The Story of Fish and Snail
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The Story of Fish and Snail

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Every day, Snail waits for Fish to come home with a new story.

Today, Fish's story (about pirates!) is too grand to simply be told: Fish wants to show Snail. But that would mean leaving the familiar world of their book—a scary prospect for Snail, who would rather stay safely at home and pretend to be kittens. Fish scoffs that cats are boring; Snail snaps back. Is this book...more
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published June 13th 2013 by Viking Juvenile
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Let me start off my review with this-and then get into my thoughts on the work. I'm not quite certain that the idea these 2 characters who live in a book and can potentially leave the book for another book will sink in for younger children, so I would use this book for kids age 4 or older. I know on first run through the F&G, I had to go back a page a few times, and then I went "A-Ha. Clever" and really, it is VERY CLEVER! (Maybe for others it's obvious right away, but consider that I'm a sl...more
Alex Baugh
Everyday, fish comes back to snail to tell him new stories he has found in other books besides theirs. But then one day, fish tells snail that he must come with him, that he has found another book so good he wants to show it to snail, not just tell him. But snail doesn't want to leave the book he's in.

Fish and snail exchange angry words, but when snail won't budge, fish takes a dive into the other book. But without fish, snail asks himself, how can we be The Story of Fish & Snail?

Looking ov...more
Stephanie Croaning
This is a delightful book on many levels! The characters of Fish and Snail are incredibly adorable, and will appeal to children of all ages, even the adult ones. The storyline deals with friendship, compromise, and stepping out of your comfort zone to experience new things. But the most amazing part of this book are the illustrations.

In her two previous books, Scribble and Blue Chicken, Deborah Freedman experimented with her characters interacting with the physical page, and that becomes the sto...more
Fish is an extrovert and snail is an introvert. Fish likes to explore other books and comes back every day to tell snail about his adventures. Fish decides that snail needs to come with him on an adventure, but snail is not happy about that idea. They, like many friends, have a fight and storm off. The ending will leave you cheering and your child wanting to read it again. Great for kids who are introverts and extroverts alike.
I really loved this story! The illustrations were most excellent and the story to accompany them was really great, too. :)

This was a book within a book, as Snail and Fish are book characters in the story. (view spoiler)...more
This book might need a little explaining to your young dreamers, but then again, it might be interesting to hear their take on Fish & Snail.

Living together in a book, Fish is full of adventure and Snail likes the slower pace, the pace that involves staying in one place and sharing stories with princesses and kittens. Fish was cut out for more and when he finds a new book to be part of, a book with pirates, he tries to convince his best friend to join him.

This is where you can explain to you...more
Mary Ann
Each day, Snail waits for Fish to come home with a new story. Theirs is a friendship of opposites. Snail wants to sit at home and listen to stories of princesses or kittens; Fish dreams of adventures, pirates and secret treasures. Readers can guess from the title page, where a fish dramatically splashes into the pages of an open book sitting atop a tall stack of closed books, that this will be a story with plenty of meta elements in it, playing on the idea of a book-within-a-book. Trouble brews...more
This is the story of Fish and Snail who were great friends. Every day, Snail would wait for Fish to return with a new story. This time, Fish returned with a great story, one so wonderful that Fish wanted to show Snail instead of tell about it. But Snail doesn’t want to leave the book they are in. Snail wants to stay right there and play kittens instead of pirates. The two start to argue and finally Fish declares that it is THE END and leaves the book. Snail was so sad. This was not the way the s...more
This is the first book that I read by Deborah Freedman, who is both the author and illustrator, and I absolutely loved it! The narrative and the illustrations were equally stunning and captivating. I excitedly logged on to our public libraries website to order her other work.

The Story of Fish and Snail is a unique adventure and shows that sometimes to be a good friend you have to give the occasional “little push.” Snail is a recluse that holds fast to the safety of is home. His greatest adventu...more
Ying Lee
Genre: Postmodern
Copyright: 2013

Have you ever seen a fish jumping out of a page or a snail rolling from one book to another? It is not about magic; it is about imagination. Another book from Deborah Freedman who tries to push readers beyond their imaginative limits! Two good friends, Fish and Snail, reside in a book, and every day Snail is waiting for Fish to come back and tell a new story. However, it happens one day when Fish encourages Snail to go on an adventure to another book, which is rej...more
Right from the title page you dive into this book with glee! On top of a tall stack of books (the top one open like an invitation), a perky, curious, golden fish accepts the invitation and dives right in. Water splashes up into the air creating a wonderful, whimsical world of pure magic and fun. This book is a remarkable underwater macrocosm where Snail waits patiently for his friend Fish to come and tell him a story. Fish is so excited (about Pirates) and says to Snail that today he cannot tell...more
This talented woman wrote and illustrated this children's book of few words yet fills the pages with meaning that splashes deep. This story is held together by a friendship, but takes us through changes with unexpected outcomes. Books and stories are part of this wonderful tale, too, which makes it even more fun for this retired librarian/school teacher.

The artwork makes the tale come alive, filling the reader's mind with emotions of these two friends and corners to be turned where change can l...more
Jacob Combs
I love The Story of Fish and Snail. It's visually stunning, with a heartwarming story and a fantastic read aloud flow. Deborah Freedman has dazzled us once again with another book that delivers not only an engaging, well written story, but a design that is unique and breathtaking.

Fish and Snail live in a book. One day, Fish returns to the book with a new story that he wants to show Snail. This new story is filled with adventure and excitement, but Snail doesn't want to go and see it. He wants t...more
This story follows two friends, a snail and a fish who live inside a book. While snail is content to stay in their book and play, fish wants to travel to all the other books. The pair embarks on a journey of friendship and adventure, and the illustrations are stunning! I've chosen The Story of Fish and Snail as my candidate for the 2014 Caldecott award for many reasons. For one, the illustrations are beautiful. Each page is unique and just as sweet and wonderful as the story. I also loved this b...more
Chio Duran
I won this through Goodreads First Reads. I just wanted to thank the author for signing the book ( The signature was adorable ). Now for the review:

This story is about two little book characters, snail and fish. They have a little misunderstanding and, consequently, go their separate ways. This little story handles the subject of friendship, adventure, and loyalty to being who you are! I believe the message in this book can inspire children and adults alike.(view spoiler)...more
I loved this book. Not only is it a sweet story about friendship and finding courage to step out of one's comfort zone for the sake of it, but the illustrations are so vivid. Fish and Snail live in a book, but Fish loves to visit other books. When Fish comes back from his latest jaunt he wants Snail to come with him on the next adventure. Snail refuses and the friends have a fight. Snail panics after Fish jumps into another book and has to decide if he values his friend enough to face his fears....more
Chelsie Marie Pritz
Fish's story is too elaborate to be told and Fish wants to show Snail. But, that would mean that Snail would have to leave his comfort zone - which is a scary thought for Snail. He'd rather stay in his familiar and safe environment and pretend to be kittens. But, Fish tries to persuade Snail and they start an argument. Will they still be friends at the end?

Fish and Snail are best friends and sometimes friends have arguments. The colourful drawings make this book such at treat to read. The use of...more
Oh Snail!!! So many of us understand your hesitancy and fear to be a part of a different story. We too have been egged on by friends like Fish to try something new. We may have even had our friends feel frustrated with us when our fears lead to stubbornness and we just won't move to another place. I would love to use this book to encourage my 1st-2nd graders who may be in a "genre rut" to try something new like Snail did. Sure, Snail tried a new story by accident, but that didn't mean his enjoym...more
Genre: postmodern
Copyright: 2013

Two best friends, fish and snail are living in the same book. The snail is always waiting fish to tell him story. One day, the fish invites the snail to leave the book and go to the other book for a new story. However, the snail doe not want to leave and just want to stay at the book they live. They has a big argument about whether to travel to the other book. The argument is broken, and the fish jumps to the other book. The snail does not want to be alone so he...more
This story was so adorable! :) Snail is the homebody that wants to stay in his "story" and not venture outside. Fish always comes back with a story for Snail, but today Fish wants to "show" Snail what he's seen. They have a teensy fight and Fish leaves. Will Snail venture into the world that has the ocean, pirates and adventures? You betcha!! Everything is right in their world and they make up. The illustrations are simply sensational, you can literally see the emotions on the faces of Fish and...more
Fish and Snail are best friends. They live in a book. Fish ventures out every day and brings back fun stories to Snail. One day, Fish wants to show Snail instead of just telling him the story. The illustrations in the story are vivid. You'll love the expressive, imaginative images that bring this friendship story to life. I highly recommend this book.
Fish and Snail are characters that represent a typical preK-2 friendship. Deborah Freedman does a great job of depicting Fish as the outgoing, spontaneous adventurous friend and Snail as the contemplative, cautious, routine-loving friend. When Fish asks Snail to play something new, Snail gets upset (like a typical preK- 2 child) and realizes he needs to step out of his comfort zone. I would recommend this book for the student who is having troubles successfully navigating friendships and need t...more
I picked this book up because of the cover art, then I noticed the author and I hoped it would be as interesting and beautiful as her Blue Chicken. It was! I am exploring 2015 Caldecott contenders, and even though I don't think this is eligible for 2015 I am glad to have found it! Fish and Snail are friends but only Fish is excited to explore beyond their current home... a book. When Fish chooses to move on without Snail the book gets interesting!! I will use it for teaching and can't wait to ge...more
:Donna Marie
THE STORY OF FISH AND SNAIL is a must-read charmer! Deborah Freedman blends gorgeous illustrations with a story that encourages being "brave" in such an appealing and effective way, it is sure to hit home with any young (or old) person who reads it. As was the author's intent, this story has the power to nudge reluctant ones to risk leaving their comfort zones.

In my opinion, The Story of Fish and Snail will join the ranks of inspirational picture books the likes of The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds...more
Sometimes friendships can help ease us out of our comfort zone and encourage us to take risks. Like so many of us, Snail is perfectly content staying in the same spot in the aquarium and doing the same thing. But Fish longs for adventures and wants to read new books and explore new places. When their differences escalate, Fish leaves Snail behind, leaping right out of the pages of the book into another one about pirates. Snail has to decide what to do. The page-expanding illustrations will help...more
I LOVED this book! When Fish and Snail are yelling at each other (after Fish tries to convince timid Snail to join him on his story adventures and Snail refuses), then Fish "stomping" off anyway, then feeling Snail feeling lonely and sorry, then both forgiving each other, it reminds me of my childhood best friend and me. What a great testimony to friendship and forgiveness. The illustrations are glorious. I'd love to read this at the beginning of my fear and conflict unit! Yay, Deborah Freedman!
"Every day ... snail sits in one special spot, waiting for Fish to come home with a story." But this time, Fish wants to SHOW snail the story rather than tell it. But Snail doesn't want to leave the book. They fight and Fish goes off on his own. "That's not how this book is supposed to end." So Snail goes in search of Fish, stepping out of his own book to find his friend. Love it! Gorgeous illustrations!

Themes: friendship, bravery, trying new things, compromising
Fish and Snail live inside a book. When fish wants to venture outside his own book to find adventure elsewhere, Snail is having none of that. Fighting ensues and well, you'll just have to read the rest to find out the result.

I love the story, but I especially love the endearing illustrations and the unique perspective Freedman uses to show that Fish and snail are inside a book. Yet another Caldecott contender in my eyes.
Clare and Tammy - Teachers for Teachers
Young readers will love the fact that the characters are in a book -- the realization of this brought shouts of joy from my niece! "Look, look they are in a book in the book!" Fish and Snail learn to respect each other's perspectives and understand that friendship does not mean that you need to be the same. Good friends stick together and work through varying points of view to reach compromise!
This is a visually beautiful book about friendship and trying new things. Fish and Snail live in a book. Every day adventurous Fish travels to other books and returns to tell Snail of his travels. Can Fish convince Snail to leave their little story? The illustrations and concept of the book are wonderful! This book would make a great read aloud and lends itself to discussions of friendship and courage.
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