book named simply after its heroine.

I'm not sure what to say. I spent two days straight reading this book. I stayed up until 2am on a Saturday night to finish it--despite the fact that I'd been more tired lately than I'd ever been (due to being at the nea...more
Fans of Laura Frantz will find a beloved new favorite in the pages of “Burning Sky”, a novel due to hit shelves in August, 2013.

Very reminiscent with strong themes of strength, courage and determination, Willa is a young woman trapped by her past and yearning to be set free, but unsure how to allow herself to move forward. The love triangle in the story plays strongly to this effect and made for much tension both romantic and otherwise.

What I enjoyed most about the story was the heart of our her...more
When Willa Obenchain is kidnapped by Indians at the age of fourteen, she expects to never see her parents again. She adapts to her new culture with the Wolf Clan, her new life. She even eventually marries and has children. Then, in practically the blink of an eye, she loses everything and is left adrift. She has two choices. She can either follow join the Wolf Clan at Niagara where the British soldiers have promised refuse. Or she can return home to the parents she hasn't seen in twelve years. S...more
I absolutely LOVED this book! After reading the first few pages online I was hooked.

Having grown up in NY state, I was intrigued in a story set just after the American Revolution in a familiar area. Lori Benton did an excellent job creating a compelling story of a young woman caught between two worlds. She'd been kidnapped by Mohawk Indians as a young teen and came of age in a new culture that she accepted as her own. Now at the age of 26 she decides to return "home" to her white family.

The au...more
As reading friends began a loud buzz of praise for Lori Benton’s debut novel, I got curious. So curious, in fact, I did something I haven’t done in a long time—I drove to my local bookstore and paid full price for "Burning Sky". (The post-American Revolutionary setting coupled with the Historical Romance genre may have been a huge temptation factor.)

The three-dimensional characters give this book its award winning quality—they were so well-developed, I felt like they could be people I know. Whil...more
About the book (from Amazon)
“I remember the borders of our land, though I have been gone from them nearly half the moons of my life. But who there will remember me? What I have seen, what I have done, it has changed me.

I am the place where two rivers meet, silted with upheaval and loss.

Yet memory of our land is a clear stream. I shall know it as a mother knows the faces of her children. It may be I will find me there.“
Abducted by Mohawk Indians at fourteen and renamed Burning Sky, Willa Obencha...more
Age Appropriate For: 15 and up (romance and violence)
Best for Ages: 15 and up

One of the hardest things about being a book reviewer is you have to be honest. There are some books you want to love and give high ratings, but for the sake of honesty you can’t. This was one of those books.

Lori Benton got a lot right in this book. Historically, I don’t think it could have gotten much better. The details of not only life, but also the feelings in post-Revolutionary War America, were brilliantly woven i...more
"Burning Sky" is the debut book by Lori Benton and what a wonderful debut it was. I found Mrs. Benton's writing style to be rich in detail and easy to read.
The story is about Willa Obenchain who has spent nearly half of her life among the Mohawk Indians, she is finally able to make it back the where she was raised only to find that much has changed. As Willa tries to piece together who she is and where she belongs her life is made more complicated by the arrival of a injured young Scottish man w...more
Burning Sky was Willa Obenchain’s Mohawk name when she was adopted into a new family, replacing a daughter lost to war. Lori Benton’s novel, Burning Sky, set entirely in the white world Willa returns to-- the New York Frontier in the 1780s-- sings with echoes of Willa’s life as Burning Sky, offering a wealth of different viewpoints on the wars and traditions of the time. Willa’s parents have gone missing and are accused of having supported Britain in the war. Willa’s friends are fiercely America...more
"Burning Sky" was captured by Mohawk Indians when she was a child. when she finally leaves the tribe many years later, she dreams of returning home to her family and farm. But when she arrives at home, she finds a wounded Scotsman lying on the property and no trace of her family can be seen. She decides to help the injured man while trying to clean up the land so that she can farm it. But someone desperately wants the land, and they will stop at absolutely nothing to possess it.
This was a ver...more
Brandy Vallance
Burning Sky is a deep exploration of a time period that is too often passed over. The American Frontier comes to life within these pages and you won't be sorry that you took the time to wander the woods and fields with Willa. The author's heart is invested, the historical research is impeccable, and the emotions are real. I could feel the characters struggles and the use of imagery and setting put me right there. Benton is a very talented author who weaves words beautifully. Many times I was str...more
Shannon McNear
As a writer and history geek, I’ve grown very picky indeed when it comes to historical accuracy in novels, so I don't ask for ARC's much these days. This one, however, sounded intriguing ... and Benton hugely impressed me! Her writing is smooth as silk, the characters’ voices gripping and authentic, the story engaging. I found very few snags in any aspect, and I knew after the extensive research I’d done on the RevWar period that the trials Willa experiences are true to the time. The author hand...more
Shantelle Mary
A vivid tale of Indians and their captives, and how the way life is twisted when two groups of people are so bitterly against each other. Set after the Revolutionary War is over, Burning Sky centers on a young Indian captive, Willa, now free to do as she wishes. And she decides to return to her white family's home. But the decision becomes not-so-simple when she arrives at her destination as the long-lost girl, now looked at as a woman sullied by savages.
Burning Sky abounds with mystery, intrigu...more
A truly beautiful story, Burning Sky will sweep you away to the 18th century New York frontier, touch your heart, and befriend you with characters who stay with you long after you read the final page...at least it did for me. I volunteered to receive an ARC and share with others about the story, but I would have wanted to purchase this book regardless, between the beautifully written sneak peek I saw online and the Native American thread which runs so close to my heart. Lori Benton is a truly gi...more
The novel Burning Sky by Lori Benton is a fantastic novel. I was thoroughly impressed by the historical accuracy, and how much the author researched into the American Revolution and what actually took place after the fact. The novel tells the story of Willa Obenchain, who abducted by Mohawk Indians before the war began at the young age of fourteen, felt compelled to return to her home in the New York frontier where she lived before the kidnapping. While the Revolutionary War is over, she return...more
Beckie Burnham
Burning Sky is Lori Benton’s debut novel. If I had not known that, I would never have suspected that Benton was not an author with several novels to her credit. This novel is just sooo good! Great sense of place, lyrical writing, complex characters, wonderful plot, thought-provoking themes — you just can’t get any better than this. And while Burning Sky is labeled an historical novel, it easily transcends the genre. If you have to categorize it, I would say it is literary fiction. Interested yet...more
This book had me at hello. I mean, just listen to this description: “Abducted by Mohawk Indians at fourteen and renamed Burning Sky, Willa Obenchain is driven to return to her family’s New York frontier homestead after many years building a life with the People. At the boundary of her father’s property, Willa discovers a wounded Scotsman lying in her path. Feeling obliged to nurse his injuries, the two quickly find much has changed during her twelve-year absence—her childhood home is in disrepai...more
Dianne Sidebottom
I bought the book knowing Lori had won the 2014 new author Christy Award. I read Yankee in Atlanta last week n thought to read this story after getting to read how conflicting it was to be one sided in the Civil war. This story covers the earlier war n involved first nation people n then the immigrants settling in the new land of America. In her book Lori explains all the reading n research she did to get Burning Sky written. Horrible things happen in war but people have to go on as did Willa wh...more
Heather Gilbert
This book swept me back to another time and place. Benton's honed prose is something to savor, and the main character, Willa Obenchain, will be burned in my mind's eye forever. This is the kind of heroine I can relate to--one who isn't timid and reticent, but protective and bold. I wouldn't hesitate to categorize this as one of the best historical novels I've read. Looking forward to more of Benton's books.
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Lori Benton was born and raised east of the Appalachian Mountains, surrounded by early American and family history going back to the 1600s. Her novels transport readers to the 18th century, where she brings to life the Colonial and early Federal periods of American history, creating a melting pot of characters drawn from both sides of a turbulent and shifting frontier, brought together in the bond...more
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“I am the place where two rivers meet, silted with upheaval and loss.” 7 likes
“The air inside the cabin swirled with stale memories, echoes of once-familiar voices trapped within, awaiting her coming to free them.” 3 likes
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