Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four (Shapers, #1)
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Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four (Shapers #1)

4.11 of 5 stars 4.11  ·  rating details  ·  55 ratings  ·  36 reviews
The students of Green Lane Academy roam their halls unaware that below their manicured campus exists a prestigious school of an entirely different kind . . .

Sixteen-year-old Phoebe Pope has enrolled at the Campus Below: a spy academy for shape-shifters hidden deep beneath the grounds of a boarding school whose humans unknowingly protect it. There, thanks to a carefully pla...more
Paperback, 335 pages
Published October 30th 2012 by Dreamwell Publishing (first published October 28th 2012)
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Shreya (CCReviews)
*A copy was provided for review purposes*

I really enjoyed reading Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four because it was something new for me as I haven’t read books about shapeshifters who are really spies in..well...EVER. Also, another part of the book I really enjoyed was the “leading a double life” aspect. While Phoebe attends normal school in the human world, she attends another school for shapeshifters who are spies underground. In the real world, she has to face the death of her father, real hom...more
While I've cut down almost completely on signing up for blog tours, I liked the sound of Phoebe Pope. I always tend to enjoy books that are based around schools or academies and I also love books with shifters, so it sounded like a win/win.

And I'm happy to say that it was. While not perfect, it was still really enjoyable and I quickly became engrossed in it. There were a few similarities to Harry Potter in the beginning but I got over that as the book moved into it's own original story. And one...more
Cheryl Landmark
This was an excellent debut novel by this author. It was well written with a simple, smooth flowing style and great dialogue. The premise was enticing, too--a boarding school with normal human activities above ground and dangerous, magical spy classes below for Shapers like Phoebe. The story was chock full of secrets, lies, betrayals and twists.

Phoebe's character was complex and likeable. At times, she was a normal teenager with all the usual angst, worries and trauma that plague young girls, es...more
Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four is a fun, entertaining and very well-written YA fantasy/paranormal novel that will keep you glued to its pages all the way through. A book full of secrets, magic, dangerous creatures, hidden doorways and interesting characters that you'll quickly connect with. This fantastically imagined and original story is sure to satisfy fans of fantasy, paranormal and adventure novels!

Phoebe Pope is a shaper and her "job" is to kill Vigos, shape-shifting blood-thirsty beas...more
WOW, this is such an awesome read. I loved it and couldn’t put it down. Being a debut novel for Nya Jade, this book was fantastic and a great introduction to the series. The writing style was fantastic and this book has such a fast pace you don’t realise the pages are turning so quickly. The characters are unique and with each page they evolve and create a world that is like no other.

Phoebe Pope is the protagonist and has been unique her whole life. Her mother skipped out on her when she was a c...more

It's been a while since I've read a good YA paranormal book. I'm a sucker for books set in boarding schools. That along with the stunning cover of Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four convinced me to read the book. Plus, I found out that the author was also a musician and so I knew her writing would be pretty fab! I'm glad to say, Nya Jade did not disappoint.

I'm going to take a slightly different approach to my review this time around. I will list my Top 5 favorite aspects about this book and why th...more
Renae McKenzie
I wasn't really sure what to expect from this book. From reading the blurb, I liked the premise of a secret spy school for paranormals under an ordinary one. I love spies and I love paranormal creatures, so I was just like, Gah! I have to read this! Jade was nice enough to send me a hard copy of her novel for review, so a BIG thank you to her - who doesn't love to get books? Anyways, on with the review.

I loved the characters. When Phoebe first got introduced in the novel, I was like, Why you hav...more
Paula Ratcliffe
Phoebe Pope is starting school at the Campus Below where up until recently her application hadn't been sent in. With the death of her father she and her grandfather get her enrolled in school so she can do what her father did. There she meets the Hollywood Actor Colten Chase who seems to be more than he appears and he has eyes for Phoebe. There are four Hypa's who are in danger from the Vigo, Phoebe is one of them.

While I was reading this parts of it felt like reading Harry Potter but so much be...more
Initially, I had a hard time getting into the novel. It leaps right into the action without delving much into Phoebe's character and the world of the Shapers. There were some concepts introduced as well that weren't explained until later on, which confused me. Once I got a feel for the world and Phoeobe's character, however, I found myself sucked into Phoebe's world. There are so many mysteries surrounding the Shapers and the Year of Four, and I enjoyed learning more about them with Phoebe in ad...more
Stephanie Ward
'Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four' is the first book in a young adult fantasy series. It follows the main character, Phoebe Pope, as she starts her first year at the Campus Below - the secret campus for Shifters that is hidden underneath Green Lane Academy. Phoebe is still heartbroken over the death of her father and is nervous about starting at the prestigious school. Phoebe soon learns that she has a power only she can wield and finds herself crushing hard for a human guy on the Campus Above....more
Reeka (BoundbyWords)
As seen on my blog:

There are just books that catch you completely off guard, that surprise you with that amazing feeling of "WHOA. I can't get enough of this this!". Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four picked me up, and transported me somewhere that I wanted to stay immersed in, for a long time. Nya Jade has one hell of a knack for words, and was pretty much feeding me feelings of pure and simple magic from the very first page.

It is a seriously rare thing for me to feel an attachment to a characte...more
Neyra ♦
When Phoebe Pope enrolls in Green Lane Academy, she knows it'll just be a front for what is really happening underneath. At the Campus Below, a group of shape-shifters are being trained to become spies, but when text book lessons turn into real world combat, Phoebe learns that she is in the middle of a prophecy that would see their enemies destroyed. All the while juggling two course loads, keeping secret a power she alone wields, and crushing on the resident teen heartthrob, Colten Chase. But w...more
Phoebe Pope can easily be described as a fun and intriguing fantasy read that had me flipping the pages with excitement and joy. I loved every minute of it. The characters were delightful and I loved the creatures that Nya Jade created. There is quite a bit of mystery that plays throughout the story and I loved the way things unraveled, it always kept me guessing. Some things were pretty obvious, but there were also some surprises along the way.

Nya’s writing style is refreshing, upbeat, and vivi...more
The blurb for Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four completely drew me in. I loved the idea of a secret school for shapeshifter spies and a romance with a teen heartthrob! While I did enjoy the book, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. The story is a little slow, but it does pick up quite a bit at the end. I found my attention waning in the first half though, but my focus was always brought back once there was some more world building.

I loved the world that the author created, despite the man...more
I became engrossed in this book immediately and loved every single word and chapter. Phoebe is such a likeable young woman, and I felt such empathy for her as the story unfolded. The conversations were entertaining and seemed natural. The description of the Green Lane campus and the hidden spy academy below allowed me to paint vivid pictures of both schools in my imagination. This story seemed uncommonly well-balanced to me with enough description to keep my mind filled with pictures but also pl...more
Unabridged Bookshelf
Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four soared above my expectations, and captured my full attention after just a few passages. I loved the idea of having a secret campus The Below, to help protect the Shaper students, and allow them to continue their human studies. Phoebe Pope joins the academy hoping to redeem herself after the loss of her father, but finds herself in the middle of a dangerous situation. The Year of Four prophecy has made her and her fellow Hydras a target for the enemy that stalks a...more
Ornella (Nyx)
Let me start off by saying shapeshifter books aren't my thing. I don't mind if they are a secondary character but as the main focus it's just not for me.

What drew me in to this one was the whole idea of the spy school under the normal school. At first I was a bit confused with the whole shapeshifter concept since Phoebe kept mentioning her hearts and I kept thinking it was a typo till it was explained xD

I liked how the story flowed and I liked all characters. I was a bit frustrated with Phoebe,...more
Phoebe Pope is sent to a new school for Shifters after the death of her father. Phoebe needs a fresh start and now she will be with others like her. Phoebe has enrolled in the Green Lane Academy. She goes to classes with regular kids but at the Campus Below there are other kids like her, kids with special abilities. She meets the Hollywood Hottie, Colton Chase who is new to the school also, and much to Phoebe's surprise, only has eyes for her. There maybe more to Colton than meets the eye and he...more
I was into the book from the very beginning. Phoebe is a 16 year old girl who is sent to a school for Shifters after her father is killed by a Vigo. She is saddened by her father's death but is at the school to learn how to fight for the Shifters and to avenge her father's death.

When Phoebe gets to the school she immediately becomes friends with Hayley, another Shifter from her class. The two of them have a great energy together and their conversations are typical for girls their age. They giggl...more
Tishia (Paranormal Opinion)
Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four is the first book in the Shapers series by Nya Jade. The story centers around Phoebe, a 16 year old girl who enrolls in an academy for shape-shifters. Humans live and take classes above ground – while the shifters live below ground. The humans are unknowingly protecting shifters from their enemy. They also take classes upstairs, mingling in with the humans and somehow this setup works perfectly...until now. There is an insider taking information back to the enemy...more
Mary Grace
Originally posted at The Solitary Bookworm

First glance, I wasn't expecting too much from Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four. I thought it was just another YA fantasy story with a strong cover. Okay yeah, I love the cover. I love pretty covers, who doesn't, right? My expectation for this book was not on the high bar but apparently I am wrong on that assumption. After a few minutes reading, I quickly had a change of heart. My interest and attention was easily hooked and that was the moment that I sa...more
Anatea Oroz
This review is also posted on my blog, Anatea's Bookshelf

This book really surprised me. Of course I expected it to be good, but for a debut novel it was really amazing. From the start, I was engrossed in this book. I read it in one sitting, so that alone says how much I enjoyed it.

Phoebe Pope has enrolled in Green Lane Academy, a school for shapers. The school is divided on Campus Above and Campus Below. In Campus Above normal students are taking normal classes, and so is Phoebe, but in addition...more
Rachael Woohoo

Check out my interview with Nya, as well as an awesome-tastic giveaway for the tour here!

PHOEBE POPE AND THE YEAR OF FOUR basically combined three things - spies, boarding schools, and shifter magic - that I find totally fun in the YA world and put them together in an action packed way! Combined with a sweet romance and a breakneck pace, this book was a treat to read!

In case you don’t know, this book is about Phoebe Pope, a half shifter half human, or Hydra, who attends the “Above” campu...more
Alba  BookPics
Oh this one surprised me!!

My thoughts?
I can't think of a better word to describe it! I pretty much knew from page 1 that I had made a good decision when I agreed to review this book.
I mean, first of all... would you look at this cover O_O

And then we have the tittle! It's long BUT catchy! I was intrigued ever since I saw and read it.
So yeap, I'm starting with my weaknesses!
First, The book cover? It goes amazingly well with the whole story!!! You'll see why. Trust me.

Frankly, the premise of this book gave the impression that this book was yet another paranormal story with just the same outline but with shape-shifters instead. However, it turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable. And although I'm not a huge fan of shape-shifters, the world-building of this book was interesting, aside from the fact that the bad party in this book was some type of paranormal shape-shifter tigers - the Vigos - which was a bit eerie but went with the whole theme of shape-shifting...more
Phoebe Pope didn’t read as easy as some of the past books that I have read, however, that didn’t mean that i liked it any less! I was a fun book and full of twists and turns. In fact, I found myself staying up way late to finish this book and couldn’t put it down even when I knew I should go to bed and finish it later.

Phoebe was a great character. She had a lot of spunk and always seemed to be right in the middle of everything that was going on. You can’t seem but help cheering her on through ev...more
This review was originally posted on Lust For Stories.

Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four was a surprising and pleasant read. I went into the story not really expecting anything extraordinary to burst out, and while it didn't cross the threshold into mindblowing, I truly did enjoy it very much.

To be honest, a lot of the story reminded me of the Hex Hall trilogy by Rachel Hawkins, but after the painful withdrawal caused by the release of its final installment last year, Phoebe Pope was the perfect f...more
Jana (The Book Goddess)
You guys, I haven't read that much about shape-shifters so when I came across a blog tour sign up for PHOEBE POPE AND THE YEAR OF FOUR, I just couldn't resist. Luckily, I was so not disappointed in this debut YA novel and I can't wait to read more of this series.

I actually wasn't expecting to like Phoebe at all (don't ask me why) but I surprisingly did. Yes, I admit she was a bit naive at times and I sometimes didn't understand why she made a particular choice, but overall she was just a very f...more
Phoebe has just started her first year at Green Lane Academy, where she will train to be a Shaper Spy at the Campus Below while taking regular classes at the Campus Above. The Shapers are under threat from the Vigo’s, a pack of long cast out evil shapers that are out to destroy and kill and the Campus Below is taking extra precautions. Phoebe is involved in a prophecy so she is at the highest risk. While dealing with all of this she is falling in love with Colton Chase, a hot celebrity actor… an...more
Bj Gaskill
One of the BEST YA books I have read this year!!!
So well written and enjoyable ...Awesome job.

I swear I enjoyed every character...Phoebe was awesome!!! I could not handle a special power of knowing everyone's feelings, however pushing feelings on to other people didn't seem to bad.

Colten...Oh Colten....Such a Hottie!!! I swear you start to think something is up with him towards the middle of the book, but is it really what you think???

I'll admit I liked Scott in the beginning....kinda sweet, bu...more
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