Fever: Many are Born, Few are Reborn (Wolf Sirens, #2)
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Fever: Many are Born, Few are Reborn (Wolf Sirens #2)

3.86 of 5 stars 3.86  ·  rating details  ·  78 ratings  ·  53 reviews
Eternally Cursed to Love & Not Purely Desire…

Temperatures rise as the flames of longing still burn in the thrilling sequel to Wolf Sirens Forbidden. The legend continues. Apollo, god of deadly plague, conspires to undo his sister’s legacy. The wolves exist between two worlds, one in the town another in the forest.

Prophecy says hunters and wolves are cursed to a mutual...more
ebook, First edition, 450 pages
Published October 24th 2012 by Smashwords
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Kevis Hendrickson
Wolfs Sirens Fever is the sequel to Forbidden, the introductory tale in the series. This story picks up right where the first one left off allowing the reader to seamlessly transition into this book. However, this time around there are some noticeable differences in the presentation. While Forbidden is a linear tale, Fever leaps back and forth through time to fill the reader in on the backstory. I found the idea to be compelling, but a little jarring. The problem with using flashbacks in any sto...more
The second book in the Wolf Sirens series picks up with the Epilogue from book one In Fever we got to know about the background of the other characters a lot more and how they became wolfs or hunters. We see how and why they acted the ways they did. Like how did Sam make others do what she wanted (her special talent). How Cresida came to live with her Aunt. and about her motives .We also, learn about Cresida past with Skye of werewolves and about her growing feeling to Reid. (For me Reid is cont...more
Renee Remi
Wolf Sirens: Fever, was kindly given to me in exchange for an honest review via RI & R on Goodreads.

Yesterday, I started, and FINISHED, Wolf Sirens: Forbidden. When I posted that review, I closed it by stating I was eagerly diving into the second book of the series. Well, today I started and FINISHED Wolf Sirens: Fever.

Picking up right where Forbidden ended, with some additional background stories regarding the history of the main characters, my main question kept screaming for the answer of...more
Within Fever: Many are Born, Few are Reborn,Lila Crain shows that she has come a long way since the first book and is now a full on blown training hunter. It is the only way she can deal with the not knowing what has happened to her dear Sky. With her heart broken into pieces all she can do is fill her time working harder and harder at her training but there comes a point where she feels she has become stuck at a certain point and no matter how hard she tries, how much she questions Cres (Cresid...more
Ruty  B
After falling in the darkness, Lila is back, stronger and with thirst for revenge. Wolf Sirens Fever starts right where the first book ended, this sequel is darker and more exciting and above all this book shows us the breaking point in Lila’s life.

This is not the typical sequel where we continue the story of the previous characters. In order to really comprehend how we got here, the author takes the opportunity to tell the story of several characters, making the book a mix of present and past....more
Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
Lila Crain is hunter born again to replace current hunter who was compromised. Lila considered how much training she was receiving from Cresida (Cres) James knowning that things were being hidden from her but couldn't seem to call her on it either. Lila decided to hatch a plan of escape that would bring her to the truth she hadn't seen yet. The other pack knew about Lila and Cres's control over her. There was something sinister going on in the other pack. Tisane was searching for and praying for...more
I really enjoyed the first book in the series, within the first few pages, werewolves came to the fore and there were no secrets about their existence. This book however I found it difficult to rate as it was so different. I felt like it was more of a background story detailing all the characters history on how they became who they were and their motivations for their actions so I was less engaged as many chapters explained how Reid, Lily, Narine and others were turned. Half way through the book...more
Belinda King
This second book in the Wolf Sirens series is quite different to your average werewolf story. A large part of the book is split up into smaller stories giving us the background to all the main characters. I like how the author has done this as it lays a foundation of understanding for each of the characters. However it can be a little distracting as you are suddenly reading about the history of a character and the plot stands still for a while.

I said in my review of the previous book that I hate...more
Fever picks up straight where Forbidden ended. I really enjoyed Fever as there were characters chapters and you really got to know their stories.

Characters: 4/5
Lila- Lila's listless heartbreak seemed a bit over dramatic in the beginning but did not drag out over the whole story. I enjoyed her determination and scheming escape plans. As a character she grew, and I enjoyed her stepping into the hunter role.

Cresida - Cresida was still my favourite character. Sometimes her evasive and secretivenes...more
As much as i loved book one i felt something was missing here. it got off to a slower start and didn't make me rush to finish as book 1 did. I felt the main story was a little to broken up and would have liked it to flow more like the first book.
I liked how the story picked up from where it left off (unlike many others i have read that always leave big gaps where the characters seem to have nothing to fill the time missing lol)
Lila seemed to have changed so suddenly and i felt like she was a co...more
Wendy Hines
You'll want to read the first book in the series, Forbidden, before you read Fever. Fever picks up right after Forbidden with Lila training relentlessly, trying to grieve over the loss of Sky. She is determined to escape, to seek revenge, questioning what she was told about Sky and doubting those she considered friends.

Lila is trying to come to terms to her role as Hunter, but she matures as she does so, which I really appreciated. I found her quite whiny in the first book (Fever). Also, in Feve...more
Barbara Gordon
I liked this book for the most part... I liked the continuing part of the story. I spent a good 1/2 of the book trying to figure out what Cres's game was. Lila's character and her thoughts got a little jumbled and repeatitive. But I understood her devestation by the loss of Sky. I really enjoyed meeting Tisane, and her learning her connection to Lila. It was very interesting to see the back stories of the "pack" and to learn the secrets we now know. I was shocked by some of the revelations. Over...more
Oh my goodness, I just finished this book. It was much better than the first, the story line is starting to get more action and flow. I am definitely awaiting the next installment. The only thing I question is the authors need to tell the stories of each individual in the middle of the story. I am wondering if this is going to lead up to something in the next book. Maybe by showing the human side of these characters, it is going to lead to them all coming back to a joined alliance to win the bat...more
I was given this book by the author for an honest review. This is the second book of the Wolf Sirens collection by author Tina Smith.

Wolf Sirens Fever is the next book in Tina Smith’s series. Picking up right after the first book, Lila is faced with very unsettling news. Sky is dead. She cannot cope with his loss and enters a deep depression. After realizes her need for truth and revenge, Lila pushes herself into Cres’ huntress training. Lila willingly pushes herself to the brink of death to tra...more
D.S. Schmeckpeper
I often find the trouble with book 2 (or book 3 in five plus books series) is that it ends up being a transition book. Like the jelly filling on a donut. Unnecessary, but makes the series better-we hope. This series seems to be no exception. The first book was filled with the excitement and drama of meeting the characters and learning the world and its secrets, but this one almost seems to be holding its breath, the calm before the storm. It's filled with fascinating backstory about all the majo...more

If The Bite Doesn't Get You, Then the Fever Will

Lila takes the role of assassin to heart. When she finds out about Sky's death she throws herself into training to be the best huntress she can be. She vows to get revenge on those that are responsible for his death.

Eventually Lila realizes that Cresida is working her so hard that she is too tired and busy to think about what really could have happened to Sky. She leaves on a magical journey to find out the truth. Deep down Lila just doesn't believ...more
Nook Books and More Blog
Aug 14, 2014 Nook Books and More Blog rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: My readers
Recommended to Nook Books and by: Tina Smith
Shelves: paranormal
I have received this book as a review request. Fever is a paranormal book by Tina Smith and is the seguel to Forbidden. In Fever, it explains about the background history of the characters in much detail. You really begin to see the person within.

The book flowed with ease at first but, was a little aggrevated by the drawn out story line. I realized though towards the end the neccessity of the details and began to see the characters from a different perspective. While I liked the flow of the firs...more
I didnt like this one as well as I liked the first one but it was still very good and am waiting, somewhat impatiently for book 3. The chapters that show cased from others point of view were interesting but kinda messed with the flow of the book for me. I will be recommending it to a few of my fellow were lovers.
I was given this book by the author for an honest review. This is the second book of the Wolf Sirens collection by author Tina Smith.

The book continues where the first book left off as Lila tries to deal with the loss of a love and becoming a hunter.

For me the flow of the book was a little bumpy because the author put in a few chapters to help tell the characters story. I think it would have been better in a different area then where it was.

The book still is a good read and you still get pulled...more
Picking up right after the first book, Lila is faced with very some very unsettling news. She is in a dark place the state of depression she is in, will take a lot of determination and the desire to get out of. I couldn't imagine coming that close to losing my humanity. The story has a great concept and was nicely written. I liked finding out how certain characters came to be. This story is deep, quite dark and its pace is quiet and deliberate. There is so much growth in this book and Smith has...more
Pratr- Authors
Picking up where the last book left off, Fever continues the story of Lila and her journey. Unable to cope with her broken heart, she enters a deep depression before pushing herself to excel at huntress training. Training to kill the very creature she professes to love. Add in a witch with sketchy motives and you have a faster paced book than the first one in this series.
This book was a bit better at holding my attention, yet I still had a hard time getting through it. Again, I think this is mor...more
I love this book. It draws you in from first couple paragraphs. I'm giving this 5 stars.
Tnt Reviews
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

So much has changed since the story began in the Wolf Sirens Series (Forbidden).

Lila is taking her role as the assassin very seriously. Her new found role is taking its toll during this difficult time. She has a hunger for the truth and continues for its search. The friction between her and the wolf pack continues.

Does Lila find the truth? Will the Wolf Pack continue to elude everyone.. An enjoyable read.

3 Bombs
Reviewed by Jacqui

Fever started off slow for me. Don't know if it is because I forgot a lot of the book or what. I admit to liking second half of the book a lot more.

We get to read the background of the other characters a lot more and how they became wolfs or hunters. We see how and why they acted the ways they did. Like how come Sam liked to make others do what she wanted. How Cresida came to live with her Aunt. We learn that Cresida likes some of the wolves too.
I like how the characters were enriched by...more
Alaina (Bibliophilic Barista)
I would like to thank the author for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

**Warning: if you have not read the first book in this series my review will contain spoilers**

The second book in the Wolf Sirens series starts out with a bit more on the legend and the gods that caused Shade to be the way it is, a couple new characters, and picks up with the Epilogue from book one. I have to say I really enjoy series that pick up without any space in between… that way I don’t feel...more
Elizabeth Alsobrooks
I haven't read book one, so had no reference of comparison. It seemed to me that the sequel was not as stand-alone as I might have liked or expected in a series piece. The premise was interesting and had some potential, but it wasn't fully realized in this second book of the series--perhaps that will be resolved in the third installment.

What slowed the reading for me was the lack of intimacy one usually gets in a first person narrative. Though the main character has a lot of internal dialogue, s...more
I was given this book in exchange for honest review (LoP).

I only recommend this review to those, who already read Book 1.

(view spoiler)...more
I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was glad to get the chance to read the second one. Lila is struggling to comes to terms of who and what she is. She must train but doesn't really trust who is training her. She has to act like she is friends with people she doesn't trust. Her heart is in two different places and is broken. She will have to make some hard decisions and she must learn secrets if she is to become what she is meant to be. Some lies hold the power to what she does an...more
Yvette Calleiro
I wish I could give a better rating, but this book/series is just not drawing me in.

Honestly, this series should have been written from the third point of view from the getgo. I would have loved to have seen the background stories told in book 2 as part of book 1. I think it may have helped me get deeper into the characters to see where they had come from and what their motives were. Instead, they were thrown into book two where most of the characters aren't even part of the storyline. Had this...more
I received a digital copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. After reading Wolf Sirens: Forbidden, and the way it ended so sadly, I jumped at the chance to read this one. I was hoping for some closure. Not sure that that is what I got, but a few answers were given. This book felt a lot like a book of information on all the characters. It had the current day story, but then kept going into past character stories of how each character became the way they were. This made it really dr...more
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Tina Smith lives in Adelaide South Australia, having spent most of her life as an un-diagnosed introvert in country N.S.W. She is the Author of four books in the award nominated paranormal series, Wolf Sirens.
Tina inspires, entertains and examines life. She writes paranormal, romantic and suspense fueled tales about cursed wolves. She learnt to shoot for Wolf Sirens.
Night is the time her creative...more
More about Tina Smith...
Forbidden: Discover the Legend (Wolf Sirens, #1) Dusk In Shade: The Wolves Rise at Sunset (Wolf Sirens, #4) Night Fall: What Rises must Fall (Wolf Sirens, #3) Lacing Shadows: Anthology

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