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Nightstalkers (Area 51: The Nightstalkers, #1)
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Nightstalkers (Area 51: The Nightstalkers #1)

3.82  ·  Rating Details ·  1,211 Ratings  ·  97 Reviews
Staff Sergeant Winthrop Carter has just been drafted into the Nightstalkers—an elite group of soldiers that...

Actually, he’s not quite sure what they do.

Born from the Area 51 initiative, the Nightstalkers defy sanity and decorum and include among their ranks Moms, a Black Ops trainee too extreme for Special Forces; Doc, a scientific crackpot; Roland, the weapons enthusiast
Paperback, 320 pages
Published December 11th 2012 by 47North
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11811 (Eleven)
Nov 12, 2012 11811 (Eleven) rated it really liked it
So I said oh look, another never-ending three star sci-fi series. It's about Area 51 and aliens. It must be cheesy as hell.

Not so, young Padawan. This was very well-written. Graduating from West Point probably helped with that.

This is basically military sci-fi but it didn't batter me over the head with the military angle as is too often the case for me in this genre. There are other elements to the story and overall it impressed me.

I had no intention of continuing the series since I already p
Nov 01, 2012 Matt rated it really liked it
A pretty good novel involving some paranormal stuff and a secret military unit. Area 51 Nightsalkers had some real good action scenes, some slow parts, and some good characters.

The only disappointment i had with this was I was hoping that it was connected to Bob Mayer's Area 51 series, but this had nothing to do with that series. It's still a great story, but i had been looking forward to reading stuff set in that universe.

Area 51 Nightstalkers overall was a great read. I enjoyed it and can't w
Mike (the Paladin)
This is an interesting idea and could have been much better than it is. I'm hoping that the series will improve. I have marked the sequels and placed them on my wish list on Audible. I'll do what I've done with other books that were a bit, "borderline". I plan to give it one more book.

The book is constructed around a special ops "team" that have to face a strange phenomenon that seems to have (in the past) been brought about by "careless scientific inquiry".

Actually that's not a new idea. There
Nov 28, 2012 Jim rated it really liked it
Shelves: fiction, 2013
Area 51: Nightstalkers, written by Bob Mayer and published by 47North Publishing, introduces us to a group of highly trained and secretive government agents, whose regular identities we learn, are taken away and in its place, are known only by a selected one name.

The group leader, heard only in a darkened room and whose image is shrouded in a holographic darkness is Ms. Jones, a Russian whose body is forever changed by radiation damage at Chernobyl. Then there is the group commander known as "Mo
Dec 05, 2012 Les rated it liked it
It appears that the whole Area 51 series has been re-released and with this book the author has decided to take the story in a completely new direction. As an introduction to what could effectively be a new series it's pretty good. However, I hope that we do link up again with the familiar ancient aliens from the previous books.

The Nightstalkers are an efficient albeit eccentric (slightly bonkers) group of soldiers and technicians who have been brought together to tackle various unexplained phen
Laure Reminick
Sep 27, 2014 Laure Reminick rated it it was amazing
With my background as a TM teacher, you'd think I would only read stories full of sweetness and love and light. But a well-written military story is impossible for me to resist, and the Area 51 story of the Nightstalkers series is one of those.

Written in the omniscient point-of-view because the story is about a TEAM, not any one protagonist, you are drawn into the quirks of seriously specialized men and women. I thought of the television show The A-Team at its best.

Out of Bob Mayer's many books
Nov 27, 2012 PJ rated it it was amazing
Won an ARC copy courtesy of the publisher via First-Reads.

This was a very pleasant surprise. Like a cool mix of EUReKA, and Stargate SG-1, with a bent towards the militaristic operations inherent in the latter, I can say that this is definitely a 'goodread'. Mr. Mayer has done an excellent job coming up with a slew of unique characters that while completely different, all share some bit of commonality. It gives the plot a diverse and unpredictable twist often enough to keep you guessing what is
Nov 19, 2012 Randy rated it it was amazing
I read the first couple of the Area 51 books under the Robert Doherty byline, but it's been a good dozen years since I read one.

NIGHTSTALKERS is the latest and it seems to signal a change in the series, The Nightstalkers are a team of specialists that deal with the Rift, an opening to an alternate universe created by a computer program. Whenever one opens, beings of pure energy, they call them fireflies, slip through and cause havoc. They can inhabit animals, plants, inanimate objects, machinery
Apr 08, 2016 Jack rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Entertaining military-scifi book, but it is not a futuristic tale of augmented humans fighting with strange weapons. Instead, it is a about a small squad SpecOps team with contemporary weapons. Their task and recurring enemies, however, are sci-fi enemies know as “Fireflies” come in from another world/dimension through “rifts.” A well-written and fun book. The author is a former military commander and Green Beret, which lends much to the authenticity of the book. I’m definitely going to read the ...more
Colin D. Ciley
May 05, 2015 Colin D. Ciley rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Always at the Gallup

Look quickly and thoroughly or you will .miss key point. The impossible becomes plausible,but leaves the reader head_scratching As, he/she prepares for the next battle, and there will be many more for this small group of

Superbly trained professionals race from m one battle site to the next. Fantastic weaponry mixes with an established protocol and logic.
WOW!! What a noise!

Diane Burton
Jan 02, 2013 Diane Burton rated it really liked it
Great introduction to the Nightstalker team. You learn enough about the characters to care what happens to them. Bits of humor bring needed relief from intense situations. Loved Scout. Hope she returns in future books.
Jan 24, 2013 Abhinav rated it liked it
Shelves: 2013-read
You can find the full review over at The Founding Fields:

Shadowhawk reviews the tenth Area 51 novel by Bob Mayer.

“A nice mix of dimensional science-fantasy and contemporary military fiction.” ~The Founding Fields

Normally, I don’t read special forces fiction, as it’s not something that I enjoy so much. But Myke Cole’s two Shadow Ops urban fantasy novels, Control Point and Fortress Frontier, have made an impression on me, and I’m keen to read more. Can’t rec
Danielle Young
Nov 01, 2012 Danielle Young rated it really liked it
Okay, now I am going to be honest here and say that I have not read the other 9 books in this series. But when I read the synopsis on this one, I knew that I had to read it. And I think that this is a good test of any series. Can you pick up any book in the series and understand what is going on, understand the story and get wrapped up in the characters? And I can say that with this series you can. Bob Mayer wrote this book so that anyone could pick it up at any book and get a feel for the overa ...more
Joe Young
Jul 20, 2013 Joe Young rated it really liked it
Great story by a former solder who knows the ins and outs of covert operations. Beyond that, this author has a great imagination. The characters are clearly described and when you consider that they were recruited for a non-traditional application, their personal stories seem right on target. I particularly was drawn to the local teen aged girl that joined them mid-operation and managed to talk her way into their lives and operational support simply by being a particularly observant individual w ...more
Martin Hill
Jun 16, 2014 Martin Hill rated it really liked it
Take an elite group of soldiers, place them against a mysterious and deadly phenomenon, add a precocious, blue-haired 16-year-old girl, and laced freely with wit and humor, and you’ve got rip-roaring military sci-fi adventure called The Nightstalkers.

Best-selling author Bob Mayer combines two of the most popular fiction genres — military special operations and science fiction — in this story of an ultra covert operations team called the Nightstalkers trying to contain the spread of glowing ball
Matthew Heil
Nov 21, 2013 Matthew Heil rated it did not like it
First I confess I am not the biggest fan of "military scifi". In practice what they all turn into is just a military story told in the scifi idiom rather than real science fiction, i.e. a story based on the exploration of fictional scientific speculation.

The biggest thing I liked here was that the story is fast paced. The author never lets you rest and that is great story telling. Writing is clear and direct. I think these are the best attributes of military scifi and they are here in spades.

Rob Ballister
Jan 23, 2016 Rob Ballister rated it really liked it
Bob Mayer's AREA 51: NIGHTSTALKERS is a fast-moving sci-fi military thriller that keeps the reader interested in the story from start to finish. Characters are genuine and funny, bad guys are over-the-top villians, and there is a teenage acrobat thrown in for good measure.

The Nightstalkers are a special forces team with the sole purpose of combating "rifts" and their associated "fireflies." Rifts are tears in the fabric of the physical world, and fireflies come through rifts to posess whatever t
Bufo Calvin
Jun 04, 2014 Bufo Calvin rated it really liked it
Shelves: own
I knew I was going to be in a situation where I would have some extra reading time, and where I would want a "popcorn book" that would clear my mental palate.

Nightstalkers fit the bill.

You could put it in the category of military science fiction, although in this case, military is more black budget than on the battlefield.

Some of the feel of it is like the John McTiernan movie, Predator, with macho soldiers who get the job done while bantering with each other.

This book does go beyond that, thoug
J. S. Turner
May 09, 2013 J. S. Turner rated it it was amazing
Shelves: arc-read
Nightstalkers by Bob Mayer, the tenth novel in the Area 51 series and first for quite some time, is a fast-paced, military SF blast that kept the pages turning. Though for clarification, I will admit, this genre is right up my alley and it didn't disappoint.

The Nightstalkers are a Special Black Ops unit who operate out of Area 51 to help secure the things that go wrong and go "bump in the night". Be it terrestrial or extraterrestrial. Each member has been plucked because they exhibit certain tr
Sep 04, 2013 Barbara rated it liked it
Shelves: sf
I very nearly put this down partway through the first chapter, which would have been a mistake. As the opening scene in a movie, the first chapter would have had me on the edge of my seat. As a chapter in a novel, it left me cold. There was a lot of detail about weapons and how they were used which was meaningless jargon to me. Someone with more knowledge and interest in weaponry would have loved it.

However, once past this chapter it became much more accessible and just a whole lot of fun. It ha
Jul 26, 2014 Elin rated it liked it
Oh my goodness the testosterone!! I'm sure I have more hair on my arms than I did before reading it.

The book is an absolute romp. Not particularly deep, not particularly scientific. Well worn sci fi militaria tropes are trotted out in good order and every use of a weapon is accompanied with details of calibre, rate of fire and penetration power.

One thing where it did deviate from the norm is that it had a few female characters who weren't just there to establish the boys heterosexual credentials
Nai Wang
Apr 15, 2015 Nai Wang rated it really liked it
I like this new take on Area 51 with no aliens. It's a military sci fi novel and has great personality. A very fun read with very interesting quirky characters who you personally get to know. The only thing grating I had with some of the characters is how out of touch with the world they are showing complete ignorance over common sense with everyday people. Seemed a little far fetched they were that sheltered to point out how they felt in a mansion but I guess anyone who grew up completely separ ...more
Oct 17, 2016 Dustin rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Ok, I read almost all of the author's previous series (The Area 51 series) so I was both inclined to like this and prepared for airport novel mil-sf and I still found it a disappointing read. It has no connection to the previous series (except for the Nightstalkers' HQ being across the highway from Area 51. Yup.), the characters are so stock military fiction that they literally get assigned a nickname the second they join the team, only one of the characters gets more than a sentence of
Jan 02, 2013 Lynn rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Basically silly, but kind of fun to read. I read it only because Bob Mayer had done a collaboration with Jennie Crusie that I really liked ("Agnes and the Hitman"). Otherwise, military scifi/fantasy is NOT on my reading list. Because although Bob Mayer had some fun stuff here, he also has sentences along the lines of "Joe pulled out his [insanely long weapon name] and blasted the enemy before he could deploy the [ridiculous weapon name]. Then Joe decided to rappel down the cliff by using [more r ...more
Sep 26, 2015 John rated it liked it
Shelves: fiction, sci-fi
I've read a bunch of other Mayer books and this one doesn't dissapoint! Is it full of wonder? Does it teach you some profound truth about the universe? Will it subtly hint at some greater sociological or political idea?


It will, however, give a fun ride through a somewhat ridiculous story where alien... things possess various items (a curling iron, for example) while the protagonists fight against them.

Long story short, a fun mindless read that will leave you hungry for more. Mayer books are
Michelle Taylor
Dec 29, 2015 Michelle Taylor rated it really liked it
OK guys I love me some hard sci-fi and Bob Mayer always seems to impress. I started this series back when it was Area 51. I was purchasing paperbacks at the used bookstore and now I'm pre-ordering the next time patrol novel on my Kindle. The science isn't always perfect but the action is there and he delves deep into every character. If you're ready to get on a long ride anytime is a good time to start.
Harry Bowen, Jr.
Mar 30, 2014 Harry Bowen, Jr. rated it it was amazing
Love the Bob Mayer Area 51 series - this series (Nightstalkers) within the series (Area 51) is a 3-parter. The group is covert and have been around since the late 40's to counter alien encounters. The Aliens are called Fireflies and they come out of a portal and wreck havoc in their wake. They can possess both animals and inanimate objects, but not humans (that would be a religious experience I supposed :) ). Now on to book 2 . . .
May 06, 2015 Julie rated it it was amazing
I really liked this story. Military people pulled in from all over to fight tears in our reality. The team is called the Nightstalkers and their latest mission is in a high-rent gated community with the necessary evil scientist who only wants recognition for his brilliance. He doesn't even know what he's unleashed. Very inventive story that was fun to get into. I will be reading the next book in the series. It's on my TBR list.
John Walkenford
Nov 03, 2016 John Walkenford rated it liked it
I'm done with these. I reread the original Area 51 books because I saw these new ones and it had been a long while.. I read Nosferatu even though I hate vampire stories and Legends even though I knew the end result just so I wouldn't miss any details for the next books. Then this "AREA 51" has absolutely no connection with any of the previous books, as if they didn't exist! Plus this was more like reading a comic book with how outlandish the story gets.
Aug 12, 2015 Randy rated it it was amazing
A combination sci-fi and military read that follows a group of elite ex-military men as they chase the Rift and the fireflies that are generated by it. The fireflies inhabit creatures and objects and wreak havoc until they are eliminated. This story also has a soft side when a 16-year-old girl "infiltrates" the group and becomes an important asset.

I enjoyed reading this book and found it very difficult to put down until I finished it.
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