Billy and Me
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Billy and Me

4.05 of 5 stars 4.05  ·  rating details  ·  2,273 ratings  ·  387 reviews
Sophie May has a secret.

One that she’s successfully kept for years. It’s meant that she’s had to
give up her dreams of going to university and travelling the world to stay
in her little village, living with her mum and working in the local teashop.

But then she meets the gorgeous Billy – an actor with ambitions to make
it to the top. And when they fall in love, Sophie is whisk...more
Paperback, 402 pages
Published May 23rd 2013 by Michael Joseph (Penguin UK)
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Jessica Hiscocks
Bleurgh. This book really isn't very good. I'm sure the author is lovely and sweet but this is one of the worst chick lit books I've read in a while. Here's why...

I'm not quite sure I liked one single character, especially not Billy. He was absolutely ridiculous - always cheerful, making stupidly boring/supposedly funny comments and as for the 'throw the head back' laugh?! Good god. He sounds like the most boring man of all time. Sophie was almost as bad, a spoilt over sensitive brat who you 'ju...more
Kevin I Heart.. Chick Lit
Originally on I Heart.. Chick Lit (
First stop of the BILLY AND ME BLOG TOUR!

What I thought about it:
BILLY AND ME HAS TO BE THE BEST DEBUT NOVEL FOR ME SO FAR. OK, so sorry for the shouty pointy capital letters, but you get my point, right? Have you ever woke up after finishing a book and feeling really satisfied but completely thrown that you have finished it already? Yup, that was how I felt!

Gorgeous cover, check. Exciting, intriguing plot. Check. What more do y...more
Barbara Elsborg
I'm sorry. I can see I'm out of kilter with most readers on this but this book just didn't work for me. Waitress and film star fall in love - that's fine. I use that too in one of my books. But this film star is just too good to be true. He's constantly smiling and laughing, using out of kilter phrases for his age, and is just so sweet that I couldn't believe in him. Yet I guess he's why the book appeals to so many. We all want film stars/pop stars to be lovely people and fall in love with ordin...more
Gonna keep this short and sweet. I wanted to like this, I really did. But it felt like nothing more than a grammatically correct fan fiction.
There was no depth to any of the characters, bar a SLIGHT insight into Sophie's past.
Sophie and Billy's relationship escalated within pages and the book on a whole was fast paced, rushed and would sit best in the young adult section of a book shop at best.
Where do I start with Billy and Me? I picked up this book from the library because I love Gi, I think she's lovely and incredibly talented. But let's just say I'm glad I didn't buy it.

This book had a plot that, written well, could've been really good. However, the characters were awful. By halfway through the book I was shouting at Sophie May (for example: 'I wish you were real so I could punch you in the face'), she was completely over sensitive to any situation and spun round any situation to...more
I’ll be honest; I was always going to be biased towards this book because it’s by Gi. When Gi announced that she had been writing I couldn’t have been more excited, and the blurb sounded awesome. And, being utterly honest, I adored it. I devoured most of the book on the train and the rest in a coffee shop, which was an error, because I was practically in tears as I came to a close.

The twists and turns of the novel were fantastic, and I loved the characters of Sophie, and Billy too. Sophie was a...more
Megan Readinginthesunshine
Sophie May lives in her little village. Rather than travelling the world or setting off to university excitedly with friends, Sophie has instead stayed in the village of Rosefont Hill, living with her mum and spending her days working at the local teashop. The main reason for this is that Sophie May has a secret she’s been keeping. One day she meets the handsome Billy Buskin – an actor with high ambitions in his life, and as they fall in love, Sophie is pulled away from her village life and thru...more
Natalie aka: PajamaBookGirl
Hmm, so the hype up to the release of this book has been so major that I'm feeling a little deflated now I have read it. I'm actually in two minds whether I liked it or not. I mean I did, but I didn't!! Weird hey?!

As you're aware the plot follows shy, insecure, tea shop working, Sophie May falling in love and being swept off her feet by teen Heartthrob and actor Billy Buskin.

The book is very thorough, there's nothing missing and everything's clear. This allows you to just relax and let your im...more
I will be honest, one of the main reasons I picked this up was because it was written by Tom from Mcfly's wife, bit of a daft reason for buying a book I know, but loads of girls (without offending any guys that have bought it!) will have picked it up for the same reason. I really liked the cover, it looked interesting and the usual for what I would normally choose when picking a book. This is Giovanna's first novel, so wasn't at all sure what to expect. Reading the blurb I was quite intrigued as...more
Lucy Ashton
Mar 09, 2013 Lucy Ashton rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Everyone!
Shelves: first-reads
Beautifully written with an amazing story line. Read in less than 24 hours - couldn't put it down! Would class 'Billy and Me' as one of my favourite books of all time. Definitely one to read again and again, it's a must-buy!
Was so happy to win this as a first-read and was excited at the possibility of it arriving every day, make sure you've pre-ordered 'Billy and Me' to get it on 23rd May!
Well Done Gi!
Mar 09, 2013 Sandra marked it as to-read
Hehe... Is it wrong that I pre ordered this just because she's Tom Fletcher's wife?
Can't wait to read it.
Lúcia Collischonn
Well, to start with, I was deadly anxious to have this book in my hands for long. It took more than a month to arrive here in Brazil (hello, efficient post!) and less than 24 hours for me to read it. Let me just explain it all, and you’ll understand what I mean.
Tom was my favourite McFly and inspired me a little every day. Giovanna was, at first, his cute and somewhat mysterious girlfriend. With her gradually being more active on twitter and tumblr, I started to develop an admiration for her whi...more
Oct 06, 2013 Ramneek rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: everyone!
Shelves: chick-lit, romance
Billy and Me is the debut novel of Giovanna Fletcher and it was absolutely incredible, one of the best debut novels. I'm not going to lie, I only read the book because Gi is married into a favourite band of mine but I fell in love with her characters, her plot, her writing style and her book.

Billy and Me tells the story of Sophie May, a shy introverted girl, in a quiet, discrete village who works in a teashop with her best friend, Molly. Her life was, what she though was, complete, she had to be...more
Julie Eilen
As a teenager, I always thought that the ultimate thing in life would be to have a celebrity fall in love with me. I don't know how many hours I've spent daydreaming about randomly bumping into my favourite celebrity and it being love at first sight. He would sweep me away from my boring life and we'd live happily ever after in his exciting world. At 22, I realize how completely unrealistic this is, but even so, I find myself thinking, what if?

What first grasped me about this book is how easily...more
To be completely honest, my expectations weren't very high for this book. I adore Giovanna, but how often are debut novels really brilliant? I haven't come across many.

However, I really, really enjoyed this. I had absolutely no clue what it was about when I picked it up and I was really impressed with the story line. After a few chapters I was expecting it to be another cozy, tea drinking, cake eating, English countryside fantasy. Those can be great, but also quite flat and not exactly the ones...more
This book is absolutely incredible.

At first, like others, I thought I was bound to be biased because it's by Gi, but from reading the very first page, that wasn't the case. I read Billy and Me as if I would read a book written by anyone, and I absolutely loved it.

The plot is beautiful and will have you laughing and crying in different places. The book is written incredibly well, each sentence describes exactly what is going on in such detail that you can see the whole story playing in your head...more
Ok so this book is spilt into 4 parts and so part 1 I loved, part 2 I didn't like as much as it was rushed but then part 3 is what made this book be 3 stars to four stars that part was so amazingly written that it was like the author had experienced this and I found myself crying at points because I felt so sad as I read this and so I learnt I could believe what were happening to these characters and part 4 I loved as well. On the whole this book is a really good debut book for Giovanna Fletcher...more
Absolutely loved this book!

Strong character development meant characters were easily adored and the storyline leaves you wanting more! I enjoyed a sneak peak into celeb life and the story had me laughing, crying and longing for a happy ending!

A fantastic debut novel which I'll be recommending to all my friends! Thank you to good reads and Penguin Books for my advanced copy! Look forward to reading more of Giovanna's work.
Lucy Shiels
This book was awful and the only reason I finished it was because I am a firm believer in finishing a book no matter what. I did come very close to breaking my rule with this one though.
The characters were unlikeable, I found Sophie to be spoilt and pathetic and any girl who thinks that Billy could be lovable or a "perfect boyfriend" needs to have a reality check. I was annoyed by the fact that Sophie claimed that she wanted her independence and seemed like a hard-working knows-what-she-wants g...more
Julie Cohen
A fun, light-hearted read about what happens when a shy girl falls in love with a famous actor. I liked the insider view of the film industry, and what it's like to be targeted by the tabloids.
Caroline Victoria Murphy (CazzReadsYA)
Oh my god this sounds so amazing!! I can't wait to read what Giovanna (wife of one of the best musicians ever Tom Fletcher) has written.
As much as I wanted to like this book, I really found it hard to.

Now Romance Fiction has never really been my thing so that may have something to do with why I did not enjoy reading Billy and Me but I suspect it also had something more to do with the fact that I felt the story did not seem realistic with a lot of the character's actions not making sense.
Waitress Sophie moves in with her new film star boyfriend, Billy far too quickly and then proceeds to spend the entire time moping about the f...more
Aisyah Samuin
Billy, Billy, Billy..

How should I start this? I guess I'm going to be as cliche as the majority of the reviewers here that the major reason I picked this book up was because of the author's relation to one of my favourite band of all time (after Busted, that is... I kid, I kid)

Well, I literally just finished the book a few miliseconds ago and just could not put this review thought off. As this is Giovanna's debut novel, I didn't expect to be so engrossed in it. But I did. And I enjoyed it tremen...more
Mandy Rosas
I’ve read quite a few books about the girl who falls in love with the rich, super-hot guy, and then their struggle to make their relationship work. My favourite famous-guy will always be Kellan Kyle, but Billy was great (despite his rather unfortunate name… which grew on me as the book went on), as far as egotistically inclined super-famous and ridiculously rich men go.

I really enjoyed the book, and it was an easy read throughout. Sophie was like a breath of fresh air after so many weak-willed,...more
Jessica (Jess Hearts Books)
Billy and Me is a debut novel full of charm and sparkle about an ordinary, shy, young woman from a quaint English village falling in love with a famous actor. There are countless books out there on this subject but what really made me want to check this book out is that the book is written by a lady who knows this subject all too well with author Giovanna Fletcher being married to Tom Fletcher from McFly. Knowing this I was immediately interested in giving this book a go and I’m so glad that I d...more
Hannah (Jaedia)
Originally posted on my blog Once Upon A Time.

I picked up Billy and Me after I had finished a fantastic book and was looking for something that could follow it. I made my usual piles of potentially good reads and started reading first paragraphs when I realised I'd inadvertently read the entire introduction of Billy and Me which pretty much secured it as my next read. Here we have a heroine who grew up with Tiny Tears dolls, Mr Blobby and the Spice Girls but became shy and withdrawn around the a...more
Georgiana 1792
Confesso che, prima di iniziare a leggere il romanzo, non sapevo che Giovanna Fletcher fosse la moglie di Tom Fletcher dei McFly e ho scelto questo libro per il titolo. Forse mi voglio male, ma qualsiasi romanzo che presenti nel titolo un seppur minimo legame con Jane Austen deve passare fra le mie grinfie, a maggior ragione quando è tradotto in italiano. Lo amerò? Lo odierò? Quanta aderenza troverò con i romanzi originali della scrittrice dello Hampshire? Non ha importanza, devo sapere, devo le...more
I was really looking forward to reading this book. I picked it up because I’d heard so much hype about it. Of course, I began to read it with a bit of anticipation. Had I bought into the hype too much? I’m happy to say, no I hadn’t! I thoroughly enjoyed Billy and Me and devoured it within a day!

Billy and Me is the debut novel from Giovanna Fletcher. It’s about an ordinary woman falling in love with a famous actor. It’s pretty much a modern day Cinderella story, which I love. I’m a sucker for a h...more
Firstly I’d like to thank the publishers for sending me this book to read and give an honest review. I had already read some good reviews for it so I was very excited to get started.

The story began with an introduction to Sophie’s life, it also hinted at something unpleasant from her past and I was just dying to find out what the big secret was. When I finally did discover what Sophie had been hiding I was surprised because I thought it would be something worse!

I enjoyed reading about the teasho...more
Natasha Jones

I did become lost in Sophie May, and her world for a second, so the story did something right.

I wanted to say this before I say any more. I hate to say anything about a novel, in which the author seems so lovely, alas it just didn't work for me. It's her first novel, but it still seemed so unimaginative, unoriginal and nearly entirely predictable. I will say there was a moment, a twist with the character of Molly, that I didn't see coming.

It's not that the story wasn't there - I enjoyed being s...more
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Giovanna grew up in Essex with her Italian dad Mario, mum Kim, big sister Giorgina and little brother Mario, and spent most of her childhood talking to herself (it seems no one wanted to listen) or reading books.

At thirteen she left Essex behind to attend the full-time Sylvia Young Theatre School, where she met her husband Tom Fletcher. Following SYTS she completed an acting BA (hons) at Rose Bruf...more
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