Endgame (Voluntary Eradicators, #1)
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Endgame (Voluntary Eradicators #1)

3.42 of 5 stars 3.42  ·  rating details  ·  90 ratings  ·  50 reviews
Volera Magray is a Player: she engages with the tourists who come to play the VR games for which her district is so famous. She makes her living being pitted against other Players in terrifyingly real virtual reality games, fought for the gratification of a hedonistic audience.

Fighting is all she knows.

By day, she is a normal denizen of the oppressive Regency, but by night...more
Kindle Edition, 144 pages
Published November 13th 2012
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Umm, I think I may be suffering from cliffhanger shock.
Because there is no way that is the end of this book.
I mean *hyperventilating* who would end a book like that?!
Who would TORTURE their readers in such a way?!

Nenia. Of course. :D

Taking readers on a mental - and emotional - adventure, with enough kick-ass-ery to make a COD (Call of Duty) fan happy, Nenia Campbell has created a world unlike any other. With more twists than Inception (i.e. ALOT) Vol's story will make you laugh, wince, tear up a...more
(I'm literally breathless now. It's all your fault, Nens. See what I did here?)

I have never been so proud and humbled of a graphic/cover I made in my life (yes, I am responsible for the eerie futuristic eye!). It in no way rises to the level of awesome of the actual book. I have also never wanted to never play any kind of virtual reality game this much EVER. I am the furthest thing from a gamer--my immediate family is made up of solely females, besides my dad, and video games are something I jus...more
Imagine a distant future...
a dystopian world...
a city that never sleeps...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

That's Volera Magray aka Vol world.
She is a Player. She plays VR games against other players. Games that are increasingly getting more realistic, where she have to fight for her life.
Vol lives for game after game, it all she does, the only life she knows! She doesn't have any recall of her past before she reached the city.
That means no family, no friends, not a place to call home.
She only knows her district was obliterate...more
Wart Hill
You could have been a goddess, and instead you chose to be a slave.

Vol lives in a dystopian world. She works as a Player in a Game Tower - a place where tourists (called Marks by the Players) come to play virtual reality games, gamble in casinos, and watch holodramas (some of which are recordings of previously played games).

Vol's job isn't exactly glamourous, but it pays. Not well, but in a world like this, you do what you have to.

Vol's life turns a little topsy turvy when a man she runs into i...more
Mairéad (stuck at the Edge of Nothingness)
“Everyone needs to escape sometimes, and retreating into somebody else's fantasy isn't nearly as satisfying as slipping into your own.”

3.5 stars.

Dang, why did all the best stuff have to happen so close to the end??? It was finally getting to the good parts!!! *grumbles, grumbles* And this was SOOO close to getting 4 stars (or more) if it had been longer and didn't wait so long for the unveiling, HOWEVER I really liked this approach, despite the slow pacing. I think I'll certainly enjoy the next...more
Experiment BL626
CAUTION: minor spoiler

The book boasted ingredients for a fantastic thriller. The ingredients included virtual reality, hacking, corruption, and conspiracy. However, to my great disappointment, the book turned out to be one of those cases where just because the ingredients were awesome it doesn’t necessary mean the result would be awesome too.

+ the plot

A fine line demarcates between cryptic and confusing; the book treaded on the latter territory. The dream sequences/flashbacks were too many and t...more
Honestly, I haven’t heard of this writer or seen one of her books in stores or even caught a feed from one of my GR friends who wanted to read her work. Then one day I decided to browse GR and saw a post to all readers written by Nenia Campbell. It touched me to say the least that someone would give acknowledgments to everyone who deserved it on GR. On a whim, I checked her profile and clicked around and found a few books I might read. It was almost heartbreaking to see that Campbell’s books wer...more
I'm not much of a sci-fi reader, so I don't really get this. Most of the scene involving the VR is too much for me to handle. I don't even play any game whatsoever.

Our heroine Volera is a Player and she seems to be suffering some kind of memory loss. Bits and pieces of her past came creeping to her in the forms of dreams/nightmare.

Then there is Catan, a man who seems to know her, but she can't bring herself to remember. He serves as an interesting love interest, but considering the short page...more
~~Dani ♥ semi-colons~~
Cool and original, the book kept me gripped. It was one of those one-breath kind of reads where you don't even stop for a drink of water. I found the futuristic world here interesting if slightly undeveloped. I applaud the lack of info dumping, but a little more exposition would have been helpful. I was quite confused for at least a third of the novel. I also found Vol to be a little passive; she didn't seem to be a good gamer, so I wasn't sure why that was her job and why she looked down on the...more
It was a little hard for me to follow at times, and I'm not sure I completely understand the ending, I had to read it over a few times and I'm still like

But I quite enjoyed it, especially toward the end. It's a very unique, interesting idea. The lead up to the climax and the actual climax was great. I'm eager to continue this series. I definitely recommend the read!
Crystal Starr Light
Volera is a Player; she helps provide entertainment for the virtual reality games that are hugely popular. But she can't remember her past, and strange occurrences, nightmares, and blackouts make her think that a particular guy has an unhealthy interest in her.

Trying to define my feelings towards this book is tough. The first half is so dense, so confusing, so slow. It really is pure world-building. I'll admit, more than once I grew frustrated at this book. "I want to like you!" I would yell at...more
Shambhawi P.
Maybe more like 3.25 Stars

Endgame was a crafty novel - we can literally see the author's mind turning, creating this hauntingly new futuristic world. The plot, at first, sounds like some sci-fi/dystopian novel we might have read before, maybe a movie we had watched? We have a heroine, her past shrouded in mystery, with a bloodthirsty edge to her battles in the virtual yet realistic games. A hero who seems to hold the key to said heroine's past but his own is an enigma. The bickering relationship...more
Jan 30, 2014 Cory rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: people in need of a good Sci Fi read.
Loved it!

First of all, I adores your humor and sarcasm, Nenia. :D

I was loling around a lot of times and had no problems getting into the story in an instant.

Vol as a character felt real and I was able to connect to her (and her permanent laundry problems). Catan I somehow didn't like at all, he totally gave me the creeps. The other characters stayed rather two-dimensional but I didn't mind because the ACTION SCENES. Ermahgerd, they were amazing. Everytime Vol entered one of those games it was am...more
Janice • The Demon Librarian
Interesting story with some good plot twists (especially toward the end) and well-written characters I easily connected with. I liked Vol's "voice" and Catan was HOT. Looking forward to the next one :)
***Special thanks to the author for offering this book for free to her fans on Valentines Day 2014!***
Nenia Campbell
Mar 06, 2014 Nenia Campbell added it  ·  (Review from the author)

You can obtain a copy for Kindle HERE. I would be absolutely honored. ♥


When I tell people I'm a writer (which I usually don't, because the usual response is a sneer), their first question is generally, "Oh, so you must write romance novels."

I take great pride in being able to say, in my super girly-girl voice, "Nope! I write spy thrillers, cyberpunk, ur...more
Mantine Molly
Amazing, definitely one of my favorites!
Kyle Brittain

4.5 stars

(This review also appears on my blog, Soaring Story


Nenia Campbell is easily one of the most promising self-published authors currently on the market.

Endgame is a smart, sexy, and highly entertaining story of one woman’s search for her own history. Volera is an intriguing main character who I was torn between rooting for and being slightly afraid of! Volera can’t remember her past and has constant blackout periods where she can’t remember what she’s been doing. I found myself utterly...more

Really good novella and refreshingly original. I would be very interested in playing video games the way they do in this book!

The reason(s) why I haven't given this a full four star rating is this:
1. There were a few spelling errors throughout which kind of threw me of my reading stride, such as an 'an' instead of 'a', and plural used instead of the singular ('voices' instead of 'voice'). Other than these little mistakes and a few more similar, the writing is excellent so please don't let th...more
Future Slayer Girl (aka: kitten)
I'm to lazy to find a gif of someone waving their fist in the air because that is what I want to do right now to Nenia!



That's how we are ending it!

(starts to ugly cry)

Just when I was feeling smart, that I kind of sort of figured out about 1/4 of it before I got to the last 99% of the book, and then WHAM! Just kidding its OVER!

I'm gonna pout. For about a week its gonna take me to get over this. I think we might actually have a male antihero that isn't, I daresay, crazy????

I came to an interesting realisation before, during, and after reading this novel. Outside of a few Philip K. Dick-esque and Terry Pratchett novels; a couple of short story collections here and there, I don't, in fact, read as nearly as much of the sc-fi and fantasy genre as I thought I did.

Not that it matters in this instance as I found the world that Campbell created to be very accessible and it didn't fall into the wrong side of techno-babble at any point during the story, which was a major p...more
All throughout I felt disconnected from the plot and characters. I found myself confused often which only made it harder to try and connect with the story. I think the novel has some good ideas but the world building could have used a bit more detail. I understand that the reader is supposed to stay in the dark on many aspects of the novel because we are viewing it from Vol's POV but I think it could have been done better. I did like Catan at times, & I wish the romance would have had a bigg...more
The Shutterbug
3.5 stars

Endgame was a pretty awesome book. If I was ever granted one wish it would be to live in a future where I played virtual simulations for a living. That’s right, I’d get paid to play the coolest games ever! If you’re a video game enthusiast like me you’d think that was the bee’s knees. I thoroughly enjoyed the world in Endgame, but I thought it needed to be fleshed out more. I was somewhat confused throughout the book. I didn’t understand certain terms. It took me a long time to figure o...more
Andrea Eliza
Well that was fan-flippin-tastic!

I'll tell you what, this book is one hell of a ride. My thoughts and feelings were all over the place as I tried to piece together what the heck was going on.

And the ending... Oh the ending. Why did that have to be the end? Why couldn't it just keep going? I need moreeeeee.
Hmmm, I couldn’t really get in to this read. It began with not knowing what the hell was going on right from page one and ambiguity maintaining the same rhythm throughout. I also didn’t feel the sense of suspense I believe I was supposed to feel and then there it was, like an abrupt slap in the face, the crescendo…It left me dumbfounded to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong the idea is great and I think the series has potential but the execution fell a little short. Let’s start with the elevator s...more
Riel Edgecomb
I give 5 stars to the characters, the plot, and the concept. However, I felt it ha an early ending.

Vol, the main character, feels lost and like a part of herself is missing. She meets someone who starts unlocking the memories of her forgotten past. There are problems in the games that she works in and she is unsure of the cause. (view spoiler)...more
So this book was very interesting to say the least, took a bit of time to finish due to getting book crazy. But I did it!
And lets just say WOW... I'll admit in a few spots I was a tad irritated and confused lol
But that probably didn't help that I was getting a tad confused on who was who a few times, just due to some side characters were mentioned then you wouldn't see them again for a few chapters. So the story follows your main character Volera aka Vol and she's this really snarky character w...more
Katie (Books and Katie)
Oh, but her dreams, they hint. They hint at blood and fire, and the sound of breaking glass; they hint at screams that light up the night like fireworks; they hint at fear, which slices at her like the blades of a thousand knives, and at sorrow that threatens to scatter the pieces of her soul to a thousand winds. Her dreams hint at darkness that swirls around her heart. A darkness she can feel all the way down to the very dregs of her being.

It scares her, but it's a part of her, and she can't r
Venus Smurf
I usually try to sum up a book in a sentence or less, and this doesn't even require that. A single, "DANG" will suffice, because it's just that chock full of awesomeness.

Because seriously...DANG.

I was hooked from the start. The main character was Bad A, but not to the point of being annoying, and the whole cyber element was just an unexpected plus. Loved the action, loved the dialogue, and loved how the characters managed to have so many issues and complications in their relationships without go...more
This was an interesting read.
(view spoiler)...more
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Nenia Campbell was born and raised in the United States. From infancy, she was fond of books- especially the cardboard ones; they were the most delicious. As she grew older, she learned that 'devouring a book' was a phrase not to be taken literally. As a result, she became a very...more
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