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Slayers (Slayers #1)

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  1,490 ratings  ·  269 reviews
Dragons exist. They’re ferocious. And, in this novel from C. J. Hill,they’re smart: before they were killed off by slayer-knights, they rendered a select group of eggs dormant so their offspring would survive. Only a handful of people know about this, let alone believe it—these “Slayers” are descended from the original knights and are now a diverse group of teens that incl ...more
Paperback, 400 pages
Published August 20th 2013 by Square Fish (first published September 27th 2011)
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When I first saw the synopsis of this book, I thought ‘oh hey! Rampant with dragons!’ But I was wrong. Slayers is much more in the Percy Jackson line (without gods obviously) with a group of superheroes by birth reuniting every summer at camp and never able to talk about camp in their regular lives.

I seriously would have done anything to go to Dragon Camp when I was a preteen or teenager! I loved the horse camp I went to, but a whole summer with riding, archery, medieval t
I got an advanced reading copy of this through netgalley(dot)com.

Slayers is the story of a group of kids with super powers who are training to fight the bad guy. How did they get their super powers? Interesting question. The Slayers got their powers from their ancestors. Who is the bad guy? Dragons. And not the cute, friendly anthropomorphized kind either. These are truly the big, bad monsters of olde. They are terrifying, smart and totally dangerous. Oh, and they can be controlled by a dragon l
Wouldn’t it be cool if dragons actually existed? Well after reading this the answer is no. They are destroyers, not your pets that you can ride on to school. Which lets face it, this is a real shame, but it makes for an incredibly interesting and riveting tale. Slayers by C.J. Hill took me by surprise from the very first page and didn’t let go until the very last. I need the next one!!

The premise for this book introduces us to a group of teenagers who are descendants of dragon knights. Dragons h
I loved pretty much every second of this book.

Tori Hampton, the sixteen-year-old daughter of a senator, has to talk her parents into letting her go to St. George and the Dragon Camp. She’s wanted to go for years, but once she’s there, well, she’s not sure she really wants to stay. First of all, the camp is a little primitive. When the camp director sends her off with a couple of buff boys to the advanced camp–hidden in the trees two miles away, complete with its own stable, gun range, and myster
I must say, I loved this book! I was so excited when I won it, as it was written by one of my favorite authors, whose name shall not be mentioned (coughJanetteRallisoncough). And it did NOT live down to the challenge!

Let's talk about characters! I didn't really like Tori when she starts to notice that there's something weird about her dragon camp. But all in all, I grew to like her, as she was a great, well rounded character, who wasn't too "Mary-Sue" in a bad or perfect way. Once again, I didn'
Katie Watkins
I've read other novels by this author, under different names, but wasn't interested in this one because I'm not a big fantasy/dragon reader. I was totally knocked off my feet by this one! I've decided I can't go wrong with a book by this author, whichever name she writes under.

Tori has always had a fascination with dragons and has begged her wealthy parents to let her go to Dragon Camp. Finally, when she's 16, she's allowed to go and it's nothing like what she expected.

Tori was completely diffe
Seriously, how did I not know this existed? Well, okay, I knew it existed but was under the mistaken impression that it was about vampires. But no! It's dragon slayers! And so fun! If you're a fan of Diana Peterfreund's Rampant and Ascendant, there is a lot of that vibe going on here. And I loved Tori, the main character. She reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if she had joined the Scooby Gang late. My only complaint is that it was almost too pat: the powers fit together too perfectly for ...more
S.C. Langgle
Note: I received an Advance Review Copy of this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.
Have you ever wanted to go to dragon camp? If so, then Slayers is the book for you!
Slayers takes place in a world where dragons exist, and they’ve acquired some extraordinary abilities in order to keep their species going, such as laying eggs that incubate for over a hundred years before hatching. Medieval warriors developed special powers in order to fight dragons, and the modern-day descendants of these
Slayers by C.J. Hill follows Tori, a girl who has always been obsessed with dragons. She begins the story as her sister drops her off at Dragon camp sure she won't last a week. Things in camp are strange. She's met personally by the director and then taken off to a cabin miles from the rest of the camp. Tori soon learns that she's a Dragon slayer, complete with special powers that are activated with a special dragon simulator they have at the camp. Tori and the other slayers must train to fight ...more
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You know what they say about assuming...

I have to admit, my expectations got the better of me. I KNEW Slayers would have to be different enough from Janette Rallison's other books to warrant the use of a pseudonym, but I kinda figured the dragons and genre shift would have been enough.

Basically, I was expecting a Janette Rallison romantic comedy told in the first person, but with dragons and more action. But no, there

I am a huge dragon enthusiast. I love dragon lore, myth, and art. I even have a dragon tattoo. So I was both excited and wary when I read the synopsis for Slayers. Excited because it was about dragons but wary because it was about ferocious dragons that needed to be slayed. I tend to prefer my dragons to be like Saphira from Eragon or Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon-good and loyal. But, despite my personal dragon preference, I chose to read Slayers anyway, and I’m very glad I did. I foun
I got an advanced reading copy of this book for review through NetGalley(dot)com. It was a fun read and an excellent book. This is a book about young adult dragon slayers in the modern day world. Think Percy and the Olympians, but the kids are fighting dragons instead and are part of an ages old genetically modified race. I haven't been able to find any information on a sequel to this book; but based on some things that were left unresolved I imaging this will be a series.

Tori has always been fa
I’m a believer! Dragons really do exist. After reading “Slayers” by C.J. Hill the storyline is plausible. Dragons may have disappeared but their return and attack on mankind is inevitable. All the stories in medieval times that Dragons exist are not fables but true. What’s great about this book is its happening today right in your own town. Well this story takes place in Washington DC but no one is safe from the return of Dragons!
Tori a rich girl who always dreamt of dragons and obsessed over t
I have to admit I loved this book! I enjoy everything that Rallison writes and she didn't let me down. I read this book to my family on our road trip. My husband had some issues with the book. My 10 year old claimed he was bored until they tried to brake into Overdrake's compound. My 12 year old daughter and myself were glued to the pages. My guess from early on was she was a mix between a dragon lord and a slayer. Because of her dad's love for dragon's I figured she was a dragon lord and then w ...more
Grabs your attention from page one and never lets go!

Tori has been mysteriously drawn to dragons all her life without knowing why, until she attends a unique dragon-fighting themed summer camp that is more than it seems. Turns out she’s a dragon slayer – one of eleven – who must learn to use their powers to protect the world from an evil dragon overlord bent on using dragons to take over the world.

It is all here: the charismatic villain, the spunky heroine, the complicated love triangle, a dar
A fast paced and fun book. Slayers is similar to the Percy Jackson books in that it follows a group of kids who train to be heroes at summer camp. Except add dragons. I read through this one very quickly and immediately searched the bonus material at the back for a glimpse at the second book. And there was one! But of course it left me in turmoil. Why didn't you just stick with Dirk in the first place Tori? He obviously likes you more than Mr. Rule Follower. don't you know that Love scoffs at ru ...more
3 stars

I feel like this was kind of boring. The whole dragons and slayers thing was cool. The DNA of past dragon slayers waking up from proximity of dragon eggs? Pretty cool. It was well written, in the way of it made sense but, and I'm talking a big but, it was still somehow boring.

Not boring enough that I won't read the next one, however.

I'm not a fan of cowardice and our main gal pal, Tori, was a HUGE coward for much of the book. She couldn't decide wether she wanted to be treated like a reg
3.5 Stars!!

Dragons Exist. Dragon Slayers Exist. Dragon Overlords Exist. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Back, centuries ago, alchemists were not really looking for a way to turn things into gold, they were creating a serum that would allow Dragon Slayers an edge. The serum worked on their DNA to allow them to fight and kill Dragons. Those mutations were passed down through the Slayer’s generations and lay dormant, until awakened by proximity to a dragon or a dragon egg.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Ove
Dena (Batch of Books)
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Dragons, superheroes, and evil villains. What's not to love?

Every now and then I come across a young adult novel that I just love, and this happens to be one of them. It was fun joyride through the imaginary modern world where dragons exist and can be controlled (somewhat) by dragon lords, and can only be slain by Slayers.

The story was a lot of fun. C.J. Hill (aka Janette Rallison) created an entertaining scenario where young superheroes go to D
Slayers combines two of my favorite things in books: summer camp and kick-ass fantasy. It has all of that entertaining teenage angst and beautiful camp scenery. It has all of that fast-paced, adrenaline rush worthy action with huge, towering dragons to match. It's pretty much my dream book and it definitely didn't disappoint.

Tori goes through such a strong attitude and personality adjustment throughout the length of this novel. When we're first introduced to her, I wasn't impressed. Despite her
Princess Debz
I liked the plot well enough, but it was just kind of...dull. It wasn't anything new or exciting. The romance didn't cut it for me, mostly because it was just so darn confusing! I don't know who Tori likes, if she even likes any of the guys, or if there's some sort of love triangle going on.

My biggest problem with it was actually the writing, which shocked me because I love the author's writing style! The thing wasn't the author's writing style. I know she's writing under the pseudonym
Jessica Day
Take modern super heroes, medieval knights and evil dragons. Mix. Add a splash of salt, and you have Slayers. While the story was a little far-fetched for me, I did like the overall idea. However, I think the plot/characters/etc. could have been executed differently. I was not a fan of Tori, the main character, due to her obnoxiously snobby attitude and I could not relate to her because she was exceedingly privileged. While I did understand her strive to prove herself to the other slayers, her v ...more
Originally posted on my blog here.

Slayers had a pretty unique premise. I liked it a lot. The follow-through, however, was a bit lacking.

Overall, Slayers was a good novel, it just lacked that...spark...that really commits you to a book. It was interesting, and the characters were likable enough, but I wasn't as invested in this as I would have liked to have been.

The characters, had their good moments, but overall weren't entirely that dynamic. I also thought it odd how someone we are initially in
Jason Sharp
Slayers is a low fantasy YA novel about a pretty young rich girl who discovers that she has been descended from dragon slayers and is now destined to kill newly awakening dragons in order to save the world. This book isn’t quite as fast paced as other YA books, but the characters are strong and interesting and the author is good at building tension.

The main character is perceived by everyone around her as a stereotype and it’s interesting watching her not only fight off the stereotypes surroundi
Dec 21, 2012 Marla rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Marla by: fans of Percy Jackson and Warrior Heir
3.75 stars. Great book about dragon slayers' secret summer camp ala Percy Jackson. Senator Hamilton's 16-year old daughter, Tori, arrives at camp and learns more about dragons than she ever imagined.

* Slayers except Lilly and Alyssa
* Romance is nice, but love triangle was too predictable
* Tori overreacting to danger was sweet, but awkward
(view spoiler)
Dragons are not just mythical creatures. There are a few still alive and an evil man (a descendant of a Dragon Lord who inherited his powers to control dragons) is waiting for a few more eggs to hatch in order to take control of the United States government.

A select few pregnant women who carried descendants of the knights who fought the dragons years ago came near the eggs and the powers to fight dragons was awakened in the babies. These Slayers have been searched out and trained to help save t
Karlene Browning
Great start to a new series. A lot of back story when Tori (MC) first arrives at the dragon camp, but it wasn't too distracting. Good characters, interesting twists to dragon mythology. Another teen love triangle, but this one is sweet and still in the beginning stages. Nothing you couldn't let your 12 year old read. And several surprises at the end.

The only thing I didn't like was the way the publisher handled the POV changes. Most of it is 3rd, close on Tori, but some chapters were scenes wher
Tressa (Wishful Endings)
I love books about dragons and I love this author (I always have high expectations for her books), so it was a good combination. I thought the whole connection between the characters and the dragons was intriguing and well done. Definitely worked for me. I also liked the characters, especially Tori. I felt like she acted pretty realistically. I'm guessing that she carries some specific special lineage that is in common with another character, but of course I won't know until the author reveals i ...more
Donna Hatch
Just when I'd grown weary of all the "dragons are our friend" books and movies, Slayers bursts onto the scene. Slayers is about a group of teens destined to kill the fearsome dragons foretold to destroy the world. It's told from the point of view of a young teenaged girl who doesn't particularly want to save the world, and no one particularly likes the rich new girl, either. The characters are complex and likeable. The stakes are high and there are lots of highs and lows as Tori discovers and le ...more
I really enjoyed the story and it's definitely my kind of book for entertainment: violence, action, suspense, fantasy, heroism, and good vs. evil. It doesn't hurt that there's a bit of a love story too. I'll be reading the next book in the series soon.
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C.J. Hill is the pseudonym for a popular young adult author who makes her fantasy debut with Slayers.
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