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INFECTED (Click Your Poison, #1)
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INFECTED (Click Your Poison)

3.8 of 5 stars 3.80  ·  rating details  ·  169 ratings  ·  47 reviews
3 Unique Storylines. Over 50 Possible Endings. Just one question... Will YOU Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Here’s how it works: You, Dear Reader, are the main character of this story. Live, die, and rise again based solely on the merit of your own choices. Each link represents a choice, and there’s no going back, so choose wisely.

Everyone has their plan; what they’d do to...more
Published September 13th 2012 by Smashwords Edition
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The first "choose your own adventure" for adults that I've ever heard of. It was a super fun read and it made it all the better that it had quality writing. None of the choices were kitschy and the zombie theme totally worked! It was a great time, I'd recommend it to anyone. It has a fun social aspect too because you can compare ways you died with your friends. I know some people who even turned it into a drinking game!
It's so simple, it's brilliant: A Choose Your Own Adventure style read, but for adults. Set it within an unfolding zombie apocalypse, include some tricky decisions, and let the fun begin.

Such is the sum total of James Schannep's Infected. There are no surprises to be found here. What you suspect is what you get: A second-person narrative in which you dictate what happens to the main character, deciding everything from where to find your next meal to how you're best going to end your suddenly ver...more
Todd Travis
INFECTED (Click Your Poison) is a wild and witty ride wherein you get to choose exactly how to survive a zombie attack... OR NOT! Most books you can figure out where they're going before you get to the end, but with this inventive work, one not only doesn't know how it ends, but it rarely ends the same way twice depending on the choices you make to survive... this is a book you want to read again and again, highly recommended...
Hilarious! What a fun, and completely different diversion! I think e-books are perfect for this sort of adventure, and I hope Mr. Schannep creates more.

Dr. Lewis Deleon and Dr. Richard Phoenix have invented the Gilgazyme inhaler. It promises to keep your youth. So you have a choice to make…inhale Gilgazyme or take your chances. Beware as whichever choice you make could be your last one.

Infected (Click Your Poison) by James Schannep brings back fond memories for me. I can remember sitting in the library floor in front of the choose your own adventure section just engrossed in reading the book and hoping that I chose the right path. Well I can t...more
I was recently asked to review this book by the author, & I said yes because it was a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, something I LOVED as a kid. The premise was zombies, & I don't read zombie fiction, but I couldn't resist reading this.

It's such a fun romp! It's a typical choose your own adventure book: lighthearted, with extreme choices - stay in your home, or run & fight zombies. Things of that nature. The continuity was quite good - I remember reading the choose your own advent...more
This was a fun book to read because it was a different experience every time. YOU were the main character and you got to choose your own destiny. I died, became infected, died again...and again. You see the pattern, lol. Although my luck wasn't that great, it was definitely an enjoyable ride. :)
Ali *The Black Heart*
When I was young, I loved the 'choose your own adventure' books. There was something so appealing about being able to submerse myself in the story and to have a direct effect on the outcome. When James Schannep approached us to review Infected, I got the same giddy excitement over the concept as I did as a girl.

This is an extreme zombie adventure complete with death and gore and cursing. Needless to say, I loved it. I started reading it with my husband and daughter, we made an interactive famil...more
Kate Policani
Have you ever found yourself trapped in a zombie apocalypse? Well now you can! Written in the style of a choose-your-own-adventure story like the ones you read as a kid, INFECTED allows you to click through your choices to determine your own path through the world of horror. (Don't give it to your kids, though!) With a first-person perspective, you can choose to run or to fight, to help a doctor racing to find a cure, to join a feisty teen on the trail to safety, or other paths. Humor and horror...more
Liz at Fictional Candy
Well I’ll be damned. I just might not survive the zombie apocalypse, at least if anything James Schannep says is right. I kept trying, I died like seven times. And it was completely awesome (and different!!) every time!

If you are a fan of God games or old school choose your path games, this is definitely the game for you. Gilgazyme is the new anti-aging gene therapy that’s all the rage! Do you take it or not?

I tried several different paths in this book. I took the therapy, and I didn’t on othe...more
I always loved Choose your Own Adventure books as a kid, and I'm all on board with the Zombie craze, so this book looked like it would be a fun read. I was surprised by the quality of writing - it's not cliche, it's not overly cheesy adventure style. It's a witty, fun, and fast-paced read. It has some interesting takes and tidbits about Zombies -- surviving in the attic, celebrities reacting to the outbreak at a red carpet event, escaped prisoners scattered around. I'm still working through vari...more
Lexxi Kitty
An interesting concept. An adult choose your own adventure story. With Zombies. Unfortunately it was both a little bland an a little annoying. It's annoying reading paragraphs wherein I am told what I am doing. Or at least you the reader. 'Distracted by her naked breasts, a zombie eats you.' (Not something that actually occurred; no it was 'overcome by how good strawberries taste you eat a ton. Red juice slides down your face looking like blood. You start moaning. A sound. You turn. Mouth drops...more
Andy Angel
Do you remember the 'make your own decision' type books of the late 1980's - well, this is the modern ebook version of those. And it works really really well.

The story revolves round a new, life prolonging serum and your first choice, do I take it or not sets you off on one of 3 different plot strands. From there the possibilities are plentiful with many different routes to the endings.

The way to the endings can be of varying length but not overly long but it makes for a book you can pick up sev...more
Joey the J in R.J. Spindle
I've always wanted to see what kind of mettle I'd have in a Zombie Apocalypse. Now we'll see if I can make it through ... or how many times I have to die, before I find the path to life! I think the tweet from the author told me there were 30 possible endings? Maybe I'll find them all! (Maybe not...)

Read about ALL of our attempts in chapter-by-chapter detail at R. J. Spindle
Four star rating for good times had by all! What a nostalgic book, bringing me back to my days of choose-your-own-adventure. I loved those books as a kid, but would have my fingers in a multitude of spots, holding the page so I could go back and try again if things didn't go well. With an eBook adventure, you can just bookmark where you made a decision point and go back at your leisure. I read and re-read the book until I exhausted every possible scenario and outcome. This book has 3 different p...more
Michael La Ronn
I loved Choose Your Own Adventures as a kid. This takes the genre and updates it for those people who read CYOAs as kids and grew up. Yes, it's another zombie story, but it's done really well, and it's well written. The decisions are fun, and the book is formatted very well and I never got lost. There's even an Easter Egg in it for those brave souls who dare to choose wisely. I would recommend this book.

My only criticism would be the endings. Not the endings themselves, but the decision mechani...more
Lynanne Carroll
As a kid, I loved those 'choose your own path' Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine because they were just so *fun*. (And creepy, in a good way.) Infected had a lot to live up to, and I am happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed 'surviving the zombie apocalypse'.

I was impressed by the writing--it's concise, realistic (well, ok, plausible), and laugh-out-loud funny. The plot has a good mix of predictable events (you know how there are some things you shouldn't ever do...but you still want to do them an...more
Rich Brown
You're not really in control

Love the concept, but too many issues to give it a good rating: SPOILERS COMING
- The fact that the the very beginning does not seem to think that Joan Rivers eating off someone's face is worth more than a casual thirty second mention is not realistic.
- The whole apocalypse happens too quickly, with no buildup. It seems like in one day, society has fallen apart and people have set up survival communities.
- Survivors holed up in a prison?? Can the author at...more
Joy Killar
Infected (Click your poison) by James Schannep is a must read for both preppers and zombie enthusiasts alike. Not only was the book so much fun, it was as realistic as a hypothetical situation could be. I was constantly surprised by my own demise, even when I thought I had made a wise choice. Yet, that is the truth about any survival emergency, you can never prepare for every detail, nor be certain of any outcome. I must admit, the book is so well written and entertaining, that I enjoyed dying a...more
This is the first in the Click Your Poison series. It is the adult version of the Choose Your Own Adventures books that many of us read as kids. The premise of this book is that a medication on the market is designed to cure everything with the nasty side effect of turning people into zombies.

As the reader progresses through the story, they may or may not turn into a zombie. I read through several times picking all kinds of combinations. The results are always humorous. There were a few section...more
Ever read a book and saw a character making a dumb decision and thought to yourself 'that would never be me?' Well this
time around it could be.

While not my first experience with a zombie themed book, in fact it what I mostly read, this was my first time with "choose your own adventure" book. I wasn't even aware there was such a thing.

The first time I read it I realized I made a mistake by nook seeking out help from the other survivors I encountered and going at it on my own. Needless to saw it...more
William Bentrim
Infected by James Schannep
Current technology has made it possible to return to the “chose your own ending” type of story far more seamlessly than its previous paper medium. Schannep has written a book that not only allows you to chose your own ending but middle, restart and more. A zombie apocalypse which you control is the main plot of the book.

I like the concept of this book. Not necessarily zombies but the ability to make decisions that impacts the direction of the story. The book provides a...more
Edmund de Wight
I was given the opportunity to read this book and am I glad I took the offer. Infected is a great 'choose your path' style game/story. It has a good plotline that is never forgotten as you travel the myriad paths. There's good, no, great humor throughout and the writing is very polished.

I've tried many paths through the story over the last couple days and have not even come close to exhausting the possibilities yet. I think I've most enjoyed playing the zombie side of un-life.

One hint I'd pass a...more
This book was a lot of fun and reminded me of my childhood reading Choose Your Own Adventure Books.

You start off as a new employee of a genetics research company that is using gene therapy to stop the aging process. You're worried that the company might be up to no good and start to investigate them, only to get caught up in the zombie uprising. The rest of the story follows you and a group of people that you meet up with as you try to survive and find a cure.

It was a lot of fun to read, just...more
Chris Philbrook
It's an adult choose your own adventure book with a zombie theme.

Seriously, that's it.

Neat concept when transferred to the Kindle platform, but after messing around with the book for an hour and seeing several endings, I wasn't blown away by the writing, or the concept. If you can snag it cheap, it was amusing, and it's very well produced, but nothing ground breaking.
Not quite done with it, as there are like 50 endings, but I did reach one of the survival endings. I enjoyed this, it's pretty much an adult choose your adventure book about zombies. Can't wait until they make more of these. It especially works great on a kindle because you can just click your choice and just jump to it. Sweet.
This book is fun. I enjoy choosing what happens. I also like zombie books. I really enjoy this book. I can read this book over and over again.
I normally like a "choose your path" book....but this was VERY short :( ....and I died my first time :( ...
Fun and light. I really enjoyed my first read through and am looking forward to my second.
I used to LOVE choose your own adventure books when I was a kid and this is the first one I've encountered for grown ups. It was a fun ride. It was easy to navigate on my Kindle and I really enjoyed the story. I admit to going back through it a few times to see how I'd fare if I'd made different choices.
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James Schannep is an American novelist and screenwriter who has received numerous awards and placements for his work.

His first screenplay was optioned in 2011 and the Click Your Poison series was launched September, 2012 with the flagship book INFECTED.

A United States Air Force Academy graduate with a degree in English, Schannep left the service honorably to write full time.

He has personally st...more
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