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Laurie Kilmartin
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Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us

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ebook, 176 pages
Published September 5th 2012 by Abrams Image (first published January 1st 2012)
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First, let me clarify that this is a tongue-in-cheek parenting “guide.” Some of the other reviewers seem to have missed that aspect. So while it’s inappropriate, it’s hilariously so, and as a sh*tty mom myself, I loved it. With chapters like “How to Drop Off Your Sick Kid at Daycare Before the Teacher Figures It Out“ (if you don’t take their temperature, you can’t lie about their temperature!), “Worst Children’s Book: The Giving Tree vs. Love You Forever” (I think we all know the winner here) an...more
I thought that Shitty Mom was shitty!
Review - 5 Stars

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, this book is for you:

1. Have you ever opened a bottle of wine before your kids go to bed, and had at least 2 glasses?

2. When reading your child a bedtime story, do you skip words, sentences, maybe even pages hoping your kid won't notice?

3. Have you failed to get your kid in the bath tub for more than 4 days?

4. Do you bribe with candy and other tooth decaying treats just so you can get through Walmart without everyone st...more
Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

If you can't answer 'yes' to at least one of the questions in the Sh*tty Mom quiz then I suggest you put this book down and walk away. It takes time to get a little perspective on the whole parenting thing so don't despair, in another year or two, or after another child or two, you will be ready to enjoy the irreverent advice and humour found in this tongue in cheek guide to motherhood.

Sh*tty Mom: The Guide for Good Enough Moms has a structure similar to the early parenting guides you read so i...more
This book was Hilarious!!
(I am STILL LOL-ing thinking about certain sections.)

I am SUPER proud to say that I raised my 20 year old daughter the “SH*TTY MOM” way!
(This was done out of pure instinct, as there were NO guide book/instructional manual back then!)

I do believe the “Sh*tty Mom” way works, as I am a proud Sh*tty Mom of a healthy, non teenage mother (YES!) with a 3.5 GPA; Structural Engineering major, in her Junior year. Whom I do believe, will put me up in a nice priva...more
Emily Dawley
The most hilarious nonfiction book I've read since Shit My Dad Says. (I'm noticing that I've only been reading nonfiction books with shit in the title.) I laughed out loud at every chapter. One of my favorite lines is when they point out that "kid spelled backward is dik." This book takes the serious job of parenting and all of the pressure that comes with it and smacks it right upside the head.
Beatnik  Mary
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OK, so I'm rating this as a comedic novella, not as a parenting guide.

This book is hysterical, like read bits aloud to my husband hysterical.

There are tongue-in-cheek sections, as the oft quoted here Taking Your Sick Kid to Daycare (seriously that pissed me off so much when my kid was an infant, how dare other parents expose her to their child's germs?! Now she's a toddler and constantly oozing, I'm "paying it forward" too.)

And on playground squabbles: "Only rookies assume their kid is innocent....more
One might wonder, considering the fact that I am not a parent, why on earth I've been reading so many humorous parenting memoirs lately. The answer? I have no idea, except that some of them (the good ones) make me smile during my breaks at work. Also, hey: someday I may be a parent and it is likely I will need the laughs/ wisdom offered by these authors.

Sh*tty Mom is more pointed and more funny than most of the fluff in its genre. Several chapters--specifically those on baby-naming and dropping...more
LMFBAO! Seriously. I was laughing so hard on the train that my seatmates were rolling their eyes as I was literally pulling tender stomach muscles. This book is funny as hell and a great antidote to so many of the parenting advice books, magazines, and books out there. Yes, parents, you will do things that may screw your kids up. It's unavoidable. No, you are not always going to be operating on all four cylinders. Parenting is tough work and somebody's gonna do it..and sometimes they are gonna d...more
This is a must read for every mom. If at first you bristle at the title, take heart. The message here is that as mothers we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously. Children our resilient, and the belief that every small error we make will send them over the edge into drugs, sex, or worse, Rock-and-Roll is not only ludicrous, but slowly draining us of our will to live. This book is about re-discovering that we are adults with brains, and just because we choose to have children doesn't mean we...more
If nothing else, I know for a fact I'm not a Sh*tty Mum. I understand this book is intended primarily for entertainment purposes, but I'm kind of stunned that other reviewers consider it to be full of good advice.

I'm giving it two stars because it made me feel better about the kind of parent I am and because it was a good reminder that sometimes it is appropriate to lighten up. It's humorous, certainly, but also kind of horrifying.
I received an advanced copy from a bookseller friend - who either thinks I'm a sh*tty mom or that I have a good sense of humor. Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I could have written a few of these chapters, but I also do have a good sense of humor. Hilarious book! Any mom who doesn't think so takes themselves way too seriously.
I would have enjoyed this so much more 4 or 5 years ago - with a 7 1/2 year old, much of the baby and toddler jokes are years behind me - but there were still moments where I laughed heartily. Loved the chapter on stopping at one :-)
Ellen C
Not actual parenting advice... Just in case you didn't get the joke. It's just a great little funny book that will let you laugh at motherhood, and make you feel better about the stress involved. Quick read.
Staci Williams
Pretty funny and an easy read. I was dying reading the last chapter because it was so sad but so true. Most of the book was very relatable, does that make me a Sh*tty Mom?
Hilarious! I laughed out loud before I even finished reading the Contents!

Take the Sh*tty Mom Quiz...go ahead. You know what you'll learn? That you are, like most of us, a Sh*tty Mom. And this is ok. The first step is acceptance, but the difference between this book and other parenting books is that this one will help you to be a sh*tty mom and come out the other side with good kids and a clean conscience.

This book isn't for everyone. For example, if you brought a back-up pacifier instead of wi...more
Zabet The Dark Empress of Dark Chocolate
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Cover Impressions: This cover is fun. The colors work well, the font is cute and the image of the exhausted mom, sipping a latte and fiddling with her phone while hiding from the kids - is perfect for this title.

The Gist: Sh*tty Mom was written by four moms who are willing to concede that while their children may not grow up to be rocket scientists or president, they will damn well know how to get their own breakfast and turn the TV t...more
The review is also available on my blog.

This was cute, to be sure, but it didn't really give me anything I don't already know or do with my own kids. It's mostly a lot of common sense, to be honest, and about not buying into every hype there is. Babies and small children (and teenagers) don't need designer sheets, toys, food, drinks, sippy cups, strollers etc. Unsolicited advice or stupid questions from strangers should be dealt with appropriately. Lower your expectations when it comes to trave...more
Lenny Husen
This book is so funny, and the book jacket has to be one of the best ever. Worth the price just for the book jacket. But genuinely laugh-out-loud, for those of us who just never felt like we were attentive enough parents, who faulted ourselves for not pushing our kids more, or controlling them more, or secretly wonder even now if we should have filled out their college applications instead of letting them figure it out for themselves. For those of us who had to spend our kid's childhoods alone,...more
M a y a
A fun thing to read while listening to your child scream as you attempt to Ferberize. (Actually, they don't mention Ferber - this needs to be added in the extended edition).

I didn't relate to all of it, but it was just nice to step back from the serious parenting books. Also, I appreciate that this book doesn't assume you're white or married or young or old or whatever. It just assumes you're a mom.

They need to make a companion dad book!
A hilarious survival guide for the contemporary mom. With chapters like "when seeing an infant triggers a mental illness that makes you want to have a baby," "how to deal with moms who exercise," and "motherfucking babies on the motherfucking plane," this book made me laugh out loud and made me feel a little less evil for some of the thoughts that cross my mind. Just remember, if you are the mom who thought to pack a backup pacifier then move along, princess.

Eagerly awaiting Sh*tty Dad.
As a soon-to-be mom, the title of this book immediately caught my attention at the bookstore. Sh*tty Mom has, as you probably guessed, inappropriate language and un-pc thoughts on parenting. If you get past that and have any sense of humor, you will love this quick read. Sh*tty Mom is laugh out loud funny. With chapters such as 'Organized Sports Might Be Great for the Kids, but they Suck for You' and 'How to Drop Your Sick Kid Off at Daycare Before the Teacher Figures It Out', it's obvious this...more
I am definitely not a mom (NOT EVEN CLOSE), but I still thought this book was fantastic. Laurie Kilmartin was a guest on Jordan Jesse Go and she was so great that I picked up a copy on a slow Saturday and read it. It's really funny and honest and I have since recommended it to so many mothers I know (mostly of the new + young variety) and they have all really enjoyed it. I also listen to the podcast One Bad Mother, so I'm taking in a weird amount of mom-related media. I think the common thread i...more
This book isn't nearly as hilarious as it seems to think it is, in my opinion. (Or maybe I'm just a stick in the mud with no sense of humor.) It tries too hard. It does make a few good points, but I just didn't find it all that funny, and "funny," I think, is the point of this book. Oh well.
Funny book, definitely not what you'd do as a parent or even consider doing but it's nice to read that sometimes someone else wishes that they could sleep in past 7. A different approach to a parenting book with quite a few laughs.
Alysha Davidson
Not as awesome as I'd thought it'd be, lighter on the satire & heavier on the slapstick. Still a lot of good laughs to be had through amused reflection on the less-than-ideal realty of raising children!
I have found 3 different types of humour in this book, the first is wild exageration, second is entirely satirical and the third is that awkward funny-because-it's-true. For example: While it's a spoof, not meant to be an actual parenting guide (and if you took the whole thing as genuine you'd have to be out of your mind) there are certainly one or two mini-chapters (eg "Tantrum at a Shopping mall!") that could actually contain a rare gem of genuinely decent advice such as "bring food" because i...more
Enjoyed the hell out of sh*tty mom & absolutely compared myself to the examples in each category. Fun facts, from helping your mate hit the right sex:masturbation ratio during & after pregnancy (without his knowledge, of course), to using McD's as a free workspace (confined playroom + free wi-fi!). And some heartfelt moments too- from "Chapter 50: How to Stay Sane During a Horrible News Cycle": "Everybody warns parents about the lack of sleep and the endless expenses but really the worst...more
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Laurie Kilmartin is an American comedienne and writer best known for being a finalist on Last Comic Standing season 7. She is currently a staff writer for the Conan O'Brien show Conan.

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