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No Easy Way Out (No Safety in Numbers, #2)
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No Easy Way Out (No Safety in Numbers #2)

3.62 of 5 stars 3.62  ·  rating details  ·  1,190 ratings  ·  150 reviews
It's Day 7 in the quarantined mall. The riot is over and the senator trapped inside is determined to end the chaos. Even with new rules, assigned jobs, and heightened security, she still needs to get the teen population under control. So she enlists Marco's help--allowing him to keep his stolen universal card key in exchange for spying on the very football players who are ...more
Hardcover, 480 pages
Published July 16th 2013 by Dial Books
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I haven't read the first book, but I enjoyed this as a stand alone (kind of).

It was really interesting up to a point. Then, it seemed like it was put on repeat and the same thing kept happening over and over.

My biggest complaint are the characters. There was no character development. They were the same from beginning to end and they barely had a back story.

I couldn't empathize with any of the characters. Mike and Drew seemed like the same person and I gave up trying to remember who did what.

This book was excruciatingly long. I probably picked a bad week to read it, it being the first week of school and work, but even if I did have more free time it would have taken me a while to finish. It took me a week. The first book was pretty good (No Safety in Numbers, I gave it 4 stars) and about half the length and had way more interesting things happen in it. Not much really happened in this book that was even notable. It was so dragged.
There was some romance between Ryan and Shy, and Lexi
The intensity and need for survival is pumped even more in this heart-racing sequel to 'No Safety In Numbers.' The stakes are higher. Just as it may seem that life in the mall is under control and that there are less people getting sick than before, the gangs of teenagers that had been keeping a low profile in other abandoned stores instead of checking into a Home Store decide to fight back against the dictatorship that the security has taken over to run after knocking the Senator down a peg. Th ...more
Moze (SmartFolksRead)
I read the first book in this series having no idea what it was about (I admit, I was expecting zombies) and was amazingly surprised by how good the book was. So the other day I was checking the mail and I was like, “Aww man, there is a book shaped package, wonder what is inside?” So as we all know I immediately disregarded all the “important” mail and opened up my package to find a paperback of the second book form the Librarything Early Reviewer program. I immediately dove right in to discover ...more
Grace Deloe
-No Easy Way Out by: Dayna Lorentz

-Main Characters: Lexi, Ryan, Marco, and Shay

-Seven days have past since a busy suburban mall was quarantined after a biological bomb was found in the air duct. Everyone is in a raging panic after having no information, no showers, and little food. On top of that, the unknown virus is spreading quickly killing more people everyday. Four teenagers, Lexi, Ryan, Marco, and Shay have their own stories that occur while trapped in the mall. We see the characters evol
Technically I want to give this 2.5 stars. There was a ton of character development in this book but most of it was more aggravating then productive. I like the changes made in that chapters are divided up by time periods instead of different characters viewpoints. It certainly helped the book flow better and marking each day was a nice help as well.

But still the author could have dropped at least 200 pages off this book. It's way too long and the extra length adds absolutely nothing to the ser
Kayla Grimes
What can i say?...The series is extremely interesting, a deadly virus everyone trapped in a mall, its a great concept. However the books sorta fall short because the authors poor writing an lack of keeping track of what she had already written. For instance near the end of the book Marco sits listening to a walkie talkie he stole from security, he doesnt like how they start using codes so he throws the radio against the wall then two paragraphs later its jus magically back in his hands and he tu ...more
Jason Edwards
No Easy Way Out is the sequel to No Safety in Numbers, and god help us, there’s a third book in the series. The first one was terrible. Somehow, this second one was worse. I can only imagine how awful the third one will be. No, scratch that—I don’t think I can imagine that at all. I have post-traumatic stress from reading this. I've been through the five stages of grief. I literally had bad dreams while reading this book.

And to think that, in addition to an author, this book had an editor, and a
Anthony Alfaro

In the book No Easy Way Out by Dayna Lorentz, the storyline becomes more complex than the first book " No Safety In Numbers " due to the growth of betrayal. Throughout the novel we can see that Lorentz gives the audience a message that things are not always as they may seem as well as survival of the fittest. We can interpret this message from the change that some characters go through and the sacrifices they make in order to see another day. I think a good quote that describes the theme of the
Christina Bennett
I actually didn't finish this book and won't finish the series. I think I stopped 2 or 3 chapters or so before the end of the book. I just lost all interest it.

I don't remember what grade they were all supposed to be in, but from the way they act they seem more like they are in middle school rather than high school. Because what person in high school doesn't know that you can't create a virus in a mall(unless this magical mall happens to have a high tech laboratory hidden somewhere). Even if it
Nicholas Rynne
The story of Shay, Ryan, Marco and Lexi continue as Lorentz begins the second book of the trilogy. The teens have now been stuck inside the mall for seven days. As the virus spreads across the mall, thousands of people have died and the mall goers that are alive are panicking. The government has pulled their assistance out, claiming it's too dangerous for them, which leaves Lexi's mom, the Senator in charge. The Senator enforces strict rules including a curfew, no touching others, and divides th ...more
May 26, 2014 Beverly rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: 14-adult
Recommended to Beverly by: indie next list/
No Easy Way Out is not a sequel to No Safety In Numbers. It is a continuation and escalation of the fear and chaos from book #1. No Easy Way Out picks up just two hours after No Safety In Numbers ended. It appears that the thousands of shoppers quarantined inside the giant mall have calmed down and are cooperating with the new rules and new rules enforcers. Appearances can be deceiving. The trouble makers and rebels have found ways to stay out of sight and are content to operate in secret. Thing ...more
Zach H
No Easy Way Out By Dayna Lorentz is her sequel to No Safety In Numbers. The first book was about a group of four teens that were trapped in a mall due to a dangerous chemical in the mall. The book ended on cliffhanger. The government has now pulled out of the mall and practically left them to die. Now the four main characters, Lexi, Marco, Shay, and Ryan, must attempt to survive the chaos by any means necessary.

This book has a whole new feel to it. The first book was more civilized, due to the
The Cons:
Some books fly by in a few hours; some books take a few days to absorb; and then No Safety in Numbers drags on for over a month.

I had a similar issue with this book as I had with the Harry Potter books: the beginning and end were interesting and seemed to speak of a decent plot, but the middle was mostly boring filler.

I feel as though if this book were half it's size it would have been better, or even if more events happened, more time was spent on character development, ect. It seems l
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I was in the middle of reading this book when some of the story began to seem familiar. A couple of pages later, I realized that this book reminded me of Lord of the Flies. Lord was not one of my favorite books when I read it in high school. Neither was this one.

The worst of the human spirit is rearing its ugly head in this book. It's not an easy read as the mall society degenerates with deviants. However, it's a compelling read. By this point, I really do want to know what's going to happen to
2.5 stars
Seven days and they are still quarantined inside the mall. The Senator is still in charge or so she thinks she is, while the gangs are running wild throughout the mall setting up their quarters wherever they find a great spot. The mystery virus has people on edge and communication with the outside world is limited. They are still trying to come up with a vaccination to stop the spread of the disease. Marco is literally holding one of the keys to the mall as he was holding one of the few
This sequel to No Safety In Numbers was slow going. The beginning almost lost my attention to the whole story but once you hit the middle, things start heating up a bit. Our characters are still stuck inside of the disease infested mall, hoping for rescue, praying for survival. Marco is still running around with the meatheads, suddenly becoming a minion of the Senator. Ryan overcomes the flu and searches feverishly for Shay. Lexi remains with her new friends, trying to sort out everything that's ...more
Matthew Schott
I thought this book was a great book for many different reasons. In the book there is a mall that has been quarantined for a week and it’s full of people. People have started to try to breakout and they are all becoming very violent. I like how the author set up the book to show how people in an intense situation would react. The book did not really appeal to me in a. emotional way but it did get me thinking about how horrible it would be to be in such an intense situation. I would recommend thi ...more
Feb 03, 2014 Jacob added it
No Easy Way Out is a great novel by Dayna Lorentz where there are four main characters: Shaila, Ryan, Marco, and Alexandra/Lexi. Everyone goes to the mall for some reason. Whether it is to hang out or buy something these four end up stuck there. The mall goes on lockdown. A bomb that put something into the air is polluting the mall. They do not know what it is yet but they know it was bad. These four teens are stuck there in the mall, two with no family, one with a sister, and one with their who ...more
Andrew Foster
The writing is just as bad as the first one, the format of the book is awful... The first one was separated by viewpoints, this one switches to days and times, switch point of view within the sections but then switches back to overall characters... Still easy to read and follow, the reason it is an issue is that it is insane to think that things would become so chaotic in 2 weeks. Also the way that the different characters are written is very bland. One character who is Hispanic never speaks a w ...more
What is an interesting premise becomes, at best, a mediocre story. The main characters are under developed & the author doesn't do a good job distinguishing the characters' voices, making it more difficult than it needs to be to keep track of who's who, who is with whom, who are allies or enemies, etc. Some of the dialogue is OK, but too much of it seems forced. Some of the situations also seem forced. The situation it self has enough drama, there's no need to add to it with drama that serve ...more
Book Review
Josi D.
I am reading No Easy Way Out by Dayna Lorentz. My book has a lot of scientific value in it. There is not so much historical or cultural value in the book, but there is some. There is scientific value because the basis of the story is around a fatal virus being spread in a facility. There is medical technology trying to be developed to help prevent the spread of the virus, and they (the doctors in the shopping mall in which they are quarantined) are trying to help the people tha
Kaitie Smith
I have to say, I was disappointed in this sequel. Thousands of people trapped in a mall, dropping dead faster than a drunk girl in stilettos, no way to escape.... It had so much potential. But I put it down about two hundred pages in. It couldn't hold my attention. Nothing against the basic plot-I love survivalist stories-but the characters. They acted so unrealistically, and they were pretty flat. All they could think about was parties, whether or not this stolen bra will fit, and their 'love' ...more
Sydney Gunter
Wow. This is unreal... Is Dayna Lorentz capable of writing a book the actual young adults or people who aren't 10 years-old will enjoy? I don't wanna say I could write a better book published; but since this woman got this junk to be printed, I may be able to submit my 4th grade journal entries and get them printed. I said I wasn't gonna read this one, but this book was supposedly "better" (according to my friends) than the first --It may have been better, but it still wasn't good. No change in ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jan 27, 2015 Eric added it
If you loved the book No Safety In Numbers, you will have to read the sequel, No Easy Way Out. This incredible book does what few other sequels have ever done, which is to outshine its predecessor. In the story, the four teens are still trapped in the mall, after their failed escape attempt. They now face sickness, rioting and loss of food. After the first book, the reader is left with many questions, like where all infected and dead go. This book answers these questions. Overall, No Easy Way O ...more
Lord of the flies meets The Mall! I couldn't read fast enough and yelling at the book doesn't change the characters decisions it just makes you look like a crazt person! Would I do things differently- absolutely but this is about teens trapped in the mall with no parents and incomplete moral compasses. They make poor choices and aren't sure how to deal with the consequences. Also, it doesn't help that the adults in charge can't work together. You would hope that all parties would valve the medic ...more
Adam Nunez
The book "No Safety in Numbers", by Dayna Lorentz, is the sequel to the original book "No Safety in Numbers". If you haven't read the first book i recommend you go and read it. "No Easy Way Out" continues the suspense of the first book. As the riots in the first book start to end, the senator works hard to make a functioning place to keep everyone safe. It starts off on day seven where the last book left off. There were betrayals and twists all in this story.
I would recommend this book if you l
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