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Poet in New York: A Bilingual Edition
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Poet in New York: A Bilingual Edition

4.21 of 5 stars 4.21  ·  rating details  ·  2,228 ratings  ·  102 reviews
“The definitive version of Lorca’s masterpiece, in language that is as alive and molten today as was the original.”—John Ashbery

Newly translated for the first time in ten years, Federico García Lorca’s Poet in New York is an astonishing depiction of a tumultuous metropolis that changed the course of poetic expression in both Spain and the Americas. Written during Lorca’s n
Paperback, 288 pages
Published December 21st 2007 by Grove Press (first published 1940)
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MJ Nicholls
Devastating poems composed during the Andalusian bard’s 1929-30 stay in New York. This edition contains a brilliant introduction and unobtrusive commentaries, plus a lecture (which I read) and letters to his family (which I skipped). My favourite of the cycle is this spinechilling number from Part III, Streets and Dreams (with incorrect line breaks and my apologies to the poet):

Sleepless City (Brooklyn Bridge Nocturne)

Out in the sky, no one sleeps. No one, no one.
No one sleeps.
Lunar creatures s
Hay quien dice que el público adoraba Romancero Gitano porque lo entendía. Éste no se entendió. Yo debo de ser una de esas personas.

Publicado póstumamente en 1940.
Peycho Kanev
Gabriel Garcia Lorca truly shows that when it comes to the movements as a city with ties to industry, capitalistic gain and material wealth, there is no division between the life of the human being and the life of the machine. Lorca arrived in New York just in time to witness the chaos created by the 1929 stock market crash. The poet's favorite neighborhood was Harlem; he loved African-American spirituals, which reminded him of Spain's "deep songs."
Like jazz and soul, it holds rage, irony and gr
Porque no habia leido a Lorca antes??
جابر طاحون
أكتر عمل أحبه للوركا صديق القمر والشجر والغجر وعريس ربة الشعر الذي لم يعد إنساناً ولا شاعراً ولا ورقة ، رغم كونه أوسط أعماله و الذي بدأ فيه يتحكم في أدواته الشعرية التي ظهرت بعد ذلك في بقية أعماله الشعرية و المسرحية .الديوان متشابك مع شعر إليوت و خصوصا الأرض الخراب و أربعاء الرماد ،خصوصًا في التضحية الشعائريةو التشابك و التداخل و صور الانهيار و العقم و الشذوذ و صور الخراب الظاهرة في مجموعتين الأولي الجماهير المتقيئة المدمرة المفسدة للحياة و الثانية أدوات العقاب و التطهير التي ستقع علي المدينة و ...more
I knew nothing of Lorca until this weekend, which saddens and embarrasses me since I adore Spanish culture. I watched the film 'Little Ashes' thinking it was about Salvador Dali but found the life and causes of Dali's poet lover Federico Garcia Lorca much more compelling. My friend was kind enough to lend me this book of poems he wrote about his experiences while studying in New York and visiting Cuba.

This edition came with a fantastic introduction which gave a lot of context to the often confu
Toni cupi, di morte e solitudine, che nulla hanno a che fare con il Lorca vitale de Libro de Poemas.
E' una New York grottesca, sordida e alienata. Le metafore e le sinestesie si intrecciano così vorticosamente da lasciare sempre meno spazio alla comprensione del lettore. Si sa, la poesia parla per archetipi e forse è proprio questo ciò che ci fa amarla: non doverla sottoporre al microscopio della ragione, eppure stavolta avrei preferito qualche verso meno criptico.
Ode a Walt Whitman è commoven
o Lorca. If only you were buried nearby so I could hump your grave while sobbing. Best, most tortured, sweetest, strangest, most bitter.
Themes: Primitivism vs Mechanization. Nature vs City. Science vs Emotion,"Magic" aka the Spirit. Wildness. Puritanism. Fluidity vs Structure. Death. Money. Reality vs Dreams (false dreams aka untruths).
Lorca wrote on New York as a "savage" place doomed by mechanization, money, science, the loss of nature, wildness, fluidity, and the denial of roots and primitivism. For instance, from the Dance of Death:
Between the sphinx and the bank vault, there is a taut thread
that pierces the heart of all po
This is a fantastic book. I hear the word "Surrealism" tossed around a lot in reference to this work, but I'm not sure that I agree with that description, even though I understand what people mean when they say it. In my opinion, Lorca is attempting to use words in a descriptive way so as to capture setting, emotion and character, (many times the setting and character are New York, the city itself)much in the way an artist uses paint.The words themselves transcend their literal meanings. What as ...more
A favourite book, which I've had since my youth, when I was discovering a wider world.
How to write a review of a work that I barely understand, but find so beautiful I have to give it 5 bright, and shining stars?

I bought my first copy of Poet in New York over 40 years ago. It was Ben Bellit's translation. Mr. Bellit has also translated Pablo Neruda. I can't say as I find any of his translations readable. But, I persevered, opening the book every now and then, and finding the lines mostly incomprehensible blamed the translation and said, "Maybe later."

The new Simon and White trans
Roqaiah Al-Fareed
لم أجد هنا نسخة الكتاب الذي بين يدي..
النسخة الصادرة عن دار أزمنة ترجمة حسين مجيد
عن دراسة لديريك هاريس..

هنا لوركا عندما أتيحت له فرصة السفر لأمريكا غرض دخول الجامعة في نيويورك فكتب ديوانه الواضح من مسماه في حين قضائه تلك المدة مابين منتصف عام 1929 لأواخر عام 1930.. عندما زُكي في ذهابه لتعلم الانجليزية في الجامعة
قال: داوها بالداء
إلا أنه بعد ما يقارب الستة أشهر فقط لم يكمل دواءه "الداء"

نهج لوركا الأسباني منهج السريالية التعبيرية فاتضحت في هذا الديوان، هو مذهب فني أدبي وفكري إنتهجه وأبدع فيه الفرنسي
I dont often add poetry books to my list. I guess its because poetry books arent read like other types of books. Poems are almost isolated, and I come and go from these books freely, when I need them or want them, instead of being bound by their linear succession of page after page of story.
However, Poet in New York, is very special to me. This is a collection that Ive read through like any other book and Ive read in isolated bits according to the weather and to love and to times of day.
Its beau
Sarah Shahid
عن نيويورك .. عن أمريكا الشمالية
عن سانتياغو .. عن كوبا .. عن أمريكا الجنوبية
عن الزنوج .. عن العبيد .. عن أفريقيا
عن الموت .. عن الذل .. عن الإنسانية النتنة

لم يعتمد لوركا في ديوانه هذا على الأنغام والقوافي، وإنما كان يستهدف المعاني العميقة، وعند ترجمة شعره إلى العربية فقد بعضاً من غنائيته لكنه لم يفقد شيئاً من معانيه.

أسلوبه رائع للغاية وقدرته المميزة على اختيار مفرداته جعلت من ديوانه بيئة براقة قوامها كلمات أجادت في وصف عري الإنسانية وعهرها.

باختصار، أعاد لوركا في ديوانه هذا ثقتي بالشعر المتر
Marwa الإتربي
هو انا مش عارفه هل عشان هو مترجم فحساه غريب ؟ ولا
ايه بالظبط ..

فضولي دفعني وبشدة إني أقراله ..
لو اعتبرت ان هو ده شعره فعلاً بالترجمه دي فهو رمزي جداً
ورمزيته غريبة وغير مفهومه تماما ..

كزا جملة بس شدّوني نوعاً ما

أصطدم بوجهي الذي يتغير كل يوم .

وقمراً لا يفهمه أحد

ثمة آلام من الفراغات التي لا يقطنها أحد .

في موتي وحيداً مهجوراً
إلا من عابر سيبيل وحيد أخطأ الطريق

الشمس التي تدمر أرقاماً
ولم تلتقِ حلماً أبداً

هناك عصفور من ورق في الفؤاد
يصيح بأن زمن القبلات لم يحن بعد

فيثنتي ألكساندر

As afirst reading to these poems, lorca's experience of living in NewYork nearly about 9 months"between june1929&march 1930"changed thoroughly his attitudes and views towards people, life&no question poetry..
symbolism, and the spontaneous overflow of the poet feelings and his impressions, not positive anyway, about the materialistic indulgence of such ahuge city, the barren life, absence òf soul in people's actions and behavior s, except black ones and children, the constant comparison b
For me this is his best poetry. His previous "simbolic" poetry is simply unbearable and I can't understand anything at all, in fact I hate his previous poetry. This one is less beautiful, darker but much easier to understand, at least for me, maybe because you can see that he's actually understanding himself much better after knowing of Walt Whitman and seeing other things.
Jul 24, 2007 Rebecca rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: the off-kilter
I love the passion in every syllable of Lorca's poetry, and his insane surrealist imagery -- which makes sense in the most surprising ways. I'm not a super Spanish-linguist but the translation seems to be a good balance of literal and poetic accuracy. The side-by-side translations make it possible to read it how it's supposed to be read and understand it at the same time.
Mohamed Awada
It was interesting to see Lorca's homosexuality take an explicit form in his poetry (they are quite beautiful poems!).
It was also interesting for me at a personal level to see Lorca's perception of New York City.
i've always been fascinated by garcía lorca's take on harlem--i wish i could have been a fly on the wall at a couple of those parties where where lorca sang and played piano and basked in the attention of harlem artists--so in love with the admiration and affinity he perceived in his audience.
Tom Meade
I don't know that there's much I can say of this book, beyond noting that it's certainly one of the strangest and most terrifying things I've ever read. I think I may finally understand where Jeff Mangum got his ideas from.
Amina - أمينَة.
مالي أقرأ الحُزن والتعاسة في قصائد لوركا !
ألا توجد لديه قصيدة مُفرحه واحده ؟ بعد تجربة مرثية مصارع الثيران , أنتقل لـ شاعر في نيويورك التي لا تقلّ بؤسًا و روعةً و جمالًا عن سابقتها .
ولكي تقرأ لـ لوركا يجب عليك أن تتمعّن في الكلمات جيدًا و أن تقف على بعضها كثيرًا , لإختزال المعنى منها ...


أنا :
فراغٌ مزقته السواطير الملثومه
والقشر الجاف للعنب المحايد
وخيوط الفجر الأميانتية
كل أنوار العالم تكمن في عين واحدة !
و يغنّي الديك , ويبقى غنائهُ أكثر مما تبقى أجنحتهُ .

أنا :
فراغي بدونكِ أيتها المدينة
بدون موتاك
incredible poems. unfortunately, some of them are supremely fucked up by the translation. dude translates bullshit into "cow-dung". are you serious? i ended up almost reading the spanish more than the english.
Oct 31, 2014 Aseel marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
ترجمة ماهر البطوطي

احلى ما في الكتاب
القصيدة صغحة 53
الكنيسة المهجورة
فضلت اتخيلها كأغنية
كل ما اقرا كلمة عقلي يترجمها للانجليزي
ويدعمها بموسيقى جاز
louis armstrong
michael buble
اللي بيغنيهاo
One time, I told a professor that this book changed my life. I embarrassed myself by saying that. Next time, I'll be wary about revealing life-changing books. No, not really.
Okay, I've been reading this book for twelve years. But moving to New York finally made me read it from beginning to end. Wow. His lecture at the end is glorious.
Probably my favourite collection of poetry in any language. Full of imagery and metaphor, Lorca saw life the way it was meant to be seen.
Melissa Kay
Turns out, I very much prefer reading about Lorca to actually reading Lorca.
One of the very best poetry books i've encountered. Must read.
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Born in Fuente Vaqueros, Granada, Spain, June 5,1898; died near Granada, August 19,1936, García Lorca is one of Spain's most deeply appreciated and highly revered poets and dramatists. His murder by the Nationalists at the start of the Spanish civil war brought sudden international fame, accompanied by an excess of political rhetoric which led a later generation to question his merits; after the i ...more
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