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Minecraft: block, pixlar och att göra sig en hacka - Historien om Markus
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Minecraft: block, pixlar och att göra sig en hacka - Historien om Markus

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  424 ratings  ·  77 reviews
För tre år sedan var Stockholmsbon Markus "Notch" Persson en okänd och uttråkad programmerare. Idag är han en världskändis. Allt tack vare ett märkligt litet hobbyprojekt som blev större än någon kunnat ana.

Minecraft, spelet Markus skrev ihop på fritiden, har trollbundit mer än 30 miljoner spelare och gjort Markus till mångmiljonär. Det har också fått flera av vår tids mes...more
Published September 2012 by Norstedts
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Unlike probably most of the readers of this book: I don't play Minecraft or know anything about gaming culture, and my wife brought this book home for me (she's a librarian so I get that a lot) so I could understand my 7-year-old Hank, who is a Minecraft obsessive. I don't think she thought I would actually read the book. But I did, and it's a really likable biography of the game of Minecraft and its founder, Magnus Persson. The prose (evidently the authors are well-known in Sweden and this is t...more
A fun book about a fun company founded by fun guys.

This is a modern morality tale about pursuing pure dreams amidst the commercial imperatives of the gaming industry. It's a quick, slim read that chronicles the rise of Minecraft from hobby to hegemon. These behind-the-scenes business profiles are interesting because they reveal the often mundane reasons for choices made and the accidents that result in success. The only reason I gave this three stars instead of four: I've read so many business p...more
As seems to be my usual method, I will provide the usual disclaimers up front. I am a raving minecraft fanboy, a gamer and in particular, a big fan of indie games. So this book could have been printed on dried shit and written in piss ink and I probably still would give it at least 3 stars.

The writers are reasonably well known in gaming circles, and and especially in Scandanavia, so the writing itself is quite good. They can easily claim to be experts in the field of gaming and gaming journalism...more
I received Minecraft as part of a Goodreads giveaway.

To give you an idea of how video game-illiterate I am, I initially confused Minecraft for Minesweeper. My knowledge extends to the Mario franchise and that's about it. That's why I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book.

It's a quick read, both in terms of length and narrative style. Beginning with Persson's childhood fascination with Legos, progressing through his early career in the game/digital design industry and his eventual breaki...more
Paul Cheney
Markus Persson is the man behind one of the biggest independent games in history, Minecraft.

Better known as Notch to his numerous fans, he has always has a fascination with programming and spend hours of his youth in front of a screen. After school he managed to get a job as a programmer but found that it was too restrictive and with him and another dreamt of having their own company to do the games that they wanted.

The germ of an idea cam from another game, as these things always do, and he sta...more
Jessica Rickardsson
Aug 16, 2014 Jessica Rickardsson rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who wants to know more about minecraft
Interesting book about the story behind Minecraft but contained very little information about the actual game. If you expect to find a deeper understanding for the code or mechanics behind the game you're in for a disappointment - you will read a lot more about Notch's family and lifesituation than the computer-part. But it at least gave a glimps of gaming history and a sneak-peak into the world behind computergames here in Sweden.
My first biography-about-a-video-game-developer. If this is par for the course I'm glad to just play nine (to take the golf metaphor one step further) and skip any other gamer bio's. Kind of simply written, like a fluff newspaper piece that got a long feature spot. Nonetheless, I find the game really intriguing, and that made the read worth it for me - and it also made me want to get into the game (and games in general) more, which is cool. Some of the info about the video-game business was news...more
Jorge Figueroa
Este es parte del video game bundle 3.0 de , junto al de Portal 2, han valido mucho la pena.

Primero lo primero, a mi @notch me cae muy mal, sus gritos de loca exagerada respecto a Windows 8 y otras situaciones más recientes, como la compra de Oculus por parte de Facebook me han hecho confirmar que puede haber creado un gran juego, pero en algunas cosas, es un "capullo".

El libro es lo convencional, un nerd (ellos mismos admiten que ese calificativo ya está muy gastado, y es muchas...more
Mar 22, 2014 Louis rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Minecraft fans
The subtitle of this book is “The unlikely tale of Markus ‘Notch’ Persson and the game that changed everything.”

Minecraft is an independent game created by Markus Persson who lives in Sweden. This book while about the game really focuses on Markus and the impact his creation had on his life.

I should explain as background, Minecraft was released in 2009 and is what is called a sandbox game. It’s a game played in a world that is created from blocks. Grass blocks, stone blocks, trees made of wood b...more
Katarina Gillholm
Jag måste erkänna att jag har mycket begränsade erfarenheter av non-fiction böcker men jag tänkte skriva denna review ändå!
Jag har spelat minecraft många timmar även om jag inte alls spelar lika ofta nu som jag brukade. Denna bok rekommenderades till mig av en vän som är mycket duktig på minecraft och spelar ofta. Jag hade nog inte lånat den om han inte hade pratat om den! Så jag är myckte glad att han gjorde det!

Boken handlar om Minecraft, Minecraft skapare Markus "Notch" Persson, företaget Moj...more
Faisal Ali
I loved it! This is not only a book about Minecraft but the world of video games at large. It puts Minecraft in historical and biographical contexts. And by breaking down video games to their most basic parts, it attempts to shed light on its phenomenal success.

But the book also spoke to me at a much deeper level because it was also about the fascinating essence of video games and why we fall in love with them.

And if, like me, you think of video gaming not just as a pastime activity, but as a ce...more
I liked this book when it focused on Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft. When it veered into history of gaming in Stockholm, and gaming worldwide, I lost interest (admit--didn't finish). I think people who are gamers would stick it out but I preferred the personal side more than the technology side. I love the cover of this book though, and know that all of the Minecraft fanatics at my library will be checking this out for a long time to come.

I thought at first this could work for...more
If reading this book doesn't make you want to get on your computer and start coding a game, or at least start some other enterprise, then you have no soul.

This was an entertaining and quick read. It kind of reads like a long magazine article -- nothing too deep in it, but it's a good story about how Minecraft came to be. The story is a lot like other stories you hear about: a young geek gets wealthy off of a new application, website, or game. The protagonist in the book, the creator of Minecraft...more
Sam Rosenblum
Markus Persson is a humble game coder in Stockholm, Sweden. That is, until he creates Minecraft, a now popular online game. His success took him to new heights and made him new friends, and his career as an independent game maker has now taken a much different turn. Come read about what happens to "Notch" in Minecraft:The Unlikely Tale of Markus "Notch" Persson and the Game that Changed Everything.
After reading this story, I was inspired to return to my humble days of Minecraft, where I could bu...more
I'm sure there are as many books talking about Minecraft as there are videos about it in Youtube, but this one does a fantastic job of explaining the mythos around the game. Personal interviews with the creator of the game and all his associates at Mojang give us a clear picture of what inspired the game, and in turn of all the things that have been inspired by the game.

Whether you have played countless nights glued to your keyboard and screen, or are an intrigued parent that can't explain why y...more
Guillermo Castro
I bought the book thinking that I was going to get an insight into the persona of Notch. What drove him to create the Minecraft, and how did he accomplish to make it the success that it is right now. Well, I was a little disappointed with the answers that I got, but at least I did get an insight on the whole phenomenon.

The book reads like a very informal biography, narrated from the point of view of the writers, with some background on the video game industry in general, but more focused on the...more
This book is about the guy who created Minecraft. This guy told big business to "suck it", and single handeldy created one of the biggest computer games ever. No corporations, no advertising, no marketing, no rules....just one guy, who made a game that he wanted to make. In the world of the greedy, worthless celebrity, money-driven entertainment industry; whether it's TV, movies, music, video games, Kardashians, or's nice to see true "artists" out there who still create and do what...more
Very entertaining look into Mojang and Notch himself and makes his story that much more interesting. While I'm not a Minecraft player, I appreciate the work done in the game and this book made me appreciate his story of how it came to be and why it is so popular. The writers of the book did a great job collecting information, albeit a bit dragged out sometimes. Reading this book knowing that Mojang was just cold for $2.5 billion makes the sale make that much more sense and why it occurred and ho...more
Matt Hill
good, short, entertaining read . . even if you're not into this exact game (i myself haven't played it a ton) it's still cool in terms of how independent things can go big in a world of big, mass-produced things . . it was also cool how the story of *minecraft* is really only a story that could happen now . . it's a DIY story, a crowdsourcing story, a story that requires the internet and fanboys . . it's also cool to think of the game itself in terms of the power of creation, the draw of sandbox...more
Interesting book on one of the best games ever made.

Tyler Hughes
The book I read was “Minecraft: The Unlikely Tale of Markus "Notch" Persson and the Game that Changed Everything”. The book is a biography about Markus Persson or “Notch”, who is the creator of the video game Minecraft. The book describes the life of Notch who began creating video games as a child. Currently Notch’s Minecraft game is very successful.
I found this book easy to read and entertaining. The theme of the book is life is challenging but worth the effort. I think this is a good theme be...more
I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

I was interested in reading this book because my son played Minecraft and was always talking about the game, about Notch, the updates and gameplay. I have seen the game while he was playing, and have seen many Youtube videos of all the incredible things people build in this game.

The book tells us some of the early years of Markus Persson's life, some info. about his family and about his early interests that lead him to his interest in...more
I've never played Minecraft but a lot of people I know love it and I love biographies, especially ones about underdogs. This one did not dissapoint. "Notch" isn't what you'd expect from someone who created a global phenomenon...and yet somehow, he's exactly what you would expect at the same time.

This was another Audible listen, it was a good audio book, the information wasn't so dense you felt like you missed anything, it didn't ever get overly technical and it was interesting and engaging.
A nice east to read look at Minecraft as a cultural phenomenon. I had played a game called Dwarf Fortress about 2 years ago, and have been interested in Minecraft (which was heavily influenced by it) ever since. Wandered into the library to find a copy of Dungeons and Dreamers, and saw this book at eye level instead. Nice, easy, 1 afternoon read, and I feel like I understand my nephew (who loves the game) a little bit more having read it.
Fun little book. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unfamiliar with Minecraft but I might recommend it to gamers. This is because it's not just about the Minecraft creator; it also details some interesting points about gaming culture and business (indie vs. large corporations, etc.). I liked that it covered a wide range of topics all within Minecraft's general scope. Anyway. I read it in a day or two and I enjoyed myself, so there you have it.
Watching my daughter play minecraft, study game levels in youtube and build structures, I've wondered what the heck is this game and why is it so popular. This book has exposed me to the development of the product, why it's successful, the simplicity of the experience that has gamers hooked.

Also a good story of inspiration and how when you do what you love, you can produce a great product!
This book was an easy read and somewhat alternated between the back story of Minecraft and its creator's life story with chapters on the Swedish indie gaming industry and some theory on gaming. The book is an inspiring read if you are looking to to create something of your very own and Markus Persson's vision for how a company should be run is very appealing.
Matthew Mitchell
Fascinating telling of the story of the creation and rise of Minecraft through journalistic research and copious interviews with the principal creators, especially Markus "Notch" Persson. It's a quick read -- took me about 2 hours but helpful for understanding what has made Minecraft so wildly successful. Glad I read it.
A moving story not only for games fan but for anyone who have faced on the choice between earning money and chasing dreams. Markus, more famous as Notch, has kept following his heart through the difficulties, and made a big success, in addition(I do say 'in addition' because commercial success has never been his goal). Encouraging book for those who have creative mind.
Natalia Dołżycka
Doskonała książka, jak się okazuje nie tylko o Minecrafcie, ale przede wszystkim o całej branży gier - od tego, ile jest warta, po proces produkcji gier w dużych przedsiębiorstwach, po niezależną scenę sztokholmską... Wszystko oczywiście okraszone toną rzetelnych informacji na temat samego Minecrafta, zebranych podczas wielu rozmów z Notchem i współpracownikami.

Hint: Jeśli widziałeś film dokumentalny o Minecrafcie, może się wydawać nieco wtórna.
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Svenska hackare : en berättelse från nätets skuggsida Minecraft Minecraft. Niewiarygodna historia Markusa „Notcha” Perssona i gry, która wszystko zmieniła Korthuset

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