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The Man From Berlin (Gregor Reinhardt, #1)
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The Man From Berlin (Gregor Reinhardt #1)

3.82  ·  Rating Details  ·  719 Ratings  ·  108 Reviews
Yugoslavia, a German officer has been shot and killed. Along with him a young, beautiful filmmaker and photographer—a veritable hero to her people—has been brutally murdered.

Assigned to the case is military intelligence officer Captain Gregor Reinhardt. Already haunted by his actions in war and the mistakes he’s made off the battlefield, he soon finds that his investigatio
Paperback, 435 pages
Published July 2nd 2013 by Berkley
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Nov 13, 2013 Larry rated it it was amazing
Captain Gregor Reinhardt was once a highly successful detective in the Berlin criminal police (KRIPO) until the Nazis took control of the police and he rejoined the army. He was also a decorated war veteran (WWI), and a holder of the Iron Cross. He is now a German intelligence officer (Abwehr) interrogating prisoners of war (not torturing them, which sets him apart from his colleagues) in the Balkans in early May 1943. When a leading woman Croat film-maker, German collaborator, Ustase (Croat fas ...more
Sep 22, 2014 Paul rated it really liked it
The Man From Berlin – Great Crime thriller

The Man from Berlin by Luke McCallin is an amazing crime thriller and even better as it is a first novel. There is a lot of huff n puff calling this a literary thriller, is that just to make the anal retentive literary types like the book too. This is a great thriller and better than any of the crap those literary types could ever produce.

Captain Gregor Reinhardt is in the Abwehr a former detective in the Berlin Police and decorated war veteran, before b
Jay Ray
Aug 09, 2013 Jay Ray rated it liked it
No doubt McCallin is a very talented writer! The thing is, the book could have finished a hundred pages sooner. I personally, felt like there was so much he was trying to convey it resulted in a lack clarity in his story telling. Unfortunately, I lost interest about 3/4 the way through the book...just so much peripheral detail I had a hard time focusing on the "story!"
Aug 07, 2013 Elanor rated it really liked it
I enjoyed the Man from Berlin. It is a 'whodunit', but I find that very often whodunits are excuses to immerse ourselves in other cultures - after all, few people can dig deeper than homicide cops, and I guess novels about psychotherapists would be a bit static.
So this novel does a fine job of taking us somewhere else; first of all, the place is Sarajevo, which I've never visited and which is a character in itself with its incredibly complex ethnic and religious mixes. The time is 1943. And more
David Lowther
Mar 02, 2015 David Lowther rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
The early pages of The Man fromd World Berlin were fairly standard fare but once it got going this was a cracker of a thriller. The hero Gregor Reindhart is, like Bernie Gunther in the Philip Kerr novels, an ex cop from the Kripo in Berlin's Alexaderplatz. There the resemblance ends because where Gunther conceals his hatred of the Nazis with a worldly cynicism, Reindhart does it by a dogged determination to do his job despite interference from superior officers.

The Man from Berlin is set in Sara
Matt Brady
Oct 03, 2015 Matt Brady rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: wwii, crime, read-in-2015
A murder mystery elevated beyond the usual by the setting and characters. Gregor Reinhardt is that semi-common and probably problematic trope of the "Good Nazi". Of course he isn't actually a Nazi at all, and despises the party that drove him to quit the Berlin police force in disgust, but it's a handy descriptor for the character archetype. He's a former cop and a veteran of the First World War now trying to ride out the second largely by keeping his head down, drinking too much, and contemplat ...more
Keith Currie
Sep 23, 2014 Keith Currie rated it it was amazing
Thank you to the person who sent me a review copy of this book – I enjoyed it immensely!
Captain Gregor Reinhardt is a former Berlin detective now an interrogator for the Abwehr in Sarajevo under German occupation in 1943. As a decorated WW1 veteran he is patriotic to his nation but extremely conflicted about Nazi behaviour in occupied countries. He is given an opportunity for redemption when asked to investigate the murders of another German officer and a beautiful Croatian film maker. His dogge
Military Intelligence officer and former policeman Captain Gregor Reinhardt is ordered to investigate the murder of a young female Yugoslav film-maker and a German officer. As the crime has taken place in Sarajevo in 1943 he has more to worry about than just his investigation as political and national factions, and the progress of the war, mean that making any progress towards finding the killer is like navigating a complicated and dangerous maze.

There’s quite a lot of reference material in this
Feb 14, 2015 Evelyn rated it really liked it
Amazon's search engine generated this one as a recommendation last November when I went in search of the pub date for the next book in Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther series. Since I'll have to wait till at least late April for the next book about Kerr's WWII era Berlin detective, I figured this might be a pale imitation, though something I might enjoy.

And I did, in fact, enjoy it, but not for any of the reasons I thought I would. Gregor Reinhardt, the hero of this book, is only marginally like Gu
Thomas Joseph
Dec 19, 2014 Thomas Joseph rated it liked it
I am a fan of historical thrillers and stories woven within the fabric of Nazi Germany seem to be especially abundant lately and perhaps I read this novel through the prism of similar works of the same genre and thus my giving this book only 3 stars (Phillip Kerr's Bernie Gunther series is most similar).

What I liked about this story is it's setting and labyrinth like complexity. The Reinhardt character is dark and complex, but not as hard boiled as other characters from the "Nazi historical thri
J Edward Tremlett
Jun 16, 2013 J Edward Tremlett rated it really liked it
Captain Gregor Reinhardt is not what you would call a contented man.

An officer in the Abwehr, he can barely remember a time when he felt good about himself. When he was a proper policeman, back in Germany. When he was happily married to a good woman, before she died. When his estranged son still looked up to him, before he joined her in death.

When he had a government he could occasionally look up to, before the Nazis ruined it.

Now, posted to one of the most ethnically, religiously, and political
Curt Buchmeier
Jan 21, 2014 Curt Buchmeier rated it liked it
I typically like historical fiction and this was a very thoroughly researched & accurate read. Detail was more than what I felt was nec. for the plot/story but a good read all the same. Reinhardt is a very flawed yet likable hero; for some reason he puts me in mind of John Rebus. If I ever go to Sarajevo, would like to reread this as I believe the town is described with passion & likely very true to life as far as lay of the town goes. For a first novel, I feel this is a great book, look ...more
Jack Tilghman
Aug 13, 2014 Jack Tilghman rated it it was ok
I really enjoyed the beginning of this book. The plot and murder scene were all very well constructed, and the historical context is very accurate. Any enthusiast of World War II history will jump write into McCallin's version of 1943 Sarajevo. Unfortunately, I don't think the book was able to live up to my expectations after its promising start. I felt it dragged on a bit too long and the resolution was far from satisfying. McCallin is clearly a talented writer, but I felt the last 100-150 page ...more
Jul 16, 2014 Jean rated it really liked it
This book reminded me of Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther series of mysteries. Both series take place during WWII and concern former policemen who have joined the German military. The main character must try to maintain his own humanity and sense of right and wrong while working within the structure of Nazi society. As you can imagine,this isn't an easy task and most of the time the story is depressing. Kerr is able to use dark humor to help the reader along, however Mccallin's book is dark and depr ...more
Elaine Tomasso
Jan 25, 2016 Elaine Tomasso rated it really liked it
The Man From Berlin is a long, complicated novel but it's scope makes for compulsive reading. Gregor Reinhardt is added to take time out from his day job of interrogating Partisan prisoners in Sarajevo during WWII to use his old skills as a former policeman to investigate the murder of a Croatian filmmaker and a German soldier. Given the location and the victims the investigation opens a very large can of worms and gives Mr McCallin a very broad canvas.
To ignore the politics, history and setting
Jan 19, 2016 Olivermagnus rated it really liked it
Set in Sarajevo in 1943, under Nazi rule, a prominent socialite and a German intelligence officer are found murdered. Each of the multiple governing agencies want to handle the investigation for their own reason. The Abwehr (military intelligence), the Sarajevo police, the Feldgendarmerie (military police), the Ustasa (governing fascist party), the Geheime Feldpolizei (ultra-powerful Secret Field Police) as well as communist patriots get involved in a manhunt not always devoted to bringing the k ...more
Mar 23, 2015 Melody rated it liked it
Set in war-torn Yugoslavia, military intelligence officer Captain Gregor Reinhardt is called upon to investigate a case involving a death of a beautiful young woman and a German officer. They have been brutally murdered and Major Freilinger, Captain Reinhardt's superior, thinks he's the best person to assist the Sarajevo police, Inspector Andro Padelin. After all, Reinhardt has nearly twenty years as a detective in the Berlin Kriminalpolizei. Homicide and organised crime is nothing new to him. T ...more
 Northern Light
I received this book from Real Readers for free in exchange for an honest review.

It begins in war-torn Sarajevo with a filmaker and a German soldier found killed in brutal circumstances. Gregor Reinhardt is an intelligience officer brought in to solve the crime but soun finds himself caught up with the different agencies who all have reasons for finding or hiding the truth.

This story has as many twists and turns as the streets of Sarajevo and holds the tension right through the book. Every time
Rob Kitchin
Oct 19, 2014 Rob Kitchin rated it really liked it
The Man from Berlin is a fairly lengthy, ambitious novel that charts the investigation into a double murder in Sarajevo in 1943 by a disaffected German officer and decorated First World War veteran, Captain Gregor Reinhardt. Reinhardt shares a similar history to Philip Kerr’s Bernie Gunther -- a successful homicide detective in Berlin’s Kripo who has little time for the Nazis and is forced out of the service in the wake of its takeover by the Gestapo. Reinhardt has a very different personality t ...more
Gill Chedgey
Oct 08, 2014 Gill Chedgey rated it it was amazing
The Man From Berlin - Luke McCallin

This was a very satisfying read, a thorough, substantial, meaty novel. What struck me with some surprise was how refreshing it was to read a story that started in one place and simply moved forward in time with the central character dominating. There were no split or multi time frames or flashbacks, no switching from one character’s perspective to another and I’m not saying that any of those are bad devices but it only struck me though reading this book how pre
Jo Barton
Oct 18, 2014 Jo Barton rated it liked it
The Man from Berlin is a complicated historical thriller set during the chaos of WW2. In Sarajevo in 1943 Abwehr Lieutenant Stefan Hende is found dead, shot by killers unknown. Linked to his death, is the brutal murder of Marija Vukie, a beautiful socialite and propaganda film maker. The deaths, instead of being assigned to the local military police, are assigned to Captain Gregor Reinhardt, a military intelligence officer, who is trying very hard to keep a low profile. However, this case throws ...more
Oct 11, 2014 Jane rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This is a bit like Foyles War - only the police officer, Captain Gregor Reinhardt, is serving in German Military Intelligence, in occupied Yugoslavia in 1941.

Foyle and Reinhardt are both coppers, both served in the first world war, both have lost their wives, and have a less than straightforward relationship with their sons who are both serving in their respective nation's armies and both are somewhat haunted by the past.

But there the similarities end. There's none of the cosy Britishness in t
Sep 15, 2014 Cheryl rated it it was amazing

How true is the saying 'never judge a book by it's cover'. For that is exactly what I did when given this book to read. Described as literary crime fiction, and with the page of Waffen SS; Wehrmacht; and British Army ranks at the beginning I honestly thought that this novel would be beyond my historical knowledge of the Wars. I don't like to write a book off without trying the first few pages, and I'm so glad I did!!

I fell in love with the main character, Gregor Reinhardt, straight away. A Capt
Richard Wise
Aug 05, 2015 Richard Wise rated it really liked it
A German cop in the middle of WWII. Certainly a different perspective. How many anti-Nazi Germans were sucked into that maelstrom? What was the choice? What would you or I have done?

It is against this backdrop that protagonist, Captain Gregor Reinhardt, a decorated veteran of WW I and an ex-Berlin police inspector, does his best to reclaim his sullied soul. It is refreshing not to meet up with the stereotypical hyper-efficient, goose-stepping, Aryan antagonists. Nazism in practice was not that,
Oct 03, 2014 Ninnytendo rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This is an intricate “who-dunnit” detective story set in 1940s German-occupied Yugoslavia. Captain Gregor Reinhardt has to search through a web of intrigue and deceit to find out who murdered a beautiful young filmmaker and a German officer. His investigation will uncover secrets which the military wants to keep covered and he will have to deal with his personal troubles, allies and enemies to uncover the truth.

This a very well researched book which transports you to war-time Sarajevo and the re
Jul 29, 2014 Chuck rated it really liked it
This is an excellent crime thriller. It's the story of Gregor Reinhardt, a counter-intelligence officer in the Wehrmacht in Sarajevo in 1942. He is tasked with solving the murder of a fellow officer and the woman he was with. In trying to do so, he is involved in all kinds of intrigue, and the suspense is constant. The writing is good as well, and the characters, though a bit one-dimensional, are acceptable. An element that makes the book more than a simple thriller is the moral turmoil in which ...more
Jan 20, 2016 Melanie rated it it was amazing
Well written. I also listened to the audio and it was gripping.
Charles Lewis
Oct 25, 2014 Charles Lewis rated it it was amazing
A fantastic read in the tradition of such greats as Alan Furst, David Downing and Philip Kerr. Author Luke McCallin takes the reader with the German authorities into the Balkans, one of the terrifying regions of the Second World War. He tells the story without judgment - as a good novelist should - but shows the complex feelings of many involved on the German side. Especially the powerful impact of seeing atrocities first hand on men who thought they knew what they stood for. I'm now on to the s ...more
John Mccormick
Sep 25, 2014 John Mccormick rated it it was amazing
This is a terrific debut for what will hopefully be a long running series of Detective stories with a twist, the twist being that our hero is serving with Abwehr German Military intelligence in Sarajevo in 1943. A decorated hero of the First World War and former Berlin Detective Gregor Reinhardt is assigned to assist the local police, after Marija Vukic a beautiful young well revered filmmaker and a German officer are brutally murdered, to say the Police are not exactly thrilled with his involve ...more
Buck Jones
Oct 15, 2015 Buck Jones rated it really liked it
A murder mystery in the midst of wartime Croatian occupied/Nazi controlled Sarajevo, with our hero, Gregor Reinhardt, a former Berlin police detective, thrown into the investigation just as he is near the breaking point. He has been in several battle theaters, including North Africa and France, but it was in Russia where he saw the savagery of the Nazi killing machine against non-Aryans. He doesn't have any hope, any purpose, other than to try to get through each day. But this murder investigati ...more
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Luke McCallin was born in Oxford, grew up around the world and has worked with the United Nations as a humanitarian relief worker and peacekeeper in the Caucasus, the Sahel, and the Balkans. His experiences have driven his writing, in which he explores what happens to normal people--those stricken by conflict, by disaster--when they are put under abnormal pressures.
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“You talk to me of choices?’ said Reinhardt. ‘I only know that the choices life makes you take strip away the person we wanted to be. Builds us up into something we never wanted. Until you look back on life, and you see that the track of your life is a scar that hides what might have been.” 0 likes
“The two of them headed over the narrow road and away from Vukic’s house. The houses up here were beautiful,” 0 likes
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