Magpie (Avian Shifters, #2)
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Magpie (Avian Shifters #2)

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  699 ratings  ·  121 reviews
This book is currently out of print and not available for purchase. A new edition will be released soon.

Everet has found his perfect place in the nest. As a raven, he’s ideally suited to his new role in the nest’s security flock. Some of the jobs it entails have been far more enjoyable than others, but when he’s called to retrieve a magpie, whose got himself into trouble i...more
ebook, 215 pages
Published October 3rd 2012 by Resplendence Publishing
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Emma Sea
TLDR = Average. Exactly the same as one of Dare's shorter books, but spread out over 220 pages.

I can see what Dare was trying to do here, but I'm not convinced it's been succesfully handled.

In keeping with the fairy-tale based nature of the Avian Shifters series, the overall theme is transformation, but instead of Duck!'s pre-determined biological transformation from ugly duckling to swan, here it is the more interesting transformation of junkie rent boy to honest contributing member of societ...more
Dee Wy
4.5 stars - I dithered a bit on giving this 4 or 5 stars and in the end decided this story has so many things going for it, that a 4.5 was in order and I rounded up.

What I liked most:

The author didn't take the easy road and give us a sweet, sweet story that made Duck such a huge success with BDSM and MM fans. No, she chose to give us a prickly character in the form of Kane, a Magpie with tendencies toward addiction and thievery. Kane was not immediately likeable like Ori, rather we were shown ju...more
Optimist ♰King's Wench♰
The second installment of the Avian Shifter series introduces us to Kane, a magpie, and Everet, a raven. Magpies like shiny things, so this is for you, Kane, you bratty, little, shiny diamond. Enjoy.

We're introduced to Kane in a not so becoming light. He's been caught stealing… Anyone else just hear Jane's Addiction?… ahem, from the humans and is being beaten to a pulp. Everet, as part of nest security is called to intervene, so Kane doesn't sully the name of avians everywhere.

Kane is a qui...more
Serena Yates
This second book in the Avian Shifter series, the story of a magpie and a raven, is just as amazing as the first. The world-building continues to be excellent, adding a few new touches to an avian culture that is utterly believable and fascinating. This story is about a battle against inner demons for the magpie as well as hope for his redemption, all within a D/s setting that is meant to give structure and clarity where there was none before.

Kane is a magpie. They are total outcasts in avian s...more
I cannot tell a lie....I was on pins and needles waiting for this to be released and I HATED IT!
*look away Kim! I still love you, let me finish, blows kisses*
seriously I didn't get and didn't want to understand Kane. Ugh. What an egocentric, bratty, crabby patty, pretentious, UNGRATEFUL crack head! ....quicksilver... crack ....same ish.

What kind of rent-a-Dom was Everett *seizure eye roll* and a hornet must've flown up Hamilton's urethra because....WTH happened to him? <==== You must expla...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
First... I hated Hamilton (the eagle leader of the nest) more in this book than the last book. He's a right asshat who needs someone to point out he is neither flawless nor infallible. Just because he is the leader does not mean he is always right.

Okay, I feel much better having gotten that off my chest.

Second, if you haven't read Duck!, it would really help you understand the society and Raynard & Ori better. While they're not the main focus of this story, they do appear multiple times in...more
Lisa Henry
3.5 stars
Disclaimer: I really enjoyed Duck, the first book in Kim Dare's Avian Shifters series.

This one, not so much, and I'm not entirely sure why. I think it comes down to a few differences.

1. This is light on the BDSM, and it turns out I preferred the BDSM aspect of Duck to the whole shifter thing. Birds...meh. I like the idea, but they're all just a bit...civilised. I want to see ravens pecking eyeballs out or something, I think. Or is that crows? Whatever it is, I want my birds of prey to...more
Tibby Armstrong
Kim Dare has a way of making me feel for characters and sympathize with their choices and predicaments even if I don't always agree with them. Kane, a drug addicted prostitute with a sarcastic mouth and very little going for him at first glance except his looks, should have made me hate him. Yet, the author showed those readers who cared to read deeply enough exactly what made him the man he'd become. And through that understanding, she makes us come to love and want to protect him from harm.

Kane was used to being used. He’s used to being treated like a whore. He’s used to being beaten black and blue and having to steal to survive.

Kane has been living with humans and without a nest for years. Whoring himself for his next hit or new shiny object, assuming he pays for his shiny object. Finally, the humans are sick of him and call the local nest to come get their magpie. Everet, one of the security officers from the nest, was called to get Kane. Now, some background on Magpies. Magpies...more

This is book 2 in Kim Dare’s Avian Shifters series, this one features a Magpie Kane and a Raven Everett. What I immediately liked about this one is the difference between Ori in Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1) by Kim Dare and Kane in this story. Ori was quiet, shy, sweet, while Kane is angry, defensive, combative and filled with attitude, drug addict and thief. Of course as you get into the story you learn why Kane is this way and my heart just ached for him. Everet is the in-nest security leader and a Dom. He is exactly what I wo...more
I'm surprised but... I love this book!

I really like Kim Dare, she is one of my need-to-buy authors and I was excitedly expecting this book, when the book came out I got it but didn't read, I was saving it for the weekend, then the book didn't get good reviews or ratings with my GR friends and I was a little (or a lot) wary to read it.
I started reading it this week, slowly because I didn't had a lot of time, but I really wanted to finish the book and read it from start to finish in one sitting, I...more
♆ BookAddict ~ La Crimson Femme
Not sure how Ms. Dare does it. For the first 60% of the book, I'm thinking, just kill Kane. It's a humane death. He's obviously a strung out thieving whore incapable of redemption. He's also a manipulative brat with poor impulse control. He's despicable in every way. I like Everet. He is so controlled and patient. I honestly can't understand what he sees in Kane. The way Ms. Dare depicts Kane, he's a lost cause.

The caring Everet shows on Kane is impressive. Taking the punishment for Kane is not...more
This takes place in the same world as Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1) by Kim Dare and Ori and Raynard have prominent enough guest appearences so it makes sense to read Duck! first.

Unlike Duck! it is clearly not an enchanted fairytale, instead it revolves around the same basic concept (change), explores D/s from an entirely different tangent (even though the rules stay the same, which makes the two a super-interesting and insightful read when read back-to-back). It has less sex, and more UST, but that's no bad thing. It also contains one...more
Deja Dei
After Duck, I hoped for improvement, because the idea of an avian shifter society has such potential. Unfortunately I got the same- minimal plot, minimal characterization, just sex scenes strung together like a porno movie. This fantasy world could be so interesting if the author explored it and took the time to delve into the details. Wasted opportunity, IMO. If I can't relate to the characters at all, I can't get into the story. Add to that a weak plot, and its just not for me. Too bad. It had...more
Vivian Archer
There are so many different cages in the world and it is interesting to see which ones we choose to lock ourselves into.

Kane-- a young man using a lot of self-destructive crutches to make it thorough life.

Everet-- a nest protector who finds that duty can lead to unexpected discoveries.

Everet's compassion and support of Kane as he struggles to redefine himself and preconceived notions of his kind underline the beauty of this love story.
Yay! This book makes me happy! Kim Dare does one of the best jobs when it comes to getting me to connect to her characters and this book was no different. It seems that so many D/s books focus on the thoughts/feelings of the sub and leave the Dom as this sort of blank wall of perfection and bossiness. Sometimes I'm cool with that but I do love the books where you get into both characters' heads and this book definitely did that. Normally I don't go for the bratty sub character, but I just loved...more
A.B. Gayle
Rarely have I received as much pleasure from $5.99 as I did when I read Kim Dare’s “Magpie”. Like one of the breed that starred in her latest avian shifter story, I had been eyeing off the bright, shiny offering as soon as it was released, not daring to get too close in case it wasn’t as glittering as the previous book, “Duck”.

I shouldn’t have worried. From the first page, she had me as enthralled with the story as Kane was by any coveted trinket. In fact, as I read, I could identify more and mo...more
Love this book! Duck! Is such a tough act to follow and I was a bit nervous that Kim Dare would have replicated the Duck! Storyline. Thank goodness she didn't! Since I hate posting spoilers I'll just state that Magpie, is a story that teaches self worth, learning to trust and rising above the stereotypes/ labels. Magpie ultimately was a delightful read. Can't wait for more!
So even though I absolutely loved the sweetness on the first book, I also enjoyed the fact that this book had a completely different tone to it.

The different tone comes the type of character Kane is. He's a magpie and he's led a hard life by letting himself be used in order to buy drugs. He takes drugs, he whores himself out, he steals, he lies... But it was the glimpses into his vulnerable side that made him redeemable in my eyes.

We met Everett in the first and I'm so glad he got his own book b...more
Jessie Potts
What's it about:Magpie is the second book in Kim's Avian Shifters series. I recommend reading the first book, Duck.// Everet is a Raven shifter and head of security for the nest, which means he's the one who responds to a Magpie shifter in need of help. Kane is the Magpie in question. He loves shiny things and often gets into trouble because of thievery. Kane will have to learn how to become part of the Nest or risk losing everything he is and could be.

Why you should read it: I love Kim Dare's b...more
Rosemary O'Malley
I love these books. This one had more tension and wasn't nearly as sweet and fairy tale-ish as Duck!, but it had the same lovely imagery and fascinating culture. I'm not going to reiterate the glowing reviews regarding the romantic and erotic parts of this story. The BDSM is a small part, going more into D/s themes like responsibility, trust, and who really has the control.

I am going to meta for a minute, because I can't keep the thoughts from spilling over.

(view spoiler)...more
*4.5 STARS*

I couldn't give this one a full 5 stars like I did for Duck! because it was hard for me to get into in the beginning. I felt like it dragged a bit. It picked up for me in the middle and once that happened I was hooked.

I loved Everet and his calm dominance. It was quite sexy. I didn't particularly care for Kane until the end, but he redeemed himself for me. I loved seeing Ori and Raynard again. They are just such a lovely couple.

I really hated Hamilton. I thought he was a dick for no r...more
The thing I admire about Kim Dares BDSM stories are how the BDSM is never there just as a scene. it is integrated into the stories and the characters and you really understand what is the meaning and feelings behind the cuffs, collars and rules. I liked the previous story to this series a little better but this was definitely along the lines of the series theme in spirit. It explores the questions of are we what we are born to be and how do we find a place where who we are can flourish despite s...more
Barb Gilmour
I absolutely loved this book! Quite possibly as much as Duck! Maybe more. I think I have a thing for characters that are fighting addictions - they just really get to me. I loved Kane - the whole bratty package. And Everet with his unwavering support was to die for. The relationship leant itself perfectly to a D/s story line. It was just beautiful.

ETA from the very beginning I was thinking oh, my, God!! Kane's collar is going to be gorgeous! All sparkly - maybe I'm part magpie :-)
Let's start by saying I loved Duck. So far, my problem with this book is that Kane is just so damn freaking unlikeable. I just want to bitch slap him, and have no desire to kiss it better afterwards. So far, I can't bring myself to care about him.

Got to the end of the book and still don't like Kane. Or really care what append to him.

Not what I thought it would be. Duck had more of a magical feel to it. Everet's just way too understanding of Kane. Sure he's not a parent raising a bratty child - or therapist instead of Head of Internal Security?
This blew the first book out of the water. I kept thinking, perhaps this is a 4 and not a 5. But the honest truth is, (1) I LOVED it and (2) I'd read it again. Plus, I did give a happy sigh at the end. ;)
A thoroughly enjoyable installment in this cute series. This book and the first one, Duck!, inhabit the same avian shifter universe, and both have the basic theme of a troubled submissive meeting the dom who is destined to be his partner.

Apart from this theme, the stories and relationships are quite different. Ori, the sub from the first book, was innately well behaved and respectful. Kane is anything but. Bratty, suspicious, and selfish, he appears to have few redeeming characteristics.

I launched into this book directly after reading Duck! because I just couldn't bring myself to leave the avian world behind. I'm sad I had to now. I seriously was hoping Ambrose had a book, too. Ah well.

As the first book, this one had wonderful characters. If you like the kind of Dominant who just knows all and does it right, be warned, this Dom, Everet, while steadfast and determined, isn't like that. he's loving and firm, he sets out right from the beginning to do his very best, but he isn't t...more
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Kim is a thirty year old bisexual submissive from Wales (UK). First published in 2008, she has since released almost 100 BDSM erotic romance titles ranging from short stories to full length novels. Having worked with a host of fantastic e-publishers, she has just moved into self publishing.

While she has occasionally ventured towards other pairings, Kim's first love is still, and probably always wi...more
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