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Choosing Riley (Sarafin Warriors, #1)
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Choosing Riley (Sarafin Warriors #1)

4.13 of 5 stars 4.13  ·  rating details  ·  1,106 ratings  ·  63 reviews
Riley St. Claire has always followed her own rules. When she discovers her current employer is not as law abiding as she thought, she has to leave town in a hurry or end up buried with the dead guy she discovered. What she doesn't expect is to find herself being picked up by a passing trader from another world.

As the ruling King of Sarafin, Vox d’Rojah, was expected to pro
Kindle Edition, 266 pages
Published March 13th 2013
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Amir (The Not-So-Literary Heiresses)
From my rating, I obviously HATED this book. It started off fun but soon enough Riley annoyed the hell out of me.

What I Liked:

❤ The beginning of the book was pretty interesting, 9% in I was liking it already, sure that this book can only get any better. I liked how sassy Riley was and that scene where she chose all 5 aliens as mates just so they won't be turned into alien food was LOL funny.

❤ I tend to be more forgiving of insta-lust/love when it comes to shifter romances because of the whole 'M
This was a wonderful funny, exciting, snarky, kick ass, terrific book. Riley. The type of character who I'd love to be a BFF to when the chips are down. she can find the positive in any situation and kick ass anyone who stands in her way.

The basics is Riley is abducted from earth by slavers. She's sold to a mining colony for the purposes of being the diversion to the male slaves who do the actual physical work. She's suppose to choose a mate and have an exclusive relationship. Riley surprises e
Margaret Foxe
This book was an impulse purchase, but it got me excited about this genre. I have since read every one of this author's titles, which includes different alien romance series that seem to be set in the same imaginative universe. Each series deals with a different planet filled with Alpha males who stumble one way or another upon earth women and decide they make the ideal wives. For better or for worse. In Choosing Riley, it might just be for worse! Riley gives her alien a REALLY hard time. This h ...more
Katie aka Ms. Phoenix
So I started reading Choosing Riley and well it was hard so I thought nah won’t bother but then I read A Dragonling’s Easter and Riley seemed cool so I want back and boy was it funny but she drove me bat shit crazy. I’m all for the strong heroine and all but she was just a pain in the arse and ridiculed Vox too much. Not once did I have the feeling that they got on at all.
Two stars was being generous.
I don't understand why I keep reading this series and expecting something different.
The men are all mostly self-centered jerks. They claim the woman with no thought to what she wants or her desires or family still on Earth.
They Damn near force the claiming sex on them (not very hot to me & little foreplay) and knock the women up without discussing it.
And the women forgive the guys because the luuurve them so much.
Minor kidnap plot at the final 15%.
OMG !! This book was so good. Funny as hell. I found myself laughing my BIG ASS off! Riley the best leading lady every!!! I loved her kick ass style with slot of southern charm thrown in. Her ability to laugh not only at herself but the situations she finds herself in. I love it!
Vox and the mates were great. What a wacky cast of characters. Fell in love with everyone of them . Great book!
I don't understand why this book is rated so high.

The reason for my low rating is very simple: I hate Riley. She is not a strong woman, she is annoying and obnoxious. She is reckless with other people's lives and never thinks beyond her own comfort. With her utter disregard for logic I don't understand why she isn't already dead. Anything positive that came out of her actions were simply because the author wrote it that way, all fluke and horse-shoe-up-the-assness. If I can take a blaster to her
Just couldn't take how dumb the characters were
This was the least favorite book so far that I've read in the world with the races of Valdier, Sarafin and Curizan (though I have not yet read Ha'ven's Song).

I really like this world that S.E. Smith created, and so I tried my hardest to really, really like Riley, but she was just an annoying bitch. It is too bad because I really like Vox and wanted him to end up with a wonderful, strong heroine like the Valdier warriors did, but she was just a mouthy, whiny character that I cringed every time s
I haven't read a S.E. Smith story that didn't have me crying, laughing and cheering as I read. Choosing Riley definitely hit those emotions and kept me turning the pages for more.

Riley and Vox are two "larger-than-life" characters who deserve each other. Poor, smooth Vox having to do all the chasing and always losing his cool around Riley. Riley who just wants to go home, by any means necessary, so that she doesn't turn into an alien and/or die, like the secondary character in an alien movie. B
I'm in full agreement with the reviewer that said Riley starts out great, and turns into an annoying train wreck.

I too found the beginning of this story exciting and wonderful, I love how she stands her ground, and fights for not only herself but the men she's trying to save.

I admit I could have put up with her turn about from strong female character to ... well not. If it were not for the whole sexing her into submission thing. Ok that really made me feel a little bit ill, I'm all for a littl
I really wanted to like this but I just don't get it. I have no clue why Vox would want Riley. The girl is a nightmare. She's a ditzy blonde who giggles and worries about her luggage instead of survival - I get she's meant to be a 'strong' female character but so often authors seem to think that 'strong' translates to ball-busting-bitch. It's incredibly frustrating. Also, there's a mention of characters from the authors other brooks - Carmen, Mel but not much explanation of who they were. Very c ...more
BOOK DESCRIPTION: ​Riley a bail bond woman discovers her boss is rogue,she leaves town when he goes after her. Her car breaks down,alien craft kidnaps her. She is forced to choose a mate,Vox King of Sarafin(cat shifter) being one of them.He discovers his mate-her.
HEA/HFN/etc Ending:HEA
Contains Cheating:no
Contains Children:no
Jealy/Possy/OTT Rating:Vox is highly poss. When other males look at her,Vox has a fit.
Amount of Sex
Once again another stellar book by S.E. Smith. Big warning, if you think that this would be a good book to read during free time at work... don't. I was laughing SO hard over and over through out this book. Riley has a defense mechanism just like mine only her's has been turned up to the 12th degree. Right from the start she has her captors scared out of their minds and on their toe's as they try to please her. I loved how she put Vox on his ass with first her taser and then pepper spray. I woul ...more
Jessica Hale
This one is one of my favorite books, i loved Riley's character how she dealt with things, what came out of her mouth had me cracking up as well as some of the things she did.
I felt kinda sorry for Vox but was funny watching him try to deal with Riley and getting it all wrong.
This is a book to give you a laugh when you need it
Olya Dimitrova
I give this 3 star cause it was funny to read.How was such uncoordinated woman successful in dodging all this misfortune she got piled with is still mystery to me,but was funny to read.She even injured a lot of ppl not knowing she could make it???She could dodge an attack from Vox and escape from him even he is faster then her???Ok u got us there - that is not possible.And the matting was not good explained - are we supposed to guess what are the bad things which will happen if they part? But i ...more
Celibel Shadowsong
Riley St. Claire flees the town, when she finds that her boss and his father are criminals. But in her escape, she is kidnapped by a trader from another world who want to sell her.
Vox d'Rojah, King of Sarafin, live freely and don´t think about having a queen or children, at least not anytime soon. But when he is captured and put to work in a mine, he finds this strange alien that is destined to be his mate.
I love the books of SE Smith and this was no different. I gave a good laugh reading t
Choosing Riley by S.E. Smith

Riley St. Claire is a independent woman She wakes up after being kidnapped from Earth, and a stupid stick creature is telling her to choose, Choose what? she mumbles. Choose a mate, What will happen to the ones not chosen? They will be eaten, I choose them all.

King of Sarafin, Vox d’Rojah kidnapped and sold into slaver at a mining asteroid with two of his ships crew. he can't believe it when the female chooses them all

Drawn to each other but repelled at the same time
Tam B.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Riley has attitude to spare and bravely faces whatever life throws at her - and it throws a lot.

I liked that Riley was a "maturely figured woman" (and wandered if the author was a McCall-Smith fan). Riley is a truly generous and loving person. I can't think of anyone who could get abducted, dumped in an alien mining operation, given mates and two of those are highly unusual and treat them with care. This was a consistent character trait. It was a nice change to ha
Riley and Vox are an interesting pair. Vox is a cat-shifter alien that can be domineering but he has his sweets moments which make up for that. On the other hand, Riley is a human with a trouble streak and is independent, opinionated, but loyal and caring towards those she loves. Their journey is rocky from the start due to their opposing personalities, but they grow close with all the danger, battles, and kidnappings they encounter across the star system. It was a fun and enjoyable read. >_<
This one totally hilarious book!:)
I read this book in a box set and I honestly say, I'm in love with the author and read more of her book after I read this one:)

The heroine is beautiful, funny and big!:) Yup and she absolutely the perfect match for The Cat Shifter Alpha Male Hero who sometimes don't know what to do to his smart mouth heroine! LOL:)

Yes, I recommend this one if you want plenty laugh, beware though, don't read it in public place:)))

Sheila Grindatti
I had put off reading this book because I wasn't that much of a fan of Vox and through most of the book that fact hadn't changed... I guess he reminded to much of what I would think old slave owners or someone with extreme entitlement issues and to much money would be like and the victim falling into some type of Stockholm syndrome..... Yuck!

But I did read on and I did find characters in here that I liked a lot. I wish there had been more about the world he came from and I will read the next bo
I truly loved this book. I like that even though they were true mates, that there wasnt that instant love like there is in most true mates stories. I usually don't mind it but this story was a breath of fresh air that the female didn't immediately do everything he said and have sex with him right away. It was a romantic, highly amusing story and had me laughing at every turn. I highly recommend this book.
Jamie Johnson
This is a hilarious fun filled adventure with Riley and her 5 mates( who are not her real mates cause she will punch, taze, and pepper spray any that cross her side of the confinement). She's a curvy thing with a big temper and a strong will that can put King Vox in his place. He's mate number 5;). I haven't enjoyed a book like this in a long time.
I really do love this book!!

Riley is hilarious and feisty and loyal to a fault and brave and just the kind of girl you would love to be friends with.
Vox is everything a good alpha male should be, sexy and strong and dominant but with just a hint of vulnerability in regards to his mate.
All the supporting characters are well written and encourage us to immerse ourselves into the universe that S.E. Smith has created. I am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series (and the 2 other series that
I wont go on and on about how amazing this book was. When I am looking for a good book to read I usualy go through the reviews to see what others said. So I know sometimes readers are in a rush to get their next fix. So here is my thought.

I found this to be a funny read. Riley was funny with her irreverent humor and resourceful with her ginormous handbag! She had me in stitches with her coat choices. I may have enjoyed her a little more because I have a friend just like her and I know sometimes her bravado comes from talking herself into not falling apart and I did try to hang on to that thought when she became a little too snarky at times.

Vox also had his funny moments as he completely and utterly went at everything in the wron
Samantha K
This is one of my favorite books! I loved it. The hero Vox, is a possessive alpha male who also just happens to be a shape shifter. His species knows there "mates" immediately upon meeting or seeing them. The first time he saw Riley, he knew she was his but he had a heck of a time convincing Riley of that.

The heroine, Riley, was smart and sassy and not about to be "mated" with Vox. He had to work hard to finally win her over. The things she put him through - were a scream. Among her many antics,
Martina Urbanová
Prisahám, že keby som tú hlavnú hrdinku stretla niekde na verejnosti, umlátila by som ju kabelkou značky Prada za tú jej stupiditu a príšernu otravnosť. Ešte nikdy v živote ma navytočil tak veľmi, ako ona. Celú knihu pokazila!
this book is so different, very funny, hot romance, lots of excitement and so many great characters and story lines!!! such a great time reading it and can't wait for the next one to come out with Viper's story!!
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S. E. Smith enjoys the art of writing and being a storyteller who shares love and laughter through her works. She likes to travel and go camping in between working on computers and spending time with her family. Readers can check out her website at
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